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Online Nation Gaming Radio
Online Nation Gaming is a vocal Movement. As a Community we want to fix all of the Online Problems within the game NBA 2K Series. I'm The Founder and 100% Owner of the Online Nation and Brand Of The Show. Every Monday Nights at 6pm Eastern Time.Join In 877 497 1811Also Email me at
3 For The Win NBA Podcast
Weekly review of NBA news and notes from around the league.
Kue's House
CPL Weekly Radio Show
Couple Haters Podcast
Tune in to Couple Haters Podcast where 3 childhood friends give their insights on everything wrestling, NBA, movies, and gaming as sometimes we become a Couple Haters!
NBA 2K League Podcast
Discussing all things NBA 2K18 and the NBA 2K League
TSG Podcasts
Multiple podcasts, from different hosts, all concerning TSG (The Sim Gamer). A sim gaming website/group, where players come together who want to play games life-like without little kids. These podcasts cover both Video Game Sports & real life sports as well. From Madden 15 to Fifa 15 to NBA 2k15 and beyond. Enjoy!
Productive Insights Podcast
After a corporate career in finance and strategy, that spanned 15 years in large multinational corporations, Ash founded Productive Insights in 2013. Productive Insights helps businesses turn website visitors into loyal customers by leveraging the power of the internet.He holds a CPA (Society of CPAs Australia) and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.His passion is to partner with businesses to create successful online strategies and deliver outstanding results. He's par ...
Xenios Business Talk
Xenios Charalambous started his business journey in 2013 with that helps thousands of people around the world transform their body and lifestyle with his bespoke customised fitness programmes. He also started with his brother that helps hundreds of businesses with their online presence with beautifully designed modern websites, social media management and generation of free traffic with Search Engine Optimisation. Xenios has over 200k followers on Youtube, In ...
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Scott, Josh, and Zach welcome Elijah Grant, a GO Community member and friend of the show. Be sure to join our Facebook Group and check out our web site at Discussed on this episode of The Gaming Outsider Podcast: (0:00 – 11:19) Welcome/Introduction (11:20 – 31:29) News/Trailers (Tomb Raider movie set photos, Starcraft Rem ...…
Kenny Dobbs is a professional basketball player, International Slam Dunk Champion, and the man LeBron James calls "the greatest dunker in the world." He's been a youtube sensation for years, and has appeared on ESPN, Fox Sports, NBA TV, as well as the new TNT show The Dunk King. His spectacular feats of aerial creativity have garnered him spons ...…
The Duality and Hypocrisy (NFL) Podcast
The boys are back with another thrilling episode of The Duality and Hypocrisy (NFL) Podcast! We're back with FREE-AGENCY-PALOOZA... an hour of comprehensive coverage of each teams free agency with Uday's Trailblazing aggregate scoring system- Then, with the teams sorted into tiers, we let you know the true winners and losers of Free Agency so f ...…
Tonight We Welcome the INTERNATIONAL BASKETBALL SLAM DUNK CHAMPION - KENNY DOBBS!! Recognized internationally as the best Basketball Slam Dunk artist in the World, Kenny has toured and appeared with the NBA, Sprite, in the NBA 2K13 video game, ESPN, Fox Sports, NBA TV and has millions of hits on YouTube. Kenny has also founded his own organizat ...…
Join us tonight as our topic is simply the barrage of information released by 2k this week. We will be talking about Crew or what the Crew faithful are calling blacktop 2.0 We will also be talking about 2K14's Feature list We will also discuss the latest information rele ...…
Shut Up I'm Talking - Episode 4 - 2013-08-04 (Visit for links) (The following links are to things we talked about in this podcast) EverQuest website Diablo 3 website EverQuest Next website Portal 2 website Buy "Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch" from Amazon Buy "NBA 2k13" from Amazon Follow us on Twitter: Shut Up ...…
Und wenn du denkst, es gibt nichts mehr, kommt von irgendwo ein GTA-V-Trailer daher… Der lässt uns diese Woche ausgiebig über Rockstars kommendes “Überspiel” diskutieren, sodass die sonstige Nachrichten-Dürre gar nicht mehr so stark ins Gewicht fällt. Eric ist zwar kein Fan der Open-World-Reihe, dafür fallen ihm diese Woche ständig Themen ein, ...…
Radio Free Nintendo
FEATURING: New Business: Mass Effect 3, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Vanquish, Jonny Gets a Vita, Crashmo, and demos. Listener Mail: Virtual Boy on the 3DS, NBA 2K13 Gatorade View, Control options in Wind Waker HD, and will the PS4 launch actually help the Wii U?
FEATURING: New Business: Mass Effect 3, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Vanquish, Jonny Gets a Vita, Crashmo, and demos. Listener Mail: Virtual Boy on the 3DS, NBA 2K13 Gatorade View, Control options in Wind Waker HD, and will the PS4 launch actually help the Wii U?
Join us tonight as we discuss a fantastic article by by Wright Thompson called Michael Jordan has not left the building. We will also discuss Coaching Sliders in Nba 2k13 Are they effective ? Should they be changed ? How do YOU use them ? We will also discuss a ...…
Join Alex and Tigs as they praise and bitch about Sony's PS4 reveal conference, Dead Space 3, NBA 2k13, Crysis 3, The Last Story, Depression Quest and more on this episode of Griefed! Recorded on February 20th 2013.
Join us tonight as we talk about what is working right in NBA 2K13. What do you enjoy ? What aspects do you hope do not change ? We will also be talking hoops as we ask WTF is D'antoni doing and can Nash save the Lakers ?
Join us this week as we discuss the items we missed last week. We will be discussing Rosters and the Updates by the 2k Insider as well as the latest patch for NBA 2K13. We ask the question is another patch needed and what MUST be included ? Lately the call for some users has been to resurrect 2 man animations around the basket to help with cont ...…
WE ARE ALL THE BEST OF FRIENDS! That call each other obscene things a lot. That's normal. It is. More Assassins Creed, Jay Z Balls (NBA 2K13) and some other kooky horseshit. Like Pete Molyneux's kooky 'Confusion'. Or...."inception'......'Frustracity"? WHATEVER, JUS LISSEN. PS Listen all the way til the end. HOLY FUCK. DOWNLOAD! Rant Theory Podc ...…
Were back this week after a short hiatus. Tonight we want to talk about Nba 2K13 roster updates or the lack thereof. Is this a big issue for gamers ? Should it be ? Would competition help ? We will also discuss the Most recent patch for NBA 2K13 and get your thoughts. We will also discuss Royce White. Is he blowing this precious opportunity ? O ...…
Game Changers Radio
Join Shopmaster and MadScientist06 as they host another exciting Game Changers Radio Show. In this episode Shopmaster and Madscientist06 talk about future commissioner and CCM options for Madden 14 that should be taken from NBA2K13. Mad and Shop will update you on their CCM progress as their season progresses past the SuperBowl and talk a littl ...…
Unknown Connection Podcast - Dark Hour Gaming
After an extended hiatus the Unknown Connection Podcast is back! Mike, Matt and Casey are here to talk about Pokemon, Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012), NBA 2K13, Borderlands 2 and Tokyo Jungle. In our second segment we talk about some of the games we are most looking forward this fall that have not been released yet (or just released recently) ...…
Random Nintendo Podcast
The Wii U is less than 48 hours away and the final countdown is on! This episode of the Random Nintendo Podcast features late breaking news just in time for the system’s big launch, including long awaited Miiverse details and first information on Wii U Chat. We also look beyond the Wii U to share our impressions of 3DS must-have Paper Mario: St ...…
IKC & J are back with a lot to talk about this week! The topics this time around include the following: IKC’s Mr. Me Too strategy worked to his advantage in the Weekly Blitz, Atlanta Falcons on their way to an undefeated season, Media’s influence on team performances, LA Lakers: Only Good on Paper or The Real Deal, Black Ops 2 vs Halo 4, Pleadi ...…
A Band of Gamers (ABOG)
Resident Evil 6 leads the guys into a discussion regarding video game reviews and the ABOG philosophy. 0:00:40 Halloween Traditions 0:07:15 Extra Life Follow Up 0:07:42 Burnout Paradise 0:09:45 Journey 0:11:20 Metro 2033 0:15:44 Madden NFL 13 Vita 0:17:36 Dead Nation 0:23:00 NBA 2K13 0:25:40 Rayman Origins 0:27:10 Wii U 0:30:41 Need For Speed M ...…
NBA 2K13 has been out for nearly a month, we break down our loves and hates with Kat Bailey… Download Now Subscribe in a reader
Join us tonight as we bring you our Eastern Conf NBA Preview. We will also discuss Uconn coach Geno-Auriemma's suggestion to lower womens rim's to increase interest in the game. We also plan to discuss NFL Player and professional athletes in general going bankrupt and loosing their money. Unfortunately we will also be talking about the disaster ...…
After a 2 week hiatus, IKC & J are back to business as usual. The topics this time around include the following: Eagles vs Lions, Peyton Manning is a Beast in the 2nd Half, IKC & Wyza Now hit Vegas, Aaron Rodgers is Back, Tigers going to the World Series, Weekly Blitz, How to earn easy VC in NBA 2K13, Rap Beef, Cash or Pass and more. Plus there ...…
Join us this week as we bring you our Eastern Conference NBA Preivew. We will of course discuss the latest and greatest concerning Nba 2k13. Czar will also discuss his thoughts on the O rebounding issue.
The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon
Kumail and Emily sat down to talk with Howard Phillips, who has an impressive resume. He was one of the original workers in Nintendo's first American warehouse, which meant he shipped out Donkey Kong cabinets in his early days, and this led to product testing all Nintendo games, setting up the tips and tricks hotline, developing games himself, ...…
Join us tonight as we begin our preview of the NBA season. We will start off this week talking about the Western Conference. We will of course also be talking about NBA 2K13 and the latest topics of interest to the SimNation. Specifically Czar will talk about the Defensive side of the ball in NBA 2K13.…
Spinning Pile Driver
This week Mike does something completely out of character and buys NBA 2K13, James gets robbed by SEGA, and Mike wants a little Dark Souls in everything. Email us at spdpodcast@gmail.comBy (Mike and James).
Geeks With Color Podcast
In this episode the geeks talk about a bevvy of topics including Q joining the swole patrol, Chicken Mannn scoring that Walter White, Cruel Intentions, Looper, the Rangers western division meltdown, the SFA lumberjack, and NBA 2k13. Bartles & Jaymes, everyone!
Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of NBA 2K13, Torchlight II and World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria...
Show Me Your News
Tokyo Game Show, Wii U Launch Lineup, and Mass Effect Trilogy are discussed. Also, Date a Gamer/Girlfriends and @MingyJongo in the Soapbox segment, Bad iOS Mario Ripoffs is our Hilarity of the Weak, and much more! Super joins us for as long as he can, as he is in the process of moving. This is the first episode from “The DOJO” – the new house w ...…
Andy H, Mike and Dan talk vidyagame sport, with lots of chat about NHL '13, NBA 2K13 and the ongoing PES/FIFA war. Elsewhere, Mike goes mental for Borderlands 2, and the team try to work out what Cliff Bleszinski will do next.
Isaiah is joined by comedians Christopher Darden and Cris Lehman on the show! We talk about renaissance fairs, history lessons from Darden, getting hair cuts these days, comedy shows at Universities, NBA 2k13, the REAL Justin Bieber, and the new male models on the Price is Right.By (Isaiah Gardea).
"We Are Infinite" The panel begins the show marveling at The Rock's "cheat day" meals, we discover that being a wallflower really doesn't have any perks, we discuss if 3D, like sound and colour before it, will eventually be more than a gimmick in motion pictures, and the NBA 2K13 celeb team has the internet outraged. Recorded on October 4, 12 S ...…
Tonight we talk about nba the hits and misses of the nba 2k13 release and since we missed last week get your thoughts on live 13 cancelation.
Tonight on this "Gotta Catch em All" topic-filled edition of G3, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White 2 debut in North America this Sunday! Will you be in line for all the new features and the 3DS mini games that come with it? We'll look back at our memories of the Pokemon series as well. Then, NBA 2K13 has come out, and with it, EA has announced th ...…
The Video Games Show
Well it's time for another live remote as we head down to our local Gamestop for both NBA 2K13 and Resident Evil: Giraffe Fellatio. We make some friends, have some laughs, do some news. Just another VGS-arific live event with Rich and Kraft!By (Rich Bergin and Nick Kraftor).
The Video Games Show
Well it's time for another live remote as we head down to our local Gamestop for both NBA 2K13 and Resident Evil: Giraffe Fellatio. We make some friends, have some laughs, do some news. Just another VGS-arific live event with Rich and Kraft!
PlayStation Nation Podcast
New Releases. News. TGS Discussion. What We’re Playing and Watching. Huge Extra Life update. Review of the Sony Pulse Wireless Headset. Emails. Comedian is Marc Maron. 4:21 - PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 11:20 - NBA 2K13 13:10 - Resident Evil 6 25:15 - Starhawk 56:19 - Gran Turismo 5 1:06:26 - Muramasa: The Demon Blad ...…
This week we will tackle the secret wrapped inside of an enigma that is Nba Live 13. We will also get into the latest information available from Nba 2K13. We will briefly discuss the demise of the 10 teams and 10 days pre release video series. Czar has a few things to discuss in the barbershop including facebooks latest attempt to make public y ...…
Tonight we talk about all the NBA 2K13 Information released this week. 2K everywhere, Myplayer talking with GM's and what do Myplayer peeps want to see from the AI in Nba 2K13 ? We will also discuss sig skills and they question of wether 5 is enough or too many.
Tonight we talk about the leaked NBA Live 13 footage and the response and speculation concerning it. We will also talk about your reactions to the latest NBA 2K13 Video on gameplay part 2. We also hope to have 2K teamup member Shakedown 2012 on deck to share his thoughts and answer questions. I also want to talk about this Jon Jones Dana White ...…
The Bulls Show
Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more news & notes to discuss during these dog days of summer, the guys are back with Episode 10 of the Bulls Show. Listen in as Mitch & Nillz set their 2012/13 season expectations for each player on the current roster and give their thoughts on the US team’s continued pursuit for gold. Who should have ...…
Gotta catch’um…err link’um all in Pokémon Conquest! We also talk NBA2K13, FIFA 13, and Nintendo learning about the Internet. These stories and more need your help to be downloaded.By Second Opinion Games: Podcast.
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