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React Native Radio
React Native Radio Podcast
From Paris, France, learn the beautiful language of romance! Listen to French native speakers. We propose you a lot of episodes on various subject. Listen to them. Get your ears used to French. You can access the French transcription (French written text) for each episode, the English translation, exercises (audio and text), SRS data… Check what you can have on our website
The Native Plant Podcast
Growing from a friendship forged at the Cullowhee Native Plant Conference many moons ago, this rock star trio has brought podcasting to a whole new level. I'm not saying that's a high level, just a new level.
A live call-in program, engaging noted guests and listeners in a thought-provoking national conversation from a Native perspective. Hosted by Tara Gatewood (Isleta).
Native Trailblazers - FRI'S 8PM EST - Hosted by Mohawk Journalist, Editor and Public Speaker Vincent Schilling and CEO of Schilling Media, Inc. Delores Schilling.
Interviews with Scholars of Native America about their New Books
A unique podcast from an American Indian perspective on current affairs. Join Hosts Michael Kickingbear and David GreyOwl as they present an Indigenous view on American history, politics, and culture, and how it may impact Native American lives.
Native Voice One (NV1) educates, advocates, and celebrates Indigenous life and culture by providing a radio programs from a Native point of view.
Making Success Relatable and Inspirational
Learn French: Listen to native French speakers share their story and passion. Discover a bit of French culture
More stimulating Native Talk Radio! Cliff & Brandon are both registered members of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, and dedicate the show to making Native topics fun & entertaining!
Each episode includes an interview with an individual about their own personal experiences as a Native American.
Native Americans have a culture that expresses the Beauty-way, the land and the Creator (Great Spirit.)These stories, songs and interviews allow you to experience the BlessingWay in a fashion that is totally personal and relevant.The stories flow from Turtle Island, the place of creation. "Turtle Island" is a universal phrase used by all soverign nations to represent the land inhabited by indigeneous Native North Americans. This Podcast was created using
Hosts Lakota Harden, Eddie Madril, Janeen Antoine, Vince Medina, and Morning Star Gali bring you today’s Native issues, people, culture & events.
Native Speaks
Native Speaks is a podcast hosted by Kenny "Klarity", Ryan "O.V." and Ameen where they discuss art, culture and theology from a Biblical perspective while amplifying the voice of the marginalized. Be Faithful, Be Humble, Be a Native.
Restless Native
Restless Native is hosted by Brad Luttrell, the Co-Founder of the GoWild app. We're finding interesting stories and people in conservation, fitness, music, food, hunting, humanity, fishing, entrepreneurship and the environment. While the topics always vary, these people have one thing in common: They're ever restless. Never comfortable. They're Restless Natives.
Accent Reduction Online Tips for Non-native English Speakers
Michael Bailey, Michael McGuire, and Jake Adams talk about mobile software development for iOS and Android.Music:
Talk Like a Native
A new podcast bringing you an English expression/idiom a week to help you Talk Like a Native. Scripts can be found at
Native Spirit provides Native American news, public affairs, and music from across the country. From Powwow music to Native American Church, traditional songs from different tribes, to contemporary style like Rock, Country, Blues, and Country. Native people are producing a lot of music and this show is one of the few they can get showcased on.
Each week this show features a U.S. or international location and uses food and drink as a gateway to explore and celebrate the cuisine and culture of a place. Part travel show, part current affairs, Native explores the nuisances of a place using the eyes, ears and taste buds of farmers, artists, journalists, chefs and the like. Shows on-site in destinations like Vietnam, Turkey and Thailand are common.
If you are a university or high school student of German, please contact us to receive a free copy of our "Mastering German Conversation" Set 1 & 2 courses. This podcast provides audio recordings of vocabulary typical for students of the German language. This is the native speed version. The transcript for this audio can be downloaded from
Native American Culture & History
Online community for Native American Tribes, Native American History, Pow Wows, Native American Culture, Native American Music and Native American Art.
The Native American Flute Music podcast is hosted by Bill Webb. Bill Webb is a composer, performer and singer of original music featuring Native American flute and world instruments. The Native American Flute Podcast includes music from dozens of his published albums from the first release, 'Native American Flute' in 2003 to 'Medicine' released in 2017. New albums will be played on the weekly podcasts as they are released along with the many previous albums. Native American Flute guest artis ...
Native Currents
The biggest stories in Indian Country - a critical look.
The Cloud Native Podcast is all about cloud computing and cloud native application development. It's here to help you learn the reality behind the cloud native buzzwords.
Accent Reduction Online Tips for Non-native English Speakers
Native Voice TV
Native Voice TV hit the airwaves in 2004 and is the only urban based weekly television program in Northern California focusing on the culture of Native Americans and Indigenous People of the Americas. Native Voice TV seeks to provide a voice for Indigenous people to tell of their struggles and injustices that are often ignored by the mainstream media.Native Voice TV has featured the dress, songs, dances, language, arts and crafts of various individuals, groups and organizations in order to p ...
More stimulating Native Talk Radio! Cliff & Brandon are both registered members of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, and dedicate the show to making Native topics fun & entertaining!
21st Century Native Leaders podcast explores the dynamics of leadership among entrepreneurs, entertainers, politicians, and activists.
National Native News is a short podcast that showcases issues important to the Native American Community.
Synthetic Native
Exploring VR and other advanced user interface technologies.
Podcast by The Native Perspectives Podcast
Church of the Nativity message podcasts
Just another WordPress site
Clym Yeobright returns home to Egdon Heath, a scattered collection of houses on the isolated Wessex moors, and is caught up in a "love pentagon" which includes: his cousin, Thomasin Yeobright; the shadowy inn-keeper, Damon Wildeve; the controversial and romantic Eustacia Vye; and the mysterious reddleman, Diggory Venn, whose skin is stained completely red from his work. This work has all the well-known marks of Thomas Hardy: the Wessex landscape, a choice of lovers, a wedding gone wrong, a p ...
This podcast was developed as part of an elementary-level Clark County School District Teaching American History Grant. The three-year grant will fund six modules per year with each module focusing on a different era of American history and a different pedagogical theme. This podcast focuses on Native Americans of the Colonial Era and Technology Integration in Elementary Schools. Participants in the grant are third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers in Clark County (the greater Las Vegas area ...
On Transplants And The Native, We talk all things Colorado… With two of three moving here after school, and one life long native. We will break down Mile High Livin and enjoy this fine state we call home. From what's going on for the weekend ahead to live music in town, bars and restaurant openings... We may even touch on the best happy hour deals around town. We’re like the Rooster but better, because you don't have to read. Of course we wouldn't be Hash Sports without covering all of our b ...
Audio only version of the Cloud Native After Dark (and associated) weekly chat.(Previously called "Cloud Foundry After Dark.")
A Podcast about the life of a married British Asian couple in London by a married British Asian couple in London. Hosted by Swami Baracus & Jyojo B.
Native Plant Garden
History podcasts of Mexico, Latina, Latino, Hispanic, Chicana, Chicano, Mexicana, Mexicano, genealogy, mexico, mexican, mexicana, mexicano, mejico, mejicana, mejicano, hispano, hispanic, hispana, latino, latina, latin, america, espanol, espanola, spanish, indigenous, indian, indio, india, native, native american, chicano, chicana, mesoamerican, mesoamerica, raza, podcast, podcasting, nuestra, familia, or unida are welcome here. If it has to do with the history of America, California, Oregon, ...
Josephine Elizabeth Butler was a Victorian era British feminist who was strongly committed to liberal reforms. As a result of her efforts, international organisations including the International Abolitionist Federation were set up to campaign against state regulation of prostitution and the trafficking in women and children. This book reflects her abhorrence of slavery in all its forms and is particularly pertinent in our world of today. (Summary by Wikipedia)
Native Voice TV
Native Voice TV hit the airwaves in 2004 and is the only urban based weekly television program in Northern California focusing on the culture of Native Americans and Indigenous People of the Americas.Native Voice TV seeks to provide a voice for Indigenous people to tell of their struggles and injustices that are often ignored by the mainstream media.Native Voice TV has featured the dress, songs, dances, language, arts and crafts of various individuals, groups and organizations in order to pr ...
Native Creative
The podcast dedicated to inspiring individuals on their creative pursuits.
Office Native
Discussions, Resources and Topics related to SharePoint and Office 365.- SharePoint Governance- Training & Adoption- Information Architecture- Migration Best Practices- SharePoint Solution Deployment- SharePoint and Office 365Resources and information related to our podcast can be found at:
Digital Natives
A look out how being a Digital Native affects my students academic progress.
Office Native
Weekly episodes on all things SharePoint and Office 365
Join Kim Eierman, Founder of EcoBeneficial!, for useful gardening tips to improve our environment. Kim shares her own tips and interviews some of the leaders in the ecological gardening movement.
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In The Moment ... June 19, 2018 Show 361 Hour 2 Art can be meditation, expression, activism, and escape. It can also be a career. The Oscar Howe Summer Art Institute in Vermillion helps guide the next generation of artists interested in American Indian culture. Internationally renowned artists Jaune Quick-to-See Smith and Neil Ambrose Smith are ...…
Trancripción del podcast en las notas del programa: Para hablar español con fluidez necesitas vocabulario. Necesitas saber algunas expresiones españolas que los nativos usan a diario. Es imposible conocerlas todas pero, algunas se usan muy a menudo, así que, estaría genial si supieras qué significan y cómo usarlas correctame ...…
Trancripción del podcast en las notas del programa: Para hablar español con fluidez necesitas vocabulario. Necesitas saber algunas expresiones españolas que los nativos usan a diario. Es imposible conocerlas todas pero, algunas se usan muy a menudo, así que, estaría genial si supieras qué significan y cómo usarlas correctame ...…
Links National Congress of American Indians Native American Rights Fund American Indian Resource Center Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona- Tribal Leaders Water Policy Council Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest ACRA Ethnography Basics Webinar (Jessica Yaquinto and Dr. Sean Gantt) Contact Jessica; @livingherit ...…
As far as we know, he's the only trainer ON EARTH to win races at 4 1/2 furlongs (at Charles Town) and 4 miles (in the Virginia Gold Cup) this year. Based in Virginia, English native Neil Morris is off to a great start to 2018 with Thoroughbreds of all types. He took some time to talk about his horses, his training philosophies and how he got here.…
Happy Fathers Day! It's the week for dad's but a lot of men were down bad in these streets and we're here to discuss it! Congrats to Dallas Native Errol "Man Down" Spence Jr.on his 1st round KO keeping his belt and undefeated record! Shida Cloud 9 experience that left her down bad, Offset allegedly cheating on Cardi B (again). Trump Meets w/ Ko ...…
Dear Diary, I have finally recovered from a terrible bout of nausea from a rather unsavory drink. I suspect foul play, but I can’t rule out the possibility that the alcohol has simply absorbed some of the rural charm of this place, and my prim, bourgeois tastes were unaccustomed to its… natural charisma. In the course of my recuperation, it see ...…
Julian Acosta is in constant motion. He made up his mind a long time ago. When you dedicate your entire life to the one thing you love the most, forget slowing down, or taking breaks. Amidst a few bumps in the road and some heart-wrenching moments of frustration along the way, Acosta moves forward as if jet-propelled by making music. Acosta rec ...…
Ron Hutchcraft talks about high depression and suicide rates among Native Americans and how ministries are seeking to help these people groups. Foreign Affairs expert David Aikman looks at how mass migration has destabilized European nations.
Making Tents and Making DisciplesActs 18:1-8God are some talents that you recognize in your own life that God's has specifically given you?God can use people who have no intention of being used for good. God often places key people in our lives at just the right time. "There he met a Jew named Aquila, a native of Pontus, who had recently come f ...…
Your ridiculous hosts Jacob Nelson & Chase Smith discuss horror movies, work-place hobos, Al Capone's stompin' grounds near the studio, and Native American scrutiny on this ever culturing episode. The gents try on a new whiskey by High West, as well as a new brew by Crooked Stave and a beer brewed with Carolina Reapers! Settle in and prepare to ...…
BTB welcomes actress Elizabeth J. Carlisle from Urban Movie Channel's The Rich and the Ruthless! A DMV native, Elizabeth talks to us about her career, working with legend Betty White and much much more! Don't miss this exclusive interview!
Basement Art 65 | Guestmix by Knine TsekiDownload: - Artist - TitleChin Chin - Club des Belugas - HeyaDo it Now - OddXperienc - Chronometer Exceptional - Butti 49, Kay - Habit Pt 2 Astralwerks - Miguel Migs - IntoseductionNative Language - Four80East - Don't Look BackARCo - Atjazz - It's CompleteSchema ‎– Fragmentorchestra - ...…
Stwt 103 The Native Howl - Into The Darkness Wheatus- Wannabe Gangster Cane Hill - It Follows Ost & Kjex - Easy (Lehar & Musumeci Remix) ANIMAL HACK - Evil Negatiivist Nuoret - Soitin Pomolle Mara Balls - Ajan Takana Nyrkkitappelu - Voi Pyhä Äiti, Nyt Mennään! Svartanatt - Hit Him Down Ginger Wildheart - The Daylight Hotel…
Cihuapilli Le Beau Rose Amador's guest is Temachtiani Ocelocoatl (Mexica Teacher) on Native Voice TV show. Ocelocoatl speaks about how to teach their young how to become warriors.
Evening worship – 5.30pm Christ’s Holy Conception and Nativity Scripture Reading: Isaiah 7:1-25 Text: Heidelberg Catechism LD 14 ...
In this episode we are honored to have the amazing Danielle Bryan on the show!Danielle 'Mama Dragon' Bryan is a Movement & Meditation Coach currently residing in Phoenix Arizona. She is an Indiana-native who has spent the past 9 years traveling around the world with a path rooted in the service of others & awakening the Inner Power of her clien ...…
In this episode I interviewed Silvia Dell'Amore, Marketing Assistant at Bloomsbury Academic. We have talked about what it is like to look for a job in publishing as a non-native English speaker, the main differences between academic and trade marketing and the importance of networking and gaining knowledge about all the different departments in ...…
On todays DIG YOUR DREAM DAILY DOSE, we share a story of determination and redemption - Brandon Martorano, catcher for the University Of North Carolina Tar Heels, is playing in the College World Series in Omaha this weekend. Hear how one year made a big difference for this New Jersey native!
You are watching Awareness with Antonio T. Smith, JrAwareness the TV show with Antonio T. Smith Jr. aires every Thursday night at 9pm CSTShow DescriptionAntonio T. Smith Jr., President & CEO of ATS Jr. Companies expose the untruths that have kept society unaware, blind and oblivious to what is actually going on around them. Combining metaphysic ...…
Steve Cockram is dedicated to empowering the leader in everyone. He is an international speaker, author, and consultant to top-level executives and leaders around the world. He is a subject matter expert on personality and wiring, organizational leadership, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal communication. Steve is the co-founder of GiAN ...…
Hello Gardeners, I'm Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow . Some yuccas deservedly have the name Spanish Bayonet or dagger because of the sharp points at the ends of their leaves. But we have two native yuccas that are much less threatening and still have beautiful blossoms. Both Yucca filamentosa and Yucca flaccida are smal ...…
Caleb and Brandon from Expresso Boys Podcast collaborate with Randy to make this episode. Caleb and Brandon share the experience of starting and growing their podcast Expresso Boys. We have a discussion with our fellow California natives about the recent Solo movie. You might also find out just how much they know about coffee! Check out The Exp ...…
THIS WEEK // Survey says: We opine on a poll asking Canadians what they think should be done regarding Indigenous peoples. Statistically insignificant: The auditor general does a number on the federal government's glaring gaps in data for First Nations reserves. Doggone DNA: Think you can trust those genetic tests that tell you how 'Indian' you ...…
Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows! This is where we answer our community's wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track! Check out today's questions: Kara: I started your candida and bacteria protocol about 6 weeks ago. All was going well until I stopped using the sacchamices bulardi. I start ...…
So you think stripping kids from their parents is un-American? Really? The "American Dream" was built on slavery and genocide! When a white person says a heinous act is un-American, what they mean is that such a thing would not be allowed to be committed against white people. Slavery was not un-American. It was just wrong for white people to be ...…
This week's stories: A treaty rights victory for Tribes in Washington state; Blackfeet water-rights settlement signed; Puyallup Tribe partners with the Seattle Seahawks to give to charities; The U.S. Open honors first Native American golfer, Oscar Bunn; The Yurok Tribe featured in a new California Academy of Sciences exhibit.Native News Update ...…
We take you to Theatre on the Ridge in Paradise to hear from director & cast of the charming comedy "Enchanted April" about four restless Englishwomen revitalized by their stay in Italy. We also talk with the curator of the Sutter County Museum in Yuba City about the current exhibition of photos showing everyday Native American tribal life. And ...…
confortable – Mot du Jour comfortable – French expression What does ” confortable ” mean? How do you say ‘ confortable ’ in French? How is it pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to me, a French native say it here. confortable – comfortable. Of course, this word seems pretty easy. However, there are 2 things to notice about t ...…
Ruth Milligan is an executive communication coach and trainer. She works primarily with leaders delivering consequential communications and trains in content framing, storytelling, public speaking and executive presence. She is also one of the longest running TEDx organizers in the world with Nancy Kramer, having organized and curated TEDxColum ...…
GitHub's acquisition Microsoft Surface Data Migrate Gem The Checklist Manifesto React Native Expo (for React Native) React Navigation Rails API Only Applications Knock Gem Doorkeeper GemBy Chris Oliver and Jason Charnes.
On today's episode, host Tom Breen talks with Jim Barone, a Hamden native who stars in the new Adam Sandler Netflix comedy, THE WEEK OF. Barone lost both of his legs due to complications with diabetes a few years ago, but is now embarking on an acting career, and is calling one of the most famous comedians in the world a new friend and mentor.…
Pia Mancini joined the show for the first episode back from a nearly 5 year hiatus. We talked about her work at DemocracyEarth, being a mother, her new role as CEO of Open Collective, their focus, supporting ad-hoc community formation all around the world, their revenue and growth plans, and their path to sustainability. Sponsors Hired – Salary ...…
It's been just shy of 5 years since I've published a new episode to this podcast. The break was planned actually. Long story short, I had to focus. If you want to hear the slightly longer explanation, you should listen. Sponsors Fastly – Our bandwidth partner. Fastly powers fast, secure, and scalable digital experiences. Move beyond your conten ...…
Everywhere we look these days it seems like there is someone else screaming about the injustices of the United States. We were terrible to the blacks We were terrible to the native Americans We were terrible to the poor We were terrible to the Chinese Turns out Columbus was a bad person. So was, the way many tell it today, Washington, Jefferson ...…
Are you a professional who has moved to the UK for work? Have you found it harder than you expected to get to know native speakers and to make friends here in the UK? Perhaps you even find it difficult to have any conversations at all in English, apart from the same old conversations with [...]
DigitalOcean: * GitHub coverage coming at the end! * Brian #1: Building and Documenting Python REST APIs With Flask and Connexion Doug Farrell, @writeson, on the RealPython site. Tutorial with example. REST explanation of what REST is and is not Swagger, swagger.yml to define API Use Connexion to incorporate swagger. ...…
The testimony of a JAARS volunteer who was brought to Christ in her native China by visiting Americans giving her a Bible.
Fe del MundoDoctor Fe Del Mundo lead studies that evolved incubators and improved the practices in how we treat jaundice. Her whole life, spanning eight decades, was dedicated to pediatrics in the Philippines"[Del Mundo] humorously relates that when she arrived in Boston and went to the dormitory assigned her in a letter from the director of th ...…
It's part two of our live episode and...Power Rangers! So. Many. Power. Rangers. Also Jeff Goldblum. And the thickness of our accents. Music in this episode: Mallett Bros. Band - “Long Black Braid” (Vive l’acadie) Cam - “Diane” (Single) Mountain Natives - “We Call Each Other Home” (We Call Each Other Home) Tedo Stone - “Before Long” (Summer Sun ...…
Rog and Davo celebrate FIFA's decision to bring World Cup 2026 to North America, break down Russia 2018's opening ceremony, and this year's opening game. Plus, St. Louis-native/USMNT up-and-comer Josh Sargent and St. Louis FC manager Anthony Pulis guest.
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