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Economics Revision MPEG 4
Unboxing Live (MPEG-4 Version)
Andru Edwards hosts Unboxing Live, a show that provides you with vicarious thrills from opening new gear. We buy the newest gadgets, and unbox them for your viewing pleasure.
Southern Hills Baptist Church of Las Vegas
Sermons from Pastor Joshua Teis and the Pastoral staff of Southern Hills Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Located near Blue Diamond and Torrey Pines. Southern Hills Baptist Church is only 5 minutes from Southern Highlands and only 5 minutes from Mountains Edge. At Southern Hills Baptist Church, we believe that God has an exciting plan for your life, and we want to be part of it.
ConspiracyOz Podcast
ConspiracyOz is a current news site with a uniquely Australian perspective, we seek the truth that mainstream media avoids.
Money Talk 1290- Presented By Arlington Financial Advisors
The show is called Money Talk. It covers just about everything that affects wealth and financial well-being. Hosted by Dianne Duva, CFP & Neil Krisel, CFA. Dianne Duva, is a Certified Financial Planner and founding Partner of Arlington Financial Advisors, a leading wealth management firm in Santa Barbara. She is a graduate of George Washington University, a Katherine Harvey Fellow and a board member of numerous not for profits. Neil Kreisel, CFA is from New York where he worked in finance fo ...
Jorge Alvis' Podcast
Full Moon Madness Live at Rockbar 185 Christopher St. New York City (village).
Wonabet Music: Remix Mashup Create
"Billie Jean"- Michael Jackson (Wonabet Remix) MJ Vs MP Chamone Mo Fo. Ableton Live.. The Ting Tings vs Queen "Shut up and bite the dust" Mashup. "Shut Up And Let Me Go & "Another One Bites The Dust".Djay 2.1 & Ableton Live.."What We Saw That Day" Original composition on Garageband.."Lost Inspired" Original classical composition on Garageband.. "Beauty US" - Dogs Die In Hot Cars (Wonabet Remix) Ableton Live.."I Want You Back" - The Jackson 5 (Wonabet Remix) Garageband.. "Shiver" Original com ...
New Music Videos from Indonesia
LA Lights brings you the hottest music videos from Indonesia. Watch all the videos online or download them to your iPod (MPEG 320x240) or handphone (3GP 176x144) for free. Visit iTunes to preview and purchase the hi-res version (640x480).
Tunnel Spirit
This audio podcast contains music and news of interest to the fans of the CBS TV series Beauty and the Beast, a television show that aired from 1987-1990 and starred Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman.
Patrick Talley's Podcast
Motivational Tuesday's with Patrick Talley.
DJ Ostars Mix Live Podcast
JinCAST - No Donkeys (Prank Call Podcast)
Hear prank calls like you've never heard them before! Join your host Jin Stewart, a loveable hyper-active telephone hell raiser from London, UK as he pisses off employees of businesses that have wronged him one way or another! Jin's unique style and abundant energy make this podcast a must-have to any prank call enthusiast!
Azeroth RoundTable: OLD FEED DONT USE
A World of Warcraft podcast discussing the topics that mean the most to the players. Ben (AltheMage) and Jon (Revendawn) bring you news, discussion, and guests from all over the world of Azeroth.
Tikvat Yisrael Messianic Synagogue
This is a series of messages from Eric Lakatos. The senior Rabbi of Tikvat Yisrael Messianic Synagogue in Cleveland, Ohio.
Niko's podcast
Making his mark on the music industry, Niko Star has been playing to crowds for over 14 years. Now he is ready to take his talents worldwide, so turn your speakers up!
Santiago & Bushido Radio
S&B Radio is a mix series from Santiago & Bushido, a production / dj duo hailing from the birthplace of House music - Chicago. In each series one of them will take the reigns and bring you a mix showcasing various styles and genres of electronic dance music.
Habits Into Health with Michael Anne Conley
Are you trying to BREAK your BAD habits? If that's true, guess what: It's one of three common mistakes you’re probably making and it will backfire more often than it will help! All habits, good-bad-indifferent, serve a function. They don't want to be broken, they want to be healed! Habits Into Health programs, including this free podcast, offer a more kind and loving way to stop feeling held back and start replacing your stuck patterns with supportive habits to move your life in the directio ...
Reading stories about stories.
BoomriSe Mix
Get ready for the best of EDM, Trance, Trap and Hardstyle new tracks mixed by BoomriSe! Join BoomriSeBoomriSe Mix: BoomriSe Mix: Mix Broadcast: RADIOSHOW: BoomriSe Mix: Pulsstacja FM (Poland) - Safari Radio (Greece) Maxximixx (Israel)- Radio Studio Dance Roma (Italy)Radi ...
Originally cast in 2006, JND.MP3 poked fun at just about every type of news known to man, taking to task the events that shouldn't have made headlines and making their own along the way.Now, JND.MP3 original James M. Cornett is back with an all new cast, all new segments, and a level of insanity that makes the old version of the show look like a guy going through a mid-life crisis.Buckle up...the Professors are back...and this time, nothing is sacred!
Buana Dj's Podcast
Sugar and Cactus: The Fighting!
Just giving you the breakdown on the best boxing manga/anime around!
RedPillPodcastArchives' Podcast
Short Sale Genius
Short Sale Genius is the only training company to teach the close of short sales and short sale transactions to buyers, sellers, agents and investors. It is a comprehensive training and set of tools that have closed more short sales than any other training program
Videos from UWashingtonX : Positive Behavior Support in Early Childhood Education on edX
A prototype podcast of the videos from Positive Behavior Support in Early Childhood Education, a course from UWashingtonX on edX. The full course, including assessments, is available, free-of-charge, at This RSS feed is for MPEG videos. This is the most common video format and should work with most software. Note that this is a podcast of just the videos from an interactive on-line course; in some c ...
Message in a Minute
MiM - Podcast Sixty Seconds To Supercharge Your Day Wed, 05 Dec 2012 15:55:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Sixty Seconds To Supercharge Your Day Message in A Minute no Sixty Seconds To Supercharge Your Day Message in A Minute The Christmas Hug ht ...
Intransikbeats Records
IntransikBeats is a record label that aims to highlight raw and uncompromising Techno which displays a dark and gloomy musical image. Our network of like-minded people strives to innovate and contribute to a ever growing community of producers and artists, always remembering where we came from and where we want to be.Starting out as group of independent artists and DJs, involved in and fostering the alternative music scene in Shanghai, China where Intransik has been fortunate enough to be ab ...
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DNBRadio 24/7 - Main Channel
Recorded 2017-09-23 12:00:14 Tracklisting: * Pathways - Indigo, Synkro, dBridge (Original Mix) * Dead peak - dBridge (Original Mix) * Dismantled planet - Centaspike & Indidjinous (City Pains Remix) * Sparks of burning - Centaspike & Indidjinous (Xanada Remix) * LV42666 - Centaspike & indidjinous (Voyage Remix) * Surreal - Twisted - Julez, BNR ( ...…
ཉན་པ།: Listen ཕབ་ལེན། Download ༸གོང་ས་མཆོག་གིས་Riga ནང་ཉིན་གཉིས་ཀྱི་ཆོས་འབྲེལ་དབུ་འཛུགས་མཛད་པ། ༸གོང་ས་མཆོག་གིས་ Mexico ས་ཡོམ་ཐད་ཐུགས་གསོ་བསྩལ་འདུག སྲིད་སྐྱོང་མཆོག་གིས་བོད་ཀྱི་ཡུལ་མི་དང་བོད་མི་སྐྱབས་བཅོལ་དབར་དབྱེ་བ་ཕྱེ་དགོས་པ་གསུངས་སོང་། SBS རླུང་འཕྲིན་ལས་རིམ་ནང་བོད་སྐད་ལེ་ཚན་འགོ་འ ...…
Today on the Crowdfunding Cast the Kickstarter and Indiegogo podcast i spoke with Jen about Yahooty! Check it out on Kickstarter! here is a summary of the campaign. Grandpa Walt was the one who first introduced me to Yahooty. Even though he passed on many years ago, we remember him by sharing the fun stories of Yahooty with our children. “Yahoo ...…
Today on the Crowdfunding Cast the Kickstarter and Indiegogo podcast I spoke with Barry about his new childrens book. Check it out on Kickstarter! Here is a summary of the campaign. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian (hip-o-pot-o-mon-stro-ses-kwi-ped-a-lee-un) is an extremely long word that means “of, or pertaining to extremely long words.” This is ...…
Today on the Crowdfunding Cast the Kickstarter and indiegogo podcast i spoke with Gordan from SOBAM! Check it out on Kickstarter! Here is a summary of the campaign. SOBAM Gear Co. is a premium athletic bag and gear company that delivers superior quality products at an awesome price. The SOBAM Duffel Bag 1.0 is our first product: a super high qu ...…
Today on the Crowdfunding Cast the Kickstarter and Indiegogo podcast I spoke with Scott about his upcoming album missing. Check it out on Kickstarter! Here is a summary about the campaign. After more than 20 years away from playing music professionally, I am picking it up again with a collection of songs I’ve written about people that went miss ...…
Relocating people who can’t find a house in Dublin to the rural countryside could be one of the potential solutions to the ever increasing housing crisis. Independent TD for Clare Dr Michael Harty, is working on a plan which will seek to encoura ...…
Virginia’s confederate past has drawn the attention of both white supremacists and the groups that oppose them. There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding those groups, sometimes known as “antifa.” Now one author is trying to shed some light on the movement. Mallory Noe-Payne reports. ...…
Republican Lolita Mancheno-Smoak is one of the Northern Virginia Republicans on the ballot this year who say they would vote in favor of closing the gun show loophole. (Credit: Michael Pope) Republican members of the General Assembly have stopped efforts to close the gun show loophole for years. But now a new generation of Republican candidates ...…
Emotional abuse in a relationship can come in many forms. From insults to the silent treatment it can all takes it toll. However we saw an interesting article about a debate that has been taking place in parts of South East Asia and it really got us talking here in the office. ...…
There was an interesting article in the Journal today and the headline grabbed our intention “Ageism at work: ‘42% of employers believe there’s an upper age limit for customer facing roles’ The article was written by Justin Moran from Age Action Ireland. ...…
DNBRadio 24/7 - Main Channel
Recorded 2017-09-22 18:00:59 Tracklisting: * Silence Groove - Viber * Bert H - Bring Away * Unknown - Trick Me * Random Movement - I Stayed Around * Break - We Are the People * Intelligent Manners & Command Strange - Memories (Satl Remix) * Technicolour & Komatic - Skyline Boulevard * LSB - Remedy * Seba feat. Jenna G - Sweet Magnolia * Silence ...…
Mid-Morning Host: Lynne Ford No one wants to be labeled a whiner, but many of us go through life with a “poor me,” victim mentality that sounds a whole lot like whining. God never intended for us to act like “little girls,” says Jan Silvious. His goal is for each of us to live as “big girls” — mature Christian women who are capable of enjoying ...…
On today’s episode we discuss the pros and cons of all the different ways to get your family to Walt Disney World!
Join the gang as they dive into the silent movie Phantom of the Opera as they kick off season 2! Wade and Kevin tackle one of the most controversial films of 2017 in Darren Aronofsky’s Mother!, an allegory about the darkness of the creative impulse … or is it about God and the problem of evil? Interpretations abound as Wade and Kevin wrap their brains around this film. They the ...…
Have you noticed all the drama? It’s everywhere! People are… Frustrated Ticked off Picking fights Going off Subtweeting Hacking profiles And more! It’s crazy! You probably don’t need me to tell you the obvious: In this life that you will face attacks from critics and haters. You can handle your haters in a holy way. You can handle your haters i ...…
The Beard & YOUR King Ginger show NO MARCY to upcoming shows from WWE + ROH and then sit down with Orin Veidt to discuss his road back to the ring, upcoming dates, and our love of Minoru Suzuki. In segment three, we break down the local shows this week and slip in a couple of birthday wishes to our favorite mengs. ...…
Gun to your head podcast
Facebook didn’t like how we announced the event. Well fuck them and fuck you too.
This week Scott gets to chat to one of his heroes in Broncos, Warriors and Cowboys legend Kevin Campion. He talks about his impressive career, gives an insight into Wayne Bennett and shares some fitness stories from Billy Johnstone. All that and more in this weeks episode! ...…
My first interview with a Guest is Rochelle Brooks-Mighty; A Jamaica JET participant living and working in Japan. This interview is following up on previous blog posts with awesome text interviews of Jamaica JETs Marc Mundy and Nicola Williams who are living and working in Japan. Enjoy the episode and provide feedback! Please excuse a few audio ...…
This week James and Pete talk free speech laws in Victoria, the latest on the Bureau of Meterology, the IPA’s latest work on criminal justice reform and two developments on the same sex marriage debate. We interview Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm on his new book Freedom’s Salesman, the future of libertarianism in Australia and what ...…
So it’s been a minute since last you heard us and A LOT has happened in the world of Pro Wrestling…it’s time to get through some rapid-fire topics, including: Bobby Heenan ( R.I.P.), The Mae Young Classic, the build-up to No Mercy/HIAC, and other miscellaneous news around the wrestling world. Enjoy. ...… Daniel Hayes earned his nickname “The Honey Badger” (an animal known for its fearlessness) in the ring. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago His talent expands beyond the sports realm from Motivational Speaking to Entrepreneurship to being an On-Camera Talent. In 2016, Hayes worked w ...… Camden Bucey and Jeff Waddington discuss the image of God and whether man retains the image after the fall into sin. Man was made in the image of God, yet there has been a change in humanity that was brought about through the Fall into sin. We must negotiate what that change e ...…
Hoo-boy! It’s been a hot minute, folks but we’re back – even an indirect hurricane can’t hold us down for long. The long and short of it is, there’s a lot of movie talk in this one, so get ready. Enjoy.
We played PUBG and Magic. Bradford has a new weekly PUBG column on And with the latest Fortnight cross-play “error,” we discuss why Sony is being downright archaic and anti consumer by disallowing cross-play with other platforms.
Just a bit Outside » JABO Show (podcast)
Have we got a show for you! Are statistics taking over the sports world? How can NBA teams be losing money and how can we help them make more? KD has social media schizophrenia. Who the bleep is Brett Venables? The NFL is BORING!! Follow us and tweet at us: @showjabo Subscribe and leave us a review in the iTunes store! Credits: Intro Music: Vib ...…
At Hascon we talked with the Hasbro Star Wars team to talk Black Series and beyond. There are toys and then there is Star Wars, the toy line that just won’t stop. The modern toy lines all have Star Wars to thank for the space in the toy aisles. It is clear that there is always more to come, and these lines continue to redefine what toys can be. ...… This story is about a student who is very sharp but lazy and how he got rid of his laziness.. This story is about smart rabbit manages to fool 100s of crocodiles with her wit..
Is ignorance bliss? Is ThunderSnow a racist? These are the burning questions on our minds this week. How do you know what is true, what is factual, and if everything truly is satisfactual? Special Guest Quixote joins the conversation and madness ensues.…
In this episode you’ll hear: Composer: Lisa Illean Website: interviewed by: Chris Williams Website: This conversation was recorded in Lisa’s flat in East London, 2016. Show Notes “I’m pri ...… This is the recording of the first live episode of the Recreated Podcast. Hope you enjoy! Here’s a link to the video on Facebook! (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//con ...…
Week 2 is locked and loaded. Some perennial performers returned to their winning ways, while other possible contenders showed their true colors. We go over the biggest winners and losers in Week 2 and dust off our Holmgrown Crystal Ball to give our loyal listeners a glimpse into your football future. Strap on your helmet and get in the game wit ...… It’s been another busy two weeks and it’s down to one person because of it. No matter, the show must go on. This week’s episode is short and to the point. Two weeks left of the season and the races for the both Wild Cards, National League Central, and American League East ar ...… We are in week two of Destiny 2-a-palooza, and we have made it to the end of the raid (but have not finished it)! In between horrible Crucible matches, Ben has found the time to finish FFXII, Mike has started Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battl ...…
This week Dave and Joe discuss nutty Russians and nazi slippers, a Hollywood premier league round up, and a very quick re-cap of the Milk/Coca-Cola/Worthington Cup.
That’s What’s Up Subscribe to That’s What’s Up podcast on iTunes and Google Play! iTunes Google Play Don’t know what’s up? NBA champion Shawn Marion’s got you covered. Feast your ears on episode 24 of his new podcast, as “The Matrix” chops it up with Danny Bollinger on hoops, life and everything in between. ...…
Season 3- Episode 11 "California Love" by Gary "GTheBeatNik" Scott | Straight No Chaser Podcast ← Straight No Chaser Podcast: Season 3-Episode 10
DOWNLOAD: SSPP Ep. 6 “Rottanibrez” Today’s ZZRB Radio is showcasing a heavy metal band from 2002 called “Rottanibrez”! This band has worked with some awesome people including Ms. Batchelor, Mr. Clyburn, Ms Lepardo, and Mr. Sims! Now the members, Rott, Tan, and Ibrez are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the debut album “Grave Mistake”! Get yo ...… We look into the 2000 film from John Fawcett, Ginger Snaps. Watch it, then listen! Because as always, there are spoilers and we talk about the movie. MeMeMeTime will also include spoilers.
Mason Tope-Central Dav.-Loras and Mackenzie Yanek-PV-Alabama On this week’s edition of the Next Level Iowa Podcast we talk with Mackenzie Yanek-Pleasent Valley about her comeback sophomore year as a member of the Crimson Tide of Alabama and we talk with Mason Tope-Davenport Central about his fabulous senior he is having with the Duhawks of Lora ...…
KFEQ Daily Ag Report In this episode we hang out with the creator of, the one and only “Rap Maestro” himself: Martin Connor, and get his take on his new book, YouTube series, and his struggles with talking about hip-hop in the ivory tower that is academia.…
Josh and Brett discuss Butch Jones’ performance against the gators and his overall performance as the Vols coach. Then the good boys touch on week 3 of College Football (2017) and week 2 of the NFL (2017).… Notes: Was there more than one Jewish hour of prayer? How often do you pray? Why might this porch have been called Solomon’s? What is the difference between Bible miracles and modern-day “miracles”? Who is the murderer alluded to in Acts 3:14? List the different expres ...…
Season 3 Premier PuckTalkCS Season 3 has begun! It was recorded yesterday, Chives attended a pre-season game. Episode 121 of PTCS: China Games Pre-season hockey Jagr still unsigned Faceoff changes Always remember, it is just the luck of the puck!…
Lee and Vikas talk about the controversy around Madeline Sims and the firing of her No voting contractor, as well as the supposed death of coal in Australia, according to Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.
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