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Online Nation Gaming Radio
Online Nation Gaming is a vocal Movement. As a Community we want to fix all of the Online Problems within the game NBA 2K Series. I'm The Founder and 100% Owner of the Online Nation and Brand Of The Show. Every Monday Nights at 6pm Eastern Time.Join In 877 497 1811Also Email me at
Welcome to SimNation Radio show where SIM is a lifestyle. Here we will discuss basketball, video-games, life and how they intersect.
3 For The Win NBA Podcast
Weekly review of NBA news and notes from around the league.
Couple Haters Podcast
Tune in to Couple Haters Podcast where 3 childhood friends give their insights on everything wrestling, NBA, movies, and gaming as sometimes we become a Couple Haters!
NBA 2K League Podcast
Discussing all things NBA 2K18 and the NBA 2K League
TSG Podcasts
Multiple podcasts, from different hosts, all concerning TSG (The Sim Gamer). A sim gaming website/group, where players come together who want to play games life-like without little kids. These podcasts cover both Video Game Sports & real life sports as well. From Madden 15 to Fifa 15 to NBA 2k15 and beyond. Enjoy!
Tragedy of Macbeth, The by SHAKESPEARE, William
Murder and madness, witches and war: Librivox presents a recording of Macbeth, perhaps Shakespeare's best known tragedy. Macbeth, a general in King Duncan's army, is given a prophecy by a trio of witches: he himself will become king. Fired by ambition and goaded by his ruthless wife, he murders Duncan and assumes the throne. More killings follow as Macbeth attempts to retain his crown, until he discovers that prophecies are not always what they seem. (Summary by Laurie Anne Walden) Cast: Dun ...
Tempest, The by SHAKESPEARE, William
Banished from his own lands by a usurping brother, Prospero and his daughter Miranda have been living on a deserted island for years, until fate brings the brother within the range of Prospero's powers. Will he seek revenge, or reconcilement? (Summary by Karen Savage) Cast: Narrator – Great Plains Alonso, King of Naples – hefyd Sebastian, his brother – Nathan Markham Prospero, the right Duke of Milan – Bruce Pirie Antonio, his brother, the usurping Duke of Milan – Jason Mills Ferdinand, son ...
Merchant of Venice, The by SHAKESPEARE, William
William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice was probably written between 1596 and 1598, and was printed with the comedies in the First Folio of 1623. Bassanio, an impoverished gentleman, uses the credit of his friend, the merchant Antonio, to borrow money from a wealthy Jew, Shylock. Antonio pledges to pay Shylock a pound of flesh if he defaults on the loan, which Bassanio will use to woo a rich heiress, Portia. A subplot concerns the elopement of Shylock's daughter Jessica with a Christian ...
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Checkmate Arcade Podcast
Though we are sans guests this week, we still try our best to get you caught up on what we've been playing and some fresh news of the week. We also have enough time to rundown the games Coming Soon for July. Some of the games we talk about include Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, NBA 2K10: Draft Combine, Risk: Factions, Alan Wake, Modern Warfare ...…
The HITS Podcast Network
HITS Radio gets locked in discussing the upcoming 2010 NBA Playoffs with Bobby Cey (NYK/Latino Sports Writer), Audley Stephenson ( and DJ Uneeq, as well as having fans calling in for the opportunity to win an NBA 2K10 Video Game (360 or PS3) by answering ALL three (3) NBA Playoff Related Trivia Questions Correctly.…
The Sports Game Guy (Todd Zuniga), Greg Ford, Andrew Fitch, David Ellis,'s Mike Suszek as they discuss MLB 2K10's brief hands-on, Madden's bogus cover athlete selection, the latest on UFC Undisputed 2010, what the Mike Wang NBA Live/NBA 2K situation really means, MLB 10 The Show's online league features, Madden's coming to Facebook ...…
The most XLVIan Sports Anomaly to date features The Sports Game Guy (Todd Zuniga), Greg Ford, Andrew Fitch and's Mike Suszek as they forget, then remember, to predict the Super Bowl using Madden NFL 10, discuss Madden Ultimate Team's issues, Madden 11's cover athlete to be fan-voted, how to win a million bucks with MLB 2K10, why EA ...…
The Sports Game Guy (Todd Zuniga), David Ellis, Greg Ford and Andrew Fitch going at it, as they discuss the front-runners for the VGA Awards, Evan Longoria on the cover of MLB 2K10, the epic suckage of Tecmo's NBA Unrivaled, NCAA Basketball semi-day-and-dated, and Madden Arcade's lineup and new release date. Plus, Fitch's inability to stand on ...…
The Sports Game Guy (Todd Zuniga), Greg Ford and Andrew Fitch day-and-date review Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, discuss which division leading NFL teams they'd prefer to play with in Madden NFL 10, the muckraking truth behind NBA 2K10's NYC billboard, a jersey unlock code breaks new ground, and a pre-review of Tecmo's NBA Unrivaled.…
The Sports Game Guy (Todd Zuniga), Greg Ford and Andrew Fitch as they break news on Madden NFL 10's new Ultimate Team mode, EA MMA's featuring of Strikeforce, NBA 2K10's patch, and the latest pricing for Fight Night Round 4.By Staff.
The Sports Game Guy (Todd Zuniga), Greg Ford and Andrew Fitch as they talk about Madden NFL 10's roster updates, the Steve Phillips MLB 2K10 announcing situation, and NBA 2K10 talking smack about NBA Live 10's update.By Staff.
TSS:The NBA Crossover-Knicks And Nets
In this episode, Pmac returns to discuss with Rusty the pre-season games played by the Nets and Knicks so far. The guys also discuss the warped sense of humor of NBA 2K10, and the potential makeup of the Nets' starting lineup on opening night.
Checkmate Arcade Podcast
We are back again this week to give you the latest and greatest from the world of video games. Listen in awe as we discuss Halo 3 multiplayer, Puzzle Quest, Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Left 4 Dead, Prince of Persia, NBA 2K10, and no less than four PSP games. Plus, we talk about strategy guides and give you our Top 5 Xbox 360 games overall. ...…
CheatCC's Video Game Podcast
This is it: the 100th Podcast! To kick things off we have a first look at the upcoming Wii exclusive Epic Mickey. We also run through a few recent titles like Tornado Outbreak, Aion, NBA 2K10, and more in our Boom and Bust. We also give you a look at the recent film Zombieland - should you see it? In the news Jack Thompson makes news in celebra ...…
The latest Sports Anomaly podcast (episode 131) features The Sports Game Guy (Todd Zuniga), Greg Ford, David Ellis and Andrew Fitch, as they discuss the latest ratings changes in Madden NFL 10, the thrill of Gus Johnson in NCAA Basketball, a half-mast NBA 2K10 day-and-date review, and a quick-like preview of FIFA 10. "I swear if Andrew Fitch mo ...…
The latest Sports Anomaly podcast (episode 130) features The Sports Game Guy (Todd Zuniga) in London, while he chats with nationalists Greg Ford, David Ellis and Andrew Fitch, as the fearsome-ish foursome chat about player ratings in NBA 2K10, NBA Live 10's new Live Run mode, NHL 10's lag issues, and how Pro Evo and FIFA traded places.…
The Sports Game Guy (Todd Zuniga) with Greg Ford, Andrew Fitch and David Ellis, as they discuss Madden NFL 10's season predictions, along with its record-shattering online numbers, plus a mini-preview of NHL 10, FIFA 10, why you should download NBA 2K10's Draft Combine, and the best show on TV.By Staff.
OSD-Obsessive Sneaker Disorder
For Episode 95 we quickly reminisce about what sneakers each Crew Member was either wearing or hunting for! Some of the sneakers listed will surprise you.We drop a new song â??Love for Hip Hopâ?? from KimD850 representing Tallahassee, Florida. Follow KimD at has officially kicked-off â??Wear Them Wednesdaysâ?? a/k/a/ WTW ...…
The latest Sports Anomaly podcast (episode 123) features The Sports Game Guy (Todd Zuniga) along with Greg Ford, as they review Madden NFL 10, Madden Arcade cometh, a quick NHL 2K10 preview, the top new features in NBA 2K10, and the retirement of cyber-athlete Hall of Famer Jeremy Roenick.By Staff.
For Episode 93 our BIG Homie Kadoma had a very successful H-Town Sneaker Summit, and sneaker lovers from many parts of the US showed their passion for sole! If you missed this on, be sure to check out the next event taking place in December 2009. Day Two of filming for OSD's new sketch comedy show â??Just Blame Chadâ?? took place on August 3, 2 ...…
The latest Sports Anomaly podcast (episode 116) features The Sports Game Guy (Todd Zuniga), David Ellis, Greg Ford and Andrew Fitch review Fight Night Round 4, praise the soon-to-release Bigs 2, talk Shaquille O'Neal's impact on the the Cavaliers in NBA 2K10, and praise USA soccer's race for a title that could boost their overall in FIFA 10.…
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