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Minor Interruption
Podcast by Minor Interruption
Minority Korner
Are you easily confused by terms like cultural appropriation, cisgender, toxic masculinity, twunk, black girl magic, and woke? Or maybe you’re tired of explaining terms like these and you need a community that gets you! Sounds like you need MINORITY KORNER! Nnekay & James dish out your weekly serving of pop culture, social commentary, nerdy stuff, politics, empowerment, celebrity feuds, zanny anecdotes, mispronunciation of most names, and things they left out of the history books, all from a ...
In "The Show Before the Show," writers Tyler Maun and Sam Dykstra break down Minor League Baseball's biggest storylines with guests from around the Minors including players, managers and player development experts. They'll also have a weekly look at what's going on outside the lines with business of the Minors expert Benjamin Hill.
No one is more responsible for your professional development than you. Career Communications Group ( makes that possible by bringing you cutting edge management seminars with the nation's leading corporations and agencies executives.
Breakaway, the minor hockey podcast puts you in alone with some of the best and brightest minds in the game today. Each week, Dan Pollard sits down with the leaders of hockey to discuss everything from scoring more goals to how to grow the game.
Bimonthly podcast from Jenn Baker (and guests within the industry) on diversity (or lack thereof) in publishing.
A weekly true crime podcast bringing tales of killer kids. Factual stories of murderous children throughout the years. Each week will bring a new episode on a parent’s worst nightmare.Find us on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook @killerkidspod
Majority Minority
From the Miami Herald, White House correspondent Franco Ordoñez and Congressional correspondent Bill Douglas sit down each week with lawmakers, administration officials, and the other people of color changing the face of politics.
Age of Minority
A Podcast FOR Youth ABOUT the Gospel
The Vocal Minority
Football. Facts. Frivolity.
Despite his tiny, fleeting epiphanies, host Drew Droege has no idea what his morally bankrupt friends are going to tell him. Painful tales of forbidden desire, embarrassing stupidity, and downright garbage are spun together in search of a larger truth. Lower your expectations.
Minor 7th Podcast
Acoustic guitar music out of the mainstream
A podcast hosted by Zohan Jew and Steve from the Pietasters! Live from The Bunker ·
Minor 7th Podcast
Acoustic guitar music out of the mainstream
Minority Mindset
Podcast by Minority Mindset
The podcast will offer a glimpse behind the game day experience in the Eastern League with candid discussions and interesting stories both on and off the field.
2 guys on a journey to find truth and wisdom over a coffee and chat
There are 3 parts to this collection.(1) Against Apion is a two-volume defence of Judaism as classical religion and philosophy, stressing its antiquity, as opposed to what Josephus claimed was the relatively more recent tradition of the Greeks. Some anti-Judean allegations ascribed by Josephus to the Greek writer Apion, and myths accredited to Manetho are also addressed.(2) Discourse To The Greeks Concerning Hades describes the author's views on the afterlife against the prevailing view of t ...
Minority Retort is a weekly film podcast by two people of colour.Each episode, co-hosts Farah and Tope alternate picking from their favourite movies to debate the question: What makes a good film?
The Minority Trailblazer is a weekly podcast posted every Thursday hosted by Greg E. Hill ( This podcast is dedicated to minorities who are blazing a trail in a variety of industries such as education, business, comedy, entrepreneurship, etc. My goal is to share their stories in hopes to inspire, educate, and ultimately encourage others to live with purpose and passion.
H. Puentes hosts the Tech Minority Report. A show focused exclusively on minorities in the world of Innovation. H. discusses developments in the world of diversity in Tech and features guests with unique perspectives on what it takes to make it.
Gwen Minor
Stories From the Ancient World
Minor Bowes
Hosted by writer and critic Danny Bowes.
Minority Agenda
Isaiah, Jacob, and Ricardo explores topics that are burning in the minds of the youth. Get your daily dose of a unique perspective on life from a Black guy, a Mexican, and Mr. Half and Half. Dare to be different. ***DISCLAIMER*** THE IDEAS AND OPINIONS OF THIS PODCAST DO NOT REFLECT TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE AS A COLLEGIATE INSTITUTION NOR AS AN OFFICIAL CLUB OF THE COLLEGE.
Traditionally, role-playing games take place in the realm of fantasy, but we believe our real, mundane surroundings hold the exact same potential for incredible adventures. Unaccompanied Minors explores a world where the lives of middle schoolers are determined by casting a die in the style of a tabletop RPG. You may feel like every story has been told, but the tale of Unaccompanied Minors is truly unique and will slowly unfold turn by turn. Join the adventure!
Life-Study of the Bible with Witness Lee is a 30-minute radio broadcast composed of excerpts from Witness Lee's spoken ministry that focuses on the enjoyment of the divine life as revealed in the Scriptures. The ministry portions are followed by a discussion of the portion presented, including questions and answers.
Are you a part of the silent majority? Or are you part of The Vocal Minority?The Vocal Minority Report is a podcast covering the arts, entertainment and culture with notable guests each episode.
In the mood for a memorable ménage à trois? Juju + Jordash + your iPod = 60 sweet minutes of uninterrupted love. Juju & Jordash’s fortnightly promotional podcast, recorded exclusively for, brings you a mix of tracks as eclectic as the duo’s own whacky-deep sound. From Eric Dolphy and Theo Parrish to Lee Perry and Cabaret Voltaire, they’ll keep you guessing and yes-ing. Your satisfaction guaranteed! For more info goto or
The Feasts of ADONAI are dress rehearsals of Messianic Redemption. Our LORD Yeshua has literally and prophetically fulfilled the first four of the seven feasts mentioned in Leviticus 23; it is my belief that the Torah teaches that he will, likewise, literally and prophetically fulfill the final three at his soon to be second arrival. As the children of Avraham willingly and faithfully lived out HaShem’s yearly cycle of “mo-eydeem,” the Spirit of the Holy One graciously opened their hearts to ...
Minorities Report
Welcome to Patrick, where amazing things happen.
Minor Inconvenience is the Pop-Punk Podcast! A show where I talk about all the up and coming Pop-Punk bands across the nation, and across the world!
Minorities In Business sheds a light on today’s top entrepreneurs, creatives, and industry leaders within the minority community as they share career information and support for minority professionals.
Minor On The Minors explores secondary Christian doctrine. Stuart and Jacob have fun talking about different doctrines and their histories inside and outside of the church at large.
Minority Report
Hello! This station will focus on educating you on finance, whether it be financial planning, debt pay down, budgeting, and insurance...etc. I will also help motivate you to accomplish your goals and teach you how to execute your plan. Look forward to your support.
Minority Thoughts
It’s basically my thoughts and what I see on a daily basis it’s what I see in the world it’s the unfair treatment of minorities and it’s the privileges of being a minority that is what you hear when you listen to my podcast
The Just Barely Sports podcast is a show about the wacky side of Pro and Semi-Pro sports. We talk about the logos, foods, special events and people that divert your attention from the actual sports themselves. So if you love the feeling of being in an arena, but don't care too much about anyone lifetime free throw percentage, we are the show for you!
Visible Minorities
On Visible Minorities, you’ll listen to honest sociological conversations with my friends. The episodes showcase the diverse experiences we encounter as Visible Minorities living in Canada and how it shapes our passions and perspectives.
Welcome to the Detroit Tigers Minor League Tracker podcast, where we discuss all things Tigers down on the farm.
Minority Report
Minority Report is a biweekly series on the many facets of our identity, and the (mis)perceptions that come with them. Hosted by Danielle James and featuring co-hosts Simeona Cayetano and Domanique Borges.
Verse-by-verse through the Old Testament prophet Haggai.
Basic Black
Produced live in WGBH's Studio B, Basic Black features a panel of the region’s sharpest observers of the current news, events, and topics impacting black communities locally and nationally. Basic Black: "Victory for Baker | Viral Video from NYC" Fridays at 7:30pm on WGBH 2 Charlie Baker beat the highly touted Democratic ground game to win the Massachusetts Governor’s race. What does his victory mean for communities of color? And later in the show, the viral video that to date has gotten over ...
Welcome to the Minority Wealth Management podcast!
Welcome to Minority Wealth Management, hosted by Jehron Petty and Liana Dominique. MWM's mission is to redefine wealth for the minority community and beyond through financial education and social commentary. While our Youtube channel may contain more content around financial education, here is where you'll get more social commentary from us. We'll share our conversations, meetings, personal rants, and more!
Asia Pacific Forum is the progressive pan-Asian radio show broadcast every Monday night from 9-10pm on WBAI 99.5 FM in New York City and live on the web. We cover underreported stories from Asia, as well as Asian American politics and culture. Each week we talk to authors like Arundhati Roy, Jessica Hagedorn, and Jeff Chang; activists and politicos like Yuri Kochiyama, Mike Honda, and Monami Maulik; intellectuals like Tariq Ali, Vandana Shiva, and Vijay Prashad; artists like DJ Rekha, David ...
Podcast by Teo Diaz
The Rooney Rule of blog talk radio. You have to listen... don't be a bigot. LaMont Brown and Andrew Tobey discuss a myriad of topics such as sports, alchohol, women, and why Leonard Vancliff Sterling might be the most awkward person in the planet.If you don't listen, the terrorists have won.
Series Cast: PreCrime Report is a podcast about the new Minority Report TV Show. Join us every Tuesday the day after each show for a conversation and our opinions about the show.
The prayer and Exclamations, or Meditations, of St Teresa of Avila, recorded in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Saint's birth (March 28, 2015). - Summary by Ann Boulais
Two friends, a decade of friendship and tons of righteous indignation.
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Brandon Noble is the General Manager of the Watertown Rapids. The Watertown Rapids are entering their inaugural season as a summer collegiate baseball team in Watertown, NY. The Rapids will be members of the 13-team Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League, playing their home games at the Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds. General Manager of the Rapids, ...…
In this podcast we will look at the Talmudic statement that “the hair of a woman is nakedness” in order to understand it’s implications for the ongoing halakhic conversation around hair covering. We will see how the ideas developed in the previous podcast around Dat Moshe and Dat Yehudit become synthesized with the idea of nakedness in some of ...…
In episode 8 of Spatially Aware, Dan Burkowsky and Kevin Marchand get into the thicket of Leftist politics. More specifically, they debate the role of history in informing the present, the obligations of an ostensibly "Good Nation," the utility of guilt, and more. Dan Burkowsky is an English language teacher in Boston working with university st ...…
The music of Andrea Mele, Christian Laborde
Tune in to 10-4 Radio TONIGHT AT 7PM EST as your host Kevin Reid is joined by guest Stacy Risco, CEO of the Pink Patch Group. Tonight's topic will be "Minority Certifications" and addressing the different types of certifications that apply to your business and the impact it can have.
The NBA Playoffs are heating up and we will break down each series. Pelicans sweep, Spurs stay alive, Cavs and Wizards tie it up. Are the Thunder in trouble as Jazz lead 2-1. Timberwolves wake up to get a win and look to tie Rockets. The Bucks tie Celtics and get a new minority owner in Aaron Rodgers. The NFL Draft is Thursday and the rumors ar ...…
Dugout Blues is a baseball podcast, exploring the Dodgers major and minor league teams and players. Dustin Nosler of and Jared Massey of host.
Can we find any issues with the red hot Astros? Host Robert Land asks Jimmy who should be the closer and who might be a potential closer in the Astros farm system. Price gives us the Astros starter that's impressed him the most and we look at the struggles of Jake Marisnick and Derek Fisher. Who we Jimmy call up from the minors if Fisher contin ...…
WARNING: This Episode talks about crimes against children, Listener discretion is advised. Christina Marie Riggs was Arkansas second female execution. This episode details the crime that Christina commited to land herself on Death Row. ______________________________________ Written, and hosted by Nicki TOriginal Graphic Art by Nicki TOriginal M ...…
In November 2006, a young pregnant mother was found dead in her home near Raleigh, North Carolina. Investigators immediately suspected her husband, who had a seemingly rock-solid alibi - he was hundreds of miles away on a business trip at the time of the murder. Or was he? In Part 2, we finally hear Jason's side of the story - but is it enough ...…
The Shulhan Aruch in Siman 421 presents the Halachot of the Melacha of “Tohen”-grinding- on Shabbat. Maran rules that slicing vegetables thinly is prohibited as Tohen. From this it seems that it would be problematic to cut an Israeli salad on Shabbat, since the vegetables are cut in small pieces. However, Hacham Ovadia explains this ruling base ...…
For me, having a process with a list I can check off is critical to getting things done in my personal and professional life. I guess part of this method stems from the fact that personally I am forgetful. It also stems from experiences I had in lessons and teaching students. I would come in and my teacher would ask me about something in the sc ...…
Seven Minor Sources of Listings: Some work well for you. Rich Levin coaches you on all, so that you can choose any source that you know will add more listings, sales, and income to you.
In this brand new episode of UniPrep we will be talking about what minors are in college, if there are required classes in college, and what politics are like on a college campus. Hope you enjoy!Links and Scripts UniPrep on Twitterhttps://twitt ...…
In this first edition of KCIW Investigates, our team tackles the problems at the Port of Brookings Harbor. Reporter Nigel Weiss spent countless hours searching documents and interviewing many of the people who know the facts firsthand, trying to answer the questions, what happened, when, and why? Host: Nigel Weiss; Producers: Nigel Weiss, Lori ...…
At the end of the first century, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the churches of Asia Minor. As their pastor, John writes to them to comfort and challenge. How do his words speak to you?
This week, we're discussing the Netflix film Come Sunday, the story of Carlton Pearson and his doctrinal shift regarding hell. What was the big deal? Why did it matter? Was he right? There are minor spoilers here but nothing that was not public information prior to the release of the film. Speech at the Joint College of Bishops: https://youtu.b ...…
Guests Glenn Escobar Laura Smith Glenn Escobar kindly joins Laura Smith for an in-depth discussion of the four Year 49 Steward's Cup turf sprints. We handicap and generally have a good time despite minor audio issues. Extra special guest: Glenn's cat, who voices his opinion occasionally! See the forum for a lil contest!…
The 2018 legislative session lasted only 27 days—a week less than the constitution allows. Join us to find out what legislation passed and what policy priorities were tabled for 2019. Questions we might ask include: What does the "boyfriend loophole" mean and how was it fixed? Will new legislation mean changes in how prescription drugs are pric ...…
Anne C. Beal, MD, MPH, is dedicated to improving health care in the United States, particularly for vulnerable patient groups. Her career is devoted to providing access to high quality health care and has included delivering health care services, teaching, research, public health, and philanthropy. Dr. Beal is Senior Vice President and Head of ...…
Friends, I’m going to be bold and give you my opinion about something chicken-ish. Ready? Here goes: I think it’s perfectly okay if you don’t free range your chickens. (Don’t want to read all the words? This blog post is also a podcast—just press the triangle play button on the little black bar at the top of this post!) When I first became a ch ...…
Ryan Snelling and Jaye Williams are back to discuss season 2 episode 3 of FX's LEGION! The guys dive deep into all of the gray areas between the "heroes" and "villains," the fact that the Loudermilks seem to be the standout minor characters, and the surprisingly fun procedural elements of the show. YOU CAN ALSO FIND SIGHT & SOUND AT THESE PLACE ...…
Spring is finally here! I know that many of you will be listing your home soon, so today I want to clue you in to four things you can do to give your home even more value before you put your home on the market.1. Make your home picture perfect. Get rid of all that clutter—get rid of all that mail and clean the countertops off. Give the rest of ...…
Just because they are called the minor prophets doesn’t mean their messages are minor. Pastor George is teaching through the minor prophets. Join us as Pastor George teaches verse by verse in the book of Malachi.
Witchsmeller Pursuivant was the penultimate episode of The Black Adder and featured one of the first televised criminal trials to include evidence from an equine witness. In this podcast Gerry and Iain consider the greatest challenges to face this nation since the Swiss Invasion. This episode was ultimately a showcase for the comic talents of A ...…
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