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The Millenial to Millionaire Podcast is a podcast dedicated to personal finance and financial literacy geared towards a generation lacking in both. In the podcast, host Paris Grant, brings as much knowledge as he can to help the Millenial generation learn as much as they can about budgetting, saving, investing, retirement and everything in between. Collaboration with local talent and a genuine will to teach and help make the podcast exciting and fun and the practical information make it a po ...
Mad Millenial
Just sharing my views. Not your typical millennial.
Millenial Maven
Millenial Maven is designed to pass knowledge, wisdom, and savy along to the new age business people. I AM NO EXPERT. Simply a young man that studies that experts and passes on value
Kelly and Chris talk to you about classical music whilst making you laugh. AND LEARN.
For those who love the everyday grind. Let’s talk business, entrepreneurship and more!
Ramblings from a millenial's countertop about music she wasn't even alive to hear on the radio.
The dating podcast for millennials. Tired of Tinder, Bumble & OkCupid? We feel you! We share our trials and tribulations of dating in LA, what we learnt and how we can all be better in this jungle of dating & relationships. Enjoy, subscribe, rate & review!
Hello! With this podcast I hope to be able to add a young conservative's voice to the table in today's politics. Looking forward to having guests on as well to discuss issues and events. Thanks for listening!
A podcast about sex, dating, and surviving in a social media world. We talk about our dating lives in an open 'sex positive' forum. A funny yet honest look at what drivers our sex lives. Hosted by Dave Neal, stand up comedian and Tasha Courtney with weekly guests ranging from comedians to self help gurus. This podcast will have you laughing, crying and hopefully we help repair some broken relationships.
Looking to start a successful business that makes you money as a teenager or young adult? Join teenage entrepreneur, Jonah Wilson, as he interviews seasoned entrepreneurs on topics that turn you into a Money Maker. Mobile apps, niche websites, affiliate marketing, podcasting, self-publishing, YouTube, and even etsy are just some of the Money Making topics covered on the podcast, airing on Wednesdays and Fridays. Want to find some quick and easy ways to make money as a millennial? Head over t ...
Let's Discuss is a forum for us to share the conversations we have on all things life, love, work and wellbeing. We know what navigating your twenties (and life generally) can be like. You are trying to create the best life you can, with the resources you currently have, and ultimately want to be the happiest version of 'you' possible. As lifestyle bloggers we write about what that journey looks like everyday. We felt it was about time to share that journey with more people, in a format you ...
Two business-owning, work-from-home moms who are laughing their way through parenthood. New mom Shailey Murphy (video production/ interior designer) joins veteran mom of three, Katie Day (photographer, graphic designer, improviser, comedy writer for a late night talk show.)
Two best friends who love to talk about history, politics, movies, TV, and their day to day struggle of emerging adulthood.
Kpop Idle Talk
A podcast where 3 millennial sisters chit chat about kpop. Follow Sarah, Lulu, and Joyce as they talk all about Korean pop music as sometimes fanatics but mostly casual listeners.
This Is A Hold Up
Marissa von Bleicken and Gabrielle Montoute look at media from their childhoods and ask: "Does it hold up?"
In The Lion's Den
Join us IN THE LION'S DEN to discover the wonderful world of Game of Thrones with an enthused millenial James and his baby-boomer father Dennis, as they embark across Westeros, accompanied at all turns by the ever-elusive Rick Catamaran.Winter is Coming, and so is fatherly advice on life, relationships, fantasy warfare and everything in between.
Audrey & Abee Have No Friends is a semi-bi-monthly podcast featuring two Angeleno millenials who have stuff to say. Abee is an aspiring comedy doer who consumes vast amounts of media on a daily basis and can play a large-ish variety of instruments. Audrey is a self-loathing, fun-loving homebody who dreams of medical school and eventual financial independence.
New Age Finance
My name is Jered Weber and my friends Troy, Bill, Pat and I thought starting a podcast would be a good way to stay in touch as we spread across the country (San Francisco, Minneapolis and New York City). Was this a mistake? Probably. Are we still moving forward? Definitely. So join us as we agree loudly about a variety of topics including politics, pop culture and sports.
The FB30 Show
Chiedo and guests discuss entrepreneurship.
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Invade the Decade
Welcome to Invade the Decade! Each week, the hosts jump in their booze-fueled time machine and travel to a random month from history where they rant about current events, pop-culture and anything in between. When this show hits eighty-eight miles per hour, you’re gonna hear some serious sh*t.
News that matters for the NOW! generation.
Everything you need to know to talk to literally anyone
A Dance Dad and Millenial Mom talking country music, gossip, and life every weekday morning.
Make Me A Pro Podcast
Make Me a Pro (MMaP) is about putting thought into action, sharing lessons learned and inspiring success stories, wherever you land. Hear insights from young professionals and experts to help MMaP out the unpredictable world of work.
Generation #NoFilter
Join the conversation with Branden Berger and Kanika Lal as they discussing the future of drones, Hollywood diversity, and the California drought.
All Bad Things is a weekly podcast about accidents, tragedies, natural disasters and other anxiety fuel. Hosted by wry GenXer David and bleeding-heart Millenial Rachel. Trigger warning for everything possible.
A NOT SO LONG TIME AGO... three nerdamigos decided to share their insightful musings to the world. Email us @
Nick Sawhney, Will Richerson, Steven Frydman, and Peter Ferrarese discuss movies, TV, politics, and anything else on their minds.
That's Rich
That's rich...A podcast where business meets pop culture. Childhood friends who grew up to become CEOs of some of the hottest tech companies in Atlanta give their insights on everything from football to finance.Wela CEO Matt Reiner and Pinnacle Shows CEO Evan Shoda share their experience and their insights as two Millenials running growing companies.
THUGGN w/ Papi ROJOTravel through the Journey which is ROJO's mind as he hilariously tackles various random topics that arise. Life, Love, Humor and so much more.
Off The Fence
UK-based Political talk show by and for millenials. Hosted by James Fox, regularly joined by Alex Maskill and guests.
You’re Not Getting Any Younger is a podcast, hosted by Jen Glantz, for people who want to disrupt their lives, for a good reason, to make it count. Tune in every Monday for a new episode to hear honest conversations about entrepreneurship, love, unique careers, failure, and self-care, from real people, just like you, who are making big changes, starting with small things.
Just Humor Us
From St. Louis, Adeline and Danielle share insightful, spontaneous and often humorous conversations in the service of nurturing human connection. Join them as they figure out their podcasting ventures, relay salient shenanigans, and converse about other crucial quandaries of life, in general.
NewGen Tech
Three rising stars Christian Mudgett, Danny Holland, and Joyce Solano tackle pop culture and technology. New Gen Tech is backed by the work of experienced Sun Microsystems employees trying to prove that its not that hard to connect with Millennials, you just have to do it right.
Organic Lemons is a weekly podcast featuring best friends, Becki and Becca. We will be having organic conversations about life's greatest topics, from love to parenting, to the cosmic to the comical, and everything in between.
The political moderates are the silent majority in this country. In a current politically charged culture discussion is needed more than ever.
A Movement for those who embrace positive vibes, millennial culture, and a genuine desire to succeed. A Life Style.
Tinderoni is hosted by Jakeem Gregory. The podcast focuses on the evolution, rejection, embracement, and impact of app based dating. Have we mostly become
Akira J. Dixon covers millenial topics with millenial entreprenuers ranging from business start up to credit and finances.
The Podcast For Millenials
The Podcast on millenial love + dating, the highs + the lowsHosted by Imogen Blake, India Block and Patrick D'ArcySend us your dating qs
Connecting Community Libraries
A Millenial talking about life!
Traveling the country in the Purpose Driven RV, host Mingo Palacios connects with some of todays most insightful leaders on topics relevant to emerging and next generation pastors and leaders creating the future of ministry, marketplace, and art.
Bro Talk Live
Not just "for the bros"....but millenial perspectives on today's social issues and trends from smart black brothers.
We cover the costumes, the drama, the fancy-men of yesteryear from the exciting perspective of two millenial white girls
Signs Of The Times
Whether it's Technology, The Rapture, Political and Social Issues, The Antichrist, Israel, Wars and Tensions, The Second Coming, Personal Values or the Millenial Kingdom, God's Word speaks prophetically and truthfully and confirms His Word is true through today's news headlines.
P Power Radio
A podcast that shares the stories of radical millenial women and the history of the world they are working to change. ??????????
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A new MP3 sermon from Richmond Road Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Millenial Reign Of Christ Speaker: Brother Jerry Gumm Broadcaster: Richmond Road Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 4/15/2018 Bible: Revelation 20 Length: 39 min.
My first podcast, school project
McCall is back and needs a mind reset, so let’s talk about pranks. Did you pull any during Easter weekend? Are you pulling any today? And against what AJ thinks is better judgement McCall will give you some details as to what our prank is. Roseanne has come back to success and reports are Last Man Standing will be returning also. If you could b ...…
In this episode we welcome back the world's oldest Millenial, Mr. Jorge Ripol, we talk movie tinder, gun to the head, what the fudge, Netflix talk and we finish our superhero top 10 movies. AS great time had by all....enjoy
Mack McKelvey’s mission as CEO and Founder of SalientMG is to help women, minority and LGBTQ executives build their personal brands. The marketing visionary executive who helped Millenial Media fast-grow to IPO, Mack shares why women often forget to build their personal brands, and what’s in a name.
Chika joins this episode to talk about how race factors into relationships and the experiences she's had with men online. From discussing fetishizing to breaking down standards of beauty and music tastes, we delve into the role race plays in the dating stratosphere.
Media's love of the gun control marches over the weekend; Millennials in the workplace & the struggles some has experienced with themMore on the struggles of dealing with millenials in the workplace; On the Omnibus budget & why it just usual DC stuff; Andrew McCabe pens an op-ed sort blaming everyone elseSan Antonio teen is abused by parents af ...…
Media's love of the gun control marches over the weekend; Millennials in the workplace & the struggles some has experienced with themMore on the struggles of dealing with millenials in the workplace; On the Omnibus budget & why it just usual DC stuff; Andrew McCabe pens an op-ed sort blaming everyone elseSan Antonio teen is abused by parents af ...… Nehemiah and Jonathan talk about millennials, social media and finally answer the age old question, who is the better boy band, *NSYNC, with their silly punctuation, or the Boys of the Backstreet, commonly called Backstreet Boys.…
First of all, i trully sorry for bad audio for Arias' part, and this is the best i could do.In this episode we will discuss with 2 young peeps Mancah (@podcastpetjah) & Aria (@sudutpandang). With different background and perspective, we will discuss how disruptive inovation affect our life as human in the future. Suprisingly, we find that "Pela ...…
Steve and Drew weigh in on the hiring of Butch Jones at UA and his participation trophy mentality.... everyone get ready for Parents' Day in Tuscaloosa!!!
Mike Decourcy joins the show before the beginning of the Sweet 16 and Hugh Millen is in Studio to talk all about the Huskies and Seahawks.
In today's episode of Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz, I had the opportunity to speak with one of MY incredible Mastermind members, friends, and role models (yes, I'm her coach, but there are no rules to who our role models get to be, and Nicki is amazing!) Nicki Ong. Nicki's skill sets, jobs, and hats she wears are many, and she brings pa ...…
First dates are always rough to navigate in the search for love & a perfect relationship! Where to go, what to do, and how to make it feel like something special, is a pain point for many! What do you do first after the dating apps? Tiffany and Kudzi delve into the do's and don't of first dates and their tips and tricks for getting a second dat ...…
In episode 8 of HERO-ish, Geno talks about how no one cared that OJ confessed to murder last week, Taco Bell's Nacho Fries, Millenials are turning into hunchbacks, and then ponders the future of the podcast... Does the self-help and motivational stuff continue? Or do we take a turn in another direction? The control is in YOUR hands! Let us know ...…
Lucky episode 13! After that special 2 part episode on Marvel films, the guys are back talking all things in pop culture with a Xennial twist. The talk starts with haunted Alexa’s, AI and new tech to help people in physical jobs. Then the talk turns to alternative income for Xennials and Millenials including Youtube and podcasts. Lastly the guy ...…
Who is Satan? Who is Satan? Two Men and a Mic Podcast research this very question. Comments: Riley Pearson Hey Erik and Seany-Mac. Erik, I prefer my phone bible over the physical bible. It helps me to remember to read it because it has my notification. Therefore it puts that reminder in my head. I have all my highlights and can look them up eas ...…
In the 5th episode of season 2, the co-hosts discuss the idea of polygamy and whether it should be legal or illegal. The co-hosts then discuss dating in the age of the millennials. How has dating changed since our younger days? Dating apps = yay or nay? Do women feel pressured to be in relationships, marriage, having a family? Why? Why not? How ...…
Lena Elkins is the CEO of Lena Elkins Coaching, Forbes columnist, member of the Forbes Coaches Council, influencer, and international […] The post Ep #98: Lena Elkins, Millenial Go Getter appeared first on Daily Grind Podcast.
Julia Sun is a television host and her programs have been seen on several dozens of ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliate channels, as well as many top websites. Currently, she appears on Reuters, Bold TV and others. She is truly a make it happen millenial with a fantastic story! Hailing from Silicon Valley, she stepped out of the “expected” career r ...…
This morning on C&S: Active Wear EVERY WHERE! Carpark Viral Vid Complaints Hotline GymJuries What is a Millenial?!?!
Unpacking even more of the best bits from recent weeks, we remember the fiercest debate about toothpaste radio has ever seen. Matt and Tegan battle it out to see if Millenial's actually know a thing or two about recent history. Mark Pesce is also on the phone talking all things animoji's and how you can put YOUR face on a steaming pile of poo.…
In this episode (sponsored by Ingenius), our hosts talk with Todd Lewis and Leigh Weinshelbaum from CafeX about Omni-channel communication. Topics include: What Omni-channel communication means to the panel The need for OmniChannel Customer experience The push for omnichannel experiences by Millenial customers and employees Examples of great Om ...…
Zach Burton is a 25 year old entrepreneur, digital marketing aficionado, millenial marketing king, a true rags to riches story, where a simple phone call from one of his closest friends changed his life forever. Zach shares his insights, strategies, that he’s used to get to where he is today.
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Lindsay Hutter on Employing and Empowering MillenialsAuthor: Lindsay HutterNarrator: Dave SummersFormat: Original RecordingLength: 15 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 11-25-14Publisher: American Management AssociationRatings: 3 of 5 out of 4 votesGenr ...…
Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: Earliest/latest wake up times for the top 5 cities. Tommy Lee and Pamela.... 5 things top doing in the shower. Morons in the news. Hour 2: Things from 2010's that movies will idealize. More from the 2010's. Bachelor chat time. More from the Bachelor fallout. Hour 3: Emily's life on the cattle ranch. Ram ...…
Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: Earliest/latest wake up times for the top 5 cities. Tommy Lee and Pamela.... 5 things top doing in the shower. Morons in the news. Hour 2: Things from 2010's that movies will idealize. More from the 2010's. Bachelor chat time. More from the Bachelor fallout. Hour 3: Emily's life on the cattle ranch. Ram ...…
So in this episode I started by talking about birds and pirates and somehow ended up complaining about the sensitive bunch of my generation.
Whoa! On the 3rd installment of Millenials Making Moves we have Matthew Hurley, a startup veteran and Current VC at only 21! We dive into some of the early days living in SWFL and struggling to build a company during the Real Estate Market Crash in 08, a truly “Shittyy” experience and how Matt approaches Entrepreneurism and the future of tech i ...…
YAY!!! - Kardashian - Millenials
Q: 40% of Millenials will lose money because of what this year?
Procurement leaders everywhere hope that millenials will close the industry's widening talent gap. Source One Senior Analyst Dejana Dosen believes this generation has the potential to do even more. She joins ISM2018 Session Insights to discuss the unique experiences and skills that she believes will help them drive Procurement's next era.…
Thoughts on the Oscars and the nature of today's society #TheOscars #Bullying #Millenials #SocialMedia #Society
“And these words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart; and you shall teach them diligently to your sons and daughters, and talk to them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up.”(Deuteronomy 6:6-8). The church faces many challenges in today’s world. How can congregati ...…
Show Notes: Is Ryan a sexy Darth Vader? Stub wants to hang out with dinosaurs. Ryan thinks zombies are real. Jeff has big plans for our first paycheck. PSA: Stub has diabetes. Roach is a fumigator. Stub doesn’t understand restaurants. Jeff complains about a local fast food establishment. Was it Lord of the Flies or Spongebob? The old guys compl ...…
The Gang runs bits about music and netflix until Phil tells you the best/worst films of 2017By BIYD.
Entrepreneur Kaaren Whitney Vernon on what it takes to educate a marketplace and how she pioneered a new way to engage Millenials with scripted series on YouTube for big brands like Walmart and U by Kotex with shift2, the company she recently sold to Shaftsbury. She puts on the ‘Advice WINGS’ today to talk networking and how to find the support ...…
El jurado de notables de SPAM analiza qué trabajos deberían recaer sobre las manos mecánicas de los cyborgs del futuro y cuáles podríamos seguir haciendo los humanos tiernitos post millenial.
Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were financially secure? Well of course you have. to have savings, bills all paid, no rent but instead you own your own spot! We all have probably wondered how we could get to that point. So what do we do? Hey this is Perky of Perky Perspectives welcome to Love Period. Please use hashta ...…
This is about doing whatever it takes to find love in limboland and maybe going too far! We have a guest appearance from Chika who shared her story about going on a date with a psychic even though she shouldn’t have gone. Subscribe, rate & review. Follow us on Twitter: @loveinlimboland. Tiffany on Instagram: @tiffstips. Kudzi on Instagram: @iam ...…
Does an old flame ever come back into your life and make you reconsider everything? Kendall shares her story of falling in love with a new man a couple months after breaking off a 5 year relationship. Following her heart, she ended up leaving her current boyfriend after six months for her ex-boyfriend who she thought was her only possible happy ...…
From the "Duh" department, here's what a Michigan State University study revealed about our views on getting older. #MSU #agingstudy #aging #study #research #children #teens #adults #oldpeople #seniorcitizens #geriatric #society #culture #perceptions #views #opinions #MichiganStateU #MichiganState #university #babyboomers #millenials #genX #survey…
As the President and CEO of the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA), Neil Parmenter plays a primary role in the development of Canada’s public policy concerning financial services that contributes to a sound, successful banking system that benefits Canadians and Canada's economy. Prior to working with CBA, he was the Senior Vice President and th ...…
NO TECH ALLOWED, BABY!!! Funke (@funkemcfly) is joined as always by his sickass co-hosts Farouk (@FaroukKannout) and Max (@beditite) in an extra special episode where Funke didn't use technology for a whole garsh darn day. Is he still a Twitter-loving millenial or is he Amish now? Join the gang as the unpack robots, tech, and also a bunch of ot ...…
We're back and we're discussing the topics of the day. This time around we talk about:-the internet is killing regional differences for millenials-microsoft word loot boxes-we discuss the fucking weather-generation z getting shit done on gun control-armond white is a parkland truther-trump bans video games-the similar situations of censorship i ...…
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