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Totally Mommy
Another podcast from mom Elizabeth Laime - host of Totally Laime and Totally Married! Why? because there's no bigger melting pot of emotions than motherhood and that needs to be broadcasted! Totally Mommy is an honest discussion about all the good, the bad, and the funny that being a new mom has to offer. Write in with questions & tune in between diaper changes every Wednesday!
Are you overwhelmed by the many challenges you face as a mom?Does your physical weight stop you from creating a successful career and life?Do you feel stressed, lack energy, feel exhausted, or weighed down emotionally or mentally?Listen in as Deb Hanneman, Energy Healer interviews guest experts who provide holistic healing resources for over-stressed and weight challenged moms of all ages. Deb Hanneman, is an Energy Healer specializing in assisting Mom Entrepreneurs to release the physical a ...
A podcast for moms interested in homeopathy, natural remedies and essential oils.
Whether you're dealing with baby colic, your toddler's tantrums, your tween's moods, or your teen's college applications, Mighty Mommy has parenting tips to help make your family life easier and much more fun. As the mother of 8 kids, Cheryl Butler has seen it all - and survived. Follow Cheryl's practical advice and you too will be a Mighty Mommy!
Why Mommy Drinks
How many times have you found yourself standing in the middle of a store with a screaming toddler? Sitting in a school pickup line with a puking baby? ...or feeling like the day can’t possibly get any longer? Join comedians/moms Betsy Stover and Amanda Allan each week as they chat with a different guest (actors, musicians, writers, etc...) about the moments in parenting that broke them and possibly drove them to drink. It’s an advice free zone where the hosts and guests tell heartbreakingly ...
Homeschool encouragement and podcast
Mommy Jammies
Monthly online sessions for moms to talk about the things that really matter; family, faith and more! Share your heart with people who listen and really care! Stay up late, laugh and giggle and meet new friends and be energized and ready to face new daily
Mommy Millionaire
Be shameless about your ambitions! Audaciously pursue a life by your design. Each episode nurse turned self-made millionaire, Cayla Craft, will bring you success stories, business and mindset tips to help you gain insight and confidence in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Learn whats working online and in sales TODAY so your business can thrive! Join the Mommy Millionaire Community and discover how to boldly pursue your dreams while bringing your family along on the journey.
Are you pregnant? Thinking about having a baby? A new mom? Are you TRULY prepared for motherhood? Join Sunit Suchdev as she gets to the bottom of what it TRULY means to be prepared. Every week, listeners will learn what they should be thinking about before the baby comes and be inspired to implement what they have heard to redefine what it really means to be an awesome parent, and raise awesome kids, without losing your SELF.
Mommy's Closet
Sometimes we all want to escape from the duties of mommy-hood. For you it may be shopping, sitting in the car, having a girls night out, staying in the bathroom for an extra 20 minutes although everyone in the house has to pee all of a sudden, for me it's sitting in my closet. Since that is my place of peace and quiet, I decided to do my show there. My kids don't bother me at all, probably because they think something is wrong with me, but hey it's all good! Join me to see what it's all about.
Hello and welcome to the Working Mommy Issues podcast. Because daddy issues are no match to hustling your career with a screaming infant, ornery toddler or school aged child who refuses to get out of bed in the morning without being dragged!But seriously though guys…on this podcast nothing is off limits because our kids push us to our limits so…yea I’ll just go there. Working, running late, being type A, eating healthy, working out, parenting, food allergies, sex, dating, marriage…I'll talk ...
In this podcast, Candra interviews other mommies talking about the in's and the out's of homeschooling. The good, the bad, and the hopefully humorous.
Modern Mommies
Rachael and Aziza are two Mom's in their 20s just trying to navigate the ins and outs of parenting. Join them as they share parenting tips while knocking down boundaries put in place by society and tradition.
A podcast for all those socially conscious moms. I'm a black mom, raising black kids in a white world and this podcast is about the funny and not so funny moments that come with being a person of color in today's world. This is real talk about social issues, black and brown lives, black hair, relationships, mommy'ing through those terrible three's (yes I said three's), parenting kids of all ages and all the fun that comes with motherhood... all discussed with a twist of color.
SAHM giving her take on celeb gossip, beauty/health trends, and the general ridiculousness that comes along with being a person with much too much to say. Come laugh with, and more times than not, at me.
SAHM giving her take on celeb gossip, beauty/health trends, and the general ridiculousness that comes along with being a person with much too much to say. Come laugh with, and more times than not, at me.
Dr. Grace Yum has quietly become one of the highest profile pediatric dentist in Chicago and beyond. She is in a small pool of less than 5% of all dentists who become certified in pediatrics. She also founded and built Yummy Dental and Orthodontics for Kids into a leader in its category. In this Podcast, Dr. Yum shares pearls of wisdom based on her experience that are designed to help moms be successful in their medical careers and in their lives more broadly. She interviews a rotating cast ...
Podcast by For Moms By Moms
A candid, honest conversation about mommyhood, starting or running an online biz and all the crazy in between.
Watch a movie with us!
Mommy On the Move
This podcast is my unfiltered perspective filled with very honest and very real pitfalls, peaks, and the beautiful mom moments in between, because that’s what motherhood is – finding the beauty in the chaos! I don’t have all the answers, Sway! But I do have the truth, and I can’t wait to share mine with you! After all, life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a M.O.M.
Movies With Mommy
Podcast by Movies With Mommy
This podcast is a music class for infants, toddlers and their caregivers.
Enjoy, or be thoroughly annoyed, by this daily podcast. My only goal is to get people thinking independently about the topics that I ponder endlessly. I promise to be multitask friendly by taking up less than five minutes of your day. I am a mother, novelist, blogger, speaker, feminist, home schooling coach, and a homemaker. I love to speak the truth, and soothe my stress over the state of our society through venting it all out in short thoughtful rants that make good use of foul language an ...
Join us for a weekly dose of mom time! This podcast isn't a judgement on anyone who does it different. We're just two new moms realizing there's no map to motherhood. It's cheaper than therapy and at home we can drink. Grab your juice box and join us!
Haute Cocoa Mommies is a podcast show featuring five millennial mothers with varying perspectives about everything from motherhood to pop culture, race relations and politics, fashion and finance, and everything in between. New episodes are available every other Wednesday!!
Mommy's Milk and More is the weekly podcast for both expecting and new parents wanting to know more about pregnancy, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, parenting, babies and the emotions involved in dealing with a new infant. Whether this is your first or your fourth baby it's always a challenge to parent an infant. Hosted by Veronica Tingzon, a certified Lactation Consultant, Lactation Educator, Doula, Child Birth Educator, Medical Assistant and most importantly, MOM. Expert information, fr ...
Mommy Madness
Our original webisodes follow Angela Hoover as she struggles to manage the family finances, rush the kids from one activity to the next, feed the whole clan, and maintain a little privacy and independence.
Mommy's Getaway
Welcome to Mommy's Getaway! Join us every second and fourth Monday of the month at 11a PST (2p EST) as we talk about the stuff that makes us moms. If you would like to be a guest on the MG Radio show, please contact Tamara at From authors to crafts, to getting your WAHM products into major retailers, join us for more. You are more than a mom. We are more than a site. Join us for MORE. Don't forget, you can also download our radio station into your browser toolbar s ...
Mommy Homeopathy
Mommy Homeopathy
Mommy Monologues
Mommy Monologues is a space for all mothers though curated with women of color in mind; dedicated to empowerment, motherhood, self-preservation, lifestyle, wellness and more! Every Monday, we dive deep into conversations about motherhood and all her glory.Send questions, requests and feedback to
All things parents want to say, but won’t!
The Mommy Money Podcast is designed for mompreneurs looking for honest conversations on balancing life, work, business, and of course, those beautiful little babies!
Check Mind of Mommy out on YouTube!!
Pedro Amaral Music "Because Different its good!"Bookings :Hypno Bookings:Paulo Silveira - / Whatsapp: + + 55.11. 3842.8113Skype: hypno3012Helton Mazzer - / Whatsapp: +55.11.97228.6838Skype: helton.mazzerBruno Mayer - / Whatsapp: +55.11.97023.9128Pedro Amaral Music, promising producer on the underground E-Music scene "Graduated in Music Production by Anhembi Morumbi and ow ...
Mommy and Princess J spend 5 minutes discussing her 6 year old life while living in Chicago and attending Kindergarten.
We're talking motherhood and all the latest in style, beauty, food and so much more as it relates to women of color. Join us-You never know which Sunkissed Mommy might stop by! It's like The View but a bit more colorful!
Mommy of Many
Jen Lang is mommy to 9 kiddos and a military spouse of 19 years. With daily blogs and weekly podcasts, you can follow while she is Doing the Dance of the Children!
Follow Dayna @ndaynan and Nick @SeniorDoobieThe first Episode!!!! How the podcast came about, inspirations, and just a little information about ourselves. Tune in for next weeks episode!
Podcast by Mommy Full Of Grace Podcast
Mommy, Ever After
Rebecca Fox Starr, lifestyle blogger, mother, advocate and dance-partier, talks parenthood, pop culture, wellness and more in this honest, endearing series. Guests will include healthcare professionals, wellness coaches, writers, mental health advocates and, perhaps, a Bravo-lebrity.
mommy breast tips
Breast Milk and Breastfeeding Tips. Please note that this channel contains nudity for educational purposes.
Monica Brady, Mommy to 3 year old Identical Twin Girls, and owner of Mommy Brain Reports will be bringing you product reviews live on the air! Check out some of the coolest things on the market today! Learn more about some of the bigger consumer issues! When possible, I'll be bringing product representatives live on the air to answer your questions!I'll also bring you a lot of great information about being a parent of twins, and parenting in general! Stay tuned! Join me LIVE via phone or cha ...
Thee Mommy Diaries is a podcast about all things motheroof! we will dicuss faith, family, marriage, personal growth all things in between! Get your coffee and get ready to be inspired!
Real Moms. Real Stories. Tips, tricks and sanity savers for new moms on sleeping, feeding, crying and more!
MATMG is podcast. Give a listen and be invigorated, be enlightened, be assured that we are on it... whatever "it" may be. MATMG is a discussion about video games, geekery, and the eternal epistemological questions of mind and knowing.
we love them all
Everything that affects women from self worth, relationships, parenting, marriage, career choices and sisterhood. Sharing tips, insight and my personal journey to inspire, encourage and motivate you to BE GREAT!
Totally Married
Totally married is a new podcast created by the same crazy kids from Totally Laime. Why, you ask? Well, because marriage is fun! And tough! And complicated! And sexy! And definitely not sexy! Listen in as Elizabeth and Andy discuss the ups and downs of their marital journey as well as offer un-qualified relationship advice to anyone who has a question about life, love, and the pursuit of good sex… er… Happiness!
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Its a new episode and this time around Tam and Sope are flying dolo. Deadly Diva decided to take a "Mommy's Day Off" and left the girls run the show this week. The duo shares their excitement for the Spring 2018 anime season and combs through the massive amounts of new titles to offer up the cream of the crop. It's like one giant Capo's Corner ...…
Its a new episode and this time around Tam and Sope are flying dolo. Deadly Diva decided to take a "Mommy's Day Off" and left the girls run the show this week. The duo shares their excitement for the Spring 2018 anime season and combs through the massive amounts of new titles to offer up the cream of the crop. It's like one giant Capo's Corner ...…
Join Ereena George and Cameasha Muhammad as they discuss what moms can do if their families do not like their spouse. Cameasha provides tips on how to handle your family as they give you push back on your relationship.
In this episode I recount a time when another "successful mommy blogger" told me that I was relying on my looks for relevance (or something like that). She honestly didn't put it that coherently, but...alas...that was her response to something I messaged her about. The Tony Robbins #MeToo foot-in-mouth about "attractive women" being a liability ...…
Welcome to our weirdest episode yet. This week we sing about animals and we don't talk about movies, because life with a toddler doesn't always go according to plan.Tweet at us @ArthurMommyMTCheck out my episode of Deep in Bear Country!…
Sophia had a very difficult childhood, growing up with a mother who was abusive and mean. Sophia struggled as she was battling an eating disorder that her mum refused to recognise. Her mother constantly belittled her for her looks and her weight and this took its toll on Sophia’s self esteem and confidence. Sophia was sexually harassed by an ol ...…
This is our debut episode recorded in January 2018. Taking care of self, taking care of relationships, taking care of the whole woman! Mom-e-Preneurs is a non-profit organization in which we support, praise and acknowledge working mothers who are entrepreneurial and juggle family, home, friends, business, clients, voicemails, emails, marriage a ...…
Bill Hendricks: Well welcome to The Table podcast where we discuss issues of God and culture. I’m Bill Hendricks, Executive Director for Christian Leadership at the Hendricks Center. Today we want to look at really what is the dark side of culture and this is the whole topic of human trafficking. I want to get into this by telling a story. It’s ...…
Tune in to episode 8 of Modern Mommies, where Rachael and Aziza discuss parenting hacks, selfceare tips and everything in between.As promised, please see Telario Watkin's website below. tigermushroomfarms.comEmail- Modernmompod@gmail.comInstagram- modern.mommiesTwitter- modern_mommiesFacebook: ModernMomPod…
This week we're talk'n Phantom Thread, sneaking into movies, and scones! Find out if this movies has enough ghosts for my mom.
Jennifer discuss 3 of the most FAQ's on her social media platform(s),Clap backs aren't thrown out when it comes to family members,And Chocolate Milk Mommies gives some encouraging words!__________________________Baby wearing tutorial- of my evidence based information is cited from ...…
Pat and Tom share embarrassing stories of things they thought growing up that turned out to be totally wrong. There's Russian bombings, booger related death scares, kinky daddy long legs, and a phallic experience in the woods. Tweet your childhood misunderstandings to us at @_ReminiscentFM Links: River of Dreams by Billy Joel I Saw Mommy Kissin ...…
So many mothers feel trapped and judged in motherhood, they feel like they have to sacrifice their lives, hobbies, careers, and self-actualization in order to raise children and provide for them. There are so much taboo and social conditioning that doesn't allow mothers to consciously "regret" motherhood, and express their feelings and emotions ...…
We have a day off! I try to talk about the movie, but Arthur wants to play dinosaurs. I made some dinosaur bath bombs, and plan from April Fools Day pranks for Arthur. Tweet at us @ArthurMommy MT, fun prank ideas and movie suggestions.Support us on Patreon,
This episode is for any woman with ANY relationship with alcohol, whether you are sober, semi-sober, or drink socially. We're discussing how alcohol is highly normalized in today's female drinking culture. "Mommy Juice", Boozy Brunches, & bracelets with hidden flasks in them. We're also covering the topics of binge drinking and alcohol-related ...…
Introduction In this episode, I have some knitting, some spinning and a little tale about one of my favorite spinning wheel. In updates, I’ll tell you why it feels like everything is slogging along. Spin a tale One of my listeners asked to hear more about my spinning wheels after I told everyone about the adventure getting them to Colorado. Thi ...…
DeVilla is a make up artist and Belly Dancer here in Los Angeles. Meet the make up artist that probably has a better week-end than you She is a doggie mommy, and she rescues Dalmatians from from this great company, check them out here! We delve into how to keep a marriage happy, as she is still deeply in love with he ...…
Do your kids like each other? Have you reached the teenage years yet? Do you want to cry because the kids are driving you nuts? Wellllllllll me too! If your kids are not old enough to do any of the above, spoiler alert. Intro/Outro Music By Thomas Aimi of JAMSPOT SMP.
Cheers to this Episode of Happy Hour! It's take your kid to work day as my 14-year-old joins me for this podcast. We chat about a young women’s magazine under fire; one country is about to socially ranked its citizens, and free-range parenting. Plus, there’s a new way to discipline your children; I’m calling crap and the latest facial trend for ...…
We got a listener emial from a mom who's having trouble playing bad cop with dad the good cop home all week for spring break. We also heard from all star Edmonton mommy blogger about some of the stuff you can do to fill some time this week. Plus, Dallas Smith and Terri Clark joined us for a chat and to debut their new single "One Drink Ago"…
Today, we are talking to Stacy Brookman, she teaches people how to write their life stories and get over all of the labels that we put on ourselves and that others put on us. For the full show note experience head over to Links mentioned in this episode: Stacy's Free Webinar - The Four Simple Proven Methods to ...…
This week the guys get side tracked faster than a dog with a poofy Tail. We have a personal story from Ken. A parent who has outraged the internet by feeding an ugly baby Wasabi and making her toddler have a hilarious reaction. The second story is about a father who takes out a personal ad for his son in a newspaper. Only, it turns out to be a ...…
This week the guys get side tracked faster than a dog with a poofy Tail. We have a personal story from Ken. A parent who has outraged the internet by feeding an ugly baby Wasabi and making her toddler have a hilarious reaction. The second story is about a father who takes out a personal ad for his son in a newspaper. Only, it turns out to be a ...…
Dr. Emily Smythe is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Chicago. After graduating from the University of Maryland Dental School, she returned to her hometown of Chicago for residency. After graduation, she pursued an OMFS specialty at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She is currently buying into a busy practice nea ...…
On this episode Mal and Melisa gush over their mom spirit animal, Kristen Bell. While Kristen (that's right! We're going to pretend we're on a first name basis!) is the inspiration and focal point of this episode the ladies tackle huge topics like breast feeding, postpartum, and mental health (particularly for moms). Listen in as we admire her ...…
This week Poos Talk raves about the women that paved the way for all of us...our OG Poos Mom's. Check it out and chat with us about your moms too!Our #WorkingWomanWednesday this week is none other than the OG Pooses. Without them, there is no us. We love ya'll :*Check our Instagram for pics and videos of our mommies @_poostalk_For all of our so ...…
Our podcast this week is on Mommy Makeover. So, what is a Mommy Makeover? Well clearly, it’s a mommy who’s had children — child or children, plural — and then is looking for a makeover. The three things that are generally integrated in part or in total of a Mommy Makeover are going to be breast surgery, usually a breast augment, with or without ...…
This is where I give you ten minutes of motivation and another perspective on pursuing a dream you have stuffed down deep inside.
It’s lunchtime in the Pali-Kao public garden in northern Paris. More than a hundred teenagers, mostly boys, have come here to eat, meet friends and play games. Almost all of them are teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19. They’ve come from Afghanistan and many different African countries. Once they get to France, it can take authorities up to ...…
Episode 7: We Back! by Modern Mommies by Rachael & Aziza
This week we talk about the movie 12 Strong, and also you get to hear my dog Chi Chi playing in the background. This is a very professional podcast.
Hot diggity dog! The show that has been promised is now finally here, and its is one of our personal favourites. The history of one of the greatest musical units is the focus of this two-part series, the force of Funkadelic – P-Funk empire. We focus on albums by both bands staring from the years 1968 to 1974. Great stuff and it’s only part one! ...…
TKO #33 - HOW MUCH FOR A DICK PUNCH? What can I tell you about this one? First, what can I remember?? What can I separate from the real and the imagined? The hallucinations have taken over now, pushing the balance into the absurd... We go BEAST MODE for the first time as we welcome co-host of Stasis Lock, Ty Prime, or Ty Pie, if you're fuckin', ...…
With Prince Mohammed of Saudi Arabia and host Molly Livingstone both in the US on tour, it's only a matter of time before their paths cross. Until then, the podcast covers the prince's visit to the White House, his weird mommy issues, and co-host Alex Giles's not-boy crush. The two also discuss the red tape around the red ribbon ceremony for th ...…
Cheryl Waters' latest mix weaves a fabric of new tunes from artists including Franz Ferdinand, Soccer Mommy, and Jeff Rosenstock into a dazzling set of sounds. 1. Calexico - Voices in the Field2. The Moondoggies - Easy Coming3. Dungen & Woods - Turn Around4. Jupiter & Okwess - Pondjo Pondjo5. Jeff Rosenstock - All This Useless Energy6. Soccer M ...…
Cheryl Waters' latest mix weaves a fabric of new tunes from artists including Franz Ferdinand, Soccer Mommy, and Jeff Rosenstock into a dazzling set of sounds. 1. Calexico - Voices in the Field2. The Moondoggies - Easy Coming3. Dungen & Woods - Turn Around4. Jupiter & Okwess - Pondjo Pondjo5. Jeff Rosenstock - All This Useless Energy6. Soccer M ...…
Today's show I discuss with my special guest, Sara Traughber from Ohio balancing business, mommy-hood, and staying in shape. It is possible when you believe it can work for YOU.
This week's episode features Aoife McCann and Dan McIntyre from AE MAK talking about being accepted to Festival Republic’s ReBalanced programme – a new initiative that aims to address the gender imbalance in the music industry. Dan meanwhile, discusses his just-announced acceptance to the Red Bull Music Academy later this year in Berlin.Niall a ...…
Dreena Drops some information on a very special "Carpool Karaoke" + Details on how many hours a day moms put in and Jessica Alba's adorable photo of her baby boy. Follow Dreena on Twitter:@dreenagonzalezFollow Producer Rico:@ricardodeltoroFor all these stories and more go to
Monica chats with Mommy Blogger, Noelle Fontes about working at Neiman's together, trusting the universe, and being yourself both in the blogoshphere and in real life. CONNECT WITH NOELLE: WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM
Playlist San Francisco Street by Sun Rai on Sun Rai (Sun Rai) Tea Soaked Letter by Anna Burch on Polyvinyl (Polyvinyl) O.K. Meet Me Underwater by Jay Som on Polyvinyl (Polyvinyl) 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton on RCA Nashville (RCA Nashville) Your Dog by Soccer Mommy on Fat Possum (Fat Possum) In Undertow by Alvvays on Polyvinyl Record (Polyvinyl Recor ...…
Hey Hey guys! We have a special interview from Brown Beauty Mom founder, Brandy Lynn! In this episode Brandy breaks down tips for mommy self-care and tricks for beauty. Check it out! Mentioned in the Episode: Brandy can be found: Children’s reading book : Elijah Was Brave w ...…
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