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Nath Valvo
Nath Valvo on Nova 6am - 9am every Saturday. If you miss any of the fun, don't stress it, you can always download this daily podcast to get your fix.
Mike, Yoz & Nath
Mike, Yoz & Nath have your Friday afternoon sorted with the news from the entertainment and online world. Join the boys every Friday when they speak to Influencers, On Trends and the best in music, entertainment, performers and comedians from Australia and around the world.
Jimmy & Nath
The Jimmy & Nath Catch Up
Jimmy & Nath
This is Jimmy & Nath’s podcast, with over 83% of people admitting to laughing at least once while listening!
O Man in the Arena é um videocast sobre empreendedorismo e cultura digital apresentado por Leo Kuba e Miguel Cavalcanti.O canal foi destaque na The Next Web (um dos cinco podcasts de empreendedorismo em destaque na América Latina), Endeavor (9 dos melhores podcasts para empreendedores), e Exame (8 canais do YouTube que todo empreendedor deveria acompanhar). As entrevistas também estão disponíveis em vídeo no nosso canal do Youtube (
WTF News Podcast
A comical look at the weird and messed up world news and attempt to disturb my friend Nath sending him to years of therapy
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Friday 25th May 2018: MITCHY McPherson (2:41) The Bin You’ll Be On (9:33 ) Rules 4 The Treadmill (12:40) START: LIVE From THE Treadmill (16:37) Nath's “13 Kilometre Run” Song (20:32) MAGIC WE MISSED (28:18) END: LIVE From THE Treadmill (31:36)
Shirley from Euroa is one of Seany's favourites and she has some tips on the flu, Nath Currie talks sport and The Good Luck Truck was out and about again this week visiting Alan from Tatong.
Deano & Nath cover alot of news in this episode. Formula E with Venturi making a bang with Felipe Massa, HWA entering season 5, 10 year deal with Saudi Arabia and more. We also get a calendar release from the EPCS. Links from the show: Nico Rosberg Drives Gen 2 Car ipace eTrophy on track Electric GT - IPCS Calendar release Social Links: We love ...…
The big ad agencies are falling like dinosaurs, replaced by small, hungry gig economy 'mammals'. But how does a small gig economy worker build a brand when the economy for their services is all about bidding wars and aggregation on curator sites like Upwork and 99 Designs? Nathan Hirsch is the 28 year old CEO and Founder of FreeeUp, a rapidly r ...…
Thursday 24th May 2018: *NSYNC & SHAQ (1:45) INTERVIEW: Barack Obama (5:52) We Can't Talk About It… (9:41) What Did You Win? (12:49)
Wednesday 23rd May 2018: Jack Dyson: CF Awareness Month (1:31) YESN'T OR NO? (7:44) Famous Covers (12:06) Bin You'll Be On (15:01)
Tuesday 22nd May 2018: The Royal Gift Bags (1:36) DONE B4 35 (5:19) Missing ComGames Athletes (8:56) NATH KNOWS: Billboard Music Awards (11:51) Famous Baby Names (17:21)
Monday 21st May 2018: Jim’s Dad Joke (1:24) Michael Keaton I'm Batman (4:45) Gossip Guys: Royal Wedding (11:17) Meghan Markle Swearing? (14:47) The Bin You’ll Be On! (19:18) Don’t Know What You Said? (26:14)
Thursday 17th May 2018: @TheKmartLover (2:48) THE Song Update (6:56) MariNOMO (11:20) The Mute Game (17:27) Heckle Jimmy & Nath (20:25) Yanny OR Laurel (26:21)
Wednesday 16th May 2018: NASA Undies (2:01) Toilet Paper Problem (5:20) Zimbabwean Beer Update (7:42) THE Song (13:14) What Did You Leave In The Cab? (16:05) Who’s Lie Is It Anyway? (0:00)
Moneycontrol News Smriti, in Sanskrit, means ‘remembrance/that which is remembered’. For Ms Irani, the post of the Information & Broadcasting Minister, just like the Human Resources Development Minister earlier, remains but memory. Perhaps memories not remembered too fondly either, considering her exit from the coveted ministry comes in the wak ...…
Tuesday 15th May 2018: Harry Potter Lessons (1:54) Mosquitoes Bites (7:05) The Last Zimbabwean Beer (10:00) Gossip Guys (17:04) The Song Idea (20:54) The Mother Tucker Co-Winners (28:00) Eating Dog Food (33:02)
Monday 14th May 2018: Daniel Ricciardo’s Shoey (1:44) THE CRY GAME (5:40) #Hobart4Honeymoon Update (10:08) PRE-MOTHER TUCKER DAY (13:56) Jimmy’s Driver’s License Photo (18:32) MAGIC WE MISSED (24:31)
Mike, Yoz and special guest co-host David Yang were joined in studio by former CDB member, ARIA award winner and platinum selling artist Andrew De Silva about his career with the boyband of the 90's, his individual career and his tour which he is celebrating the life and times of the music of the late great Prince. Andrew performed purple rain, ...…
Jimmy and Nath 11TH MAY 2018 Know Your Jimmy (2:12) Nath’s Report Card (8:50) Mother Tuckers Postponed (12:00) INTERVIEW: Grant Denyer (15:40)
Jimmy and Nath 10TH MAY 2018 The Non-Versation (2:07) What’s In Your Freezer? (8:08) 600 Movies 1 Minute (10:31) BEVS WITH BEV (13:33) Matching Tattoos (18:17) Thursday’s Mother Tuckers (20:47)
Wednesday 9th May 2018: The No Selfie Rule @ The Met Gala (1:43) The Next Willy Wonka (3:26) NATH KNOWS: Celebrities @ The Met Gala (6:37) MITCHY & Hobart’s Lawn Mower (10:58) Remembering Family Feud (18:06) Wednesday's Mother Tuckers (20:57)
Mike, Yoz & Nath were joined by Australian musician Pete Murray who is about to embark on his Heartbeats Acoustics tour in the middle of the year, and Pete spoke candidly about his music career, the remix of Heartbeats by Pnau and a charity near and dear to his heart.
Tuesday 8th May 2018: Have You Heard of New Zealand? (1:41) The Hip Hipper @ Work (3:36) Beyoncé & Jay Z (6:41) Do You Have To Go RIGHT NOW? (8:41) Your Show, Your Song (10:37) Tuesday's Mother Tuckers (15:23)
Asia VC Cast explores the minds of the experienced venture capitalists and seasoned entrepreneurs to navigate the sophisticated but exciting world of venture capital. Daniel together with a special guest each week present unique perspective and insights to startup investing & fund-raising across different countries in Asia. This week’s special ...…
Monday 7th May 2018: The Massage Story (2:17) The Taste Test (5:56) Hobart4Honeymoon (9:34) Gossip Guys (13:24) 30,000 Big Macs (17:27) Food @ The Cinema (19:46) Monday's Mother-Tuckers (0:00)
Mike, Yoz & Nath with a massive program which included Pete Murray to speak about his upcoming Australian tour called 'Heartbeats Acoustic' which is heading around Australia, and is coming to Melbourne in July. Fletcher Pilon joined us to talk about his late brother Banjo, the skatepark in his honour as well as his music and the new songs he is ...…
Friday 4th May 2018: The Royal Water Robbery, Robbie (1:53) The Water Robbery (3:43) Nollsie Comments (7:26) MITCHY (10:46) The Price Tag Game (12:17) The SHAKE OFF (16:17) INTERVIEW: Andrew Jenner (24:48) What Did You Accidently Say? (30:44) MAGIC WE MISSED (33:50)
Thursday 3rd May 2018: Nath’s Parking (1:59) “Hello” Game (6:10) Sweet Chilly Philly (10:25) INTERVIEW: Jack Dyson (12:15) Saying Stuff Incorrectly? (24:00) Qualifications You Don't Use? (28:34) Rock, Paper, Scissors (31:19)
In case you missed it Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed three rallies in a day as he launched his campaign blitzkrieg for the Karnataka election. He attacked Congress chief Rahul Gandhi for disrespecting ‘Vande Mataram’ accused the Siddaramaiah government of initiating "ease of doing murders" and reached out to JD(S) supremo Deve Gowda by ...…
Wednesday 2nd May 2018: Nath's Parking (1:58) MITCHY (3:43) The Mute Game (7:09) The Hip HIPPER! (10:34 ) Nath's Parking Update (16:52) Grand-Daddy Dickie Wilkins (18:56) Scissors, Paper, Rock (23:51) Sweet Chilly Philly & Nath’s Parking (28:22)
President Ram Nath Kovind to preside over first meeting of national committee set up for commemoration of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi next year.
Designed to motivate the runner in you DJ Rekha lays down classic power dance floor bangers. Also new tracks from Anik Khan with Burna Boy, and Canadians Noy-Z and Selena Dhillon Nachna Nai Onda- G-Company and Ashok Gill Buzz-Aastha Gill, Badshah00:00 - Intro01:34 - Pomp Pomp Tha Music (feat. Tru-Skool) - JK04:12 - Suit Suit - Guru Randhawa fea ...…
Tuesday 1st May 2018: BDay Messages (2:07) The Greek God Game (5:25) 1st Time On Escalator (8:57) Celebrity Encounters (18:23) Barbara Millicent Roberts (21:37) A Nickname A Nickname (24:14) Nath’s Late Birthday Gift (27:21)
Monday 30th April 2018: Sporty Kids (2:11) Royal Baby Names (4:42) Washing Underwear (7:23) Men With Strong Handshakes (9:53) Is Hobart Hipster? (16:26) Producer Mason's Facebook Page (19:44) NATH'S BIRTHDAY & Jimmy’s Gift (22:55)
Welcome to Season 4 of the Devil's Junkie Podcast! Episode 1 Rundown (57 minutes) Ralph Amsden opens up the show talking about Arizona State's most recent basketball commit, Uros Plavsic, and brings in Rivals National Basketball Analyst Corey Evans to analyze the Sun Devils' 2018 basketball recruiting class (4:45). (15:45) Local 2019 Chandler H ...…
Friday 27th April 2018: Meghan Markle's Wedding (1:53) GOSSIP GUYS (4:23) The Middle feat. Jimmy & Nath (8:49) The ‘Is Radio Easy?’ Test (12:18) MITCHY McPherson (19:10) The Hoodie Presentation (24:28) The Meg Movie (30:03) The Gold Boots (36:00) Magic We Missed (43:15) #HOBART4HONEYMOON (45:40)
Tuesday 24th April 2018: Very Unattractive Earn More Money (1:58) The Pope's Hat (4:56) Barack Obama's Letter (7:17) THE Barack Obama (10:39) Stone Stacking Championship (13:52) The Stone Stack OFF (17:00) ALPHABUCKS KIDS: WINNER (21:41) NATH KNOWS: Teen-Glish (26:22) Does Jimmy Need New Undies? (32:58) MITCHY & Calvin Klein Beanie (35:29)…
Mammoth Mike, Yoz & Nath edition including busker and Melbourne musician Daniel Shaw came in to discuss his music, writing his new EP and performed 'Don't Leave Me Now', Scottish comedian Larry Dean joining us to discuss his show 'FanDan' which is in its final days of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Blues musician Shaun Kirk joined ...…
Mike, Yoz & their co-hosts James and Ben Stevenson collectively known as The Stevenson Experience joined us for a chat to promote their upcoming comedy festival, Australian wrestler Carissa Holland joined us for a chat as well. Newton Faulkner joined the boys as well to discuss his new album, and Australian tour including his performances at th ...…
Thursday 29th March 2018: The Nath Eulogy (2:28) Don’t Know What You Said? (5:48) Magic We Missed (9:25) THE BILLBOARD: Cherry Picker (12:47) THE BILLBOARD: Winner (16:41) The Easter Long Weekend (20:00) Jimmy’s Easter Song (23:03)
Archdiocese of Portland Vocations Office The post Episode 120: Fr. Thomas Nathe appeared first on Mater Dei Radio.
In the episode, Nat & Jsu look at how John-Roger (J-R) taught them, as part of their spiritual training, to use dreams. Nat also gives a simple tool that he has been using to loose weight and get healthy. Jsu Garcia is an actor/writer/director/producer including making a documentary on John-Roger's life called Mystical Traveler. Along with Nat, ...…
Wednesday 28th March 2018: Gossip Guys (2:05) World Record Attempt @ Snaps (5:24) WALKIE TALKIES: Re-Name Stuff (9:31) LONG SHOT: Is Your Name Alphonse? (12:38) Nath’s Skydiving Advice (18:29) Are You Good Looking? (23:14) Who Goes Up the Cherry Picker? (26:14) BILLBOARD WINNER (33:55)
Tuesday 27th March 2018: Beyoncé Shopping (1:56) World Record Claps (5:17) The Paddle Pop Lion (9:19) Nath JUMPS Out Of Plane! (11:16) SHOULD Nath Jump? (14:49) BEV & Ball-Tampering (19:35) Microsoft Office World Championship (23:26) Do You Want To Be On A Billboard? (26:01)
Monday 26th March 2018: Cricket Balls (1:49) Jimmy In Trouble? (4:41) Fortune Telling Frappuccino (7:45) PREDIC-A-NATH (10:17) Splitting Bills (12:26) Cricket Balls Part 2 (18:05) AlphaBucks Winner (20:44)
So this week the guys briefly discuss black panther, Mike talks about a message from a king and then Nath goes on an almighty rant about everything wrong with the walking dead. Once the tears have dried up we answer some questions from our old friend Grace (not the racist one). Expect lots of shouting and some terrible mickey mouse impressions. ...…
Mike, Yoz & Nath with a big show including an exclusive chat with former Australian Idol winner, singer-songwriter and author Damien Leith about his new app and CD entitled 'Damien Leith Storytime' and his new intimate shows. Yoz with entertainment including Selena in Melbourne and news on Fifth Harmony's hiatus. Ricki Needs reviewed Pacific Ri ...…
Friday 23rd March 2018: Rod Stewart & Elton John (1:59) Gossip Guys (3:28) Don’t Know What You Said? (7:54) Success at work (10:56) Are you smarter than a 5th grader (14:07) Most Expensive SUV (20:56) Magic We Missed (27:55)
Thursday 22nd March 2018: Madame Tussauds (1:45) Nath’s Bracelet (4:03) The Broken PlayStation (6:42) Who’s Lie Is It Anyway? (11:28) Tennis Ball De bate (14:16) Back Pay Pocket Money (19:13)
Wednesday 21st March 2018: Duck Search (2:02) Jimmy & ADS (4:33) Nath Knows: Spelling (6:49) Gossip Guys (13:08) The Wolfe Brothers (16:08)
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