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Bruce Gust, a nine year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, blurs the lines between the secular and the sacred by filtering everything from fitness to politics through the Word of God. It's motivating, it's inspiring - it's good stuff!
Craig demonstrates exercises, including instructions to the exercises found in Muscular Retraining for Pain-Free Living in the video podcasts. The Questions for Craig series is an audio podcast, in which Craig responds to questions about muscular retraining, the body/mind relationship, movement patterns, alignment, pain and more. He is interviewed by Susannah Sanfilippo, a registered yoga teacher in Portland, Maine.
Muscular Development Magazine TV Video Podcasts
Welcome to the Muscular Dystrophy Talk podcast, where I talk Definition, Treatment, Research, and Current events. Feel free to leave suggestions. Thank You.
Nursing Skills: Techniques for Sub Cutaneous and Intra Muscular Injections
Hosted by Kevin Flanigan, MD, "This Month in Muscular Dystrophy" podcasts highlight the latest in muscular dystrophy and other inherited neuromuscular disease research. During each podcast, authors of recent publications discuss how their work improves our understanding of inherited neuromuscular diseases, and what their work might mean for treatment of these diseases.
The Physio Matters Podcast
Nursing Skills: Techniques for Sub Cutaneous and Intra Muscular Injections
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