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Movement Church
Movement Church of Hilliard, Ohio exists to be a movement of people finding their way back to God.
This podcast is intended to help encourage you as a group leader by hearing from other leaders who are right in the trenches with you. Each month we will hear about the wins, struggles and tensions each leader goes through while focusing on one leadership principle that leaders can grow in and apply.
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You have the decision to respond to Jesus, but it will require you to give up your self-sufficiency.
When Jesus is your response to events, peace is the outcome of your life.
I don’t control my life, but I control my response and the outcomes of my character and hope.
You can’t swim (and you’re drowning), so let Jesus swim for you.
Share the good news with everyone.
Leaders are servants who go above and beyond.
When God calls us, we can respond with reluctance and indifference or obedience and confidence.
Real leaders are qualified not by their credentials but by their character.
Living marriage in submission to Jesus first helps us set the tone.
God gives grace and our relationships should be full of it too.
If you don’t destroy immorality, it will destroy you.
Finding the right person is about being the right person.
God wants us to live by faith and depend on Him rather than _______.
Spiritual growth requires continual next steps of obedience to Jesus.
The church is God’s plan A to redeem the world. He has no plan B and you shouldn’t either.
Because you’re a new person, you’ve got a job to do!
Jesus came to repair, restore and redeem us.
Jesus came to show us what real love is.
Jesus came to us knowing we are skeptics.
Jesus came to us in our brokenness.
Finishing well means we don’t fight or flea, but lean in.
Reality check: Does the mirror show that you look like Jesus?
We are created to desire approval, but we can only find ultimate approval from God.
It’s not if you lead, it’s how you lead.
God is the source of all blessings.
God is creator, I understand my place in the world.
God is a just judge who responds rightly to evil in the world, but his responses and desires are always with the end of shalom in mind.
God is other. Holy. Set apart.
Baptism is the obedient response of a life given to Jesus.
If you don’t tell them the gospel, how will they know?
Great moves of God are usually preceded by great acts of obedience.
Being a quality disciple of Jesus requires one another-ing.
The Holy Spirit gives believers spiritual gifts to move the mission of the church (gospel) forward.
As we share life together, we learn to be family, servants, and missionaries.
Real faith is practiced in a community where people can challenge and comfort you
We don’t recruit volunteers, we unleash leaders.
You have two weapons to fight against sin in your life. Use them!
We are called to fight against the effects of sin in the world.
God’s Kingdom is marked by pursuing peace.
Christ followers build bridges not fences.
Remembering the past should cause us to remember our future is secure in Jesus.
Sometimes God asks us to sacrifice when we let the good become God.
When we remember what God has done, we are inspired to believe in what God can do.
Your life can be an altar to God or a monument to self.
Our only source of identity, pride or boasting, should be in what Jesus accomplished on the cross.
True biblical friendship involves loyalty, sacrifice/compromise, emotional attachment, and pointing to God’s promises.
Marriage is 2 ME’s becoming 1 WE to glorify and exemplify HE.
Manage your money so it matters now and later.
What is your definition of success?
Work is not God or evil – It’s worship.
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