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In Your Dreams
Dreams can take our minds on wild adventures. Join Michelle and her guests in the conversation about everything that has to do with dreams.
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Michelle discusses a short, yet significant dream involving rich soil, round tables, and the color green.
Shannah, Ryan & Anthony join Michelle on this episode. Shannah discusses two of her in depth, detailed dreams.
Michelle discusses three animals that have recently appeared in her latest dreams.
Fish from is back! You might recognize him from Episode 20. Michelle gets quite the kick out of these set of dreams that Fish shares. If you were wondering what song Fish was discussing it's Disintegrate by Painted Palms. Check out Fish's website:
The perfect In Your Dreams and Living Your Dreams combination episode! Ingrid and Ilissa join Michelle to discuss their stress dreams the night before they interviewed Lee Norris on their podcast, Tree Hill Talk. They also discuss what is like to run a podcast and how they consider this to definitely be a dream they are living and pursuing.…
Jeff and Veronica share their experiences about spending one month at a yoga retreat in Costa Rica.
Have you ever fallen asleep standing up?! Fish has! Michelle is joined by her second Skype caller, (YAY) Fish. Fish discusses dreams involving a hippo, a wise, talking burrito, a nightmare and more. Fish keeps a dream journal which you can visit at
Family Affair! Michelle is joined by Anthony, Dan, her BIL, Jeff who is her other BIL and his wonderful girlfriend, Veronica. Dan talks about 5 of his dreams that have to do with losing his vision, hearing from his mother, Michelle feeding a pet Octopus Jello..and more.
Marker moment episode! My first Skype caller Laura, joins me this week as we dive into some of her dreams and I share a few of mine. Her dreams involved discovering Tahiti, reaching out to a past loved one, and she shared her reoccurring nightmare. You can check out Laura's Etsy shop at:…
Hello 2017! Anthony joins Michelle as he shares a couple of his dreams. One involves having a deformed, yet adorable pet crab. Michelle plays catch up, and discusses her latest round of dreams which range from making out with David Silver to dealing with her Aunt choosing to die.
Anthony shares with Michelle one of the most detailed dreams he has had in awhile. It involves goats, so you know it has to be good. Michelle shares her dream that involves Chris Hardwick as her guide to pitch TV shows to.
Michelle + Anthony discuss their most recent vacation spent in the most magical place of all: Walt Disney World! It was their first time experiencing the Epcot Food + Wine Festival and it was delicious. They also talk about favorite rides, the parks and the fireworks.
Anthony is officially Michelle's co-host! Woo! Jeff & Veronica discuss a few of their dreams, some of them are reoccurring ones. Jeff has a very interesting dream involving the fitness trainer, Shaun T. Veronica has a great lifestyle youtube channel. You can follow her @ HerLaughterSings.
Ryan, ( IYD's number one fan) Shan & Ant join Michelle to discuss Ryan's dreams that involve a boat, a train and a mullet. Most of the meanings involve hidden sexual desires. (Obviously!) We also enjoy cotton candy grapes during the episode.
Michelle and Ant sit back and listen to Elizabeth tell us about her reoccurring dream that started when she was 5 years old and continued until she was 18. She also shares her experiences with her sleep paralysis.
Tim K and Ant join Michelle to discuss their summers and what they are excited about in their daily lives.
What a visually stimulating episode! Michelle is joined by John, his girlfriend Bridgette, and Anthony. John discusses a bunch of his dreams that start with re-occuring ones from childhood that go into his adult hood. Sit back, and let your imagination run wild with his epic dreams.
This is a special episode in IYD's new segment called Living Your Dreams. LYD will tell stories of exciting events that Michelle experiences. In this episode, Michelle, Anthony & Jameson ,a.k.a The Tripod, discuss their experiences at the ATX Television Festival. It was their third year attending as volunteers.…
It's a husband and wife episode! Anthony joins Michelle as they both share one of their dreams that they have recently had. For those of you who know how Anthony usually dreams, this one is totally different. His dream was pretty deep and M&A did well in figuring out the meaning. Michelle's dream involved a Tim Riggins hybrid human.…
Double digits, ya'll! IYD has made it to episode 10. Michelle is joined by Tim and Ingrid. Tim discusses his dreams that he had while being home on Spring Break and a reoccurring teeth dream from the past. Michelle shares two recent dreams. One involved Bernie Sanders, the other involved a bedazzled snail.…
Ingrid is back! Her and Michelle discuss a two part dream that Ingrid had. Michelle shares two of her dreams that involve larger than life animals.
Michelle and her guest, Jameson, discuss his dreams that involve some bougie-ness. Michelle discusses one of her pregnancy dreams that she was not happy about.
We're back! After a winter hiatus, Michelle discusses dreams with Joe and Anthony. Joe's reoccurring dream is kind of like a love story that will make you want to hear more.
Michelle is joined by Dan and Anthony. They discuss different dreams that they have had and Michelle shares her re-occuring dream.
Michelle and her guest, Kyle, discuss one of his dreams that involves a robot and Michelle shares one of hers.
Michelle and her guest, Seth, discuss three of his dreams. Ant joins in on the discussion as well.
Catch up with Michelle as she discusses four of her most recent dreams with Anthony.
Michelle & Ingrid from discuss three occurring themes that Ingrid has, and Michelle discuss two of her dreams.
Michelle's first guest is her husband, Anthony. He shares four of his recent dreams, while Michelle shares three of hers.
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