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Warrior’s Den – Urban Tactics Krav Maga
Turning Lambs Into Lions - a site for all Krav Maga practitioners and Martial Artists
Under Drake's Flag: A Tale Of The Spanish Main by HENTY, G. A.
An exciting tale set on the high seas, in a period ruled by exploration, with the ever-present dangers of nature and the weather, together with pirates of the famed Spanish Main. - Summary by Lynne Thompson
T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
Disrupting the FAKESTREAM media by telling you the truth, solider in the fight to drain the swamp. Don't like my gun? GET OVER IT! Bryan Crabtree, is a contributor to, and, as well as a rising and influential young voice in the conservative media.
Spannered presents Maga Bo's Sambacana Brazilian Music Archive
Sambacana is a regular online radio show, compiled for the Brazil Network site by Rio de Janeiro-based DJ/producer Maga Bo. The most recent three shows can be found in Brazil Network’s music section, but the entire series has now been archived here for your listening pleasure. Find out more at
Radio Maga
5 minutos de poesía en tu móvil
Krav Maga
The Official Krav Maga Podcast. Listen in on the best strategies, theories, and interviews of Krav Maga.
Here's What I Don't Get
A weekly podcast about the things in life that piss us off, or outright confuse the heck out of us. The show is co-hosted by rocker Uncle Buck (based in North Carolina), and Tab Birt (based out of the land of Praying Hands).
Obiter Dictum
...sökandet efter det höga i det låga
Pork Chop Express
Max & Ted invite you to hop on board "the express", the fastest 2 hours on The boys take your calls and talk a variety of hot button issues with zero regards to snowflakes, feelings or mainstream media spin.
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T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
Singers Katy Perry's years-long fight over a piece of real estate in Los Angeles leaves one nun falling dead in the courtroom Friday and another penniless. But who's really at fault? PLUS In this week's Make America Great Again Podcast, Bryan takes you through the entire FBI corruption case culminating most recently in the firing of former depu ...…
Bryan breaks down the three biggest stories this week: 1. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (former CEO of Exxon) fired by Trump. Why? And what did Tillerson really do that no one is willing to openly discuss? Bryan explains in great detail how he failed and why. 2. Clinton reveals sexist side again as she bashes men and America on foreign soil. ...…
The podcast is an audio medium, so what better thing to rank than 195 flags that you need to look at to judge. Nevertheless, that’s what Keev and Alex are doing today, ranking the national flags of every UN member nation. (If you want to follow along, all the flags can be seen here.) To get this flag party started, Keev and Alex welcome Ted Kay ...…
Barça Talk (FC Barcelona)
Leo Messi’s family just got a little bit bigger; Denis Suarez suffered an injury to his groin, meanwhile he’s hamstrung by the club’s deal with Manchester City; and the club has confirmed an option to bring in Arthur from Gremio next summer (2:25). A majority Barça B side made a good show in the Catalan Super Cup (18:36). We’re getting fired up ...…
SAfm — South Africans have taken to social media to voice their opinion on AfriForum's disagreement of banning the old South African flag after the Nelson Mandela Foundation applied to the Equality Court to declare the flag as hate speech. How do we outlaw The Old South African Flag? Should it be banned? Guest: Orediretse Masebe – President of ...…
T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
Each day, more news filters out about the Parkland high school shooting that horrifies us and makes our heart bleed for the victims and their families. An Emergency Medical Technician, for example, who wants to remain anonymous for fear of being fired, has just confided to a reporter that he was told to stand down and not run in to rescue victi ...…
On this episode of Revelator I’m welcome music guests Cavo and Rausch. This week in Revelator history features music from DED, Ghost Season, Lacey Sturm and Clutch. I’ll also cover the top movies, sports, concerts and much more. This week’s blog features photos of Taco Mouth and their EP release show. htt ...…
Trump is in for 2020! So much for waiting around, he announced his reelection big in record time. We’re just barely a year into his presidency. Although, I’m not sure he’ll need a second term. Not don’t misunderstand me here. I’m not saying I don’t want him to win, I’m just not sure he’ll need it get things done. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. Ch ...…
T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
Is this the moment that Trump's "I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue...and not lose any support" is tested? Social media threads with Trump 'Supporters' are saying things like.... "Trump is folding like a cheap suit." Bryan analyzes the gun control debate, what really should be happening and possible explanations for Trump's seemingly shockin ...…
Manchester United vs Chelsea 2-1
Karmelo Kresonja
An increasing number of migrant workers are looking for help after being exploited by their migrant bosses.First Union General secretary, Dennis Maga says Asian business owners are bringing attitudes from their home countries, believing they can get away with them here.He told Kate Hawkesby they are bringing in their own people to work here so ...…
Bryan has had it. He refuses the #guncontrolnow or pro-gun debate on #schoolshootings - "Blood is on our hands if we continue the gun debate." How to End the Deadly Problem in our Schools in two steps.
T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
With new recreational marijuana approval numbers standing at roughly 60% nationwide, something Georgia still has years (if ever) before it becomes legal. But, there's a new effort in the state Senate the proposes to add $300-400 million in new revenue and legalize pot. Will Georgia do it? Randy Woolery of the Georgia Tea Party makes a shocking ...…
T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
From The New Talk 1067....Bryan and Hangman talk about how teachers and administrators bully conservatives and even students with threats and inappropriate comments -- and how no one seems to care about stopping it.
With the Dow Wall Street average falling significantly the day of President Trump's State of the Union and then again by 666 points on Friday, February 2, is there something lurking beneath Wall Street that average Americans should fear? Bad fundamentals? Inflation? Or is this just what winning looks like? A bumpy ride hider in terms of stocks ...…
This is an Interview with Emmanuel Domingo, who just started his Online Career 4 months ago. Now he able to manage a 3-Person Team in his Online Business. Find out how… In this video, you will learn… What the right attitude of a freelancer that could make your freelancing business a success. Find out How the SEO Freelancing Industry changed his ...…
The trailer for the latest installment in the “Purge” horror franchise features a red cap with white letters that say “The First Purge.” It’s a not-so-subtle reference to the Trump campaign’s red hats. “What makes America great again?” the trailer voiceover asks. Doc slams this premise for not only being a bad idea if you want to sell movie tic ...…
KING FELIPE VI OF SPAIN has turned 50 on Tuesday.As the monarch reached his half century, he presented 12-year-old daughter Crown Princess Leonor – who is first in line to the throne – with the Order of the Golden Fleece at The Royal Palace of Madrid.......The Order of the Golden Fleece dates back to 1430, when Duke of Burgundy Philip the Good ...…
Live interviews following the State of the Union address and reaction at the White House.
T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
A behind the scenes look at the West Wing and what it's like to work with President Trump. Plus, how does he make decisions and who has the most influence?
T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
Medicaid Medicare Admin Seema Verma on what we do with Prescriptions Costs
T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
Response to State of the Union with Dr. Ben Carson - HUD Secretary
T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
In this week's Make America Great Again Podcast, Bryan previews the State of the Union address, what the President will say and the likely reaction it will cause.
Bryan explains why it's so toxic that stations like CBS 46 - Atlanta exist all over America. They are polluted by activist journalists who distort their news coverage to favor one issue or the other, at times sending subliminal messages. But, when push comes to shove, the liberals are lauded and a conservative like Ben Swan gets suspended for s ...…
T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
Bryan and Mackenzie Crabtree outline the current condition of the Atlanta real estate market and a recent Facebook post about the craziest things that have happened to some agents and their clients that almost no one faces in their career.
Bryan and Laura take a call from a listener who says "you drink the Trump kool-aid..." Yet he doesn't realize that what Trump is doing as President is instructive for minority communities. Why do some decry expect President Trump for fighting back against a bias in the Justice system against him? Accordingly, why shouldn't minorities also be al ...…
T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
This is what we actually said about Kara Stockton before she stormed into the studio to chew us out and send the station on a 9 hour bashing session about a compliment. The comment about women being quiet was a humble comment about my co-host actually having been told that years ago by another station in a different market.…
Any unification between North and South Korea would probably take generations to process.North Korea's call for all Koreans to unite has been deemed insincere and a political ruse by at least one commentator.Senior Lecturer at Massey University Marc Lanteigne told Kate Hawkesby long-term unity is not entirely impossible, but would be a multi-ge ...…
In today's episode, Quinn chats about his Raiders' summit, a missile heads towards Hawaii but doesn't and more. Topics: Missile Headed to Hawaii: BTW, here's a topic I want to cover. A bit old but still interesting I think. iPhone X is Getting Cancelled Quinnton's Flag Steve Job's Quote About Innovation and Moving Forward Follow us at: -------- ...…
T #MAGA News Politics Podcast - BRYAN CRABTREE.
The NFL thinks keeping the players in the locker room is the best way to solve the kneeling problem that has cost them in ratings, attendance and revenue. But, what is the deeper problem behind NFL kneeling that is being missed?
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Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: The Seventh SecretSubtitle: Order of the Black Sun Series, Book 11Author: P.W. ChildNarrator: Kevin ClayFormat: UnabridgedLength: 6 hrs and 49 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-15-18Publisher: Heiken MarketingRatings: 5 of 5 out of 1 votesGenres: Mysteries & Thril ...…
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