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Welcome to the 'Tune In Game In' podcast. A gaming podcast that talks about games old and new, game related topics, gaming news and just about anything else we can fit in. The theme music for the Podcast was produced by: 'Jason Heine' (TheEMUreview) YouTube Channel: ( Podcast Channel: (YouTube: The official YouTube Channel: ( This podcast is officially sponsored ...
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For this Halloween Special, Nick and Warren (with special guest Joe) discuss some great horror games and what makes scary games scary.
On this episode, Nick and Warren talk about how Video Game hardware and software can be misused.
Another episode on VR, this time Nick and Warren discuss being able to explore worlds from TV shows, Games and Films in Virtual Reality.
With the news that PS Home on the PS3 closing next year, Nick and Warren discuss it's potential and why it doesn't do as well as it could.
While Gaz is away until further notice, Nick and Warren discuss the new iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch that was announced this week.
On this episode, Nick and Warren discuss if you don't complete or finish a video games, does it mean you haven't really played the game.
This week, Nick and Warren talk about the New 3DS that was announced and how good it could be.
Nick, Warren and Gaz talk about different game series that tend to carry on a little too much.
Nick and Warren discuss the loss of a great actor/comedian this week and how depression shouldn't be something to be ashamed of. Don't forget to stick around till the end of the episode for a special message.
Nick and Warren talk about the different TV series and shorts that are based on video games and possible ideas for other TV shows.
After a two week break, Nick is back from Florida to discuss his adventures. Also Nick, Gaz and Warren talk about some of the latest gaming news.
Before a two week break, Nick and Warren answer the question whether Retro Video Game would ever become a fad or a passing trend.
This week, Nick and Warren discuss selling and buying game bundles and different areas of collecting video games.
On this Episode, Nick, Gaz and Warren discuss different failures in the gaming industry and the effects it has.
Another year of E3 has been and gone, so Nick and Warren talk about some of the highlights from this year.
For the 80th Episode, Nick and Warren discuss a Kickstarter which plans on adding arm and hand control to Virtual Reality through Control VR. Also the release of the emulations/retro game console (the RetroN 5) by Hyperkin is discussed.
This episode sees the return of Gaz as we discuss the moods we are in to play certain games depending on how we feel.
This week, Nick and Warren talk about games with choices, morals and teaching people moral lessons.
The sad news of Retro Station in the West Midlands closing is discussed by Nick and Warren. Plus a few other gaming related topics are mentioned.
Microsoft have announced their own VR for the Xbox One. However the main topic is on games suitable for those with different disabilities.
Nick, Gaz and Warren discuss the purchase made by Facebook to buy the Oculas Rift and what it means for Virtual Reality. Also Nick and Gaz discuss their experience at Rezzed in Birmingham at the NEC.
This week, discussions on the Sony VR headset and the price of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeros.
While Nick and Warren talk about some news in the gaming world, the main topic covers the first person to have got 1 million Achievement Points on Xbox Live.
Will the high prices of current gen games, Nick, Warren and Gaz discuss the prices of games that are too high. As well as modern game prices, we discuss to price of some retro games.
Nick and Warren discuss some of the latest gaming news before looking at the Nintendo GameCube and the impact it had.
This episode, Nick, Warren and Gaz discuss about clearing out Video Game collections and why collectors have a clear out. Also a few mentions of the latest gaming news and some Minecraft tours.
After losing the original recording last week, Nick and Warren are joined by Joe (The Lazy Video Gamer) to discuss the craze on 'Flappy Bird' and the current state of Nintendo.
With the passing of JewWario (Justin Carmical), Nick and Warren discuss the loss to the gaming community. Also the news of Microsoft paying for good reviews and Nintendo still struggling to sell Wii U consoles leaves plenty for discussion.
With the Polar Vortex affecting North America, we discuss games with weather simulation and games with atmosphere.
Another year gone, so it's time for Nick, Gaz and Warren to reflect on 2013 and peak into 2014. Also there's a bit of news from Gaz and a mention of 2015.
The last episode before Christmas 2013, Nick and Warren discuss having children and animals in Video Games. Also they discuss how young gamers are getting into Retro games. Until next time, see you in 2014.
As it's the 64th episode, what better reason is there to talk about the Nintendo 64?
A tired Gaz gets back after a weekend at Revival Mini to tell Nick and Warren what he's been up to. Also there is no real topic so it's just a random chatter.
This episode we are joined by Joe 'The Lazy Video Gamer' ( With the worldwide release of the Xbox One, we discuss the reactions and what it means for the PS4 and Wii U.
With the release of the PS4 in North America, Nick and Warren discuss the early reactions to the console and the impressive one million consoles sold on the first day.
Gaz returns after a few weeks to tell Nick and Warren about his time at Play Expo 2013. Also with the constant changes to YouTube, we discuss the annoyance of changing something that was simple into something complex.
The second Halloween Episode. Nick and Warren talk about some scary games, spooky levels and creepy bosses. Also the new consoles are drawing nearer so we discuss our thoughts again on the Xbox One and PS4.
Now that Gaz is feeling better, he talks about his experience at Eurogamer 2013. Also Warren gets his chance to beat Gaz in another Video Game Trivia, but will he be victorious?
While Gaz recovers from his trip to Eurogamer, Nick and Warren carry on by discussing some gaming news and fundraising projects.
On this episode, Nick, Gaz and Warren discuss the troubles facing Capcom with limited finances they currently have. Nick also hosts a little trivia quiz which Gaz and Warren compete to see who will win.
The main topic of discussion is about supporting independent Video Game shows from podcasts, blogs and video series. We also have our good friend Charlie on to talk about his Kickstarter project 'Game Girls Go', an informative Video Game challenge show.
While Gaz's Internet is still not working, Nick and Warren carry on to discuss the announcement of the Nintendo 2DS. Also the potential for the casual consumers getting confused is talked about and how best to avoid confusion.
Though Gaz's Internet Connection cuts out at the start, Nick and Warren discuss the best ways of launching a console and the cancelled systems.
This episode Nick, Gaz and Warren discuss how some pre-owned games are being sold for too much money. A discussion on console Add-ons leads to talking about the Oculus Rift and it's potential in the future.
This Episode, Nick and Warren discuss how a potential policy on covering up certain magazine covers could affect the covers we see on Video Games. We also talk about what would make a good Video Game movie (with some of our own ideas) and examples of how it could work.
To Celebrate our 50th Episode of the Podcast, Charlie from Japan re-joins us for a talk on the ending of the 7th Generation and how the 8th Generation of Gaming is looking. Of course, no episode of the podcast is complete without a little technical error. However we have plenty to talk about and a reason to party.…
This Episode, Nick and Warren discuss the rights we should have with freedom of speech online and what it means to be an average gamer.
This week we have a few problems with connection issues and being cut off, but we persevere all the same. We discuss the removal of DRM and Online Check-in on the Xbox One, plus we compare the controllers of the 8th Generation. Special thanks to Warren who assisted greatly in editing the broken clips for this episode.…
As E3 has concluded, we discuss the main topic of the Xbox One and the PS4. Also Gaz, Nick, Warren and late comer Ariel discuss some of the main games announced for the current and next generation of Consoles.
This week, Nick, Gaz and Warren (who runs a little late to the party) discuss where Video Game Movies/TV shows have a place in the market and building Game Rooms. Also we have a bit of a rant about Candy Crush again and talk about how the Xbox One could ruin gaming unless it supports the consumers more.…
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