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Stephanie March (Food & dining editor, Minneapolis St. Paul magazine) and myTalk 107.1 staple Stephanie Hansen dish on the Twin Cities food scene. Includes: restaurant shake-ups, hot trends, the craft beer scene, and more. Foodies, you’re in the right place. It’s the “Weekly Dish,” as heard Saturday from 9-11 am CST on myTalk 107.1 radio.
Masterfully using the skill and talent that is often overlooked on paper, Billy Dawson translates his resume in a way hiring managers can comprehend
“Dirt Alerts” are myTalk 107.1 radio’s bit-size daily entertainment updates. When it comes to Hollywood, movies, TV, celebrities and pop culture, these are the headlines you need to know to go about your day, all in a 2-3 minute report. Updated weekdays twice daily, you’ll always be in the know with myTalk’s “Dirt Alerts.”
Katie K9 on MyTalk
Need dog advice? Look no further than Katie K9, the down-home dog trainer. Long trusted by dog owners and industry professionals, Katie is dedicated to educating the everyday family through this Q&A program, in addition to running her own obedience school. Dogs are her specialty, but her wisdom doesn’t stop there. You won't find expensive gimmicks or treats here! Just simple logic and kind-hearted patience from an entertainingly jovial host.
myTalk’s Watching
It’s the golden era of television, and myTalk’s watching it all. Join the staff of myTalk 107.1 radio for this podcast on all things watchable, including in-depth analysis of the hottest new shows, old favorites, reboots, flicks, awards shows and more. You no longer need to worry about adding to your binge-watch list. Just listen to myTalk’s Watching!
My Talks
Various talks, that don't belong to any particular seriesProduced by Voice RepublicFor more podcasts visit
Fox 9’s Jason Matheson, Alexis Thompson and producer Dawn McClain cover “Everything Entertainment.” Features include Birthday Prank and Second Chance Romance where the gang reunites couples who gave up after one date. They are television addicts, movie maniacs, music lovers and pop-culture junkies. They'll keep you caught up on the latest! It’s “Jason & Alexis in the Mornings” as heard 5:30-9 am CST on myTalk 107.1 radio.
Film critic and entertainment reporter Paul McGuire Grimes talks new movies and hot television on this myTalk 107.1 podcast (formerly All Things Streaming). From his comfy couch to the cozy seats at the theater, Paul shares which flicks are worth the trip. Paul regularly joins “Colleen & Bradley” Fridays at 2:15 pm CST on myTalk 107.1 radio, and is also a regular contributor to KSTP-TV's "Twin Cities Live".
Lori and Julia
myTalk 107.1’s Lori & Julia talk “Everything Entertainment,” including movies, TV, celebrities, music, hot guys and more! These sisters-in-law are known for their author interviews and book recommendations. They are loved for their Minnesotan accents, inability to pronounce just about anything, sex-positive attitudes and “lightning in a bottle” chemistry. The fake nipple inventors turned drive time divas, along with their faithful producer Donny Love, have gotten listeners through their comm ...
Vintage Scandal
Lori & Julia (myTalk 107.1) dive deep into Hollywood true crime. Listen as they bring to life the details and characters of entertainment scandals gone by. Who done it, who paid for it, and why are we still so captivated by it? Sometimes reality is better than the movies. It’s “Vintage Scandal,” as heard on “Lori & Julia” Wednesdays at 5:30 pm CST on mytalk 107.1.
The Evening Jones with Bomani Jones - My talk. Your questions. Our friends.
Tired of listening to boring book shows? Sometimes you just need a little brain candy and we have it! "The Not Boring Book Show," where no cover is left unturned. From the salacious to the silly, as long as it's entertaining we want to talk about it. Join Award-winning children's author Angela Halgrimson and Award-winning mystery author Stacy Verdick Case as they make books entertaining again. Tune in as we talk to Authors from Bestsellers to Indies as well as Illustrators, Booksellers and B ...
Know someone with a good sense of humor and a birthday on the horizon? We want to help! Jason and Dawn (but not Alexis because she hates lying to people) will prank your loved one and give them the birthday gift of a free dinner. How sweet is that deal? It's "Birthday Prank" as heard on "Jason & Alexis in the Mornings" on myTalk 107.1 FM radio.
Ali Kaplan (Twin Cities Business, Minneapolis St. Paul magazines) and her mother Harmony are the Shop Girls, talking everything retail in Minnesota. Includes: Fashion trends, celebrity brands, local deals & steals, design, technology updates and more. Should you buy it? The Shop Girls have the answers, as heard Saturdays 11-1 pm CST on myTalk 107.1 radio.
We all had a diary at some point, right? On Friday mornings Alexis and Producer Dawn from the Jason and Alexis in the Morning Show on MyTalk 107.1 read actual entries from their diaries when they were 11 years old. Relive the magic that is... not being invited to a slumber party, being ignored by the boy you were crushing on and wishing for a bra with "Dear Diary with Alexis and Dawn".
myTalk 107.1’s Colleen Lindstrom and Bradley Traynor talk “Everything Entertainment,” including television, theater, movies and music. They are best pals. They find humor in her parenting adventures with three kids and the love of his life: a CavaPooChon named Weezy. They specialize in working through their pop-culture obsessions like N'Sync, Golden Girls and The Facts of Life. It’s “Colleen & Bradley” as heard weekdays from 12-3 pm CST on myTalk 107.1!
Two people go on a date. One had a great time. The other never called again. Brace yourself while Jason and Alexis make the nerve-racking phone calls to find out what happened! It's "Second Chance Romance," as heard on "Jason & Alexis in the Mornings" on myTalk 107.1 FM radio.
Donna and Steve
myTalk 107.1’s Donna Valentine and Twin Cities Live’s Steve Patterson talk “Everything Entertainment”! Steve calls her "Crazy Aunt Donna" and himself "Stevie-Boy.” Donna pretends she doesn't know him. These two especially love talking movies, TV, music, pop culture, relationships, family and more. She’s a single dog mom and he’s a father of three, meaning there’s no topic these two don’t cover. It’s “Donna & Steve” heard weekdays 9-12n CST on myTalk 107.1!
Can’t get enough of The Bachelor, Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise? Laugh out loud at Marley McMillan (myTalk 107.1) and her BFF Mary’s uniquely Midwestern takes and heated discussions about the latest episodes. Plus: The must-hear quotes of the week! You won’t find anyone more knowledgeable about the show than Mary, but it’s the chemistry between these two that makes this podcast come alive, and invites you to the party. After all, “You Get A Rose”!
Lead with Hope: a doTERRA educational and business mentoring podcast with Amanda Vodic. Walking my talk from consultant to presidential diamond, sharing my a-ha moments with you along the way. Because we have the power to change the world one drop of essential oil at a time. And that change starts with you.
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.Sitting in a field of fifty to eighty people really starts my mind sparking. Since I don't prepare my talks ahead of time, I find myself listening to what I'm saying along with everyone else. This leaves a lot of room for the Dhamma to come up. Just having eighty people listening to me ...
It's about my's a long where we can talk on many different things, topics etc.
Comedy Podcast. Live comedy and podcast from my own bedroom. Why casting couch? It's because my talk show is called Casting Couch Comedy on Youtube!
An occasional conversation with someone I find interesting. This podcast serves as the full, unedited version of my talks from my show on WCBN FM Ann Arbor 88.3 on Sunday nights into Monday morning 2-6am.
Picture Talk
My name's Dr Nina Lübbren. I'm an art historian and senior lecturer in film studies at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England. On this page, you can find my podcasts on how to write a university essay. You will learn to construct an argument and research your topic. My talks use film and art as examples but are relevant for students in all of the arts and humanities).Enjoy the podcasts! If you do, let me know via feedback: thanks! :-)
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.Sitting in a field of fifty to eighty people really starts my mind sparking. Since I don't prepare my talks ahead of time, I find myself listening to what I'm saying along with everyone else. This leaves a lot of room for the Dhamma to come up. Just having eighty people listening to me ...
Sex Power Love
A speaker, educator and mentor who is wild about co-creating an exhilarating future on this beloved planet. My passion is to bring attention to the extreme effects of pornography on the psyche, safety and sex lives of young adults today. One of my talks, Sex, Power, & Love, is fueled by the mission to offer modern, soul-infused sex education to teens, millennials and adults of all ages. My wish is to inspire us all to step away from screens and more deeply toward the beauty of connection ava ...
Im a philosopher and thinker talking about subjects that sharpen the mind. Through my talks I will discuss a broad number of subjects like Education,poltics,Nature,History ect
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PLUS: Beyonce and Jay-Z are THE CARTERS, Tamra Judge wears her birthday suit on Instagram and INCREDIBLES 2 issues epilepsy warning.By
On the latest episode of "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction" Jerry Seinfeld joins Dave and it certainly highlights everything Jerry is good at. We also think Dave needs to be a little less self deprecating.By
Incredibles 2 Breaks a Record; Justin Timberlake starts a berry trend.By
Heather Locklear was hospitalized over the weekend. Also, Christmas in July with Hallmark Channel Movies!By
Topics include: when to expect a little boy dog to start raising his leg to go potty, Frenchie that's become protective, dog barking and a dog's sleeping habit.By
We talk about events that happened last week in the community. Topics include: how to properly teach your dog how to use a kiddie pool, personalities of the dogs, brush choices for your dog, mom/daughter dogs fighting and supplements.By
I gave the following short talk on Friday, June 1, 2018 at the Taylor University Colloquium. My brief presentation was part of a variety of academic papers that were presented. The full title of my talk was Surprised By Misquotes: Unexpected Findings from The Misquotable C. S. Lewis. In it, I share some of the unusual details from my years of r ...…
PLUS: Ben Affleck probably won't play Batman again, the Gudices moving closer to settling debts and AHS season 8 is a mash-up!By
PLUS: Ellen is going on a stand-up tour, MAXIM is still a thing and THE INCREDIBLES 2 hits the box office (so does GOTTI...)By
The Queen gifted her new bestie, Meghan Markle a pair of earrings that were mini versions of hers; Alcoholic Push Pops are for Sale; Drake just included 20 members of his old Show: Degrassi Jr High the Next Generation in his music video!By
A fantastic murder mystery series on Netflix that has Donna and Steve on pins and needles.By
PLUS: David Spade mades a charitable donation and Meghan + QEII = BFFBy
PLUS: Billy Bob Thorton talks about his ex, Angelina Jolie and George Lucas would have made crappy STAR WARS sequels...By
Billy McFarland, the Creator of the Fyre Festival is back in trouble; Billy Bob Thorton talks about why his marriage ended with Angelina; Lincoln Adim from the Bachelorette was Charged with a sex crime that happened on the Ship where Alexis met Angel!By
PLUS: WONDER WOMAN 1984 (and Chris Pine in a fanny pack), Roseanne reconsiders her participation in future ROSEANNE projects and live-action DUMBO trailer!By
PLUS: Changes in Angelina and Brad's custody, Sefano Gabbana trolls Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian is rallying for Twitter edits.By
Dawn is going to the Community Pokemon event; Love Island is a great new romance show on Hulu; The Staircase on Netflix; Roseanne may pull out of wanting spinoff profits; Dexter video on mytalk Facebook page. Place settings in Jason's houseBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Episode 016. Podcasters deserve to make money, right? Well show me the money!!!! Today, we're talking sponsors, ads and affiliates. Well... actually, we are talking about the WRONG way to go about this. So... reality check! (This is a ranty one.) Featured Podcast Angel: Libsyn. Host your podcast with Libsyn. Trust me. Get your first month FREE ...…
John Schneider only spend 5 hours in prison for not paying back child and spousal support due to prison overcrowding. TI has been ordered to pay employees of his failed restaurant lost wagers. And the most popular TV dad is...By
PLUS: Rose McGowan indicted on cocaine charges, OCEAN'S 8 tops the box office and Barbra Streisand get a huge Netflix deal!By
PLUS: Vince Vaughn arrested in DUI, OCEAN'S 8 tops the box office and Teresa Giudice is now a bikini bodybuilder.By
Will that be enough for ABC to let it go? PLUS Vince Vaughn arrested for a DUI and resisting arrest over the weekend. Get a driver! And Richard Marx guest stars on tonight's Bachelorette.By
PLUS: HBO order a pilot for GAME OF THRONES prequel, Matt Lauer can keep his New Zealand ranch and OCEAN'S 8 is in theaters!By
PLUS: Kelly Clarkson comments on her recent weight loss and the HALLOWEEN reboot gets an official trailer.By
She is a big fan of Lady Gaga. PLUS Ben Affleck is selling his Georgia plantation. Kanye, Kim and the Kardashian/Jenner family will be on Family Feud to raise money for charity.By
DESCRIPTION Last year 660,000 businesses were set up in the UK, with 95% failing within the first 5 years. Jay discusses vision, roadmaps, investments, savings, building businesses, building your name and your customer base and reveals how to avoid the pitfalls and find the knowledge needed to join the top 5%. KEY TAKEAWAYS So, myself, I built ...…
PLUS: LEGALLY BLONDE 3 is a go, Val Kilmer is back as Iceman for TOP GUN: MAVERICK and MTV might bring back THE HILLS.By
PLUS Who was best dressed? The last oompa loopma died at age 98. American Woman series premiere on Paramount is a story based on Kyle Richard's mother's life.By
Did Colleen and Bradley like AMC's new series, DIETLAND?By
LIVE from Urban Tails for Pinky Swear! Matt from SAVE-A-BULL rescue to talk about the bully breeds. Topics include: dog nipping, behavioral issues, thoughts on pig ears and big dogs jumping on people.By
LIVE from Urban Tails for Pinky Swear! Topics include: dogs playing too rough, owner not training dog, dog reacting to beeps, changing of a dog's schedule, agility courses and how to start them.By
Some things are going to change around here. Anchor has changed, and so have I. I'm going back to my original name, GodlessTodd, as I started out on Anchor over a year ago. I'll be discussing #atheism and #freethought and all things #secular. I hope you stick around and enjoy the new/old format. I'll try to post some old clips of my talks about ...…
Hear my thoughts on Roseanne's cancellation & how my conversation with a Council Member may lead to positive action in our community.
PLUS: ROSEANNE casts wants to get paid, Michael Jackson's estate sues Disney and A-listers on vacation!By
Kanye West literally has his hands in A LOT of the craziness that's been going on in Music & Entertainment in the last you think it's all apart of a larger plan? Speaking of a larger plan, Kim Kardashina found herself talking Prison Reform with The President this week. Samantha Bee Fiasco leads people to ask: "Is Racism the same as V ...…
She could be getting a show on a conservative channel. PLUS Jessica Alba says she's a bad parent. Her response to her kids questions, "where's this?" and "where's that?" is hilarious! Brigitte Nielsen is pregnant with her fifth child at age 54.By
PLUS: Harvey Weinstein indicted, Kim Kardashian at the White House and Mariah Carey's new rings.By
Episode 015. "Hey Andrea... will one of your Podcast Envy epis feature a list of equipment you started with (like, from the very first episode you ever recorded) & how those items have changed/morphed over time, like what you kept, what you upgraded, what you've jettisoned? Asking for a friend... " Special thanks to community member Lisa Widder ...…
In 2008 I self published a book. In the book I share some of my personal training clients stories and unpack my 7 easy fitness strategies for taking back your life. Although the book is 10 years old the principles are still applicable today. I do a lot of public speaking and will often use these 7 strategies as my outline for my talk. I have de ...…
PLUS a woman claiming to be Prince's daughter was denied in court; she was a day late and has questionable evidence. Dr. Dre's adding onto his gigundo mansion...a bunker next door.By
Check out my talk with David and Grace from Pastures as we discuss the passion and dedication that it takes to earn recognition in the pop-punk music scene.
PLUS: Jamie Foxx as Spawn and Kendall and Kylie NOT going to half-brother Brandon's wedding.By
PLUS: Harry and Meghan select a honeymoon location, SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY underperforms at the box office and Lindsay Lohan's nightclub empire expands.By
K-Pop is number one on the Billboard album char; this marks the first time Korean’s pop on top. Plus details on Jay and Silent Bob's new movie!By
Happy Memorial Day!! We continue to talk about a dog who is a picky eater. Dr. Jessica Levy, holistic vet is in studio. Topics include: feline idiopathic cystitis, more in-depth look into the use of diffusers and heart-worm is discussed.By
Happy Memorial Day!! Dr. Jessica Levy, holistic vet is in studio. Topics include: using garlic with your dog, amber collars, pulling ticks off of your dog and Lyme's disease and how to keep an older cat going.By
PLUS: Daniel Craig is BACK as James Bond, Nicki Minaj and Eminem might be hooking up and SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY is out in theaters!By
Eight women have come forward with sexual allegations. PLUS James Mangold will step in to direct the Boba Fett stand alone movie. Angelina Jolie is livid she can't travel with her kids amid her custody battle with Brad Pitt.By
PLUS: Bachelorette Becca fell for TWO men, a Duke and Duchess of Sussex update and TV renewals and cancellations.By
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