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Podcast by Easy Allies
Every day I will introduce a common expression or word that YOU NEED TO KNOW!! This podcast is for English learners around the world.
Come join us for free tarot lessons taught by real professionals who get paid to do this every day. Every week we have real-life private lessons you can sit in on. Additionally, we mix up these lessons with detailed help on solving problems with the tarot that MOST readers face, fun games and exercises, quizzes, and advice on hot to read like a pro. Nothing is held back here. Whatever we can squeeze in to half an hour is covered, and if you want more, you will just have to sign up for our fr ...
Amy Porterfield is a marketing strategist helping entrepreneurs build their business online.
Japan's only public broadcaster NHK provides this reliable Japanese language course with free podcast. You can easily start learning basic grammar and vocabulary by listening to the story of Anna, who studies Japanese at a university in Tokyo.
In this weekly podcast, David Dobrik, a 21-year-old, sexy, millionaire YouTuber and Jason Nash, a 40-something single dad with a vlog of his own, take you behind-the-scenes of their vlogs and show you what living the “YouTube life” is really like. Join these two as they confess their most intimate thoughts, discuss pop-culture, and dissect their own contentious relationship. New episodes drop every Thursday!
Audio podcast featuring information and interviews about NASA Edge.
A weekly video summary of the latest news, events and mission activities at NASA.
join me, a ~local okc food blogger~, La Croix connoisseur, and olive-hater as I invite my friends to sit around my kitchen table and talk about the things we eat. on The Spy FM podcast network.
Hear interesting news and stories in easy, clear English
Easy Vegan is produced and hosted by author and cooking coach JL Fields. Each week JL interviews local, national, and international activists, authors, chefs and plant-based leaders. Learn simple strategies – from the kitchen and beyond – that are good for your health, the environment, and the animals. Why “Easy Vegan”? Because it’s not that complicated.Theme song Talking Vegan Blues graciously donated by Daniel Redwood.
NASA X Vodcasts
NASA X is a new NASA television show and video podcast that follows innovative new technologies and the NASA scientists, researchers and engineers who are putting them to work for us.
Last Name Basis
a husband & wife-cast
Athletic analysis by assh*les. Andrew Schulz, Akaash Singh and Kazeem Famuyide bring you a weekly sports podcast filled with unapologetic and flagrant hot takes. Remember, nobody is safe and there are no easy buckets.
Author Laura Hurwitz reads you a story, continued week to week.
An in-depth look at the various researchers, scientists, engineers, and all around cool people who work at NASA to push the boundaries of innovation.
If you feel lost in a new city, overwhelmed by your taxes, frustrated by dating, or scared to switch jobs, tune in weekly to Adulthood Made Easy, where twenty-something host Sam Zabell works through listeners’ problems and questions about the sometimes-scary “real world.” Along the way, she addresses many of her own struggles with adulthood, resulting in a show any college graduate (and beyond) can relate to.
ICRT Easy EZNews
Easy English
Daily video and radio show. Broadcasting from England. Featuring books, jokes and much more!
A weekly audio summary of the latest news, events and mission activities at NASA.
Bonjour à tous and welcome to Easy French Poetry where I read some of the most Classic French Poems. I will read them twice: once slowly - so you may repeat after me - and once at a more natural reading pace. I will sometimes also talk about the life of the author, explain the vocabulary or do an analysis of the text using simple, everyday French.You will find the full text of the poems accompanied by the audio on my website as well as much more audio material such as The Eas ...
High-definition (HD) videos from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory feature the latest news on space and science findings from JPL and NASA. Topics include discoveries made by spacecraft studying planets in our solar system, including Mars, Saturn and our home planet, Earth. Missions also study stars and galaxies in our universe.
Building Harder to Kill humans through nutrition, fitness & mindset.
one american. one austrian. too much to talk about.
Antaine and Jarlath host a podcast show that aims to teach the Irish language in a relaxed and entertaining way. Each free podcast comes with show notes that you can easily follow. The website provides further resources to aid in your learning of Ireland's native language. We hope you enjoy our show, feel free to get in touch and thanks for listening!
The practical and spiritual online marketing show helping you go from marketing to money. Maritza brings her experience as a serial entrepreneur and interviews today's leading entrepreneurs. Join us at for recaps, inspiration and resources from each show.
By Maria Fernandez, a highly-experienced native Spanish teacher. Easy Spanish lessons with speaking exercises and drills. Master the Spanish verbs. Expand your vocabulary. Develop your conversation skills. Get a cool Spanish accent. This Spanish course includes: verb drills, role playing exercises, language learning tips, vocabulary audio flashcards, everyday words and phrases, pronunciation exercises, fun grammar lessons, and more. This podcast is ideal for beginners, and those with gaps in ...
Learning the guitar can be very frustrating foo many. In this podcast, I want to help you improve your guitar skills by giving you these FREE blues and slide guitar lessons. You'll learn how much easier learning blues guitar can be, with lessons and tips geared toward your success as a blues guitarist. These are lessons I have taught to my private students for the last 20 years. Whether you're looking to improve you're existing skills, or maybe start learning slide guitar, I want to keep you ...
Soccer Podcast hosted by Theo Gauthier covering the NASL and the major issues of the North American soccer landscape! Part of the Sports Podcasting Network
Nasty Women Radio
Nasty women radio believes that for women to move forward empowered in our own lives as well as in the leadership positions we want to see us in, we have to begin dismantling the shame unfairly placed on our bodies and issues that affect us. We are taking back "nasty." If speaking our truths about our own lives, experience and perspectives makes us "nasty women" then we are happy to be just that. No subject is off limits as Neghar and Erin delve into topics such as sexuality, periods, domest ...
Japan's only public broadcaster NHK provides this reliable Japanese language course with free podcast. You can easily start learning basic grammar and vocabulary by listening to the story of Anna, who studies Japanese at a university in Tokyo.
Easy Steps
Легкие шаги к большим результатам. Короткие рецепты на каждый день по повышению качества жизни.
Easy Money: Make More, Save More and Find Your Unclaimed Money Every week on The Easy Money Show, 13-time Emmy-Winner Elisabeth Leamy (Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Washington Post) digs up eye-opening —even jaw-dropping— ways to MAKE more money, SAVE more money and FIND your unclaimed money. MAKE more like the young woman who paid for college by becoming an egg donor; MAKE more like the med student who made $100,000 by shooting stock photos. MAKE more like the recruiter who quit her job aft ...
Breathe Easy Podcasts: Conversations in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker David Rutherford ignites audiences to embrace fear, forge self-confidence and Live the Team Life with his motivational philosophy called Froglogic Concepts.
Talk Easy is a podcast of long-form conversations with the people shaping our culture today: filmmakers, musicians, comedians, activists, authors, actors. Hosted by writer Sam Fragoso.
Family History: Genealogy Made Eaasy comes to you from renowned genealogist, author and media producer Lisa Louise Cooke. This podcast is ideal for both newbies and advanced family historians alike. Beginners will enjoy the genealogy 101 format, gaining the skills they need to grow their family tree from the ground up. More advanced genealogists will particularly enjoy hearing from the experts guests, in addition to benefiting from a refresher course in good genealogical principles. The seri ...
Art Made Easy
My best advice for teaching art to kids.
Get access to the latest lunar science news from the NASA Lunar Science Institute.
Japan's only public broadcaster NHK provides this reliable Japanese language course with free podcast. You can easily start learning basic grammar and vocabulary by listening to the story of Anna, who studies Japanese at a university in Tokyo.
NASA Blueshift
Welcome to Blueshift, produced by the Astrophysics Science Division at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Since 2007, Blueshift has been your "backstage pass" to science, missions and personnel here at Goddard, with a focus on the Universe beyond the solar system. We'll fill you in on groundbreaking discoveries, innovative technology, new missions, and other exciting stories. Visit us online at or follow us on Twitter or Facebook as NASABlueshift!
Sermons from NBC
NASA 360 Vodcasts
Join hosts Molly McKinney and Caleb Kinchlow as they take a 360-degree look at how NASA has changed life on Earth.
Get Your Tough Immigration Questions Answered!
Stephen guides you to become a public speaker who is confident, powerful, and inspiring. Learn tips, tricks, strategies, and best practices to help you become a powerful speaker.
Live a better quality of life with COPD and asthma by tuning in to the Breathing Easy Podcast. Learn from our amazing line up of medical professionals who all excel in their fields. We'll have you living a happier, healthier, more productive life in no time!
Urban Renström, from asks are you ready to woo, coddle, and keep more clients? In this Swipe File podcast Urban Renström helps freelancers, coaches, and consultants mix the correct amount of email, social media, and content to woo, coddle, and keep more clients. Think educational, money making #ActionStacks you #Swipe and use today. Subscribe and Listen as Urban Renström passionately doles out his strategy fill MBA inspired #ActionStacks on email marketing, social strat ...
Witness our universe in a whole new way! This video series (in 720p High Definition for Apple TV and hi-res monitors) highlights some of the most exciting discoveries from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. In-depth 'Showcase' features, striking 'Gallery Explorer' montages, and other whimsical specials take you beyond the visible to a universe of dust and stars hidden from Earth-bound eyes. Spitzer is the infrared component of the NASA Great Observatory program which also includes Hubble (visib ...
From Star Wars to Saturday Night Fever, to The Godfather and Grease, Annie Hall and Alien, the 1970s was THE decade for great movies. Here at Easy Riders Raging Podcast we're looking back at all the classics of the decade, discussing the films of Scorsese, Friedkin, Coppola, Altman, De Palma and many many more. Aside from our discussions, each episode includes some of our trademark features such as Recastarama (where we recast the film using current actors) and Who Am I (where we work out wh ...
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NITIN MANNA March 30 Tlawngkai Ninga Thutak Ṭongkam Anmah cu Thutak in Na taa siter hngai aw; Na Ṭongkam cu Thutak a si. – Johan 17:17 Tulai kan san ih thusuhnak thupizet pakhat u thuthang an thanmi pawl an ngahnak hrampi hi rintlak le thungai rori an si maw? asilole minung ih duh daan parah ṭhum aw ih an simmi kan phuang so? timi hi a si. Atu ...…
Przerwa na reprezentacje trwa w najlepsze, ale Die Qualitat nie robi sobie przerw! W tym tygodniu analiza reprezentacji Niemiec - ile składów na Mundial teoretycznie mogliby wystawić nasi zachodni sąsiedzi i ile z nich wyszłoby z grupy, a może powalczyło o coś więcej? Co tydzień prosicie o przedłużenie programu więc... tym razem aż 90 minut kąś ...…
Add a little hype to your step this week. This is Unseasoned.FOLLOW US:@unseasonedtv@brandonxochoa@kevinxmarroquin@WranQavelliWhat we talk about when:5:00 Drake Ramone’s long lost notebook 9:30 Frankenstein music11:00 WranQ’s brand of music15:20 Ladies in Seattle rap18:00 GFG Collective21:20 Drake gives mean head25:29 Soundcloud Rap is dead28:0 ...…
After a dry January we discover how one drink has Michaela creating a new publishing year. We manage to hold it together until after the mic is turned off and then we laughed until we cried. Literally. Join us!The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster; The Woman Who Defied Kings: The Life and Times of Dona Garcia Nasi by Andrew Aeilon Brooks; and ...…
Posteno smo ispljuvali 2017. Sta smo pozelili za nas i nase ljude za Novu godinu, i da li ima sanse da budemo kao Svajcarska? Sta je sve obelezilo 2017 za Marka i Zeku. Zeka svira i dere se (peva) Marko pevusi, i smislja gde ce za Novaka... a Novak ispalio Zeku.
Brali Ruští olympionici doping? A berou ho i Ruští politici? A co naši Čeští politici? A co Miloš Zeman, nebere taky něco? Další sezení v Podřipské krčmě, kde se Jirka s Marcele vyjadřují (erudovaně) k současné politické situaci a nejen k ní.
Pan Radek Koten nás ochrání před vším konspiračním zlem zkaženého světa, chemtrails, Ilumináty a také před Radou Dvanácti Bezvýznamných Snad mu jeho snahu nepřekazí nějaká funkční mikrovlnná trouba, nebo jenom trouba. Přejeme mu, ať se mu jeho záměr skoncovat se světovým zlem vydaří a na důkaz toho vyhazujeme jedinou mikrovlnnou troubu z okna n ...…
There is no doubt that the amount of data we have, manage, control and analyse continues to grow ever more rapidly and increasingly this is unstructured data, documents, images, engineering drawings, data that often needs to be stored in one place and be easily accessible.However, this presents problems, how do you get all of this data in one p ...…
“At this point of time, it’s still very much driven by passion. Profit making at this time, don’t think about it. If I think about starting Ette Tea with making it profitable, I wouldn’t have reached what I am today. There’s still more to grow but I’m still not thinking about profit making. It’s still a very passionate thing.” This week on SGN ...…
Fuatilia haki za watu wenye ulemavu nchini DRC. Wanaharakati wanazungumza nasi moja kwa moja kutoka nchini mule.
WALANG BUWAN nang gabing iyon. Madilim ang kapaligiran. Ang mahihinang pagsalpok ng tubig sa bangka ang tanging bumabasag sa katahimikang bumabalot sa wawa. Paminsan-minsan ay maririnig din ang matining na huni ng pag-ihip ng malamig na hanging habagat. Mag-isang namamangka si Mang Edring. Papauwi na siya mula sa maghapong pangingisda at ngayon ...…
Ang lahat ng kailangan mong gawin para pumasok sa Relihiyong Islam at maging isang Muslim ay bigkasin sa tinig na naririnig at ayon sa pagkaunawa at paniniwala sa kahulugan ng sasabihin mo. Ito ay isang salitang Arabeng tinatawag ng shahadah (pagsaksi): "Sumasaksi ako na walang Diyos kundi si Allah, (na nangangahulugang walang sinasamba ayon sa ...…
"I Do It 4 Hip-Hop" Podcast Episode #9 DJ Bugsy was joined by West Philly artist Nuffsaid215. We discussed his visual music project "Throwback Thursdays" and how rap artist Fabolous spar headed the idea for his project. Moreover, we also spoke about Lonzo Ball claiming that "Nas is not Hip-Hop." Lastly, Nuffsaid215 gave insight on how he was ab ...…
Toy Thug Show Episode 25:pickups Star Wars Force Friday •Porgs are a hit Movies Joker origin movie - Scorcese producer, DiCaprio to star???Joker - Harley movie “The Batman” NOT part of the DCEU… or is it…??James Cameron criticizes Wonder Woman Hellboy reeboot - white washing adverted… for now MusicLonzo Ball says Nas is not Hip HopToys Pennywis ...…
20170820_Midstream_17:30_Tiesie_Spore onder die Nasies by kerksondermure Audio
20170820_Midstream_10:00_André_Spore onder die Nasies by kerksondermure Audio
20170820_Hippo_18:30_Morne_Spore onder die Nasies by kerksondermure Audio
20170820_Hippo_10:00_Fanie_Spore onder die Nasies by kerksondermure Audio
Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is a term for a group of problems a baby experiences when withdrawing from exposure to narcotics. It is estimated that 3 to 50 percent of newborn babies have been exposed to maternal drug use, depending on the population and area of the country. In this segment, Dr Steve Liao, MD, Washington University Neonata ...…
In episode 12 we talked about the blonde spy and horrible monsters, found the cheapest milo packs in Singapore and briefly talked about Comic Con and the Wonder Festival Summer 2017. What did we do last weeeeeeeek Z1: Watched Atomic blonde Y1: Ate at Swensen’s because 1⃣-for-1⃣ A1: Found the cheapest Milo packets, watched Mon Mon Mon Monster an ...…
This week’s episode sounds different. We are so sorry for the audio quality, you’ll never guess where we were recording from. This week podcast includes durians, Spiderman and Castlevania. We have a local news, an international news and an intergalactic news. Most importantly the new nasi lemak burger is out! We also realise Earth is middle cla ...…
NORDIC NEWS. This week we deal with the news from week 26-27.Headlines from Week 26-27:Malmö keepd handing out welfare to illegal invaders. agency in Malmö warns travellers - about Malmö. n ...…
NORDFRONT: FRONTIER. A special show this week with degenerate news, uplifting activism and a thrilling guest, Simon Holmqvist party member and writer for Nordfront.Andy and John kick off the show by discussing an excerpt from George Lincoln Rockwell's book ...…
Nordfront Article: FRONTIER. Your favourite most radical Nazi talk-show hosts return for another glorious episode.This week we start off with discussing the poll that we ran a few weeks ago regarding the Anglo vs. Nordic version of the show. We then move on to talking about o ...…
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