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Myeloma Crowd Radio
Myeloma Crowd Radio brings you patient-led interviews of the world's top multiple myeloma researchers. Call in live at showtime to (347) 637-2631 ask questions and to learn about the latest innovation in simple terms patients can understand.
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Join us for the first show of 2015 with a review of the ASH conference's most important topics with Dr. Robert Orlowski, MD, PhD, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The mPatient Myeloma Radio show change its name to Myeloma Crowd Radio beginning January of 2015. Follow us on Twitter @myelomacrowd or on Facebook at ...…
The guidelines for myeloma treatment are changing to allow earlier treatment, even without some of the typical symptoms or disease damage. The goal is to treat earlier and prevent severe damage that myeloma causes. Learn more about these new guidelines from Dr. Vincent Rajkumar, MD of the Mayo Clinic on this very important show.…
When patients harvest stem cells in preparation for autologous transplant, can they be "cleaned up" or can all residual myeloma cells be completely removed before they are given back during transplant? Learn how Dr. Eric Bartee, MD, PhD of the Medical University of South Carolina is using a virus to do just that.…
Dr. Irene Ghobrial, MD, PhD of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute joins us to explain her recent discovery of a compound that can prevent myeloma from spreading into the bone, protecting patients from one of the most damaging effects of the blood cancer. Join us to learn more about this very exciting discovery.…
Join us as we talk with renown myeloma expert Dr. Jesus San Miguel of the University Hospital of Salamanca about high risk myeloma, recent findings of the International Myeloma Working Group and his work on minimal residual disease.
Learn from Dr. Larry Kwak, MD, PhD about the latest in immunotherapy; specifically for vaccine use in myeloma. Dr. Kwak was noted on the 2010 Time list of Most Influential People for his vaccine work in lymphoma. As Professor and Chair of the Department of Lymphoma and Myeloma at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer center, he has 20+ y ...…
Join us as we talk with Dr. Sarah Holstein, MD, PhD of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute about her work to outsmart myeloma resistance and her work to target the bone marrow microenvironment via a variety of pathways.
Join us as we talk with Dr. Jay Bradner, MD of the Bradner Lab, Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Bradner focuses his research on the use of chemical biology to target gene regulatory pathways. Specifically, Dr. Bradner is working to develop a MYC inhibitor for myeloma. MYC is the most common translocation to be found ...…
Our August On-Air Myeloma Support Group is discussing ways that patients and caregivers can help boost myeloma research. We have Pat Killingsworth lead the meeting with our guest for the month, Jenny Ahlstrom. Jenny Ahlstrom was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2010. After treatment, she wanted to be prepared with a plan of action in case of ...…
Do all multiple myeloma patients need continuous maintenance therapy? Join us as we talk with Dr. Antonio Palumbo, MD on mPatient Myeloma Radio about the recent data to suggest that this may be the case.
Join us as we talk with Dr. Saad Usmani, MD about his new position as Director of Clinical Research for Hematologic Malignancies and Director of Plasma Cell Disorders at the Levine Cancer Institute and his clinical trials for high-risk myeloma patients. Dr. Usmani was formerly at UAMS.
Hear from Dr. Brendan Weiss, MD from the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania about the indicators and factors that can MGUS progression to myeloma and a host of immunotherapy approaches that are up-and-coming both in the lab and clinic. He will also share his work on the bone marrow environment, how obesity impacts transpla ...…
Join us as we talk in detail about the recent announcement by the Mayo Clinic on Dr. Stephen Russell, MD, PhD's success in using the measles vaccine to halt myeloma growth. This major announcement was made earlier this week and patients want to know more. Dr. Russell will describe the long road to use vaccines to treat cancer, how that work was ...…
Join us as we talk with Dr. Paul Richardson about why and when patients should join a multiple myeloma clinical trial. As a leader in very large myeloma clinical trials, Dr. Richardson will share studies that are moving the bar in myeloma care.
Join us as we talk Dr. Pieter Sonneveld, MD, PhD, who is the Chairman of the European Myeloma Network and Chairman of the HOVON Foundation about advances in myeloma in Europe and throughout the world.
Join us as we talk with myeloma genetics expert Dr. Walter Kuehl, MD, PhD of the National Cancer Institute about the progress being made in segmenting and targeting specific approaches for myeloma. Dr. Kuehl has completed deep research on the various pathways affected by these myeloma "subtypes."
Join us as we speak with Dr. Vincent Rajkumar, MD of the Mayo Clinic about obesity and race in multiple myeloma.
Join us as we talk with Dr. Jonathan Licht of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center and Northwestern University about high risk myeloma.
Join us as we talk with Dr. Robert Z. Orlowski, MD, PhD of MD Anderson Cancer about immunotherapies and the latest in his myeloma research.
Join us as we speak with Dr. Gareth Morgan from the Institute of Cancer Research as we discuss how we can get to personalized medicine in multiple myeloma.
Join us to discuss with Dr. Rodger Tiedemann of the Ontario Cancer Institute and the Princess Margaret Hospitel his latest discovery about why myeloma keeps returning even after stem cell and combination therapy.
Listen to cytogenetics and genomics expert Dr. Rafael Fonseca, MD of the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale share the latest in his myeloma research and his open clinical trials.
Hear myeloma expert Dr. Frits van Rhee, MD, PhD from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences discuss the latest research in Total Therapy and open clinical trials at UAMS.
Listen to Dr. Shaji Kumar, MD of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester as he describes how all myeloma was once MGUS, how new inhibitors (like CDK and HDAC) work, and his study of how cytogenetics impacts disease progression.
Listen to our next show with Dr. Sergio Giralt of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to hear about his deep expertise in transplantation and his latest trials including the use of a vaccine in combination with transplant and a gene-targeted approach using cabozantinib.
Listen to Dr. Craig Crews of the Crews Laboratory at Yale University describe how a drug begins as an idea and becomes a real myeloma therapy used in the clinic. He shares his story of the discovery and development of the drug carfilzomib (Kyprolis).
This week on mPatient Myeloma Radio we welcome Dr. James Berenson of the Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research (IMBCR) to discuss the latest in his research and his open clinical trials.
This week on mPatient Myeloma Radio, we welcome Dr. William Bensinger of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to discuss his research and many trials including a Kyprolis trial. With the recent announcement of Amgen's purchase of Onyx, we will be asking how we can continue to fast-track drug development for multiple myeloma.…
This week on mPatient Myeloma Radio, we welcome Dr. Don Benson of The James Comprehensive Cancer Center at Ohio State University back to discuss his research in nk cells, immunotherapy, and an upcoming PD-1 trial.
This week on mPatient Myeloma Radio, listen to Dr. Robert A. Kyle, a pioneer in myeloma research, as he gives us perspective on the history of "Innovation in Myeloma" and his lengthy research as the first to identify MGUS and smoldering myeloma.
This week on mPatient Myeloma Radio, listen to Dr. Landgren as we discuss his research in new therapies for myeloma in its precursor states (MGUS and smoldering), molecular profiling of myeloma and why it is important in predicting progression, and his related research with myeloma and the immune system.…
This week on mPatient Myeloma Radio, listen to the first in a two-part series with Dr. Benson as he gives us a primer in clinical trials. Because only 5% of myeloma patients participate in clinical trials, we want you to know all about them so you can understand why you would want to enroll, how they are staged, who funds them and what you can ...…
This week on mPatient Myeloma Radio, listen to Dr. Guido Tricot discuss his latest research and open clinical trials.
This week on mPatient Myeloma Radio, listen to myeloma pioneer Dr. Robert Z. Orlowski discuss his latest research and open clinical trials in our first patient internet radio interview.
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