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Skeptical, even of skepticism, The Evil Twin Podcast takes on a variety of topics from very unexpected angles. In this podcast you get to ride shotgun while twin brothers Brad and Thad explore the strange underbelly of "belief" in American culture and what it means to identify with those beliefs.
Evil is as Evil Does is a Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast that follows a group of evil adventurers as they go about spreading “evil” in the megalopolis of Mauxferry. While evil may be their intent, the outcome typically has unintended, but hilarious, consequences. After all, what can you expect from a minotaur, skulk, pixie, tiefling, and half red dragon?
KMFBZ Evil Genius
LIVE from the hollowed out volcano it's KMFBZ Evil Genius. Half Dr. Evil, half Doc Brown with a little Victor Frankenstein thrown in. Theme music: Weird Science - Oingo Boingo -
Beyond Good and Evil, by Friedrich Nietzsche A searing indictment of concepts like “truth” and “language” Beyond Good and Evil, by Friedrich Nietzsche is a deeply thought provoking book that forms one of the keystones of modern thought and politics. In this book, Nietzsche takes the position that our subservience to fixed perspectives that are forced on us by our language and our ideals make us incapable of perceiving reality. He propounds the theory that ideals are not fixed but change over ...
Where do you draw the line? Each week, we examine a cultural icon’s back story and weigh up the good against the bad.
I’ve seen bad things and met bad people. That happens after 20 years in the FBI, 10 years as a Psychiatric Nurse and another decade reporting on crime with Investigation Discovery. On FACING EVIL, I sit face-to-face with killers trying to understand what makes them do it, so others might avoid the same mistakes.
Extreme Audio. Hard to the Core. Music from the Heart.
Esta serie de podcast consiste de las mil palabras mas usadas en ingles. Es el recurso perfecto para mejorar tu vocabulario en ingles. El audio forma parte de nuestros libros de vocabulario, Wordbank, un sistema de cinco pasos para asimilar vocabulario. Esta serie es multi-metodologico - es decir que tiene varias estrategias y tecnicas de aprendizaje.
Evil Podcast is a horror fiction podcast produced and narrated by Dennis Serra. Each episode contains stand alone horror stories that even the Devil is scared of/
This podcast contains random security topics discussed by the Secure Ideas team.
Evil Thoughts
These are my Evil Thoughts.
Dr. Miryam Brand on Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Ancient World
Horror reviews, interviews and the best horror podcasts on the planet.
Alternately funny and dark, How to Succeed in Evil: The Novel, is the story of Edwin Windsor, Evil Efficiency Consultant. A biting satire of both modern business and the conventions of the superhero genre. This is new content, distinct from the original podcast episodes that have been up on podiobooks since 2006. While the novel is contained within the original podcast story arc, there's a lot more depth. Many new characters, much subplottery and (to use a technical term) it's funny as balls ...
"Eugenics and Other Evils," by Gilbert Keith Chesterton. I think G.K. Chesterton explains his book rather well in his introduction, but it might help to start with a sense of the time in question. Chesterton started work on Eugenics and Other Evils in about 1910, but it was not completed and published until 1922. In his own introduction he talks about the period before and after "The War." The war he refers to is now called World War One. We now have a distaste for the word Eugenics, largely ...
Daily Mail
Hosted by Kevin "KFC" Clancy from Barstool Sports, Daily Mail brings the best and craziest news stories of the day along with Kevin's unique spin on what it all means. The bite-sized episodes, each under 20 minutes, are perfect for listeners on the go without a ton of time to commit. New episodes are released three times per week.
Pure EVil MMA
UFC / MMA Podcast Pure EVil MMA: HOME of The East Coasts own EVil Eddie, bringing fun Fighter Interviews from UFC, Bellator, WSOF + MORE.
Rich and Jason, longtime fans of all things Evil Dead, geek out on the new Ash Vs. Evil dead series. We'll swallow your soul!!!
Mail Call Mondays
S2 for Operational Snipers and Precision Marksmen
Common Evil
The world can be a dark place. Lets explore it together.
The Evans and Partners Morning Mail Podcast.
Where Evil Grows
Where Evil Grows: Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll... from Hell. It's 1976. The rock group KISS is cool. Every teenager alive wishes they could be so cool. So what would you be willing to do to hang around with the cool kids? Pretty much anything.... Justin Foley has cool new friends; they smoke dope and everything. And now that Justin is just as cool as his friends, an evil and malignant entity as old as time and space also wants to be his friend. And more than that, while it gestates in the s ...
Investigative series exposing the brutal reality of modern slavery and the reasons why this age-old evil persists.
A journal of geekery, music and joy
The first Resident Evil Podcast that ever hit the internet. Started in January of 2013 on YouTube. We discuss all things Resident Evil. Discussions includes news updates, games from the series, and even exclusive interviews!
What does it take to be a superstar in real estate? In this ever changing market, we look closely at how technology, tools and sales strategies are changing the way real estate agents run their businesses. We also support the team concept and look at ways to build better real estate teams.
Evil is as Evil Does is a Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast that follows a group of evil adventurers as they go about spreading “evil” in the megalopolis of Mauxferry. While evil may be their intent, the outcome typically has unintended, but hilarious, consequences. After all, what can you expect from a minotaur, skulk, pixie, tiefling, and half red dragon?
Actual Dungeons and Dragons play but the players are all evil alignment…
Welcome to the Residence of Evil Podcast, the show where we talk about the latest Resident Evil + Survival Horror news, interview the actors and developers behind the games and much more!
The podcast where we review movies, do interviews, and try not spaz out!
This podcast is made for die hard Evil Dead fans by die hard Evil Dead fans. We have watched this series and waited for the day to come we could get more. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we were not only going to get more Evil Dead, but an Evil Dead series starring Bruce Campbell. We can't wait to go on this journey of this first season and look forward to enjoying this new series with all of you.
Software Testing and related topics from Software Development Expert: Alan Richardson
Evil Dread
Two good friends talking real talk about horror, in whatever form they find it.New episodes every Monday.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Edwin Windsor, Evil Efficiency Consultant, returns with his manic lawyer Topper and his faithful secretary in this novella-length prequel to How to Succeed in Evil. Edwin is approached by a vampire, who offers him the prospect of eternal life if Edwin will help him with the troubles the modern world has presented his kind. It's Edwin versus Nosferatu in this insightful satire of the highly exploited vampire genre.
A hard-hitting look at events making the news in Cyprus and around the world with one of Cyprus' leading English language broadcast journalists, Rosie Charalambous.
Mail Tribune
The Mail Tribune keeps you updated on the latest in news, sports, business and food.
Print solutions that are guaranteed to get noticed and read
A podcast focusing on everyday librarians and their libraries.
First published in 1886 at Nietzsche’s own expense, the book was not initially considered important. In it, Nietzsche denounced what he considered to be the moral vacuity of 19th century thinkers. He attacked philosophers for what he considered to be their lack of critical sense and their blind acceptance of Christian premises in their considerations of morality and values. Beyond Good and Evil is a comprehensive overview of Nietzsche’s mature philosophy.(Summary from Wikipedia)
Join your hosts Scott & Liam as they take you on a drunken trip through thebest, the worst and the in-between picks from horror cinema...or at least try to.
Scotty 'Sumo' Stevenson & Mils 'All Black Legend' Muliaina & Special Guests chat about rugby.
Discussing the music of Radiohead. Hosted by Anne Ferguson and Ben Sayler.
Hello fellow Deadites and welcome to Dead By Dawn, the best dang podcast dedicated to the Raimiverse. Currently we have three new episodes a week going into Evil Dead 2, 2 minutes at a time. We're happy to have interviewed many from the original cast and crew from the film and we include exclusive clips in most episodes.
This is a collection of French poems by Charles Baudelaire, originally titled "Les Fleurs du mal." It was popular in the symbolist and modernist movements of the 19th century, and the poems are about decadence and eroticism. (Summary by Assaf Koss)
Mail Call
An occasional digest of news, letters, and stories from 100 years ago.
An ongoing exploration of what makes bad guys good. Featuring interviews with authors, creators and the occasional fictional character.
The Evil Genius, one of Wilkie Collins' last works, is subtitled "A Domestic Scene". It is the intriguing tale of family Linley, including the "evil genius", and their governess Sydney Westerfield. In colorful pictures, Collins presents the story of this family, which becomes entangled in the often hyprocritical Victorian perceptions of morality and decency. (Summary by Carolin)
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Si usted utiliza un dispositivo mvil con el sistema operativo Android de Google, en este episodio le recomendamos las principales aplicaciones para su productividad.
En este episodio conocer la importancia del trmino SOLOMO que abarca lo relacionado con lo Social, Local y Mvil a travs de Internet y el uso de la Geolocalizacin para su Marketing Online.
Una noche ms dieron las 23:00, y el equipo de Level Up! se retir de los micrfonos y los auriculares para regresar a sus hogares, mientras que el grueso de los oyentes apagaban sus radios y ordenadores para retomar sus rutinas o dirigirse, directamente, a sus dormitorios para prepararse para la nueva semana. No obstante, eso no significa que Lev ...…
Los dispositivos mviles tales como los telfonos celulares yasistentes digitales personales (PDA) tienen hoy en da la capacidad de navegar a travs de la red Internet y se han convertido en el medio de comunicacin digital por excelencia. Conozca en este programa los principales detalles a tomar en cuenta para el diseo de su sitio o portal web mvil.…
Sabe usted que significa la Sindicacin de Contenidos?. Pierde mucho tiempo diariamente visitando medios de comunicacin en Internet?. Hace uso de un dispositivo mvil con capacidad de reproduccin de audio y/o video y quiere que se recargue con los contenidos de su preferencia en forma automtica?. Conozca esto y mucho ms escuchando este programa r ...…
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