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This site contains podcasts of MIDI tutorials and seminars.
FM93 - Audios - Duhaime-Drainville le midi
Les capsules du jour - Duhaime-Drainville le midi
Show Archives – The MIDI Music Adventure Show!
Take a musical journey through your favorite video games of the past!
Midi For Noobs
A simple introduction to MIDI for GarageBand
DJ Kerry Rogers (aka MIDI Queen) Podcast
Kerry Shatzer, aka DJ Kerry Rogers, aka MIDI Queen, is a gay progressive house DJ in the Dallas, Texas area. Thanks for listening!
Pwogram aprè-midi a - Lavwadlamerik
e 3èm e dènye pwogram jounen an, avèk nouvèl tou nèf sou Lèzetazini, Ayiti ak rès mond la. Pami segman ki pase ladan yo e ki pa nan lòt pwogram yo, genyen Lavi Ozetazini ak Nouvèl sou Vedèt yo.Orè Lendi - DimanchTan Inivèsèl Kowòdone 2200 UTCDire 01:00:00Koute MP3 | Podcast
Music, Education, & Technology Podcast From MusTech.Net!
Your hosts: Joseph Pisano & Darren Morton This podcast is the most fun you will ever have- listening to Joe and Darren banter back and forth you'd never know you were getting schooled! They rant, they rave, they put out great information and a great show for anyone who is interested in technology and the latest industry music BUZZ! The PODCAST QUALITY IS SUPERB and the DIALOG IS FANTASTIC! Don't miss an episode! :D Visit our site and learn even more! Get involved today! T ...
HOW TO: Pro Tools-TIPs
HOW TO: Pro Tools-TIPs is a FREE weekly HOW TO: podcast providing quick tips for getting more out of your Digidesign Pro Tools rig. Beginners and advanced users (HD, LE and M-Powered), alike will find value in these concise, informative, one of a kind tutorials. For additional and full length tutorials including larger 16x9 screen sizes, added content, special features, prize drawing give-aways and optional iPhone feeds, check out the HOW TO: Pro Tools-PREMIUM podcasts at www.tutorialdepot.c ...
Fine Electronic Sessions with DJ Rocari
(engish below)...¡420,000+ Descargas en iTunes!...Descripción del Podcast por el crítico Inglés de música, Mathew Chandler de"Simplificando la elegancia total que el espectro del arco iris de la música electrónica trae a través de su ecléctica existencia, con DJ Rocari, de la Ciudad de México, México conserva y engrandece perfectamente ese estado mental y combina una colección perfecta de favoritos personales para la pista de baile y la quintaesencia de chicas bellas.Sumi ...
a song every week for one year
Patch In
Composers Ben Fuhrman and Nate Bliton get together each month to talk about the latest in electronic music. Digital, analog, fixed media, interactive, they've got it all.
HOW TO: Digital Performer-TIPs
HOW TO: Digital Performer-TIPs is a FREE HOW TO: podcast providing quick tips for getting more out of your Digital Performer rig. Beginners and advanced users alike will find value in these concise, informative, one of a kind tutorials. Are you using Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase SX, Nuendo, Reason, Abelton Live, or Calkwalk's Sonar for you audio production? If so, check out HOW TO: Digital Performer to see how DP stacks up to your DAW. For additional and full length tutorials including large ...
HOW TO: Logic Pro-TIPs
HOW TO: Logic Pro-TIPs is a FREE weekly HOW TO: podcast providing quick tips for getting more out of your Apple Logic rig. Beginners and advanced users (Logic Pro and Express), alike will find value in these concise, informative, one of a kind tutorials. For additional and full length tutorials including larger 16x9 screen sizes, added content, special features, prize drawing give-aways and optional iPhone feeds, check out the HOW TO: Logic Pro-PREMIUM podcasts at Tuto ...
Mario Tremblay
En semaine de 10h à midi
HighLife Samples
Many producers use sounds from our sample packs and sign their tracks to big labels like Armada, Smash the House, Black Hole Recordings, Enhanced Recordings, Spinnin Records, Kontor Records. Are you next?Download free Sample Packs,Midi Files,Drum Hits,Drum Loops,Synth Presets,DAW Templates and many more!CONTACT :highlifesamples at gmail.com
Joe Mejia's Podcast
Electronic music mixes put together using Virtual DJ and a Hercules MP3e2 MIDI controller. @podcastJMP and @somogibbs
Yamaha Music Production Podcasts from The Hub
Hear it from the experts. This is your opportunity to check out enhanced audio and video podcasts featuring exclusive tutorials with Yamaha experts, artist interviews, advance product release information, details on upcoming events, and other information in the world of Yamaha Music Production. Episodes focus on professional keyboards, synthesizers, workstations, tone modules, digital mixers, computer-based music production, software, portable digital recorders, audio workstations, studio mo ...
Classical Music with Drum
Classical music with drum and with the maestros. Drum added by WhmSoft. Some podcasts in MP3 from time to time. Hundreds of MIDI files (with and without drum) are to be found in the WhmSoft Services website. Usage: music or ringtone.Follow the item link to download the MIDI file, to view video clips or to buy an available album. Follow the item link to listen to extracts or to buy the WhmSoft "Electric Guitar with Drum and Cymbal" electronic music album.Improved version (October 2008).
Secret Eternal
Электронный techno-проект "Secret Eternal", основанный Сергеем Владимировым, впервые был услышан в 2012 году. Лейбл Green House издал релиз на Beatport и iTunes с запоминающимся ремиксом на трек Miusha, Poison Pro - Alien. Музыка Secret Eternal наполнена чувственными мелодиями, уникальными космическими звуками. Это магия техно в сочетании с прогрессив и транс звучанием. Эксперименты со звуками, использование синтезаторов и MIDI контроллеров во время выступлений делает проект...
France 3 12/13 Limousin - Journal regional de la mi-journee de France Televisions
France télévisions vous présente le journal de la mi-journée France 3 12/13 Limousin. Retrouvez toutes les informations les plus fraîches dans chaque édition du midi pile.
Instalock Mid
Instalock Mid is a Severity Gaming Podcast about League of Legends and its community! Each week we bring you news and discussion from all over the League of Legends community adding in our own thoughts to the conversation.
Music To Pray By
This podcast is piano instrumental music recorded in 30 minute sections where each note played is to bring glory, honor, and praises to "Him Who sits on the throne, and unto the Lamb". My prayer is that this music will inspire people worldwide to spend time in prayer and in fellowship with our Wonderful Creator. The original Music To Pray By album was recorded in 2002. Over 1,000 copies were given away all over the world. It was recorded via MIDI and was “cleaned up” rhythmically and musical ...
Tom Revans Hard House Podcast
Tom Revans Hard Dance BeefGot a taste for the hoovers and horns listening to friends mix CD's in the car around 1999 NYE Millennium such as "Hard house Nation" & "Frantic Euphoria" Diving into the clubland CDs I found myself clubbing in places like Glasshouse Leeds and Heaven & Hell. Artists that stood out BK & Tidy Boys to Andy Farley & Lisa Pin up Reviving my clubbing days again in 2010's I quickly jumped straight back in listening to the Filthy artists of Hard House i was instantly hooked ...
KAMARA techno podcast
KAMARA ARE A DUTCH TECHNO LIVE-ACT that have been making waves way beyond their hometown of Arnhem in 2015. From their first forays into making music under various guises, Kamara were formed in 2010 and have been steadily building their way up through the echelons of the electronic underground. This past year the guys have unleashed material on A-list labels such Tronic Music, Sudbeat, Bush, Natura Viva and Proton, picking up remixes along the way from legendary artists such as Carl Cox, Oli ...
Music by Allen Fogelsanger
Most of this music was composed on keyboards and computers to accompany modern dance performances, though some is for video or installations. This digital music may be characterized as electroacoustic musique concrète using MIDI, electronics, samples, field recordings, and live interactive additions; some of it sounds almost as if it were made on real acoustic musical instruments. Also included are free improvisations for piano and other instruments. Posted at monthly intervals. mp3 audio only.
New sounds, old sounds, analog sounds, as long as its good in any layer you may find it here. We are writting/recording/producing these tracks as we go. New tracks usually come out by the end of every week-end. If your sick of the same old techno/pop/commercial sound, than this podcast is for you. Combining first generation analog-MIDI gear with the latest in software to really bring out where the groove wants to go.
Amplified Sessions Podcast
Tager & Funk - Houston's up and coming DJ duo, these two have been shaking up the underground scene since they forged their partnership. Known for their high energy sets, Tager & Funk have stepped outside the traditional form of Dj' ing to add as much technology as possible to create a live dance music show such as live electronic drums,midi-controllers & the combination between Cd players and the new addition to the DJ world the computer.Hailing from completely different backgrounds from et ...
DJ Marilio
"Bringing the latest and reviving some classic tracks specially chosen to create a a synergetic style from all the elements of Tech and Tribal House."DJ Marilio was born in Sao Paulo - Brazil, where his passion for music begun as soon as he started to experience the legendary club scene the capital offered.At 19 years of age, Marilio moved to London where he was exposed to a night-life that resonated music styles from all corners of the world, giving him the early hints of his unique style. ...
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show series
On this very special episode of Songmess we are delighted to bring you our interview with seminal Puerto Rican indie band Balún! Today's show was recorded somewhere in Brooklyn at the Haus of Balún, where we got Angélica, José and Nora - three of the four dreambow darlings - to share some chismesitos indies with us. Buckle up because our conver ...…
Self-Composer/Producer/Audio Engineer, Eddie Bower stops by Uncontained to talk about some exciting projects that he is working on including co-writing the score to the new Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope. We also talk about the road he took to get to where he is now. Eddie Bower (BMI) began his music industry career in 1999 as a Traffic Manager fo ...…
Big Sounds' is here to take you on yet another Melodic journey!This is exactly what you have come to expect from Big Sounds' and our new amazing pack, Progressive Melodic House.This is a pack you definitely don't want to miss!In it you will find 5 complete kits, offering the greatest tools and source of inspiration you have been missing.All kit ...…
This weeks Wobbly Wednesday UKG show on Fresh Soundz 27.09.17On this weeks show i had loads of fresh UKG on the playlist so I done a 2 hour show with all new UKG then for the playback crew i did the dirty @5:30 and the old skool sectionThis show was vibes and yes i found a new button to play with lolTracklist:1 Rumble Intro 1 jingle - Mr Rumble ...…
FatFly's House is brought to you each & every Saturday 4-6pm by FatFly on Every week i bring a Guest mix from Dj's/Producers around the globe. In The Hot Seat this week is SOLARTRAK.1. This Is House - Naccarati2. All That You Got - MDE Ft Trix3. Alright Now - Kattison & Parx4. Everybody’s Free (Layout Remix) - Pablo Cal ...…
PO-të A keni dëgjuar për hidroterapinë? Sipas statistikave nga Qendra për Kontrollin dhe Parandalimin e Sëmundjeve (CDC), mbi 5% e amerikanëve vuajnë nga depresioni. Në kuadër të këtij problemi të madh në rritje, shkencëtarët janë drejt kërkimit të mënyrave alternative për shërim akoma më të shpejtë së bashku me antidepresantët. Studimet e fund ...…
This weeks Wobbly Wednesday UKG show on Fresh Soundz 20.09.17 On this weeks show i Played loads of fresh UKG and had some exclusives from Highly Swung off the forthcoming album Highly Anticipated Vol 2 and they are bangers Played The Normal dirty @5:30 2 of my favorite D Double E tracks The old skool section was a good 1 nice vibes Tracklist: 1 ...…
One Thing In A French Day
Ce midi, lorsque je suis allée chercher les filles à l’école, nous ne sommes pas rentrées directement à la maison. — On doit aller chercher un colis, ai-je annoncé. — Oh, non ! J’veux rentrer à la maison, a crié Lisa excédée. J’ai faim ! — J’ai pensé que tu aurais faim, alors je t’ai apporté un bout de pomme pour tenir. Bon, est-ce que tu peux ...…
ZorkCast powered by TravelZork
Today on the podcast I am going to be answering a question that came up on the Everything AC Group, "What exactly is BIG Baccarat?" Now, it's sort of funny because I haven't really spoken about Baccarat yet. I am a pretty huge fan of doing things out of order since I tend to find it leads to better intellectual reflection. Baccarat by far is th ...…
Mehmet Gulec - MIXTAPE (House / Deep House / Nu Disco)
Mehmet Gulec - MIXTAPE (September 2017) is online now !If you like it feel free to share with your friends and like ! : on iTunes :
Part 2 of our conversation about movie that started it all... STAR WARS!!! Michael Young (NerdSOUL), Michael Gordon (author of Tiki Zombies and ESO Podcast host), and Jay Sherer dive deeper into Star Wars: Episode IV - A NEW HOPE! Check Out Our Other Recent Podcasts in Our Star Wars Series: The Last Jedi - Teaser Trailer Reaction: https://recla ...…
This weeks Wobbly Wednesday UKG show on Fresh Soundz 06.09.17On this weeks show i Played loads of fresh UKG and had some exclusives from Polyrock studios and Highly Swung and they are bangersPlayed The Normal dirty @5:30The old skool section was a good 1 was a bit of a MC special i found some gems and proper went crate diggingTracklist:1 Rumble ...…
The movie that started it all... STAR WARS!!! Michael Young (NerdSOUL), Michael Gordon (author of Tiki Zombies and ESO Podcast host), and Jay Sherer dive deeper into Star Wars: Episode IV - A NEW HOPE! Check Out Our Other Recent Podcasts in Our Star Wars Series: The Last Jedi - Teaser Trailer Reaction: ...…
La cour de district de Curepipe a rayé, en début d’après-midi, ce lundi 28 août, la charge provisoire de blanchiment d’argent qui pesait contre l’ancien Premier ministre Navin Ramgoolam depuis février 2015. Ce qui n’empêchera pas le bureau du Directeur des poursuites publiques de loger une accusation formelle contre le leader du parti travailli ...…
1. DJ Aristocrat feat. Gosha - Night By Night (Sharapov Remix) 2. Lykov & Mironov - Tonight (Original Mix) 3. Lisitsyn - 2Love (Original Mix) 4. Robert Burian - Free (Original Club Mix) 5. Neoteq - Humanoid (Original Mix] 6. Charlie Puth - Attention (Dj Dark & MD Dj Remix) 7. Mahmut Orhan ft. Eneli - Save Me (Midi Culture Remix) 8. Lowenherz - ...… Hello listeners, this weeks tune is one of now 2 all electronically conceived tunes that this podcast has contained, the last being because I was sick and had no time or energy for anything else,(this one: http ...…
This week's perfect storm: Full disclosure? It's about 50 minutes of talk about Sonic the Hedgehog and then Disney stuff at the end. But it's a real good time.You can submit your own topics with #PerfectedCast!Special thanks to guest Tim Kish from Reasonable Beef for contributing to our cause!Follow him on Twitter @KimTishBe sure to check out R ...…
Repertoire Excursions live on Jungletrain.Bi-weekly - Wednesdays (odd weeks).22:00 to 00:00hrs BSTwww.jungletrain.netTracklist01. Mr E, Dillinja & Clarky - Stealers Anthem - IQ02. DJ Rap ‎– Digable Bass - Propa Talent03. Red One - Alive 'N' Kickin' (Origin Unknown Remix) - Liftin Spirit04. Baby D - Casanova (Rapture Remix) - Production House05. ...…
Recapping the Lemsip & hot drink discussion following Andrews brief illness, before moving on to follow up with the use of tabs, Jordans new Sharbo LT3 and the new Campfire Field Notes. Andrew then discusses his new iMac, the setup process and how he’s finding the trackpad. Finishing up with some casual talk about personal financial management, ...…
TRACKLISTING 1. Rocketship – Marcus Marr 2. Don’t Turn The Lights On – Chromeo 3. The Sound [Sneaker Snob Remix] – by The 1975 4. You Don’t Know Me [Denis First Remix] – Jax Jones feat Raye 5. Something Just Like This [Stash Konig Remix] – The Chainsmokers & Coldplay 6. Blame [Xmix] – Bastille 7. Late Night – Odesza 8. Out Strong – Future feat. ...…
Deep Command Series
This is my third guest mix for Gepflegtes Klopfen Podcast (#155) hosted by Maximum Minimal aka Andy. Playlist : 1. Bep – Don’t Nobody / Potatoheadz 2. Unknown_Bruvaz – Lost / Blaq Numbers 3. Kazam – Walking In LJ 4. D-Nite – Lapres-midi a la Plage 5. Ground16 – Karakoum / Dream Raw Recordings 6. Untitled – ...…
Instrumental electronic music by Eigenfrequenz. Video features model Kayleigh Fugatt. For more see YouTube (, Facebook (, Soundcloud ( or Bandcamp ( equipment used on this track: Gibson Les Paul, Roland SH-1 ...…
between a couple of summer releases on local labels ADSR and RF Music, and his upcoming set at Electric Love Festival, I pulled local producer MI DI into the studio for a guest mix. He brings some low key heat, including a ton of unreleased tunes by himself and other locals. You heard it here first...…
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