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Comedian Michael Somerville interviews entertaining people from all parts of his life.
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He's started a brewery, launched Boxcar and been called "World's Greatest Dad" by USA Today, but his dream is to build a railroad.By Michael Somerville.
From loner comedian to married with kids and living at her parent's house, Mark Riccadonna has never been happier... and still goes for late night beers and wings.By Michael Somerville.
CPT, Casting Director and "all around badass" Allynn stops by the studio to help jumpstart Michael's diet.By Michael Somerville.
Patrick had lots of financial experience before he took the biggest risk of his career and launched an online investing platform for individuals.By Michael Somerville.
He's obsessed with boy bands and has the most unique web address in the business, in the life of Marcus there's rarely a dull moment.By Michael Somerville.
Somerville learns all about the great Southern Tier city thanks to an expert guest.By Michael Somerville.
Our most popular guest, my brother Steve, is the first guest on my experimental talk show.By Michael Somerville.
We met at a comedy club standing next to a chicken fryer and now he's so popular I had to book him just to catch up. Anthony shares tales from the road and some new songs, including one about his ex who "borrowed" $4,000.By Michael Somerville.
He's gambled in casinos and in life and gathered plenty of stories along the way.By Michael Somerville.
Somerville invites fellow New Jersey native Andy Fiori to chat about all things New Jersey, from Action Park to Taylor ham.By Michael Somerville.
I got interviewed on a cruise ship in Europe. Hear passenger comments, stories from my career and lots of laughs, even at 10am.By Michael Somerville.
One of our very first guests returns to announce exciting news... his own theater!By Michael Somerville.
What do you do when you’re from Napa Valley but meet "the one" in Fargo? Fred Bevill tells all.By Michael Somerville.
TV audiences laugh for a reason-- a great comedian got them going before the cameras even started rolling. Ryan is one of the best in the business.By Michael Somerville.
One of our very first guests, Lori Palminteri, returns to the studio to share tales of her latest adventure: surfing in Costa Rica.By Michael Somerville.
Andre has been betting on sports his whole life. And not well.By Michael Somerville.
Kristin Key and I have been doing standup almost 20 years. We crossed paths in Vegas and compared notes.By Michael Somerville.
"Greetings from Somerville" celebrates their one year anniversary with host Michael Somerville answering listener questions and looking forward to the year ahead.By Michael Somerville.
Ventriloquist Mark Merchant made me laugh and never moved his lips.By Michael Somerville.
Caroline and Anand decided to live together. But when his parents showed up and started building Hindu shrines in their new apartment, life together got off to a bumpy start.By Michael Somerville.
Last episode, I promised my brother we'd talk about both our relationships. Instead I just questioned him. That's not what happened this time...By Michael Somerville.
My brother has had great relationships but remained a bachelor. Until now.By Michael Somerville.
To most people it's Sin City, for Eddie Jayy it's home sweet home.By Michael Somerville.
I'm looking for one true love, James found more than one.By Michael Somerville.
Every time I see her she makes me laugh so I thought she'd make for a funny episode. I was right.By Michael Somerville.
JC spent 10 years putting gas in planes which was anything but boring.By Michael Somerville.
Somerville lets the audience interview him in a Q&A session that touches on everything from how to write jokes to hecklers.By Michael Somerville.
I sat with my super to hear what it's like to be responsible for a building that's over 100 years old and full of characters.By Michael Somerville.
Best known as Mitchell Ellison in both Marvel's Daredevil and The Punisher on Netflix, Geoffrey has a long history of being semi-recognized thanks to performances on shows like Bull, Madam Secretary, House of Cards and The Blacklist. Although he'll never admit it, his favorite role was working with yours truly in the short Karl Manhair, Postal ...…
Comedian Mike Burton added a wife, a kid and a dog... and never quit his night job.By Michael Somerville.
She moved from Illinois to NYC to follow her dancing dreams. She wound up selling shoes, being a magician’s assistant and yes, finally dancing.By Michael Somerville.
With 26 patents in his name and working on his third successful venture, Jack Perry shares his 10 rules of being a successful entrepreneur.By Michael Somerville.
Gondolier, masseuse, mattress salesman, wedding singer... the 100% entertaining Rick Wojnowski.By Michael Somerville.
Brelyn is in shape, I'm not.By Michael Somerville.
I can't sing, they can. Meet some of the smoothest voices in the game as they teach me about music then help me make my singing debut!By Michael Somerville.
Since forming in the 70's, Toby Beau has been through everything the music business has to offer from dive roadhouses to stadiums, record deals to band breakups plus a chart climbing smash hit. And all these years later one thing keeps them rocking-- their love for music.By Michael Somerville.
The brilliant friend who edited all three of my comedy albums has a dark past I didn’t know about. Narcotics Anonymous in 10th grade, getting thrown out of college, living in a crack house... and that’s just the beginning. From Angel dust and LSD, being held at knife AND gunpoint all the way up to the awesome sober and married guy I know-- an a ...…
Andrea Syrtash is a trailblazer in the relationship advice world and being her friend and fan has been an absolute honor. Listen to the journey that led to her groundbreaking new endeavor Plus she brought cookies.
His dad was his high school principal, he's closer in age to his stepdaughter than his wife and he juggles for a living. Marcus Monroe has spent his life keeping balls in the air.By Michael Somerville.
Glamour Magazine’s former dating columnist “Jake” reads old advice (with hysterical commentary) and spills the truth behind writing the most famous dating column in the country.By Michael Somerville.
My oldest brother, Steve, recounts the trouble we got into growing up and why he's the reason I even exist.By Michael Somerville.
Can a true New Yorker-- born and raised in Manhattan-- become an LA woman? NYC actress Savanna Cummin (digital series “How to (blank) a Man”) didn't even have a driver’s license until her mid-20’s and now she's tackling West Coast freeways. Just a few weeks into her move, I sat down with her and her super fun mom at Hermosa Beach Comedy & Magic ...…
From class clown to prison inmate, Arvin used humor to lighten any situation. Plus my own (much tamer) path into comedy.By Michael Somerville.
I spent a week in Vegas performing with Jared and while I spent days roaming the buffet he worked non-stop. From podcasts and videos to dating apps and advice... we chat about all that goes into generating an audience these days.By Michael Somerville.
They met briefly on the other side of the world and Josh knew right away she was the one... if he could just find her again. From internet searches and handwritten letters to an impromptu wedding on the beach, a hysterical and heartwarming reminder true love still exists.By Michael Somerville.
Clay Christopher gives the inside scoop on the competitive world of voice-overs and shows off his talents... including the best James Earl Jones ever and a farewell from President Obama!By Michael Somerville.
First dates fails, your most annoying order and customers who try to take the bartender home... Christian dishes all about what it’s like on the other side the bar!
What’s the difference between an illusionist and a magician? What happens when a trick goes wrong? Plus the time my awkward opener tried to pick up women in a bar with a card trick... and it worked?By Michael Somerville.
From Allen, Texas to TV commercial star! Jason Salmon only took acting classes to meet women but after getting fired from his day job found a new career. What it’s like to have a personal ear warmer, find out you’re not the hot guy on the set and what the future holds.By Michael Somerville.
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