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How To Stay Positive In Negative World
MP3 Audio Teachings by Andrew Wommack.
Negative World Podcast
A Nintendo-focused podcast from the community. Every two weeks, expect a critical and in-depth discussion about Nintendo- or video game-related topics. The topics can touch any of Nintendo's franchises: Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Wii Sports, Donkey Kong and more. We also discuss every Nintendo system: NES, Super NES, Game Boy, N64, GameCube, Wii, DS and 3DS.
Negative World Podcast Enhanced
A Nintendo-focused podcast from the community. Every two weeks, expect a critical and in-depth discussion about Nintendo or video game-related topics. The topics can touch any of Nintendo's franchises: Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and more. We also discuss all Nintendo systems; NES, Super NES, Game Boy, N64, GameCube, Wii, DS, 3DS, and the Wii U.
Intentionally Positive Project
A positive spin in a negative world.
Surging Forward Podcast - A Podcast Devoted to the Working Class
Common sense for the everyday worker! Creating a Positive you in a Negative World to Keep you Surging Forward. Career tips for the Electrician, HVAC tech, Plumber, Contractor,other Tradesman or blue collar worker to help you become successful and stay motivated to achieve your goals
Faith Positive Radio: Increase your Faith with greater Joy at work so you Love God and others more!
Welcome to Faith Positive Radio with Dr. Joey Faucette, the Christian business coaching conversation that increases your faith with greater joy at work so you love God and others more. Dr. Joey interviews Christian business professionals just like you to discover the keys to their having faith in their work in a negative world. These interviews air on Thursdays. Dr. Joey is the #1 best-selling author of Faith Positive in a Negative World and creator of the "7 Weeks to Faith Positive Coaching ...
Adult Bedtime Stories
Welcome to Adult Bedtime Stories – Are you ready to experience Nocturnal Emissions. Join us in a Sex-Positive Awakening adventure to help create a sex-positive world. Become part of a movement and start living a sex-positive lifestyle free of sexual shame and guilt. Adult Bedtime Stories is A Raven’s Lair Production. Adult Bedtime Stories is a show dedicated to bringing sacredness back to our sexuality and to learn about everything sexual. Allow the beautiful sexy creature within you to emer ...
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How can we stay rationally positive in and increasingly negative world?
Ladies Ministry of Southern Hills LV's Podcast
Learn how to turn negativity into a positive life through humor, scripture, and a grandma's experience.Session taught by Sandie Stevens
We live in a predominantly negative world. People easily gravitate towards the negative aspects because that’s what they’re used to. So when you employ a consistent pattern of positivity, people tend to think there’s something wrong with you. Like you’re full of shit. Why? Because they can’t comprehend why you’d be so happy. Fuck them. Seek hap ...…
Recorded live at Innovation Church on August 6th, 2017.
Surging Forward Podcast - A Podcast Devoted to the Working Class
Being a good leader means that sometimes you have to deal with those that are easily offended. When is the right time to ask questions? Should you call someone out when they do something wrong? Do you get upset when someone calls you out? These are but some of the questions we address in this podcast as we help you to Keep Surging Forward. Whet ...…
FitFluential Radio - The Intersection of Health, Wellness and Fitness
Gary Vaynerchuk is a man known to build not buildings but businesses. Just after college, he was able to elevate his family’s wine business from being a relatively small $3M to a whopping $60M business in just five years. He currently runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s most popular digital agencies. He’s also what you call an angel investor o ...…
Being positive brings God's blessingsBy admin.
The Tangent
The Tangent - 117: Shyamalaned Shitty rants aside and a lack of breakfast the Tangent continues this week with a selfish opening pick by Gary... Himself. He's still waiting on his PC, but he finally purchased a desk. Dante's Inferno is a hack n' slash God of War-type game that Gary played for about an hour and a half. Then he talks Injustice. A ...…
A talk and book signing with Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed April 29, 2017 at Northwest Indiana Islamic Center The Audio Yasmin Mogahed – Staying Positive In A Negative World appeared first on Muslim Central
A talk and book signing with Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed April 29, 2017 at Northwest Indiana Islamic Center The Audio Yasmin Mogahed – Staying Positive In A Negative World appeared first on Muslim Central
Everyone is different, everyone communicates differently and receives and processes differently. Understanding people is important not so that we can put them in a mental box and judge them, but so that we can better understand, love and serve them. Today we talk about another personality test, one that is less known but very interesting (at le ...…
Negative thinking can really hinder us from doing what God wants you to do. What if we could see the world in a new way? In a way where circumstances of life do not govern how we follow Jesus?By admin.
Fatherhood for the Rest of Us - Father | Dad | Dadpreneur | Mindset | Transformation
What an intense interview this is, we covered so much ground and we had a lot of fun doing it as well! Chad is a wealth of fatherhood knowledge and shares a number of things with us, topic excerpts below. He was also kind enough to share a couple of family recipes! Images attached. I hope that you enjoy this one as much as I know that I did! Ma ...…
Today marks a very special day in negative world podcast History. It marks the Special 100th episode In the podcast! Stephen (drfinkelstein) is joined by his podcast co-host as usual, joe (ninsage). To celebrate the milestone, He and ninsage Elected to do a bit of a clip show. Lame in some circles but not here! A Selection of over Ten episodes ...…
Anthony Metivier's Magnetic Memory Method Podcast
Home is where the heart is, right? Judging by my inbox and all the pains and frustrations with memory I hear … Maybe not. I mean, think about it: You pour all that hard-earned money into rent or your mortgage, and yet … You’re Living In A Memory-Toxic Dump! It really doesn’t matter how much you like your home. If you don’t set it up for memory ...…
Bombshell Business Podcast with Amber Hurdle
In this episode Amber Hurdle interviews Michelle Moore, author of Selling Simplified, who shares powerful tips and tools to successfully sell at a high level while walking in your God-given purpose. By the end of this episode you will learn how to significantly increase your sales by fearlessly following up with prospects, closing the deal at f ...…
Career CPR Book “Breathe in peace, breathe out stress. Relaxing can bring relief to much of what ails you. In our stressful and often negative world, your decision to make relaxing a priority will help you navigate, handle, and minimize stress. Doing so will positively impact your health, well-being, and happiness.” ― Susan C. Young Do you ever ...…
Strength Through The Struggle
Master McNeill has seen his fair share of struggle in his 75+ years on the planet. He's had polio, was orphaned as a young child, and has battled cancer more than once. However, every struggle in his life has led him to where he is today. Master McNeill is a highly decorated martial artist. In this episode, Mark and Dave discuss happiness, the ...…
The Mixed Marvel Arts Podcast
The Mixed Marvel Arts Podcast hacks and slashes its way through the critically acclaimed movie Logan! Brian and Shaun debate the subjectivity of the reviews for Hugh Jackman's final turn as Wolverine. While both hosts are in agreement that the movie and character were long overdue for a bloody rampage at the box office, they differ on what make ...…
Surging Forward Podcast - A Podcast Devoted to the Working Class
Hello and welcome to the surging forward podcast where we are creating a positive you in a negative world. I want to give a special welcome to you if this is your first time listening. This is a show that provides workforce training and tips to help you excel as we continue to stay positive Read More…
Who drives you up the wall? Gary joins us today to share his perspective on the fault finders of the world and unfortunately now and then of our world. They would likely find reasons to criticize the tooth fairy. Fault finding is their stock and trade and they always, yes always find something or someone to pick about, someone or something for ...…
Elora Road Christian Fellowship
Hope is a word of optimism and expectation that looks forward to a promising future, yet multitudes of people have lost their hope. God created us to live with purpose, working toward goals with a sense of anticipation for things to come! Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”—this is the LORD’s declaration—“plans for your welfare ...…
Hello, new episode and new(ish) format! In an ever present effort to be more posative, in an increasingly negative world, we will now start episodes talking about stuff we are excited for! Will these things become fodder for future episodes? WHO KNOWS! The main topic of conversation on this episode is Marvel's "Doctor Strange". This 2016 film w ...…
February 15th, 2017Pastor Justin
In essentially the sequel to Episode 98, Stephen (DrFinkelstein) hosts solo in a show all about the Nintendo Switch! This episode features a guest who hasn't been on in years! That guest would be JK (J.K. Riki). With him is a classic podcast guest, Jamie (PogueSquadron)! At the top of the show the gang discusses the Nintendo Switch Presentation ...…
Earn the Right to Live Your Dreams
It seems like there is so much negativity in our society today. We are bombarded with messages that tend to pull us away from a mindset that would allow us to achieve our goals. Yet I say this and know that it is not entirely true. Well, at least not about the part about the messages pulling us away from our goals. The truth is that we ultimate ...…
Happy New Year faithful listeners! Joe (Ninsage) and Stephen (DrFinkelstein) are back for more! 2017 has already brought a lot of change and more is yet to come. One of the most notable changes is the change in the console cycle for Nintendo, with the Nintendo Switch. We're here to talk about it, and there is a LOT to discuss. This episode feat ...…
Have you ever heard a woman in a lot of pain do a podcast? If you listen to this then you could answer yes. In this weeks episode we talk about our New Years resolutions and Hanna snaps at Zach because he interrupted her...again. Hanna recommends: La La land Zach recommends: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less Posi ...…
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