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Gadgets with Gary Millar
The latest chat about gadgets with City Talk's Gary Millar.
The Elementary Podcast – QuadrupleZ
A pop culture blog for geeks
Conversations for our Grandkids
Your boyz Seamus and Adam, plus the occasional guest, record normal conversations they'd like their future grandkids to hear. They cover any topic that comes to mind, in the hopes that they will capture the major concerns of their time and place on Earth accurately. Hopefully their grandkids will listen to these conversations and understand how Grandpa became so crotchety and deluded. It's all just temporary bro.
MLB Network: Intentional Talk
Download the best of MLB Network's live, hour-long open forum where everyone and everything are the subject of discussion and opinion. Longtime MLB broadcaster Chris Rose (@ChrisRose) and 2004 World Series champion Kevin Millar (@KMillar15) focus on all the hot topics of the day from entertainment, pop culture -- and of course, baseball. Have something to say? Head to, stop by or Twitter @MLBNetwork and watch the sparks fly.
Rants and Raves on Comic Book Trades
A lively round table discussion about a specific comic at our monthly book club meeting.
Bitcoin Positive
Podcast by Alex Millar
The Naked Business Coach Podcast
John Millar - Certified Business Advisor, Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, Elite Business Trainer &International Best Selling Author - gives tips and strategies to give your business the focus it needs for measurable, long-term success.
The Cheeky Tech Podcast
A show about Microsoft and related technologies, hosted by Robert Shurbet and Chris Millar.
Talking on a Mic
Luke Millar joins with various guests to discuss news, entertainment and tech.
Transformation Code
Join fitness industry experts Kat Millar and Tommy Gentleman for regular discussions that will inspire you to succeed!
Gratitude W/ Attitude
Guided gratitude and interviews to brighten your day and encourage an attitude of gratitude in every area of your life. Hannah Millar is a young Entrepreneur, Music Producer, Children's Yoga Instructor, Founder of Affirmations and Gratitude Enthusiast.
The Book of Dragons by Edith Nesbit
Eight enchanting tales about a variety of whimsical dragons, by a master of the craft, E Nesbit, are contained in this absolutely delightful volume, The Book of Dragons. While it's essentially meant for children, there are plenty of adults who will find it irresistible enough to peek into and a most charming way to spend a magical hour. Beautifully illustrated by the enormously talented Harold Robert Millar, the Scottish designer and illustrator famed for his unique and imaginative illustrat ...
The XS Noize Music Podcast
The XS Noize Music Podcast is a weekly music podcast. Presented by XS Noize Editor in Chief Mark Millar. Our mission is to convey our excitement about indie rock, electronic, pop, metal, and experimental music. Accomplishing this by providing insightful music reviews, interviews, music news and opinion in a fresh new music podcast every week. Get in touch here:
Super Quiz Productions
Super Quiz Productions is a multi-media company still in its infancy. Founded in 2006 by Evan Buchanan and Trevor Smith-Millar, Super Quiz has produced Animation and Radio Programs. From small cartoons to multi-episodic podcasts Like the Tuesday Night Bloggernaught and 3on1, Super Quiz hopes to branch out to encompass more daring animation projects and radio shows, including Radio Plays, a few animated series, and the progressive, lucid dreaming inspired project, Abstract.
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In yet another big week in the world of comics, both The Punisher and Justice League saw release! The Pals talk about Justice League (with our review of The Punisher to come next week!) and all the biggest news in the industry, including the release of the trailer for Deadpool 2, the season finale of Inhumans, the potential of a new actor assum ...…
Wonder Woman's Release Date Moved Forward - THR Gal Gadot Insists on Ratner's Non-Involvement in Wonder Woman 2 - CBR UPDATE - This rumor turned out not to be true - CBR Andrew Kreisenberg Faces Charges of Sexual Misconduct - Variety Eddie Berganza Accused of Sexual Misconduct - Buzzfeed Berganza Fired from DC - Bleeding Cool Sony Announces Mor ...…
Join us for our last show before Thanksgiving! On this special once-a-year show, we will be inviting all of our viewers and friends to join us at the panel table for a geek feast! 1. Are We Getting A Black Widow Movie2. Gal Gadot Might Not Return as Wonder Woman if....3. Is Jake Gyllenhaal to Replace Ben Affleck as Batman?4. 2 Movie We Don't Ne ...…
MLB Network: Intentional Talk
Chris Rose and Kevin Millar discuss the Braves' hiring of their new general manager Alex Anthopoulos. Carlos Beltran announced he's hanging up his cleats and the guys take a look back on his 20-year career. Plus, don't miss the best of couples on Kevin Highlights.
Rich and Steve ask James Millar, author of The Gender Agenda, about the perils of buying toys for your children. Should you avoid gender stereotypes? And is that even possible in the modern world?
Big Geek Show - comic books, movie reviews, tv, comic con interviews, and more
Our Hero is once again joined by Chris “The Collector” Marshal (@ChrissCCL) and Amazing Andy Tom (@AndyCCL) to discuss the latest geek news from across the multiverse. This weeks’ stories include Netflix getting into the comic book game with Mark Millar, Brian Michael Bendis signing with DC Comics, a conversation with John Arcudi about Art and ...…
Topics of the @SunspotsComics Podcast Issue 132 are:- Thank you to OUR SPONSOR Cryptidzoo! 30% OFF with the CODE 'sunspotscomics' Thanks Julian! - you's- Theme song Singer Nick Papageorge and the band Solution I will be playing 1 different Solut ...…
Episode 439 Topics Include: - Brian Michael Bendis' legacy, for better and for worse - Disney's latest attempt at world domination - Ben Affleck's laissez faire attitude toward Batman - Amazon backs The Boys; Rian is less enthusiastic - Mark Millar's first foray into Netflix original content - What We've Been Watching - Spielberg - Gaga: Five F ...…
Hear Ye
Join Tan and Be. this week as they ask each other random questions that have no rhyme or reason. Favorite positions, the illuminati, and Meek Mill are a few hints. This will be interesting!
THE JLS COMICS Comic Book Podcast: COMICONversation
Hello everyone! Thanks for listening. Please don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and we love when you leave us a review! Don't forget to look for us live on Thursday nights on YouTube at Here are our topics for this show:1. Thor Ragnarok Movie Discussion2. Ragnarok domestic Box Office Prediction Results$ $122,7 ...…
Discussion Questions Download discussion questions Recommended Resources Now Choose Life: Theology and Ethics in Deuteronomy - Gary Millar The Dangerous Duty of Delight - John Piper Regeneration - J. C. Ryle
There's no talk about City Council this week. There will be no rants about housing studies. This week, we're hitting pause on our usual banter in an effort to help ourselves, and our community, learn to talk mental health, depression and suicide. During the past few weeks, our little hamlet has been forced to face these issues head on. We've re ...…
Backwards Compatible - Tangents Entertained
The Kingsman series returns after its stellar first outing. Mark Millar's comic series has shown it could make the jump to the silver screen with as much renown as his previous hit Kick Ass. James and Mark review the film after going to see the release with Alex joining to take a brief look back at the first film. ​​​Thank you for listening and ...…
Scott Millar appeared on Mitchell’s Front Page, to talk about Millar’s Cafe in Lara.
This podcast features Sofia Millares, Creative Director of Product Design, and Tami Evnin, Lead Product Designer, both of Nasdaq, and their Presentation, “World's Best Boss: Lessons Learned from a New Design Leader” from the design leadership conference Prototypes, Process & Play on August 11th, 2017. Prototypes, Process & Play presentation pod ...…
Prof Tom Millar is a biochemist with a particular interest in the eye. In this episode, Tom talks to us about his research into the tear film, the device he built to detect issues with the tear film, the need for PhD candidates to develop skills beyond science and much more.
Tom comes aboard the Jazz Pod Express to tell us all about his new album. Its on sale now so if you like the sound of it, you know what to do!
Satellites + Telescopes
S+T Orbit 34 - Mixed by Martin Lovegrove00:00 - Jonny Nash - Maroon Crisp 05:50 - Stevie Wonder - Rocket Love 08:50 - 4Hero - Universal Love 13:22 - Mistah Bohze - The Boy from Outer Space 18:00 - Outside - Sketchbook of a Voyage 28:40 - Dam Funk - Junie’s Transmission 30:15 - Garrett - Home 34:10 - Carl Hudson - The Mysterious Dance of DNA 39: ...…
Talk N Trades Podcast
Hello Comrade!In this episode our intrepid heroes discuss Mark Millar's masterpiece SUPERMAN: RED SON!We also talk Dark Phoenix casting news, IT, Stan Lee, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, (friend of the show) Patty Jenkins, and much more! So come and enjoy the latest installment of Talk N Trades!Music provided by…
On July 6, 2017, Philippa York publicly introduced herself to the cycling community and the world at large. Before her transition, Philippa went by the name of Robert Millar.Millar was a successful rider in the 1980s and mid 1990s but hung up his wheels before virtually disappearing from the public arena.The landscape back then - not just in cy ...…
Episode #186! On this episode we talk some comics, a reference guide and a beloved book & movie franchise. First up DL brings the book "Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need To Know" to the table. After that Scott has the newly released hardcover of Mark Millar and Greg Capullo's "Reborn". To finish up this episode Barry talks James Bond. Not o ...…
Lithuania v Scotland Preview: Join Gordon Duncan, Kenny Millar, Danny Caw of Talking Baws and special guest Kieran Tierney as they look ahead to Scotland's crucial World Cup Qualifier against Lithuania in Vilnius.
Nicole Millar is one of Australia’s most recognisable voices in electronica right now. She’s been the featured vocalist on singles from Cosmo’s Midnight, Golden Features, Sweater Beats and the Top 5 ARIA-Award Winning hit, ‘High’ which she co-wrote and performed with Canberra’s Peking Duk.Born a Shire native, we caught up in 2016 with one of ou ...…
Karratha Kats host the South Hedland Swans in the do-or-die semi final at Millars Well. We caught up with Kats coach John Wellington on the Saturday Sports Show
Welcome to the eighth episode of STACKED! In this week's episode we're resuming our coverage of New Avengers and talking about the lead up and fallout of another huge event in Marvel Comics history. This is: CIVIL WAR - NEW AVENGERS Part 3Written by Mark MillarThis is the third part in a series covering this entire run. Check out the other part ...…
There is no adult supervision this week with Seth off at Gen Con, so when the Poobah's away, Ronald P. Tramp will play! That's right, our favorite dimension-hopping, conspiracy-spouting guest returns, bringing along a dire warning about the end of the world (and his never-before-seen sidekick, Pepitas). We've also got reviews of "DuckTales" and ...…
Get ahold of I Heart Geek on Twitter @IHeartGeekShow or email us at and our FB Group is at TO OUR WEBSITE www.IHeartGeekShow.comFollow our whole panels individual TwittersDub …………………...@ComicNotGeekSpike…………………. @TheVegasSpikeKaj……………………..@IHeartGeek_KajPB&Jason………… ...…
This week, the Keepers wax nostalgic about things ranging from heavy metal to bodily functions......Also, the Keepers have some words for those that complain about superhero filmsTopics discussed on this episode: The Munsters are getting a reboot The Sony "Spiderverse" films get release dates Robert Kirkman is leaving AMC for Amazon James Wan t ...…
Jennifer Millar is a preschool teacher from northern New Jersey. Last fall, she was experiencing swelling and irritation in her breast. She was treated for an infection. When it became clear that the antibiotics were not resolving her discomfort, Jenny was sent for a mammogram and ultrasound. She was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer ...…
IN THIS EPISODE! We review HARBINGER RENEGADE #6, FIRST STRIKE #1, MISTER MIRACLE #1, GENERATIONS PHOENIX/JEAN GRAY, and CLUE #3. We're doing something new this week - remember to let us know what you think on twitter! Also, good god @ Clue. In THE NEWS, we discuss Netflix buying Millarworld, Cable's look in Deadpool 2, and the future of the So ...…
On our very first episode, we discuss the Disney/Netflix split, Netflix courting Mark Millar and Amazon Prime doing a deal with The Walking Dead's Robert Kirman. This week's featured original content is the Netflix feature film Okja, from Snowpiercer director Bong Joon-ho. Are comics destined to become a valuable resource streaming media provid ...…
Nerd Thug Radio
Hey nerds!!! We are back for another weekly installment of Nerd Radio!!! This week we open up the show catching up and talking about flaming flying fidget spinners. We touch on news regarding Netflix as it pertains to Disney and the acquisition of Mark Millar's distribution company. We were also joined in studio by the newest member of the Nerd ...…
The Beehive Jive - a beekeeping podcast from London.
In this episode of the Beehive Jive Tracey and Paul wrap up our queen rearing year by discussing our learnings acquired trying to establish a queen rearing program in our apiaries. We also talk about what is happening in our apiaries and beekeepers’ educational programs. 00:00 – 02:00: What’s up with Paul’s bees 02:00 – 00:00: Using Bee-Quick t ...…
Harvest Bible Chapel Oakville: Deaf Fellowship Video
Harvest Bible Chapel Oakville sign language interpreting ministry. This week's sermon is taken from Job 4-37. The sign language interpreting ministry can be experienced live during our 5pm service every Saturday. Visit to find out more.
Welcome to Sunday Comics Podcast a place for comic fans everywhere and joining us today is comic editor Rachael Fulton to talk about all things Millarworld the comic publisher created by comic legend Mark Millar. You can find other great podcasts  on the netwo ...…
We Be Geeks - Your Voice Of The Geek Revolution
This week, the guys are excited to have their old friend Julz back on the podcast. However, Brett is once again MIA, causing Mike and Derrick to once again wonder if Brett and Julz are, in fact, the same person. They have not been shown otherwise yet...... Topics discussed on this episode: 1. Netflix purchases Mark Millar's Millarworld imprint ...…
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