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A Podcast about Miniature Wargaming and Strategy Boardgames from the UK
A Miniature Wargamer Podcast, discussing modeling, painting, and hobby of table top wargaming.
Chris and Tom from The Crate and Crowbar discuss their month in miniatures and hobby gaming.
Radio TCX is an X-wing Miniatures Podcast, based in the Twin Cities, hosted by Tim Dugan and Carson Wray.
Size Matters! Miniature Wargaming Podcast presented by ClearHorizon Miniatures -
Podcast do grupo de jogadores do jogo de miniaturas Star Wars X-Wing do Rio Grande do Sul.
We Read and Research Books so You Don't Have To
Miniature game podcast in Korea, only service Korean version.
This podcast is about celebrating everything truly crazy and ridiculously awesome about the Warhammer 40k universe. If you like roleplaying games, listen to us try to survive our inquisitor's missions in Dark Heresy. If you enjoy wargaming, we recap our biggest and often hilarious missteps from the miniature wargame, Warhammer 40,000. And of course, if you ever wanted to attend a Wych Arena in Commorragh, we've got you covered with 40k Arena. No matter what, if you love the grim dark, this i ...
The Long War is your connection to the table top. We cover everything hobby wise from table top war games like Warhammer 40k, and X-wing. Whether it’s building, converting, painting or playing with your models, the Long War has you covered.
Chain Attack
Warmachine and Hordes list theory, battle reports, and caster analysis.
Warmachine and Hordes Battle Reports
Out of Game
Out of Game is a monthly podcast about tabletop gaming, focused on unique discussion topics related to board games, card games, RPG’s, gamers, and gamer culture.
Each episode we bring you the stories, miniatures, games, and people inhabiting The Mortal Realms and the Age of Sigmar Community.
We are a Warhammer 40,000 Podcast devoted to bringing stories of the 41st Millennium to life on your tabletop.
The Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast is a biweekly podcast that focuses on board games, card games and RPGs. The original Brawlers (Josh and Brandon) are 2 friends who like very different types of games. The show focuses on these differing preferences and (hopeless) attempts to sway each other's opinion. Each show includes light, friendly banter, a game review (in print), a combative segment called "Brawling and Boardgaming", a check in on BGG's "Hotness" and a brief discussion of a top ...
An Age of Sigmar podcast coming from the US Southwest. Your hosts will cover a range of topics for all players and fans of the Age of Sigmar!
A Podcast about everything competitive X-Wing related. Meta talk, List and Rules discussion, and anything in between.
The original WWPD Podcast!
Podcast dedicated to HeroClix!
Combat Phase
Combat Phase is a weekly podcast celebrating miniature-wargaming. Hosts Kenny and Wargamer Shawn grow the hobby community and bring excellent resources to listeners around the world. Join us each week as we discuss news and rumors, tips for the hobby, community support and everything for the avid wargamer.
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This time, Robert and Erik talk Miniatures. Big, medium, and small. Pewter, plastic, and paper. We discuss miniatures that help with tactics and establish a shared understanding. We talk scale, brands, painting, transportation options, and the sexism of fantasy and how it translates to miniatures. Here are link to the various people and product ...…
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Reproduzir Em Uma Nova Aba - Faça o Download - Arquivo Zip O Capitão Ace Barros, o navegador Airechu, a assistente de bordo Hall-e se reuniram para mais um relatório de exploração trazendo como dicas o boardgame Mice and Mystics e o romance A Menina Submersa. Ouça e descubra a fabular aventura de camundongos e magias presente nesse boardgame ba ...…
Greetings, Clix-Allies Alex had a hot date with Namor this week, so Roland, Kyle, and Julian take on all the Clix News and more in the newest episode. Together we go over our first looks at Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and its tribal mechanics, the new rules for vehicles, a p/review for Kang the Conqueror and more. Bare with us as we get ps ...…
En el episodio 11 del podcast dedico el tema del programa a hablar sobre mi opinión acerca de la reseña del Red Code por parte de Tom Vasel A continuación comparto unas breves impresiones acerca del Sentinel Táctics, el nuevo táctico de miniaturas de Greater than Games. MUSIC:Space Invaders – Pornophonique /n Look and feel years younger – Brad ...…
En el episodio 7 del podcast dedico el tema del programa a hablar sobre la línea de publicación de algunos autores de juegos de mesa. Posteriormente hago una breve reseña sobre el que es, para mi, el mejor juego táctico de miniaturas que he jugado: Earth Reborn MUSIC:Space Invaders – Pornophonique /n Look and feel years younger – Brad Sucks…
Este é o CP Cast – O podcast de aviação do Canal Piloto Oscar Lima Alfa senhores aviadores! Hoje Alexandre Sales (PP), Fred Mesquita (PC), Carlos Alberto Barreto (PP) e Renato Cobel (PP) conversam sobre como era voar nas clássicas linhas aéreas que hoje deixam saudades! No CP Cast de hoje: Veja que aspectos tornavam o voo ainda mais especial na ...…
Este é o CP Cast – O podcast de aviação do Canal Piloto. Oscar Lima Alfa senhores aviadores! Hoje Alexandre Sales (PP), Rafael Santos (PLA), e Renato Cobel (PP) conversam sobre a transição e rotina de um PLA internacional! No CP Cast de hoje: Saiba o que é um “piloto expatriado”, veja o passo a passo do processo seletivo das companhias estrange ...…
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