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A special delivery of ‘UNderdogStuff®’ podcast: UNderdogs’ perspective on the "Un's" of politics, culture, and our personal lives. Covering, commentating, and coaching the UNavoidable, the UNjust, the UNlisted, the UNbelievable, the UNstoppable, the UNinhibited, and more UNderdogStuff®.The podcast is recorded live on the FM airwaves of WHCR 90.3 FM NYC radio station and Facebook Live ( UNderdogStuff® Team: Gregory Nesmith - Entrepreneur, Business Consultant & Leade ...
A monthly Monkees Podcast! We cover everything Monkees!
A Docu-series about The Monkees
Weekly retirement guidance from Middle Georgia's Bill Danner and Daniel Nesmith.
Each week, we gather as "loving community for bold exploration." These messages help us engage with God and one another along the way. Join us.
Cole, Talking
Cole is a actor, speaker, musician, and creator and the Executive Director of the Creative City Project. In this podcast, he shares the story of IMMERSE and lessons entrepreneurs can learn about building their own creativity and business.
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Devin Nesmith talks about Consistently Persistent in The Fitness Blitz Podcast. Devin was born in Nesmith, South Carolina. At an early age, he moved to Italy due to his parents being in the Military. He had a very structured upbringing which allowed him to excel in both academics and sports (thanks to his Mom & Dad). After he graduated at 16, h ...…
Love with abandon and be freed from the pressure of having to get it all right. This frees us into the abundant life we’re created to live. - Cole NeSmith
Donna Jean Godchaux sang background vocals on recordings by Elvis, Percy Sledge, Neil Diamond, Boz Scaggs, Cher and many others before becoming a member of the Grateful Dead. She stayed with the band throughout the 70’s before embarking on a solo career. She’s a member of both the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Her ...…
The International Bar-B-Q Festival in Owensboro is just around the corner, and host Don Wilkins talks this week with festival chair Sharon NeSmith and Bill Glenn, team leader of the Our Lady of Loudes Catholic Church Cooking Team.
Michael Nesmith stops by the Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe for a little chat.
Jim and David talk about learning tools and how things have changed over time. What's your favorite learning tool? Deathwish Coffee: Rocksmith 2014: https://r ...…
Florida has closed primary system. That means voters can only cast a ballot in the primary election for their own party’s candidate. But when the winner of that primary does not face an opponent in the general election, it opens up the primary to all voters regardless of party affiliation. There’s a way to close up that open primary though, whe ...…
Pastor Clay NeSmith
Pastor Clay NeSmith
S+T Orbit 34 - Mixed by Martin Lovegrove00:00 - Jonny Nash - Maroon Crisp 05:50 - Stevie Wonder - Rocket Love 08:50 - 4Hero - Universal Love 13:22 - Mistah Bohze - The Boy from Outer Space 18:00 - Outside - Sketchbook of a Voyage 28:40 - Dam Funk - Junie’s Transmission 30:15 - Garrett - Home 34:10 - Carl Hudson - The Mysterious Dance of DNA 39: ...…
Pastor Clay NeSmith
UNstoppable guest Kevin Y. Brown stops by to talk about how millennial entrepreneurs can hustle forward! Kevin shares the 10 “C’s” of Entrepreneurship and more! Stay Connected: Kevin: Gregory Nesmith: https://ww ...…
Pastor Clay NeSmith
Let's redeem the options God has placed before us as the gift he intends for them to be. -Cole NeSmith
We can get into ways of thinking and operating that don't work for the long haul. As a leader, it's essential to rethink what you're doing and how you're doing it. Also, a potentially exciting opportunity for us to pitch IMMERSE from the Creative City Project to a new Gimlet Media Podcast!
Sustainability. Growth. Innovation... they're the result of our ability to forge relationships outside ourselves. This has been the bedrock of the growth of our organization and our event.
Part of starting things from scratch means not getting paid for your time at 100% of its value. If that's what you want, go work for someone else. That's honorable and noble. But if you're starting something, press through. The better your product, the more your grow will look like a hockey stick!
Your customers have a point of view, and knowing that point of view is the key to connecting. Perception is EVERYTHING! Here's how to understand, build a bridge, and take your customer on the important journey of connecting.
We work with companies everyday who are throwing their money away. And we used to do this same thing. But as we've shifted our own focus, we've learned this valuable secret that brings HUGE engagement and exponential results for us and our partners!
I am so grateful to have been included alongside so many friends in Orlando Magazine's "50 Most Powerful People." It's a huge honor, for sure. And I don't take it lightly. BUT, there's a reality behind being a "powerful person" that's much bigger than one person attempting to do stuff.
Sometimes we win by turning the system on its head. It's easy to think competitively, but sometimes there's an entirely different way of doing things. More lessons on the road to building IMMERSE from the Creative City Project.
I love doing good. Everything we're doing at Creative City Project is about building community. But I was always asking the question, "What can we get." But we should have been asking a totally different one.
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