Best muggle podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Drag Muggles
Do you think drag queens are magical? So do we! A silly conversation about all things drag hosted by two non-magical drag-loving ladies. Each episode recaps the latest from the most fabulous show on television, Rupaul's Drag Race, and features interviews with drag newbies. Come on now sissy that talk with us!
This One's For The Muggles is a Harry Potter based podcast where we ALWAYS (ha ha ha) dream, believe, and wonder.
A fortnightly podcast about the Harry Potter world by two lady scholars
A podular broadcast chronicling the magical journey of three young men through the seven novels in the Harry Potter series, chapter by chapter.All episodes should be assumed to contain spoilers for the entire Harry Potter series. So please. Assume it. Also, we say "fuck." Updated Sundays. Email us: tctwsg(at)
A podcast for fans of the BBC show Merlin.
Hogwarts Radio
Hogwarts Radio is a general entertainment HARRY POTTER podcast dedicated to discussing all things about J.K. Rowling's wizarding world! Tune in each episode to hear passionate fans just like you discuss the latest developments on the new 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' film series, and SO MUCH MORE!
Tales from Godric’s Hollow is 100% a passion project for Matt. He has been a long-time Harry Potter fan and loves to talk about all things related to Harry Potter. Shortly after meeting Josh, Matt learned that Josh had never read the books or seen the movies. This needed to change. So as Matt re-reads and re-watches the movies for the umpteenth time, he will guide (the muggle) Josh through his first journey to Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and beyond. Muggle, Witch, Wizard, Squib, or No-Maj we hope y ...
The newest in Harry Potter podcasts, brought to you by
Two touring buffoons tell you about their thoughts and then insult you for being a muggle.
Segments & Episodes from the podcast: The HP Fan Video Cast Each week we release an episode with around 4 Harry Potter fan videos that were chosen by us (the staff) or you (the fans). They can vary from comedy videos, to slash, to ships....whatever. All the videos come right from YouTube so its easy to submit your own too.Its also a great way to get people to appreciate your work.
Alyssa and Clark take a fresh look at books they missed. This season, we're reading through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Tune in for muggle jokes, quidditch contempt, and a whole lot of dinosaurs.
Magical Minutia
Wild speculations about the trivial details of the Harry Potter world by two muggles.
Rae of Energy
Welcome to the Rae of Energy podcast, where we bridge the gap of the muggle world to the metaphysical world! Follow me on Instagram at rae_of_energy or email at
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Episode 5 – Alien technology plus human stupidity. Trust me, it’s unbeatable. After much delay, We discuss… The giveaway where everyone wins! The long time between episodes, which was extended by Kate’s incredibly busy work schedule. Becca discusses… Inara’s Hat Marie’s Owl Eshantika’s Mitts Kate discusses: Blue Whale Sooper seekrit test knitti ...…
Episode 4 – I’m not running away from things, I’m running towards things. Becca discusses… Maribeth’s mitts Outlander Cowl Inara Willow’s Hat Spoke Sweater Kate discusses… Blue Whale Sooper Seekrit test knitting Dustland Mitts Sew For You
Episode 3 – We’re all stories, in the end. Becca discusses… Kickstarter mitts: Outlander Cowl: Anthony Casalena’s Killer Shawl Collection: ...…
Episode 2 – Nice to meet you, run for your life! In this very long episode, Becca discusses… Denise’s mitts Hat Heel Socks Bee Count Outlander Cowl Twist Fiber Studio and Kate discusses… Kaledoscopic Shawl Kaledoscopic Shawl giveaway: Ravelry Facebook Instagram Crossing the Frame Mitts Meet Me In Montauk shawl Espalier Shawl Kni ...…
Episode 1 – First things first! But not necessarily in that order In our inaugural episode, Becca Discusses… Spoke Sweater: Legwarmers: Huge Blanket: Blue Shawl: http://www.r ...…
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