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A weekly chat about movie news and what's worth watching at the cinema. Hosted by movie reporter/reviewer/film geek Alicia Malone.
Movie Minutes
Thoughtful reviews of movies in minutes.
Fire and Water Network All-Stars Chris Franklin and Rob Kelly celebrate their favorite superhero movie of all time, 1978's SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE, five minutes at a time!
Movie reviews and commentary from internationally syndicated talk show host and Film Critic Joanna Langfield.
Joe Neumaier, former film critic and film editor at the New York Daily News, has been a journalist and critic in New York for over 20 years. His writing on movies and Hollywood has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, the New York Times, the New York Post, the London Observer, the Washington Post, USA Today Weekend, Hamptons magazine and the Financial, among others. He"s appeared on MSNBC, Channel 2"s Sunday Morning, Fox 5"s Good Day New York, WPIX-11, CNN, VH1, CNBC, A&E Biography an ...
The Autopod Decepticast is a minute-by-minute breakdown of the one true Transformers movie from 1986. From the opening production logos to the final credit, each episode delivers an analysis of a single minute of movie screen time. We'll cram as many relevant facts, trivia, and inside-information as possible in the discussion of each movie minute. This is an 85-ish episode funventure, with new content being launched every Sunday.
Robin Holabird reviews the latest films showing in the Biggest Little City. Catch this commentary Fridays during Morning Edition at 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.
Listen in as Mandy and Michael discuss movies, pop culture, road rage and millennial problems living in LA as they travel to and from the movie theater. * SPOILER ALERT*
Wanna know what's coming to your local US theaters each week? Then spend a few minutes and find out with Subject:CINEMA's "Three Minute Weekend". Host TC Kirkham gives you the rundown on all the films hitting the US market each week - from blockbuster to indie darlings and everything in between - Check us out every Friday morning! Now also includes our new "Tuesday Digidex" show featuring the latest in DVD and streaming releases!
35 Movie Minutes
The film podcast that delivers the last week of Hollywood news in 35 entertaining minutes.
A minute long talk about movies, every Monday!
Katie & Eric recommend movies to you!
Discussing movies one minute at a time with your host Kerri Foxx!
Mad Max Minute
Join Rick and Julia as they comb through the post-apocalyptic wasteland in George Miller's Mad Max Series of movies.
What's your favorite movie? This week that's Rob's favorite too! 10 Minutes is the most positive film podcast yet. Join Rob Matsushita and his guest as they discuss the guest's alltime favorite movie. It's the perfect morning commute podcast.
Star Wars Minute
Alex Robinson and Pete The Retailer analyze, criticize and philosophize the STAR WARS movies, one minute at a time.
The art of Courtney Coulson
The Lady Charmaine Live show brings you great interviews from today's recording artist and Hollywood actors/actress. Lady Charmaine is the host of Lady Charmaine Live on PRAISE 98FM (PRAISE98FM.COM. Her show is insightful, encouraging and opens up lives of your celebrities.She has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry.In Lady Charmaine was a guest on the "Tyra Banks" show. She was a co-host finalist for the syndicated talk show “Live with Regis” featuring Regis Philbin an ...
The daily podcast in which hosts Gary Roby and Victoria Laguna analyze the Harry Potter movies one minute at a time.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rogue One, The Force Awakens, Star Wars Rebels, and more! The Star Wars 7x7 Podcast is Rebel-rousing fun for everyday Jedi, 7 minutes a day, 7 days a week. Destiny unleashed! #SW7x7 Join Allen Voivod for Star Wars news, history, trivia, movies, cartoon, comics, characters, vehicles, toys, books, and so much more. You get it all in just 7 minutes, so subscribe now!
The daily podcast in which we discuss and celebrate the Indiana Jones movies one minute at a time.
Ghibli Minute
Talking about Studio Ghibli movies one minute at a time
Ghostbusters Minute
Hey. I'm a podcast that analyzes the movie Ghostbusters minute by minute.
We watch the first 10 minutes of movies we know nothing about, then predict what happens next.
Vicis Interimo; 30 minutes to kill What lies in the spaces between and what invisible lines tie things together? If you have 30 minutes to kill let us help! A brief podcast review about a ‘horror’ movie, books and other junk. If you love H.P Lovecraft, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Clive Barker, download to our podcast. If you will watch any movie as long as it has a good story, download to our podcast. If you enjoy philosophy, magic, religion, myth, download to our podcast.
FilmWeek Marquee
A three-minute rundown of the best (and worst) of this week’s film releases, including the go-to movie for the weekend.
Ten minute movie reviews from
Star Wars Minute
Alex Robinson and Pete The Retailer analyze, criticize and philosophize the STAR WARS movies, one minute at a time.
The Mystic Pizza Minute is a podcast where we watch the 1988 movie "Mystic Pizza" minute-by-minute, having never seen it before.
Watchmen Minute
The Watchmen Minute Podcast is investigating, analyzing and watching the Director's Cut of the 2009 Zack Snyder film 'Watchmen' one minute at a time. Travis Bow and Eric Nash are your hosts and are excited to be a part of the 'Movies by Minutes' community of podcasts.
Spider-Man Minute
The daily podcast in which hosts Scott Carelli and Zach Luna analyze the Spider-Man movies one minute at a time.
The semi-daily podcast in which hosts Jeff and Chris analyze the Jay and Silent Bob movies one minute at a time.
Clerks Minute
The show where we look back at the 1994 Kevin Smith classic movie Clerks one minute at a time.
Toy Story Minute
The daily podcast in which hosts Jon and Jeb analyze the Toy Story movies one minute at a time.
Political satire, video art mix it up in one minute movies by Bill Holt.
Podcast about the greatest Christmas action movie ever made, examined one minute of screen time per episode
Muppets Minute
Muppets Minute is a daily podcast that discusses the Muppet Movies minute by minute.
An ambitious adventure to make a movie in segments of just 5 minutes.
Minute Impossible
Join two friends from college who like to talk about movies, maybe a little too much, as they focus on the minute by minute breakdown of the movie Mission Impossible (1996).This podcast gives Chris and Jonathan an excuse to dig deep into one of the lasting action franchises of the past 20 years. Fantastic guests join us every week as we investigate our favorite spy movie, one minute at a time. New episodes every weekday Monday through Friday.
Borderline Entertainment's official audio-only podcast feed! All of your favorite shows are now at your fingertips - GameChat, Otaku Sunrise, Movie Minute, and much more to come.
UHF 62nd
Analyzing Weird Al's movie UHF one minute at a time. Sort of.
The Black Media Minute is a podcast that dives into the ins and outs of the media business with Black creatives and industry professionals. The show features interviews and analysis of books, movies and television. Hosted by Kimberly Foster (founder and editor-in-chief of, listen to dynamic conversations with the people who shape the media
A podcast devoted to sports movies. Underdogs, last minute comebacks, gratuitous sex, and sweaty jumping jacks. Sports geek Mark Morowczynski and movie geek Lane Ingram take on this beloved film genre one movie at a time.
Portland?Sure, there’s a good bit of Portland culture. Restaurants, movies, arcades, live shows, music, video games, whatever.Adventure? Yeah, a little bit of that. Backpacking, mountaineering, cycling, climbing, skiing, all sorts of stuff.Hour?Not really. Each episode is only about 30 minutes long…
Movie Babies
Two lifelong roommates and former amateur trailer makers review the latest and greatest in movie trailers. Armed with a celebrity guest, they typically spiral into humorous tangents about sexism, race, and trying not to be bad people. They answer the important questions like, “Does this trailer sell us on a trip to the theater?” and, “Can you Home Alone it?” Listen as they continue their ongoing quest to create the Movie Babies Cinematic Universe (MBCU) by connecting all movies together into ...
90 minute show dedicated to current trends and events in pop culture- from TV, movies, music and more.
Trailer Hitch
Three minutes is totally enough time to judge a movie
How Haven't You Seen This!?! Reviews movies 20 minutes at a time, which one of the members of our group has never seen before. We are highlighting movies from the 90's
Still Bitter
A weekly comedy podcast hosted by Easton Bendsneyder. During each 30 minute episode, Easton rambles about his past and recent experiences, current events, Television, Movies, and Video Games.
lux radio theatre
Lux Radio Theatre 1934-1955This was one of few sixty-minute broadcasts and was the most important dramatic show in radio. The 931 episodes broadcast were all based on popular films with the biggest stars of Hollywood playing the parts and during its heyday the audience was estimated as high as forty million.The one-and-only Cecil B. DeMille was your host (1936-45) for a lavish production of what was to become a veritable film checklist of many of Hollywoods best films from the mid-30s right ...
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RHLSTP #176: Pippa Evans - Half an Orange. I mean there is so much of last week's podcast still to unpack, plus the extra 20 minutes that Rich and this week's guest - improviser and inspirational human being Pippa Evans - got in the dressing room. We had been Blessed. Thankfully we had at least had a week to recover. It's a somewhat calmer podc ...…
Host Bojidar Marinov Description “He took on Himself all the guilt of the world.” Assigned reading: John Murray, Redemption: Accomplished and Applied Listen Transcript Axe to the Root Podcast Episode #70 Measuring Our Guilt Down to the Ounce? Welcome to Episode 70of Axe to the Root Podcast, part of the War Room Productions, I am Bo Marinov, and ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Generations Radio is now available on with the following details: Title: Christian Schools Studying Classic Filth - Full Frontal Nudity for High School Kids Subtitle: Full Nudity & High School Kids Speaker: Kevin Swanson Broadcaster: Generations Radio Event: Current Events Date: 4/24/2018 Length: 38 min. Ov ...…
Episode 462 Topics Include: - Avengers: Infinity War predictions - This Week In Trailers: - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - More Jessica Jones in our future (well...someone's future) - Some surprising "It 2" casting - Spielberg's non-comic-book-y comic book movie - What We've Been Reading: - The Boys - Action Comics #1000 - What We've Been Wat ...…
If you run a business, you can call yourself CEO, founder or president. But in reality, you’re a decision maker. In a small business, you might execute most or all decisions. In a larger business, you may have employees put your decisions into practice. No matter what business you’re in, you know you often need to make decisions before you feel ...…
Welcome to your new week! We begin this week talking about the last box of chocolate in the United Kingdom, or that’s what the auctioneer says. Jason thinks that Charlie is an oracle…or, at least, he thinks that Grandpa Joe thinks Charlie is an oracle. Charlie tries to keep a stiff upper lip, and Grandpa Joe comforts him with a very genuine hug ...…
Thank you all for dropping by to Platinum Roses’ Garden, the “Supernatural” Podcast, for the Winchester Lover in Everyone…. THIS WEEK’S VISIT TO THE GARDEN: HELLO KIDDIES...lots of interesting goings on this week! FAN FICTION OF THE WEEK: "Refugees: A 'Supernatural' Story CARRY ON WAYWARD SON - Season 13, Episode 19, "Funeralia" Goodbyes... NEX ...…
On this episode of Bucci Radio we're in the process of doing a bunch of small interviews with some of the most amazing speakers in the world at The Fitness Business Summit. Today we have Craig Ballantyne. We're here to talk about lifestyle, business, and how to avoid burnout. Craig has the perfect day formula, book, and movement.IN THIS EPISODE ...…
We would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling pirates! And just as we neared our ghostly climax, Heather jumps in and spoils the list. Join us for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss this scene’s similarities to Scooby-Doo cartoons, a full torso, vaporous apparition that rattles the Edinburgh Trader’s c ...…
How about this for a movie idea: a main character has to prevent a new contagious strain of Ebola spreading around the world. She’s the best of the best. So good in fact, that her work on early detection systems contains the strain at its source. Ten minutes into the movie, we see the results of her work – nothing happens. Life goes on as usual ...…
T and Chris are back with an update on their trip to PA to look at wedding venues. T takes a 2 minute sports wrap up challenge.Chris and T review Cardi B's album and give their very first spoiler free reviews of the movies Acrimony and A Quiet Place!
Laurence & Lindsay are joined by very special guest, Disney CEO Bob Iger! He's in a terrible mood. The tired old unbranded Walt Disney classic attractions aren't yielding enough merch dollars, but since they're historically significant, Bob can't replace them. L&L offer a solution: reverse-engineer them into movies, Pirates-style! Even if they' ...…
Favorite Character Moments Season 4. The Next Generation has a mostly episodic format, but over the course of the show and the movies, there are many great character moments. Those moments, both great and small, can enhance our experience of the show and lead to a new understanding of both regular and recurring characters. In this episode of Ea ...…
It's finally the NBA PLAYOFFS! The WARRIORS flipped a switch; can LEBRON? Does Guru believe in the RAPTORS yet? Is PG13 the answer to OKC's problems? Is Brad Stevens magic? Can anyone stop JAMES HARDEN? And how about them SIXERS? Then, LUCA from THEWATERBOYREPORT on YouTube joins us from Toronto to talk a little NHL PLAYOFFS! Who can COME BACK? ...…
ILM Exec Says a Female Star Wars Director is InevitableIn an interview with, General Manager of Lucasfilm and president of ILM, Lynwen Brennan, made a statement about the controversy regarding Lucasfilm’s reluctance to hire a female director. Brennan said, “I think it’s certainly something we’re keen on and there are some fantas ...…
For our twenty-fifth episode, we decided to each pick 25 movies that we've had meaningful experiences with, in one way or another. These are not favorites, specifically, and we think you'll be surprised by some of the choices as a result. As you might expect, discussing fifty movies, even briefly, takes time. Clocking in at three hours and five ...…
Pat and Sarah watch and discuss Superman II, the only thrilling superhero sequel to replay the entirety of the first movie in its opening credits! They address important issues, like Supes's decision to give up his powers for a whole ten minutes in order to get busy, and whether the whole movie should have just been a Clark and Lois date.…
Hello everyone and welcome to our “back from vacation” episode! It’s been 2 weeks and I’ve returned from Japan (not dead despite Bat’s jinxing) and we’re ready to hop right back into all the nerdy stuff!…. okay there actually might not be a whole lot of nerdy stuff to jump into but we do have our theatrical review of Ready Player One and we pro ...…
This week: Three members quit the Swedish Academy over sexual assault allegations, the top feminist book is going out of print, a major magazine publisher lost key parts of its digital staff, an Oklahoma student uses the same textbook a country star used 36 years ago, JRR Tolkien's son releases a new book by the late author, the story of four t ...…
Today’s movie is “Come Sunday” (2018), the religious drama based on the life of Bishop Carlton Pearson (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a preacher ostracized by his congregation and peers for proclaiming that everyone has already been saved and that there is no hell. The film was adapted for the screen by Marcus Hinchey and directed by Joshua Marston, based ...…
We're back! Baseball season is finally here, so let's break down brawls, the Braves maybe being good (???), Dansby Dansby Dansby, Jackson naming random 2000s Braves players for 20 minutes, Vanderbilt players in the majors update and we talk about baseball movies to close the show. Ben hasn't seen Hardball.…
It's Wednesday 11th April and it's time for #MandHDaily.3 Topics 2 minutes each keeping you up to date with all the movie news.Twitter- @MandHSociety, @DCEU_Society,
SUPERMAN MOVIE MINUTE #28 - Credit Cards Fire and Water Network All-Stars Chris Franklin and Rob Kelly bring you SUPERMAN MOVIE MINUTE, where they analyze, scrutinize, and you'll-believe-a-man-can-fly-ize the classic 1978 film starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, and Marlon Brando, five minutes at a time! In minutes 136:00 - ...…
Season 2 Episode 7 of Rated Ark SHOW NOTES Welcome survivors new and old to Episode 7 of Rated Ark: Pix Ark Edition ! Today is April 6, 2018 We are a CRR Gaming Group hosted podcast ! We have many ways you can contact us to share feedback, tips, or adventures! You can reach the show by emailed You can tweet the show @RatedArk ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The CommitmentsAuthor: Roddy DoyleNarrator: Aidan GillenFormat: AbridgedLength: 3 hrs and 2 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-22-08Publisher: Random House AudioBooksRatings: 4 of 5 out of 5 votesGenres: Fiction, ContemporaryPublisher's Summary:Bar ...…
Listen in this week as Mandy and Michael Review the new Movie “Isle of Dogs” as well as... plan Cochella and vacation outfits, do Britney impersonations and try to figure out the Abbreviation for Missouri!
Bill Hendricks: Well welcome to The Table podcast where we discuss issues of God and culture. I’m Bill Hendricks, Executive Director for Christian Leadership at the Hendricks Center. Today we want to look at really what is the dark side of culture and this is the whole topic of human trafficking. I want to get into this by telling a story. It’s ...…
Before you watch Jaws 3-D, I hope you have an old pair of 3-D glasses lying around because you can't possibly experience the next dimension in TERROR without them! In this episode, I visit with the world's favorite shark and get closer than ever before with a little help from the latest movie technology (circa 1983). Join me and my guest Cara G ...…
No April foolin’ we have a special spin-off episode of Movie Babies #MuBaes - Press Start for another edition of Movie Babies: The College Years! In today's episode, we reviewed not a trailer, but an entire film! That's right, this movie baby is all grown up and off to college, as we hack the planet with Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One! Rea ...…
For the past 42 years Cleveland, Ohio has hosted the Cleveland International Film Festival. Reid sits down with the man who created it all and runs more than 70 screens across Ohio and Pennsylvania. They call him Cleveland's Mr. Movies."Talk Time with Reid Moriarty" is a series of 7-minute interviews with people Reid finds ...…
In episode twenty-six of movies imo., Ben, Brandon, and Daniel yell over each other about Wes Anderson’s latest set of meticulous miniatures and second stop-motion animated feature ISLE OF DOGS. They discuss the rough melancholy of its central canine characters and decry the lack of cultural sensitivity within its human world, while also diggin ...…
Don’t look now, but your face is gone. Join us for minute 59 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we wheel in the cart and ring the bell to bring out your dead. In this episode we discuss a listener’s comment, explore the scuttled ship and its remaining crew, introduce ourselves to the Frightened Sailor played by Luke de Woolfson, a ...…
Spoiler Free! This week on the Friday 15, we talk about the VR tech that is in the Ready Player One world. We briefly talk about our thoughts on the movie, without any spoilers and then end off with a Top 5 Hi-5 :) Enjoy the show! Friday 15 is our weekly 15 minute news show where we cover the biggest news of the week in 15 minutes. If you would ...… In this episode, we are setting SMART goals. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Reasonable and Timely. We explore each component of SMART with bad 80’s movie and fitness fad analogies because clearly defining our goals help us to make them happen and ensure they are in alignment with the values that we’ve ...…
Syq opens the show discussing the recent Sex scandal involving Brittany Zamora, a 27 year old teacher that sexual molested a 13 year old boy. This leads into a quick sidebar about a two movies Syq recently watched, 'The Reader' and 'Game Night'. To wrap up the show, Syq plays the submissions he sent in to the Ten Minute Podcast when they held a ...…
Speculation has been circling around the mysterious superhero wandering the streets of Hollywood who goes by the name Solar Flare and proclaims to be from the sun on another dimension. This mind-bending experience is not your ordinary superhero story! The full-length feature film has a running time of 112 minutes and features stars Solar Flare, ...…
In this Episode of Delay Radio, Honch has disappeared into the dark abyss of the Internet and will summon soon. D, Jethrow, and Steve North ponder life; What if you moved to multiple countries, only to be filed as being 'officially dead' in your home country, yet you're an ACTUAL ALIVE PERSON!? Hey sometimes life is comedy, or at least funny ne ...…
It's Friday 30th March and it's time for #MandHDaily.3 Topics 2 minutes each keeping you up to date with all the movie news.Twitter- @MandHSociety, @DCEU_Society, @MaskandHammerMandHSociety@Gmail.comPodcast
Ralph A. Attanasia III is our guest on this latest episode. While he is probably most known from TV's Cake Boss, we've known him for many years through live action role playing. It's a hilarious, eye opening roller coaster of emotions as we delve into his seedy past and sort through his devilishly handsome present. If you don't understand what ...…
On this episode of TransMissions Alt Mode, we go into detail about the universe-ending Transformers news out of WonderCon, review Transformers vs. Visionaries issue 3, you won’t believe what people are saying about the Bumblebee movie! All this and more! Thanks to Jason Kirk for joining us this week. Check out his podcasts Podvocacy and Everlas ...…
In this episode, Dan and Alvin discuss Ready Player One, X-Men Dark Phoenix being pushed back to February 2019, The Stormy Daniels interview, Rumors of 5 minutes of Venom in the venom movie, Donald Glover's cancelled Deadpool Series and More. Get seated, because this is a classic long winded episode! Enjoy!…
Olivia and Miranda rewatch and recap the 1996 Easter classic Space Jam with special guest Lindsay Bebout. The movie stars Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, Wayne Knight and Bill Murray, naturally. Does it hold up? Also included: Lola Bunny as a feminist icon, Charles Barkley (but like, the bulldog, not the person) and that a runtime of 88 minutes was ...…
Johnny and Kevin are fighting colds but back for the fifteenth episode of the podcast! They begin by recapping the quite bland movie Love and Honor (2:20) and picking a new movie to watch from the refreshed with bad movies bowl (16:45). Johnny takes a few minutes to read a few words from our sponsors (21:45) and the two discuss Facebook’s poten ...…
This track is simply 13 minutes of back-to-back quotes, many of them lines from movies, from "You Bet Your Life", variety of radio shows. I call them "Grouchoisms" and if you appreciate the wit that Groucho Marx was famous for, you will enjoy listening to this track. Also available on Itunes and Google Play. Visit me at ...…
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