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Robotech Espanol Podcast
Regresamos a Talkshoe ( porque es gratis) La dirrecion de esta activa y la url de facebook/roboteches y la url www.robotechespanol.comThis Podcast was created using
Space Station Liberty
SHOWNOTES - Remember Robotech? This podcast is about the seminal American anime mecha experience, the anime, games, and other spinoffs related to it, and the Internet fandom that grew up around it. I will try to have guests with interesting things to say about that fandom, but chatters who remember the show (or are curious about the show) are welcome to join right in! NOTE: The opinions and viewpoints expressed on this show are strictly those of the individuals e ...
Robotech fan
The Official Podcast Headquarters of the Robotech Universe! An Open "plain talk" discussion on Robotech topics such as the storylines, Harmony Gold, the original Japanese Macross, Southern Cross, Mospeada, and more!This Podcast was created using
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There's a new Sheryl Nome song out that's burning up the music charts. And while we're on the subject of music, the SpeakerPODcast Crew reports back on Super Robot Spirits 2017, which featured THREE generations of Macross singers on stage (plus some Mospeada!). Adrian drops by the Walkure Cafe for a special preview of what's going to be on the ...…
SpeakerPODcast -Macross news & anime reviews!
The Repacked Podcast’s Craig joins the gang to discuss episode 12 of Macross Delta and the horrors of mercat and jellyfish genocide by Elysion. What does next week’s episode 13 climax have in store? But most importantly, what does Mospeada have to do with this podcast?Direct Download HERE (Right click & save as)…
3 horas hablamos de todo, el pasado el presente y el futuro de Robotech, las licencias, The untold story, Mospeada II, Sobre Macek, los proyectos oficiales que viene este aÃ?±o, No te la puedes perderWe talk about all, the past, the present, the future of Robotech, the licenses, The Untold story, about Macek, and the new stuff coming this year…
Space Station Liberty
I'm going to try to record and produce a pre-taped show on Friday, but whether I do or not, this will represent a chance for people to call in and talk to me.I'm going to try something different this weekend: I'm doing two brief shows. This is my 10 p.m. Eastern show, to let people from Japan (such as the fellow who sent me some Mospeada action ...…
This is a pre-recorded show, not a call-in. I cover the neat new Mospeada action figures sent in by a listener, the recent BattleTech news, and more Lupin III reviews (the Part 3 TV show and Legend of the Gold of Babylon). You'll be able to download it in just a few minutes, as soon as I finish uploading it!Don't forget the live call-in shows S ...…
otakugeneration's Podcast
NOTE: This was also cross posted in the otakugeneration LJ community. Shownotes :: (show 176) :: (website) :: (podcast feed) :: (direct download) :: (direct iTunes link) With Hellsing, recorded live October 20th, 2008. This week Dan stopped by and we discussed Hellsing the manga and anime. Plus, we had segments, some feedback, awesomestuff by T ...…
News about the Shadow Chronicles art book, a new Michael Bradley tune and some fan-made music videos, and the masterpiece Cyclone pre-orders. Reviews of Lupin III Series 1 and Mystery of Mamo. Music from Genesis Climber Mospeada, the Podsafe Music Network, and Lupin III. NOTE: As of 12:30 p.m. Eastern, I made a brief update to the Shadow Chroni ...…
Administrivia; news; music from the Podsafe Music Network, KILLBOT ZERO, Robotech: The Movie, and Genesis Climber Mospeada; track by track review of Michael Bradley's new CD, Lonely Soldier Boy.By
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