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A Podcast about Miniature Wargaming and Strategy Boardgames from the UK
A Miniature Wargamer Podcast, discussing modeling, painting, and hobby of table top wargaming.
Chris and Tom from The Crate and Crowbar discuss their month in miniatures and hobby gaming.
Radio TCX is an X-wing Miniatures Podcast, based in the Twin Cities, hosted by Tim Dugan and Carson Wray.
Size Matters! Miniature Wargaming Podcast presented by ClearHorizon Miniatures -
We Read and Research Books so You Don't Have To
Miniature game podcast in Korea, only service Korean version.
This podcast is about celebrating everything truly crazy and ridiculously awesome about the Warhammer 40k universe. If you like roleplaying games, listen to us try to survive our inquisitor's missions in Dark Heresy. If you enjoy wargaming, we recap our biggest and often hilarious missteps from the miniature wargame, Warhammer 40,000. And of course, if you ever wanted to attend a Wych Arena in Commorragh, we've got you covered with 40k Arena. No matter what, if you love the grim dark, this i ...
Warmachine and Hordes Battle Reports
The Long War is your connection to the table top. We cover everything hobby wise from table top war games like Warhammer 40k, and X-wing. Whether it’s building, converting, painting or playing with your models, the Long War has you covered.
Chain Attack
Warmachine and Hordes list theory, battle reports, and caster analysis.
Each episode we bring you the stories, miniatures, games, and people inhabiting The Mortal Realms and the Age of Sigmar Community.
Out of Game
Out of Game is a monthly podcast about tabletop gaming, focused on unique discussion topics related to board games, card games, RPG’s, gamers, and gamer culture.
We are a Warhammer 40,000 Podcast devoted to bringing stories of the 41st Millennium to life on your tabletop.
A Podcast about everything competitive X-Wing related. Meta talk, List and Rules discussion, and anything in between.
The Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast is a biweekly podcast that focuses on board games, card games and RPGs. The original Brawlers (Josh and Brandon) are 2 friends who like very different types of games. The show focuses on these differing preferences and (hopeless) attempts to sway each other's opinion. Each show includes light, friendly banter, a game review (in print), a combative segment called "Brawling and Boardgaming", a check in on BGG's "Hotness" and a brief discussion of a top ...
An Age of Sigmar podcast coming from the US Southwest. Your hosts will cover a range of topics for all players and fans of the Age of Sigmar!
Combat Phase
Combat Phase is a weekly podcast celebrating miniature-wargaming. Hosts Kenny and Wargamer Shawn grow the hobby community and bring excellent resources to listeners around the world. Join us each week as we discuss news and rumors, tips for the hobby, community support and everything for the avid wargamer.
Podcast dedicated to HeroClix!
The original WWPD Podcast!
Muse on Minis
Get your Muse On about Miniature Gaming
Radio Free Tatooine presents an X-Wing Miniatures Game podcast, geared toward new players and representing the Southern meta game.
Command Hand is your ultimate Star Wars Legion podcast, bringing you updates on Community, the Hobby, and competitive Strategy for the Star Wars Legion tabletop miniatures wargame by Fantasy Flight Games.
The Podcast page for No Dice, No Glory; the premier historical miniatures war gamer site!
Miniature wargaming with a little bit of nonsense
The original WWPD Podcast!
Muse on Minis
Get your Muse On about Miniature Gaming
Topical, controversial, and (hopefully) entertaining conversation about miniature war games, board games, and other topics near and dear to gamer's hearts.
Hey there! I sit and chat with a wide ranging set of individuals from both inside and on the outside of the Tabletop/RPG/Boardgame industry about their experience, insight, & motivations. Put on a show whilst you are painting and hear the stories behind your fellow geekers and the people that created the games you know and love. I hope you enjoy.
Longest-running tabletop wargaming podcast on the planet!
A Miniature Wargaming Podcast
A show about board game miniatures painting: tutorials, how tos, workflows, product reviews and recommendations.
Going Last
Going Last is a podcast about all the incarnations of tabletop games. Dice games? Ready to roll. Card games? Shuffle up and deal. Board games. We'll flatten em. RPGs? Pencils and swords sharpened. Your hosts are Rich and Kenna — two life long gamers, coming to the table with two different points of view. For Rich, a mathematician and game developer, the crunchier a game, the better. Rich dives into the small moments and mechanics that make a game come alive. Meanwhile, Kenna celebrates the f ...
HitHitCrit Podcast
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Podcast based in Cape Town, South Africa.First Star Wars X-Wing Podcast on the African Continent!
An Age of Sigmar podcast, we chat about gaming, painting, fluff, narrative play, war scrolls and more Warhammer than you could throw at cat at. WARNING: This show may contain naughty language.
A biweekly podcast for ALL your Star Trek: Attack wing needs!
Initiative One is about all things Runewars Miniatures. Josh, Shane, and Justin chat about the game, news, tournaments, and anything else of interest!
The Dice Tower
The Dice Tower is an Internet podcast about tabletop games. Your hosts for the show are Tom Vasel, noted game reviewer, and Eric Summerer. In the show, Tom and Eric talk about boardgames, card games, wargames, miniatures, and the people who play them. New to the Dice Tower? Then listen to: Episode 0: Introduction & Top 15 Games a New Gamer Should Buy Note: The Dice Tower episodes are provided as a service to the community and although they are entirely family friendly, is no ...
Monthly Australian X-Wing Miniatures podcast.
A variety show about table top gaming and the hobby. We cover 40k, age of sigmar, infinity, guild ball, and many others.
THE SECRET HISTORY OF ART takes you on a series of private guided tours of the world's greatest artworks. Best-selling author and professor of art history Noah Charney presents the history, symbolism, and importance of each work. The Secret History of Art is a series of lessons in miniature on great works of art around the world. By spending just a few minutes per masterpiece, you can learn the mysteries, stories, and secrets of some of civilization’s greatest treasures.
A podcast dedicated to the Malifaux miniatures game.
Unfinished Armies
Wargaming und Tabletop Podcast aus Frankfurt
A Wargaming podcast centered around Warhammer 40,000 but covering all aspects of the Hobby, brought to you by four average
WarGamerz Podcast
Twice-monthly podcast featuring all things war-gaming. Hosted by Tom and Ian.
Design and Tactics Chats for the Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game.
Geek of all trades is a podcast covering conversation about geeky pursuits all types, from from things such as boardgames, anime, roleplaying, gaming and much much more. We aim to give you a window into the entire spectrum of Geek based hobbies one podcast at a time.Publishing once a month with a new guest every episode, our aim is to not only cover current events, but also don our best spelunking time travel gear and delve into the past to unearth rare gems of geekdom to share with our list ...
A Podcast dedicated to the World War 2 miniatures game Bolt Action.
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Welcome to Layers, A Miniature Painting Podcast In this episode: A closer look at the Rising Sun minis. Choosing a compressor for airbrushing. Links to things mentioned in the show: Rising Sun Painting showcase - Clans Painting showcase - Monsters My painted minis so far Reaper paints: Vampiric Skin Triad Dusky Skin Triad Orange recipe: WC One ...…
Croak finds the gangsters who mugged him. He gets his money back. There is blood. This is the last of the three episodes we are launching this podcast with. If you’ve gotten this far you might just be enjoying yourself. We’ve got a special treat we’d like to give away to one lucky listener. It’s a $100 gift certificate to a terrific Edmonton ga ...…
Tonight, the Florida Crew sits down to do a miniature Who You Got Challenge. Tonight, they breakdown 16 R&B/Pop Artist and want to discuss who would win in both a Fight and a Riff-Off. After the final decision, the final 2 singers will go head to head on the 2nd Rounds Who You Got Challenge Group Page on Facebook! Check out these debates...they ...…
Thanks for Listening to the Tales From Tef's Tavern Podcast. stick with us as we talk about our week. discuss a little about theater of the mind vs miniatures as well as hint about a topic for out next episode
Greg and Jenius sit down for some therapy as they discuss the horrifically divisive Hereditary! They talk grief, miniature furniture, and the wonder that is old naked people.
Now is a great time to participate in a fleet challenge or MRC!! Miniature Review Contest #7: The Uncommon Fleet Challenge: 36 packs of Crimson Coast: Baochuan: Captain Mysion: http:// ...…
We're doing time stamps now? How F.A.N.C.Y. 0:00 - We kick things off with hot takes about pomegranate juice and other awful concoctions that only fools and children would make, like blackcurrant and milk, and apple juice with orange juice. There's also a combination that only Kris's brother would make, and you'll find out about that in this se ...…
Nach dem Wintersleep Meisterwerk „Welcome to the Night Sky“ hat Paul Murphy unter dem Namen Postdata 2009 ein Album veröffentlicht, das als intime Miniatur und filigrane Zurückhaltung vornehmlich aus leisen Gitarrentönen bestand. Geprägt von Murphys Trademarkstimme und vor allem einer Atmosphäre voller nachdenklich sinnierender Melancholie war ...…
We are BACK from spring break and better than ever! On this week's episode, we do our first-ever "Social Media Doctor" session and do a live audit of @thumbscookies Instagram—a small business outside of Minneapolis, MN, making and selling miniature butter cookies! You won't want to miss the tips on how to strategize for the feed vs. Stories. Pl ...…
Hi everyone sorry for the delay on this episode! One of the guys went on a sudden vacation and that put our whole podcast schedule off. Took him forever to edit this. Also be warned. Because he was behind he didn't do as much editing as normal so there are probably more Umms, dog barks, and thunderstorm talk than you would normally expect. Thin ...…
The changes occurring in the satellite and space industry are simply amazing. From miniaturized satellites to space tourism we’re seeing an explosion in innovation and may be heading towards a true commercial space economy. Jim Simpson, CEO of communications satellite operator ABS discusses the opportunities for traditional satellite operators ...…
The changes occurring in the satellite and space industry are simply amazing. From miniaturized satellites to space tourism we’re seeing an explosion in innovation and may be heading towards a true commercial space economy. Jim Simpson, CEO of communications satellite operator ABS discusses the opportunities for traditional satellite operators ...…
CEO Andrew Whelan of BioElectronics Corp (OTCPink: BIEL) rejoins the show to give an update on progress of FDA clearances, cost effectiveness, and providing relief to those with chronic pain. OTCPink: BIEL # 7-day trial device # Amazon, pain management # innovative, miniaturized technology # ActiPatch # Musculoskeletal Pain Relief # Allay # Men ...…
The amazing Ruby Silvious, author of 363 Days of Tea: a Visual Journal on Used Tea Bags, joins me on the podcast this week. As I record this podcast, I’m slowly working on and growing the 33K Task List Project. After facilitating a craftworking (crafting + networking) event in Ruby’s town, the librarians lovingly wouldn’t let me out of there wi ...…
Gamer Leaf sits down for a podcast exclusive with Mark McKinnon as this is his only podcast appearance during this his 3rd and Successfully funded Kickstarter game: Wreck and Ruin: post-apocalyptic vehicle miniature violence! which is on Kickstarter until Thu, June 28 2018 11:40 AM MST. We always have fun with Mark, some friendly banter about o ...…
For over twenty years, Rhonda Weisberg has served as a clairsentient intuitive, working with clients across the country, bringing them clarity, insight, peace of mind, and “spiritual coaching” from their higher selves, Spirit guides, and angels. Rhonda also works with animals. So I brought along Lucy, our 6 year old, miniature Dachshund for a r ...…
Listen Here: iTunes | Overcast Introduction My guest today is Sara Dietschy, a YouTuber and content creator based in New York City. With more than 300,000 subscribers, Sara’s created a docu-series, a daily vlog and recently launched a new podcast called The Creative Exchange. Sara is one of the most inspiring people I know. Before she moved to ...…
Do you have to use painted miniatures on a grid game mat for every combat encounter? Is "The theater of the mind" enough?
Today’s episode of Save Vs. Rant is all about novel ways of telling classic stories, be they real-world legends, existing fiction, outdated modules or other sources of inspiration. Something that we touched on in this episode is how every monster has a connection ...…
In the second episode of Making it Up, host Anthony Assaf is joined by Millicent Butters (Jess Fildes) to discuss her hobbies and her living situation, until the Ghost of Larry the Cable Guy (David Kaufman)makes a surprise appearance to talk about his afterlife experience./Recorded on 2018/02/09Artwork: Stefan Spec ( ...…
Bonus episode this week! Today Mike & Scott give a quick recap of their experience at the 2018 FFG Star Wars World Championships (TL;DR we had fun and got crushed in the competition), then we break down the announcement of X-Wing 2.0 with Caleb & Stu. Are all the problems we have with the game addressed? Will this news bring back former players ...…
GoDaddy Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Kate Cox chats with Adobe’s Senior Director for Enterprise Marketing John Watton about bringing creativity to B2B marketing, why Freddie Flintoff launched a line of miniature ‘Freddies’ and how encouraging staff to pursue side hustles delivers payback.…
CoupleCo is in the city that is known as America In Miniature—Maryland. We are talking to a couple of chiropractors, Dr. & Dr. Bleam of Freedom Chiropractic & Rehab of Eldersburg, Maryland. Better known as Chip and Carol, these two are a study in how a couple, with three young children in school with activities, balance work and family—and stil ...…
Talking today about character models in roleplaying games, be they miniatures, action figures, drawings, or whatever. How important are these
An interview with Seth Jaffee of Tasty Minstrel Games. We discuss the modern state of game design, including legacy elements, miniatures, kickstarter, and making it in the current market.
Lately I’ve been seeing, or maybe just noticing, the word “iconic” as a means for makers to describe their own work—“my name is so and so and I make iconic portraits of whatever…,” and I’ve got to tell you, I’m having a hard time with how it’s being used. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Pocket Casts | Overcast | RSS The Atlantic posted a terrific a ...… Radicals in Miniature The International Festival for Arts and Ideas June 12/13, New Haven, CT The Iseman Theater— get tix may 6th NYTimes Theater review 217 Boxes of Dr. Henry Anonymous
Support the podcast by making all your hobby purchases through this link: Kirton Games Webstore And as always we are sponsored by: Mierce Miniatures I am very pleased to bring you a dual episode, covering the South Coast Grand Tournamernt 2018 and a Hobby Chat with hooby-machine Paul Buckler. Ian also joins us as we cover his projects, gemstone ...…
In this week's episode, Tim & Carson share more thoughts about X-wing 2nd Edition, this time focusing on base design and some of the upgrade cards making the move from 1st edition to 2nd edition! If you like the podcast, please consider supporting us directly by going to our Patreon page at: Like us on Facebook: Faceboo ...…
Malifaux is a big world already packed with lore and legends. Part of the allure of this roleplaying system is the story element built into the game. When playing the tabletop strategy game, Malifaux, you have to pick your faction and a crew to fight for your faction. In our Tutor Tuesdays we will cover the characters that make up each faction. ...…
Episode 37! - Our week: X-wing miniatures, This is America, etc. - Are You Kidding Me: Ed has something from Return of the Jedi - The latest and greatest Star Wars news! Email us at: If you like us, feel free to leave a 5 star review on iTunes! If you like the intro/outro music check out the Fogcutters: ...…
SUMMARY The party enters the bustling port city of Norsal, having gained a new member, Tempest, from the crew of the Whispering Winds. Their first order of business is to secure some sort of travel to get from Port Norsal down to Starrengeld in the South West. After purchasing a cart and a couple of horses, which they have been told they can se ...…
This week we're discussing Blood Rage! It's the area control, miniatures, card-drafting, death-chasing viking game from CMON. There are fjords! There are boats! There is GLORY!
Get summer ready! In this episode, Andrea talks about making going swimming manageable and fun instead of stressful and chaotic. Her parents are special guests to recommend good books for your summer reading. Check out for information on how to make your own miniature library/book exchange box.…
Kelly was born and raised on Vancouver Island and moved to Prince George in 1989 where she began her career with Northern Health as a Registered Nurse in 1992. Kelly has worked in a variety of health care settings in both acute care and community nursing with an initial focus on maternal, infant and child health and later in an administrative r ...…
Get out your lacquer based paints to "fix" your unpainted miniatures. This week, Matt finds his calling as a video game fan fiction writer, Austin solves a need for party loving drummers, and Taylor stumbles upon a dark truth behind why fancy restaurants serve tiny portions. Catch us on for more business action!If you ...…
This week one and only Ronnie Renton from Mantic Games is on the show to talk about Hellboy the miniatures board game on Kickstarter! You can back the Kickstarter here: You can learn more about Mantic Games at http://twi ...…
Episode Notes Alex taunts Logan about their friendship, which she apparently remembers nothing about. Logan played Malifaux, the miniature game, back when it first came out. Enjoy as the two reminisce over days gone by. Go see Logan on Twitter @kotlofthelight! You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at Soulstorypod. Check out our ...…
Gamer Leaf sits down with James to talk about Race for President on kickstarter until Thu, May 31 2018 8:59 PM MST. AAA: Venmo His book: Chase The Dream Kickstarter Corner: Little Leaf joins me for this one Fire Tower on kickstarter through Thu, May 24 2018 5:00 PM MST. Treasure Mountain through Fri, June 1 2018 10:00 PM MST. Little Leaf tells ...…
Researchers are using what they know about the miniaturization of electronics for CubeSats to create robotic probes that can map the inside of glaciers.
Gamer Leaf sits down with Daniel from August Games to talk about games, what he’s backed on Kickstarter such as Brothers Artisanal: Can We Change How the World Sees Jerky? to his new game on Kickstarter which funded in less than 33 hours: Treasure Mountain through Fri, June 1 2018 10:00 PM MST. According to Daniel he saved the best podcast for ...…
Gamer Leaf sits down with Milan to talk about Small Star Empires 2nd Edition + Two Expansions which is on Kickstarter through Fri, May 11 2018 9:04 AM MST. AAA: Small Star Empires Kickstarter Corner: NEVERMIND about what I said about them being listed backwards, they are listed here in order! An Atlas of the Horizons RPG through Sat, May 12 201 ...…
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