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Empty Nesters
Claudia and Jill, longtime friends AND empty nesters, chat with guests about life and all topics (film, television, travel, health,diet etc.) of interest to the baby boomer generation!
Daniel Nester's Shadercast
Writer, teacher, husband, dad, Queen fan, inappropriate, dilletante flâneur, Shader.
Jud Nester's Podcast
Sisters Emily P Freeman and Myquillyn Smith, thier dad Gary Morland, and friend Brian J Dixon, give practical help and direction for writers of hope. You want your writing to help people and give hope, and we want to help YOU and give YOU hope! Maybe you’re a beginner stumped with questions about your next steps. Or you’ve been writing for a while but feel you need some clarity in why you write. Maybe you want help to live the life you’re encouraging others to live, without feeling like a ph ...
Beyond 50
Beyond 50 Radio is a weekly and educational talk show for Baby Boomers for the Pacific Northwest. Based in Portland, Oregon, it has been on-the-air since 2004. Hosted by Daniel Davis, he interviews best-selling authors, celebrities, experts and visionary leaders from all over the Pacific Northwest. You can also hear from our local sponsors who like to educate so that you can be a savvier consumer. For more, visit and sign up for our e-newsletter.This Podcast was created ...
Podcast – City Living Guide
Loving Your City Life
Midlife Schmidlife
Midlife Schmidlife is a podcast hosted by Liz Applegate, a Midlife Empowerment Coach, multi-passionate midlifer and empty nester. Join Liz as she interviews people over the age of 40 who are redefining midlife, discovering new passions and going after their dreams. Join Midlife Schmidlife as inspiration to turn your “maybe someday's” into today.
Oxygen365 by Stronger Families
Oxygen 365 podcasts bring you the most current relationship advice, suggestions, and practical ideas available. This is advice you can act on right now, tonight, tomorrow…or whenever you need it the most. Get ready to join our host, Noel Meador, as he interviews the top relationship authors, speakers, and experts each week. These interviews can help you grow, get through a trouble spot, or make an already good day great! Whether you’re dating, engaged, newly married, or empty nesters, you’re ...
Swagger And Soul
Two British sisters go to live in Stoupa, Greece for six months. They are both empty-nesters seeking to transform their lives.
Getwell Church - Southaven, MS
Getwell Church is nestled in Southaven, MS just 10 minutes south of Memphis, TN. We are a multi-generational body of believers that struggle with life's challenges, temptations, and tribulations. Whether you are a single adult, empty nester, family of 10, retired and loving life, or simply searching... Join us and we'll share life together.
Our Redeemer - Tigard, OR
Our Redeemer is a mix of people – some lifetime Lutherans, others new to this (or any) faith; singles, young families, empty nesters and retirees; native Oregonians and transplants.We share a desire to learn and grow in our faith; and express that faith through our worship, our service to one another, and our service in our community and the world.Officially we are part of the Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod.
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Mom-to-Mom Radio Show – Ultimate Christian Podcast Radio Network
Welcome to Mom-to-Mom Radio Show! Your time of encouragement mom-to-mom! A very warm welcome to Mom-to-Mom Radio Show! Join Cindy Rushton as she introduces you to the vision for Mom-to-Mom Radio Show and unveils what you can expect from each and every show. If you are not familiar with Cindy Rushton or Mom-to-Mom Radio Show, you are in for a bi ...…
There are many plans families have when it comes to retirement. Part of that cycle is usually going through empty nesting. When that happens could it trigger a very smart real estate move. In today’s episode Shane walks through a possibility that should be considered by everyone going through that empty nesting. What’s Stopping You from Listing ...…
We all want “our” home. Some want it so badly that they find a way to design and build their dream. Even fewer hire a designer to create a unique reflection of who they are. This very special Home Page focuses on a real life scenario where a homeowner and a designer joined forces to build a place to live in New Haven. Both will be in studio to ...…
Steve Preston is Marc’s expert guest in this episode. Recognized as The Career Catalyst, Steve has transformed the lives and careers of thousands of people. Following a successful management career, Steve turned the opportunity of ‘redundancy’ (British for layoff), into a springboard, to achieve a very different working life. By exercising choi ...…
Tom Matt's Boomers Rock Talk Show
“Paying It Forward” Sherry Dunn – Episode 589 I love talking about helping young people, and we discuss this a ‘TON’ on this episode, as Sherry Dunn, but we talk about a lot more than this. Sherry talks about her personal health issues with Crohns disease, becoming an empty nester syndrome, vision boards, triathlete, yes we talk about many topi ...…
What do you when are nearing an empty nest and you realize you may have lost touch with the girl in you? What do you do when your husband tells you he’s struggling with pornography? What do you do when it takes more than a positive personality to move forward? We dig into these topics and so much more today with my friend, Tammy Franklin. Tammy ...…
Home Decorating Podcast | Features HGTV Shows Like Fixer Upper, Home Town and Listed Sisters | DIY Remodeling and Interior Design
Welcome to episode 5, Kathy and I break down Season 1 Ep 5 titled "Cottage Charm" on the Home Town HGTV Show. Ben and Erin Napier create a restore a 1901 cottage-style house for two empty nesters returning to small town life. This episode features Coy and Kenya Rice, and they choose a more simple home in a neighborhood going through a revitaliz ...…
Tom and Kris Camping Podcast, RVing and Tent Camping
What happens when life gets too hectic to camp? That’s what the camping through chaos episode is about. Don was 4 1/2 when our twin daughters were born. Our small popup would easily sleep all of us, but life was hectic. We both worked full time. We also had a brand new house that needed a yard. There were walls to paint and other new house proj ...…
Check out the 20th episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast series, "Why Phosphorus is Leaving the Farm and What to Do About it," brought to you by Montag Mfg. In this episode, we welcome Joe Nester to talk about why he thinks we're seeing more problems with phosphorus runoff and what growers can do to keep the nutrient from leaving their fields.…
Some pretty traumatic things happened to Angie Conquer in 2016. She had hip replacement surgery, her father died, there were some health scares with her grandson, and even her daughters were going through some serious life events. So, when the law firm she had worked for over 16 years gave her an early retirement package, she couldn’t resist se ...…
Where are we going to live in retirement? At least half of us are going to move. We move for various reasons. Some of us are downsizing because we are now empty nesters. Aaron Hendon, a Seattle Realtor, real estate investor and author shares his tips on finding the right realtor for you.
James Dickson chats with WRC driver Hayden Paddon ahead of Neste Rally Finland. Image Courtesy of Hayden from his Facebook Profile. Check him out on Instagram @haydenpaddon
Legalism and Grace From ancient Israel, to New Testament Pharisees, to priests and monks in the Medieval Church, to modern day North American Christians – legalism can definitely spread its roots in the church. Legalism can make it seem as though godliness is a super disciplined life. Marci Preheim, our guest this week, felt this way growing up ...…
AlbuCrazy : A Podcast About Albuquerque.
In this bonus episode, we talk to local "Nester" Wolfstar. What is "nesting"? What's with the name? A denim fetish? PLUS Ann and Tito talk brushes with incest and foreskin coins. It's pandemonium. Enjoy!
Neste Rally Finland Clerk of the course, Kai Tarkiainen, dropped in to give us the low down on what it takes to make one of the fastest stages on the World Rally calendar happen.
Outspoken Voices - a Podcast for LGBTQ Families
It's high school graduation time, so on this month's Outspoken Voices podcast we quiz a two parents about their experiences as empty-nesters, as their kids grew up and headed out into the world.
In this episode of the Journeywomen podcast Bible teacher Amy Ward, an empty nester, cancer survivor, writer, professional crafter shares about the Inductive Bible study method. Amy and her husband live in Columbus, GA, which is where I connected with her a few years back. She taught me so much about studying the Bible and how to communicate it ...…
Famed Speedrunner Player One joins us to read Metroid and discuss games and jokes and many things that make us fall in love with his voice. We get him to read the Nesters so look forward to that! The power boys get into the many problems with Buffalo. All kinds. And not everyone loves Super Metroid but we love making jokes at Samus' expense. Mi ...…
Calgary's THE SHIVERETTES are on the show, live from a traffic jam! We get some solid keg stand advice, signing other band's T-shirts, karaoke strategies, and the time they ate spite burgers with the LAPD! Plus they pick some stuck-in-traffic classics to play! We play these tunes: The Shiverettes - Single - Stephen Harper Suck My Dick The Shive ...…
On the Front Porch with Jamie Bloom, Wed. May 31: Derek Nester
John Ray, Tina McKenna, Chris Miller, Carrie Roeger, Mike Sammond Tina McKenna/McKenna Media Group McKenna Media Group does all the things that a large ad agency does, but with the intense focus of a smaller agency… without the overhead. Their BIG agency talent (over 75 years plus combined experience) provides strong conceptual thinking with to ...…
I’m wishy washy about improv class showcases. On the one hand, if the point of going through classes is to learn to do performance-ready-level improv, then it seems sadistic to make 101 students “put it up on its feet.” But on the other, nothing informs an improviser like improvising and all it entails – collaborating to build something out of ...…
Money May continues and it's time to put your adult pants on. The future is creeping up on all of us. If you've been avoiding thinking about it, it's time to get serious about retirement and your goals. The Future Happens With Or Without You Some of us put off worrying about money for a long time. When you're in your twenties and thirties, reti ...…
Listen Money Matters! A Personal Finance Show on How to Invest Simply, Crush Debt, Budget Like a Pro, Build Better Money Habits, and Productivity
Money May continues and it’s time to put your adult pants on. The future is creeping up on all of us. If you’ve been avoiding thinking about it, it’s time to get serious about retirement and your goals. The Future Happens With Or Without You Some of us put off worrying about money for a long time. When you’re in your twenties and thirties, reti ...…
Listen Money Matters! A Personal Finance Show on How to Invest Simply, Crush Debt, Budget Like a Pro, Build Better Money Habits, and Productivity
Money May continues and it’s time to put your adult pants on. The future is creeping up on all of us. If you’ve been avoiding thinking about it, it’s time to get serious about retirement and your goals. The Future Happens With Or Without You Some of us put off worrying about money for a long time. When you’re in your twenties and thirties, reti ...…
Listen Money Matters
Money May continues and it’s time to put your adult pants on. The future is creeping up on all of us. If you’ve been avoiding thinking about it, it’s time to get serious about retirement and your goals. The Future Happens With Or Without You Some of us put off worrying about money for a long time. When you’re in your twenties and thirties, reti ...…
Inspire Nation | Daily Inspiration - Motivation - Meditation | Law of Attraction | Health | Career | Spirituality | Self-Help
If you’ve ever wanted more peace and happiness in your life, even when you’ve lost baseline, or things feel flipped upside down, or in boxes for that matter, then do we have the make peace with anything, integration blues show for you! Today we’ll talk about finding peace in the chaos, and discovering happiness even in the midst of change. We’l ...…
The Andy Savage Show
In this episode, Andy talks with recent "empty nesters" Ed and Jenna Lindsey, about their UnEmpty Nest.
My brother memorized the poem “Jabberwocky” when he was a teenager, and I thought that was so cool. At the time could not think of anything to memorize other than “The Purple Cow,” so I decided to copy him. I memorized “Jabberwocky” with its Bandersnatch and the slithy toves and that vorpal blade. I thought I was so cool. Not long ago I heard N ...…
In a bumper edition, Will Cooling and special guest Myles Nester Harwood discuss Labour's taxation policies, the problems with their approach to nationalisation, why the opinion polls are probably wrong, and who the stars of the campaign. Will also has a tangent about Labour's immigration woes.
Your Livable Garden
Fire ant mounds. They pop up out of nowhere. One day you have a clean, clear entry into your backyard, and the next morning you have an entire infantry of fire ants. Shawn and Blinda enlist the help of Dr. Paul Nester of Texas A&M University to learn more about when you can expect to find these critter's homes and more interestingly, why.…
Bekah shares some news on Trump's firing capabilities. She also tells us how to get free Wendy's chicken nuggets for a year and she explains "Millensplain." Betty Rock talks about a news music group you shouldn't check out and ends it with quotes celebrities received from their own mom.
A Generational Lift class with a continuing study of 2nd Peter 1:1-15 Download Class Notes
Sage Rouge plays the part of Asterixxx the hobot in an organization called SCROTUM the Sacred Coalition Responsible For The Total Unfunkification of the Multiverse. Sage also pays saxophone in Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes as well as a funk band called In Business. The latter s newest recording is a concept album about space shenannigans, p ...…
Life, Money and Hope with Chris Brown
Tara doesn’t understand why she should pay off her mortgage. Marti wonders if she needs life insurance now that she is an empty nester. Tracy needs advice on how she can teach her college sophomore to take responsibility for his life and finances.Today’s featured Scriptures include Genesis 15:5–6 and Matthew 26:31–32.Would you be interested in ...…
For Regina Ruppert, it’s not easy to separate work and home life. She and her husband, Lee, opened Serenity Valley Winery outside St. Louis in 2006. Since 2011, the winery has been run from their property in Fulton. “Never in a million years would I have dreamed of this, but the year our daughter graduated...I became an empty nester, turned 50 ...…
Nesters / Whistlers The topic in this podcast will be fueling, recovery, and staying healthy for the long haul and Bruce Stewart, from Nesters Pharmacy Market and Wellness Centre, will chat about how Nester’s Whistler provides all your day to day needs. The Interested in knowing more about Ally Johnson and her fight to end poverty by cycling fr ...…
Big thank you to Bill and Robbin of Vintage#18 for stopping by! ^^Episode Audio/Post Is Live - Click Above (might take time to buffer/load, refresh page if you have any issues)^^ Podcast: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, PodBean, PlayerFM, or THIS URL in your app of choice FROM TODAY'S SHOW MUSIC Fuss by Monday Mistress (Hard Rock/A ...…
Join the HG101 Nester lookalikes and special guest Guru Larry as they discuss jet-belts versus jet-packs, sexy car magazines, and P-L-A-S-M-A!! Two more games are added to the Top 47,858 Games of All Time. Donate at and you'll get even more great HG101 content! Follow us on Twitter @GC9X @HG_101 Check out the ongoing list bit. ...…
What are the benefits to a mixed aged community? What are empty nesters looking for when they downsize? University District has been doing a lot of research and it putting that research into practice with their new development Guest: James Robertson, President and CEO of West Campus Development Trust…
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