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Best MTF Team podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best MTF Team podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Milk the Funk “The Podcast” talks about mixed and alternative fermentation for beer, wine, mead, and cider. “The Podcast” is an extension of the Milk the Funk Facebook group and wiki, where you will find the most up to date discussion on the science and techniques of mixed fermentation. The goal of Milk the Funk “The Podcast” is to cover the science we talk about in Milk the Funk, and to give some airtime to members who are involved in our group, including scientists, professional brewers, h ...
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Kristoffer Krogerus discusses his discovery of why some diastaticus yeasts ferment more slowly than others, and Richard discusses with us the practical concerns, mitigation, and lab techniques for dealing with diastaticus yeast in the brewery.By Milk the Funk "The Podcast"
***NEW SHOW*** Kveik World Order brings together host DeWayne Schaaf, Justin Amaral, and Svein Arild Skjæveland. Episode one of KWO brings us introductions of our host, gives a general overview of what Kveik/Landrace yeast are, as well as the origins of these cultures. Kveik World Order FacebookBy Kveik World Order
Brewing in the Ancient World by Dr. John Janusek and Brewing in the South American Amazon by Dr. Beth Conklin of Vanderbilt's Department of Anthropology. Recorded at Blackstone Brewing Company and Nashville Brewing Company.By Milk the Funk "The Podcast"
Devin and Brandon join us to discuss mixed fermentation on an introductory level for both the home and professional brewer.By Milk the Funk "The Podcast"
Dr. Heit of Sui Generis Brewing blog joins us to talk about the microbiology of Lactobacillus. We cover various subjects like hop tolerance, foam degradation, optimum fermentation temperatures, flavor compounds, brewing tips, and many other advanced subjects when using this bacteria for making sour beer.…
Dan Pixley sits down to discuss open barrel fermentation with Eccentric Beekeeper, as well as his use of honey in sour brewing and his sanke fermenter and bulldog contributions to the MTF wiki. Follow Eccentric Beekeeper on Instagram.By Milk the Funk "The Podcast"
In this episode we chat with amateur beer historian and German homebrewer Benedikt Koch about the history of Berliner Weisse, and discuss the importance of Brettanomyces in the traditional version of the style.By Milk the Funk "The Podcast"
Long time member of MTF discusses how his homebrewing has been influenced by MTF and wine making processes. We also discuss his involvment in the initial trading of kveik yeast in the US, his experience with kveik and farmhouse brewing, and his up and coming brewery, Ebb and Flow Fermentations.By Milk the Funk "The Podcast"
This episode we chat with David Thornton and Keston Helfrich of Southyeast Labs and Carolina Bauernhaus. We discuss bio-prospecting, yeast boot camp and the application of the science to the beer Carolina Bauernhaus crafts.By Milk the Funk "The Podcast"
Ben Evans is the co-owner and head brewer at Hellbender Brewing Company in Washington DC. We sit down to discuss his experience with the lactic acid producing yeast Wickerhamomyces and Brettanomyces claussenii in commercial production batches.By Milk the Funk "The Podcast"
We go in depth on the kettle souring process with Adi, including microbes, techniques, and tips on avoiding off-flavors. We also discuss the possibilities of using this method for making beer styles other than Berliner Weisse and gose, as well as industry issues surrounding this process.By Milk the Funk "The Podcast"
We speak with Matt and Justin about a new development in alternative fermentation, lactic acid yeast. We go in depth on the biology of these lactic acid producing yeast, their fermentation profile, and tips on how best to use them in the brewery.By Milk the Funk "The Podcast"
In part 2 with Lars Marius Garshol, we finalize our interview by diving more into the brewing methods used by European farmhouse brewers, and the regional and stylistic differences between farmhouse brewers today and through history. We also discuss the state of near extinction of farmhouse brewing today, and the efforts to save it from disappe ...…
In this episode we talk to Lars Marius Garshol about historical farmhouse brewing in Europe. In this first part, we discuss what farmhouse brewing is and how it differentiates from saison and industrial brewing, and discuss ancient brewing processes that survive to this day in remote regions of Europe.…
In this episode, which is our pilot episode, we talk to Richard Preiss from Escarpment labs about general biology of Brettanomyces and updates to our scientific understanding of this yeast. We also discuss the recent concerns for saison yeast contaminations in breweries.By Milk the Funk "The Podcast"
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