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Talk Radio Portal is where we try to invoke you with subjects from Today's News, Sports, Music, Politics, Movies, and Books. I am a retired veteran of the military so my heart holds a special place for those who have and continue to serve. I love to dabble in Sports and occasionally will address the controversial events within. I have a different attitude when it comes to Politics, I will listen to the views and then give everyone my common sense opinion.
A single woman from a family that is well-off, buys a house at a place that is looked down upon and disapproved by her family and friends alike. Her reason - she wants to live the life of and know people like that. (This book's got one of the cutest romantic endings I've ever read). What is surprising is this book is in the PD - there are quite a few modern expressions and comparatively less quaint, out-of-fashion expressions. (Summary by Neeru Iyer)
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The Daily Update with Michael Angley; Monday, April 17th, 2017: Vice President Mike Pence visits North Korean border! Kim Jong Un’s missile goes up, and blows up… Hawaii asking for funding to get fallout shelters up
Welcome to theDAMNcast episode 168, first segment topics include: the Male Real Doll is finally here (for all you women who want a stiff dick in the sack that won't make a fuss when you shove your fist up his ass), Televangelist Ernest Angley owes almost $400,000 to former employees for back pay and Mexico City has a subway seat that features t ...…
The Daily Update with Michael Angley; Monday, March 18th, 2017: NSA Director Admiral Mike Rodgers testifies to Congress about Trumps claim of a wiretap! FBI Comey also testifies about Trump and the Russians! Gallup Poll
Michael Angley Live July 16th 2016: The Bastille Day terrorist attack in Nice; Islamic terrorism, and the true statistics. Bernie Sanders getting on his hands and knees for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump choosing Mike Pen
Jim Hounder will be here for us to discuss his e-book "End Fighting with your Wife Forever". This is the guide for men to know "What do I do with her after I've got her"? Mike Angley will be here to debut his new book "Resurrection". Also we will have a special guest that is a Propane Safety expert who will give us tips for staying safe during ...…
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