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Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.
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Hi, I'm Chris Masterjohn and I have a PhD in Nutritional Sciences. I am an entrepreneur in all things fitness, health, and nutrition. In this show I combine my scientific expertise with my out-of-the-box thinking to translate complex science into new, practical ideas that you can use to help yourself on your journey to vibrant health. This show will allow you to master the science of nutrition and apply it to your own life like a pro.
Shopify Masters
Knowledge and inspiration from leading ecommerce experts. Brought to you by Shopify.
Kate certified as a Master Gardener in Virginia in 2001 and has continued to be active in 6 states. She is currently active in Ocean County, NJ where she tends a community garden and shrub area as well as hot line duty. She is also a popular regional speaker. As a garden writer Kate has written for local and regional newspapers and magazine as well as online sites. Kate hosted the America's Home Grown Veggie Show for over 5 years, before taken over the Master Gardener Hour. You can find out ...
Your weekly insight into Modern, a competitive Magic: the Gathering format, with hosts Alex Kessler and Glenn Jones. We break down all different aspects of the format from deck archetypes to new releases and predictions!
Media Masters
Extended one-to-one interviews with the key people in the industry. Find out their tips for career success, and peek behind-the-scenes at their workplace. Candid, thoughtful and reflective - a chance to share the insight of those at the very top of their game. Presented by Paul Blanchard.
How do companies grow from zero to a gazillion? Legendary Silicon Valley investor / entrepreneur Reid Hoffman tests his theories with famous founders. Guests include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg & Sheryl Sandberg, Netflix’s Reed Hastings, Google’s Eric Schmidt, Spanx's Sara Blakely. With original music and hilariously honest stories, the show sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard. Masters of Scale is a WaitWhat original series in association with Stitcher.
Every week day, Certified Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Business Consultant Vasco Duarte interviews Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches from all over the world to get you actionable advice, new tips and tricks, improve your craft as a Scrum Master with daily doses of inspiring conversations with Scrum Masters from the all over the world. Stay tuned for BONUS episodes when we interview Agile gurus and other thought leaders in the business space to bring you the Agile Business perspective you need ...
Game Master’s Journey is a discussion podcast for GMs and players of tabletop RPGs hosted by Lex Starwalker. The show explores strategies players and GMs can use to enhance the gaming experience for everyone at the table. Lex often uses Dungeons & Dragons as an example, but many of the topics are relevant to all RPGs. Lex also discusses the creation of his homebrew D&D setting, Primordia, providing a valuable worldbuilding resource for GMs creating their own setting.
Master Your Lens
Master Your Lens is an inspirational photography podcast dedicated to helping you take better pictures. Hosted by celebrity photographer, Matthew Jordan Smith, the podcast shares inspiring stories from Matthew 27 year career photographing the world's icons. Along the way, Matthew shares tips on how you can master your lens and become a better photographer
Podcast Master
Your essential guide to starting up a podcast and making your current show even better. Presented by Ben Green - producer of The Totally Football Show, and with 15 years experience of podcast and radio production - and adapted from his book of the same name, in this series you'll learn about the history of podcasting; get the lowdown on the equipment and software that's best for your budget; find out how to grow your audience and monetise your programme; discover the best podcasts to listen ...
Backheel creates awesome American soccer stuff. Podcasts, videos, long-form & much more. Visit for more information.
Taking listeners deep into the underlying issues and forces that shape our world.
Our audio podcasts are aimed at advanced and intermediate Spanish learners. They cover a wide range of relevant, up-to-date topics so that you can quickly understand Spanish-speaking culture as well as the language. We also think that we are truly unique for two reasons: 1. We speak in the most widely spoken Spanish - Latin American Spanish - and have a particular focus on Colombia. 2. We go one step further than your Spanish textbook - and include words that local people actually use. Based ...
Game Master’s Journey is a discussion podcast for GMs and players of tabletop RPGs hosted by Lex Starwalker. The show explores strategies players and GMs can use to enhance the gaming experience for everyone at the table. Lex often uses Dungeons & Dragons as an example, but many of the topics are relevant to all RPGs. Lex also discusses the creation of his homebrew D&D setting, Primordia, providing a valuable worldbuilding resource for GMs creating their own setting.
Do you feel that you are evolving at the pace of the world changing around you? Are you interested in holistic health, meditation, Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, other Energy and/or Martial Arts? If so, join our online community dedicated to helping you surf the wave of the conscious human evolution movement sweeping the planet.Please enjoy our sometimes hilarious, sometimes profound dialogs about the best practices, philosophies, and "secrets of the trade" among many world-class experts in the Ener ...
The Let's Master English podcast is for ESL (English as a Second Language) learners! This podcast has many features--news, Q&A, English learning advice and other fun sections. You can join the Let's Master English community on Google+ and see the full transcripts. Transcripts are made by you, the listeners! I hope you enjoy my podcasts and please visit my!
The Primal Potential Podcast is the anti-diet approach to mastering fat loss NATURALLY. Everyone knows they should eat better and exercise regularly but Primal Potential talks about strategy for the tough stuff - HOW to overcome emotional eating, hormonal imbalances, unhealthy habits and your all-or-nothing dieting mindset. Each week we tackle a mainstream myth or challenge, we talk about weight loss facts, strategies and practical solutions for implementation. This isn't another preachy, we ...
As one of the most requested and sought after Djs in Atlanta today, Mix Master David has established himself at the top. He plays hardcore dancehall parties as well as crossover events mixing hip hop, top 40, afrobeat, soca, 80s and electronic music, adjusting to his audience to give them 100%. The music of Bob Marley, Sly & Robbie and Beenie Man are as much part of his repertoire as Machel Montano, The Mighty Sparrow and Kanye West, Dead Mau5 and Swedish House Mafia. Mix Master David is cer ...
Welcome to the official free Podcast from SAGE, with selected new podcasts that span a wide range of subject areas including Sociology, criminology, criminal justice, sports medicine, Psychology, Business, education, humanities, social sciences, and science, technology, medicine and AJSM. Our Podcasts are designed to act as teaching tools, providing further insight into our content through editor and author commentaries and interviews with special guests. SAGE is a leading international publ ...
I över tjugo år har jag haft förmånen att få ha arbetat som reporter, programledare och kommentator. Jag har bland annat i någon form bevakat samtliga Stanley-Cup slutspel sedan 1993 (Montreal mästare). Jag har kommenterat Premier League sedan ligans födelse säsongen 92/93, med undantag för en säsong då jag hann före TV-rättigheten till Viasat. Allsvenskan, Elitserien och Champions League är exempel på andra serier som jag i tjänsten följt under många år. Under åren har jag därmed genom jobb ...
Your key to advancing your career as a Business Analyst and beyond
Myter & Mysterier
En podradioserie om reinkarnation, magi, astrologi, mörka gudinnor, alkemi, Atlantis, Egypten och en okänd Jesus.
The KNGI Network is the home of radio shows and podcasts dedicated to the promotion and preservation of video game music, independent music communities, and gaming culture.
Through Accelerated Spanish, Master of Memory presents the fastest way to learn Spanish using timeless accelerated learning principles. Building from a solid foundation, this show will teach you not just to memorize vocabulary at unbelievable rates, but also to speak Spanish idiomatically. If you're looking for the best way to learn Spanish online for free, you've come to the right place. brings you new talk and interviews each day covering every corner of the Star Trek universe. The Master Feed contains every episode of every show, and may also include content and messages not available in our individual show feeds. If you're looking for an easy way to sample the full range of our content, or if you normally listen to all of our shows as they come out, subscribe to Complete!
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Rainmaker.FM is an on-demand audio network delivering the latest insights on content marketing, SEO, conversion, design, mobile, social media, and digital entrepreneurism. If you want every show from the network delivered, you're in the right place ...
World's leading hardcore podcast.
Relay FM - All Audio Broadcasts
Masters of Product Management captures the ideas, commentary, and lessons learned from product management thought leaders across the globe. Each episode is filled with real-world insights from practicing product managers and leaders, allowing you to learn, apply, and succeed in your product management career. Hosted by Steven Haines of Sequent Learning Networks.
Architecture Masters is the new podcast from the London Festival of Architecture about the people behind the buildings: a series of short conversations with some of architecture’s leading lights.These are the people quietly shaping our cities – all hugely respected within the architectural profession, yet somehow their modest profile often belies the impact they have on the world around us.This is a programme for those that are interested in the people who are shaping our world.
Welcome to the Dungeon Master's Block the place where we focus on the dungeon master, the most important person in the game. Follow us on Twitter at @DMs_Block
Meter Down
Conversations in Hindi with Bombay taxi drivers about migration and home, Bombay and change, taxi driving and life, and some great taxi stories.
This feed features everything that we produce, podcast-wise, at
The Mastering Show
This is the show where we cover all aspects of mastering. If you're interested in mastering, want to learn how to get better results mastering your own music, or even want to be a mastering engineer, this is the show you want to hear.
Masters of Money
Since I started participating in the conversation about money, this stuff happened: I've paid off student loans and car loans, saved up an emergency fund, maxed out my retirement accounts, saved up for two down payments for homes, and left my corporate career to start two businesses. I want you to have the same results that I have had. That means you need to start getting in on the conversation. To make it easy, I want to bring more conversations about money to you. So here's what I'm doing. ...
Masters Of Failure
Masters of Failure is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian Ali Sultan. Each week there is a fun guest exploring their worst experiences in dating, sex, career and more! The objective is to share and celebrate the growth made from these failures and motivate people to put themselves out there.
Podcast by Dr Mike Reid, CEO & Head Coach
Do you have a little bit of experience with Reiki and want to better understand how the practice is supposed to work? Have you been attuned to Reiki but aren't completely confident in your ability to do the practice? Do love Reiki when you remember to practice but just wish you could get it in your head to do the practice more often? Reiki master Bernie McKnight can help with all of that. Reiki.
The Boston Blackie radio series, starring Chester Morris, began June 23, 1944, on NBC as a summer replacement for The Amos 'n' Andy Show. Boston Blackie was "an enemy to those who make him an enemy, friend to those who have no friend." Sponsored by Rinso, the series continued until September 15 of that year. Lesley Woods appeared as Blackie's girlfriend Mary Wesley, and Harlow Wilcox was the shows announcer. On April 11, 1945, Richard Kollmar took over the title role in a radio series syndic ...
This is a crash course, meant to catapult you into a world where you start to see things how they really are, not how you think they are. The focus of this course is on logical fallacies, which loosely defined, are simply errors in reasoning. As you complete each lesson, you can make significant improvements in the way you reason and make decisions. Your ability to recognize bad arguments will be enhanced as well as your ability to articulate why an argument is bad. This is the audio version ...
5by5 - All Audio Broadcasts
A podcast focused on coversations to inspire intensive care clinicians to become the best they can be in the practice of intensive care.
Master Plan
The People's Podcast About Game Design
In this podcast, David and Amanda Taylor, marriage experts from Mend Our Marriage, provides marital coaching and advice! This podcast is for those who are interested in learning how to overcome relationship obstructions, love better, and secure a long lasting relationship. View it as your daily study time...listen to it on the way to work, at the gym, while you are surfing the web...etc. David Taylor is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Self-Help & Relationship Expert, and Business Consult ...
Dating advice, Sex advice and Relationships Advice or relationship advice for Men. Learn how to talk to women, how to improve confidence, improve relationships and how to have great sex. Interviews include dating experts, dating coaches, pick up artists (PUA), scientists, relationship counsellors and psychologists. All with dating tips, relationship tips and sex tips.
Learn how to use The Secret to create anything you want in life. Through a series of conversations with the teachers featured in the hit DVD The Secret, Bill Harris uncovers the most powerful concepts and practical information about how to implement The Secret in your life — and how to get all the benefits, right now.
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Freestyle Sunday EP 25 June25, 2017 with Dj Larry Vee, Dj Dr. Suss and Dj Larry Vee Jr. Please Share and Tag all your friends that love Freestyle. Shout Out Line and Request 407 545 2224. Also Chat with our two moderators Bella and Jazz. ( please remember it's a radio show for podcasts) Thank You for your time and Support19:00 : Company B - Fas ...…
18:55 : - THE DAY YOU LEFT ME REMIX 201719:02 : Eric Joel - Games Of Love 2017Mix error Shut down------------------------------19:08 : Johnny O - Fantasy Girl19:12 : - Collage - I'll Be Loving YouMix error Shut down19:15 : Buffy-I Miss You19:19 : Laura Enea - Can We Find A Way19:23 : Eileen Flores - I Have Dreams19:34 : Janine - Moving On19:37 ...…
18:57 : Lil' Suzy - Take Me In Your Arms19:00 : Judy Torres - No Reason To Cry19:06 : George LaMond - Bad Of The Heart 19:10 : Frankie J feat. Stevie B) - Body Rock 19:13 : Rebekka - I Finally Found19:16 : Afrika Bambaata & The Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock19:33 : Soave - Crying Over You (Radio Mix)19:36 : Trinere - They're Playing Our Song 19: ...…
19:44 : BOBBY DELANTE - MIRAGE Freestyle19:50 : DTU - MY BROKEN HEART19:53 : Pajama Party - Yo No Se (Hot Club Mix)19:57 : Rockell - What U Did 2 Me20:01 : TKA - Louder Than Love20:05 : Jill Tirrell - Lovesong20:08 : Cover Girls - Inside Out20:20 : Stevie B - Spring Love20:23 : George LaMond - Bad Of The Heart (Club Remix Mix)20:27 : Informatio ...…
Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political podcast for December 6, 2016, it’s the Trump’s Taiwan On Strategy edition of the podcast, brought to you by, SimpliSafe and DonorsTrust. Today we discuss – Trumps phone call diplomacy with Taiwan. The Taiwanese government is no doubt in ecstasy that after forty years of one China policy – w ...…
Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political podcast for December 6, 2016, it’s the Trump’s Taiwan On Strategy edition of the podcast, brought to you by, SimpliSafe and DonorsTrust. Today we discuss – Trumps phone call diplomacy with Taiwan. The Taiwanese government is no doubt in ecstasy that after forty years of one China policy – w ...…
In this message we learn the importance of relationships.
Our month-long celebration of Halloween continues this Tuesday night, as we welcome to the studio, a good friend of ours who will be opening for Headlining Comedian, Rich Vos at The Laughing Derby this weekend -- Ms. Ter
Why hello there, children! Men Seeking Tomahawks is back, yet again, with juicy, juicy content for you. In episode 12, Jack offers some handy advice on a tell-tale sign you should abandon a movie, the MSTers call out EVERY OTHER PODCAST...kind of, and Dan takes you 'round the world-o-news with stories of social medjia errors, flatulence, and We ...…
ICFJ#037’s playlist includes Bakubaku Dokin (Bikkuri), sasakure.UK ft Hatsune Miku (*Hello, Planet.), Opera Aoi (Untitled), Roth Bart Baron (Hyougaki #1 (The Ice Age)), Bugy Craxone (Nantonaku Be Happy), Marty Friedman (Inferno), Akasick (Shuuden) and 385 (Mienai Uchuu), plus interviews with ex-Megadeth guitrist and J-pop musician Marty Friedma ...…
All you ever wanted to know and then some on the history of Drag Kings and Queens in the LGBT community. Join me as I discuss the past and the future with guests Shiqueeta Lee Actress/Gender Illusionist Dred Gerestant Mr. Stefon Royce, Mster Gay Empire America New 2009
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