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The Stephanies dish about the latest restaurant and food happenings in the Twin Cities! Listen every Saturday from 9 to 11am.
Masterfully using the skill and talent that is often overlooked on paper, Billy Dawson translates his resume in a way hiring managers can comprehend
“Dirt Alerts” are myTalk 107.1 radio’s bit-size daily entertainment updates. When it comes to Hollywood, movies, TV, celebrities and pop culture, these are the headlines you need to know to go about your day, all in a 2-3 minute report. Updated weekdays twice daily, you’ll always be in the know with myTalk’s “Dirt Alerts.”
My Talks
Various talks, that don't belong to any particular seriesProduced by Voice RepublicFor more podcasts visit
All Things Streaming
All Things Streaming with host Paul McGuire Grimes dives deeply into the world of streaming. What's hot, hotly anticipated, what's worth binging and every week conversation and analysis about the 'business' of streaming.
Fox 9’s Jason Matheson, Alexis Thompson and producer Dawn McClain cover “Everything Entertainment.” Features include Birthday Prank and Second Chance Romance where the gang reunites couples who gave up after one date. They are television addicts, movie maniacs, music lovers and pop-culture junkies. They'll keep you caught up on the latest! It’s “Jason & Alexis in the Mornings” as heard 5:30-9 am CST on myTalk 107.1 radio.
We all need healing, whether from a broken heart or a chronic health condition. Join self-help obsessed writer and founder of, Elizabeth Kendig, on a weekly spirit journey with the teachers and gurus who are transforming lives in unconventional ways. From the colonic therapist to the shaman priestess, these modern-day healers will change the way you view the universe--and your ability to heal yourself. ABOUT ELIZABETH: A lifestyle editor by trade and a storyteller at heart, El ...
Lori and Julia
myTalk 107.1’s Lori & Julia talk “Everything Entertainment,” including movies, TV, celebrities, music, hot guys and more! These sisters-in-law are known for their author interviews and book recommendations. They are loved for their Minnesotan accents, inability to pronounce just about anything, sex-positive attitudes and “lightning in a bottle” chemistry. The fake nipple inventors turned drive time divas, along with their faithful producer Donny Love, have gotten listeners through their comm ...
This is us, myTalk 107.1, talking about NBC’s “This Is Us.” Join us for this podcast mini-series covering the final three episodes of season two of “This Is Us,” the hottest show on television. We’re all watching, so we might as well cry together.
Hosts Alexis Thompson and Dawn McClain from MyTalk 107.1's "Jason & Alexis Show" break down Netflix's original series, "The OA" episode by episode. They binged the series separately and had very different takeaways. What does it mean? What are the themes? And why do we like it (or not)? To join the conversation, use #myTalkTheOA.
Tired of listening to boring book shows? Sometimes you just need a little brain candy and we have it! "The Not Boring Book Show," where no cover is left unturned. From the salacious to the silly, as long as it's entertaining we want to talk about it. Join Award-winning children's author Angela Halgrimson and Award-winning mystery author Stacy Verdick Case as they make books entertaining again. Tune in as we talk to Authors from Bestsellers to Indies as well as Illustrators, Booksellers and B ...
The Evening Jones with Bomani Jones - My talk. Your questions. Our friends.
Know someone with a good sense of humor and a birthday on the horizon? We want to help! Jason and Dawn (but not Alexis because she hates lying to people) will prank your loved one and give them the birthday gift of a free dinner. How sweet is that deal? It's "Birthday Prank" as heard on "Jason & Alexis in the Mornings" on myTalk 107.1 FM radio.
Vintage Scandal
Lori & Julia (myTalk 107.1) dive deep into Hollywood true crime. Listen as they bring to life the details and characters of entertainment scandals gone by. Who done it, who paid for it, and why are we still so captivated by it? Sometimes reality is better than the movies. It’s “Vintage Scandal,” as heard on “Lori & Julia” Wednesdays at 5:30 pm CST on mytalk 107.1.
We all had a diary at some point, right? On Friday mornings Alexis and Producer Dawn from the Jason and Alexis in the Morning Show on MyTalk 107.1 read actual entries from their diaries when they were 11 years old. Relive the magic that is... not being invited to a slumber party, being ignored by the boy you were crushing on and wishing for a bra with "Dear Diary with Alexis and Dawn".
Two people go on a date. One had a great time. The other never called again. Brace yourself while Jason and Alexis make the nerve-racking phone calls to find out what happened! It's "Second Chance Romance," as heard on "Jason & Alexis in the Mornings" on myTalk 107.1 FM radio.
Colleen & Bradley
myTalk 107.1’s Colleen Lindstrom and Bradley Traynor talk “Everything Entertainment,” including television, theater, movies and music. They are best pals. They find humor in her parenting adventures with three kids and the love of his life: a CavaPooChon named Weezy. They specialize in working through their pop-culture obsessions like N'Sync, Golden Girls and The Facts of Life. It’s “Colleen & Bradley” as heard weekdays from 12-3 pm CST on myTalk 107.1!
Donna and Steve
myTalk 107.1’s Donna Valentine and Twin Cities Live’s Steve Patterson talk “Everything Entertainment”! Steve calls her "Crazy Aunt Donna" and himself "Stevie-Boy.” Donna pretends she doesn't know him. These two especially love talking movies, TV, music, pop culture, relationships, family and more. She’s a single dog mom and he’s a father of three, meaning there’s no topic these two don’t cover. It’s “Donna & Steve” heard weekdays 9-12n CST on myTalk 107.1!
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.Sitting in a field of fifty to eighty people really starts my mind sparking. Since I don't prepare my talks ahead of time, I find myself listening to what I'm saying along with everyone else. This leaves a lot of room for the Dhamma to come up. Just having eighty people listening to me ...
You Get A Rose
Can’t get enough of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise? Marley McMillan (myTalk 107.1 radio) and Mary Robia are best friends, but they don’t always agree when it comes to ABC’s hit franchise. You will laugh out loud at their uniquely Midwestern takes and heated discussions about the latest episodes. Plus: You always get the must-hear quotes of the week. You won’t find anyone more knowledgeable about the show than Mary, but it’s the chemistry between these two that makes t ...
Comedy Podcast. Live comedy and podcast from my own bedroom. Why casting couch? It's because my talk show is called Casting Couch Comedy on Youtube!
An occasional conversation with someone I find interesting. This podcast serves as the full, unedited version of my talks from my show on WCBN FM Ann Arbor 88.3 on Sunday nights into Monday morning 2-6am.
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.Sitting in a field of fifty to eighty people really starts my mind sparking. Since I don't prepare my talks ahead of time, I find myself listening to what I'm saying along with everyone else. This leaves a lot of room for the Dhamma to come up. Just having eighty people listening to me ...
Picture Talk
My name's Dr Nina Lübbren. I'm an art historian and senior lecturer in film studies at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England. On this page, you can find my podcasts on how to write a university essay. You will learn to construct an argument and research your topic. My talks use film and art as examples but are relevant for students in all of the arts and humanities).Enjoy the podcasts! If you do, let me know via feedback: thanks! :-)
Sex Power Love
A speaker, educator and mentor who is wild about co-creating an exhilarating future on this beloved planet. My passion is to bring attention to the extreme effects of pornography on the psyche, safety and sex lives of young adults today. One of my talks, Sex, Power, & Love, is fueled by the mission to offer modern, soul-infused sex education to teens, millennials and adults of all ages. My wish is to inspire us all to step away from screens and more deeply toward the beauty of connection ava ...
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show series
Topics include: when is it the appropriate time to neuter your dog, Bark for Life is coming up, potty training, dog parks and a dog that is running away.By
Dan from Wag N' Wash calls in to discuss his event. Topics include: things you need in a snow storm, changing of food for a dog, the Furminator and teeth cleaning for cats.By
Hello!First of all thankyou so much to everyone who listened to the first CLAMCAST. This month was meant to be an interview with my good friends at TYE DIE TAPES, but the interview wasn't *quite* ready so I decided to change the format slightly to avoid this in the future. From now on, I will provide a gig listing for the start of the month, wi ...…
PLUS: Minne Driver and her neighbor settle in court, Rey from STAR WARS could have had a different story and Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin - are they a couple?By
PLUS Blake Lively and Martha Stewart break bread together, Tori Spelling posts cute pictures with Jennie Garth to celebrate her birthday and LeBron James cries during a Fresh Prince of Bel Air rerun.By
Lead with Hope: a doTERRA educational and business mentoring podcast with Amanda Vodic. Walking my talk from consultant to presidential diamond, sharing my a-ha moments with you along the way. Because we have the power to change the world one drop of essential oil at a time. And that change starts with you.…
PLUS: Beyonce is rehearsing like mad for Coachella, CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND is probably ending after four seasons and Arnold is BACK!By
PLUS: Blac Chyna got into a fight at Six Flags, Taylor Swift performed at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and READY PLAYER ONE tops the weekend box office.By
PLUS pregnant Kate Middleton made it to Easter church service alongside Queen Elizabeth in magenta, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and kids celebrate Easter together in Hawaii where he's filming a movie and TV legend Steven Bochco creative force behind Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blues died at 74.By
PLUS: The Weeknd spills Selena and Bella tea in his new songs, Netflix is offering a dream job and READY PLAYER ONE is out in theaters today!By
PLUS: Cameron Diaz is retired from acting and Katy Perry likes Orlando Bloom's abs.By
PLUS Allison Mack is second in command of a sex cult? Top Ramen Pringles are coming!By
PLUS: The Weeknd's dropping a new album, THE CROWN has a new Prince Phillip and JERSEY SHORE is ready for their comeback!By
PLUS: Mark Consuelos defends Kelly Ripa, SJP endorses Cynthia Nixon for NY governor and SHARKNADO 6 will be the last...By
PLUS a new Sharknado movie is coming, Meghan Markle's family is getting a coats of arms gift before her wedding and JLo and Alex Rodriquez's new apartment that looks fan-freaking-tastic!By
PLUS: A VOICE contestant goes after Kelly Clarkson, Chrissy Teigan almost got ran over by a bike and the cast of DAWSON'S CREEK reunites!By
Episode 008 is all about one of my FAVORITE topics to hear people brag/whine about in podcasting Facebook groups: downloads, numbers and stats! How do YOU measure the success of your show? How do you determine your OWN value? Show Notes and Resources Galore: Podcast Movement 2018 (I'm speaking there!!!) Power Your Sto ...…
Plus: Tyra Banks got a nose job, Haliee and Niall sitting in a tree and Martha Stewart always kisses on the first date.By
PLUS Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are preparing to separate, Bohemian Rhapsody is the most sing-alongable in the car song and Angelina Jolie is NOT dating. Leave her alone!By
Plus: Meghan Markle's dad gets his own coat of arms and Connie Britton gets another TV gig.By
Plus: More details about Prince's death, Tom Arnold reviews the ROSEANNE reboot and Angelina is dating again?!By
PLUS Mayim Bialik was "taken aback" by Israeli president's Big Bang Theory request. Gina Rodriguez will star as Carmen Sandiego in Netflix's live-action film.By
Plus: Tom Cruise gets all action star for the latest MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and Ringo Star and his All-Starr band are coming to the Twin Cities.By
Plus, new Prince tributes at Paisley Park, BLACK PANTHER breaks another box office record and ratings for last night's Stormy Daniels 60 MINUTES interview.By
Plus Star Jones got hitched again. Paris Hilton found her engagement ring ON ICE! And Andie MacDowell is going nude for the first time in her upcoming project.By
Plus: Bieber still pines for Selena and Christina Aguilera outs an ex.By
PLUS: Stanley Tucci's gonna be a dad again, PACIFIC RIM is new at the box office and Burt Reynold didn't know what the heck he said on TODAY last week.By
Donny, Holly and Lori spontaneously discussed versions of "It Ain't Me Babe" on on "Lori & Julia" on myTalk 107.1. Why aren't there more covers of old classics?!By
Every single day, we get an average of 300 digital messages, and in just a few seconds, we decide whether to answer or ignore those messages. Most of the time, we ignore them. This is... The post Digital Persuasion: Erin Gargan appeared first on Author Hour.
K. Fed wants more money from Brit. Bruce is extending his Broadway run. Pam Dawber on MORK AND MINDY, "It was the '70's." Plus, Ed Sheeran - save the newts!By
Black Panther beats Star Wars in the tweet war. Ed Sheeran neighbors don’t want him to build a chapel on his property because of protected animals. Macaulay Culkin gets real personal about losing his virginity at 15.By
“Failure is what drives us." - John Hunter This show might be with a bass fisherman, but we barely talk fishing. It’s about John’s failures, and how they drive his success. You don’t need to know a thing about fishing to walk away from my talk with John feeling inspired and motivated. It’s amazing to hear about his lifestyle and schedule. It le ...…
"Disability usually refers to something physical. But in this dynamic and inspirational talk, AlejAndro Anastasio makes a case that nothing is more debilitating than disabled thinking. And who better to speak on disabilities than the one-armed, 3rd Degree Black Belt, self-proclaimed, 'Champion of Life,' himself? By changing “disabled thinking” ...…
PLUS: Drew Barrymore remembers THAT moment on David Letterman. More details about Harry and Meghan's wedding. Plus, Kris Jenner wants to be a mom? AGAIN?!By
PLUS: Samuel L. Jackson and Judge Judy are friends, they broke bread together and we love it! Britney Spears ex-husband Kevin Federline wants more spousal support. Charles Manson was laid to rest on Saturday.By
The Weinstein Co. is filing for bankruptcy protection and lifting NDAs. DANCE MOM Abby Lee Miller is getting out of prison early. Ringo Starr is now Sir Richard Starkey. Plus, Mick Jagger wants to go to the royal wedding. His calendar is clear...By
PLUS: Aretha Franklin takes a break, Blink-182 gets a Vegas residency, and news on filming the latest INDIANA JONES movieBy
PLUS: Nick and Vanessa Lachey get a gig. INDIANA JONES begins filming. Blue Ivy is quite the 6-year-old auction bidder!By
PLUS: Blake Lively is her own stylist. Tori Spelling and family celebrate St. Patrick's Day together in green.By
Before launching Wolt, Elias Aalto first built a successful software consultancy, Qvik, and created an early hit game for iPhone. How did you become an entrepreneur? I was working as a consultant at Digia and someone showed me what they billed for my hours. It was 120 euros an hour and I was getting paid about 17. I thought: that’s over seven t ...…
Gal Gadot made an insensitive remark about Stephen Hawking. Anderson Cooper broke up with his man. Burt Reynolds was weird on TODAY. Plus, TOMB RAIDER is out in theaters.By
Craig Mack, rapper on Diddy's Bad Boy Label, died at 46. Sharon Stone defends James Franco. It's official, Beyonce and Jay Z announces tour; they'll make a stop at US Bank Stadium August 8th. The jetski Jimmy Kimmel gave away for shortest speech at the Oscars, will be raffled off for charity.By
In today's dirt: Michael Shannon watched his movie win best picture Sunday night at a bar in Chicago on mute, Ray Romano is set to record a Netflix special and cops visit Heather Locklear's home in search of a gun. She is in rehab.By
Usher is getting a divorce. The guy behind the Fyre Festival pleaded guilty to fraud. Frances McDormand's Oscar thief is charged. And ICYMI, BACHELOR finale drama!By
Drama on THE BACHELOR! Tom Cruise as the next Green Lantern? Cynthia Nixon as the next NY Governor? Plus, Emma Watson is looking for a new "fake tattoo proofreader."By
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