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The Newy Scruggs Show
The Newy Scruggs Show is a fast paced, topic driven sports talk show. Hosted from Dallas, TX by industry veteran and ratings winner Newy Scruggs who gets the discussion started with the biggest stories in sports, adds key insiders like Michele Tafoya and Chris Landry and includes highlights and postgame interviews from the best games on the schedule. Newy's show is a first class 'give and take', full of outspoken candor, great humor, and keen observations.
What's New is Old
Mark Bernay & Wes get together once a week to eat dinner and chew and slurp into a microphone. Oh, yeah, we also discuss the latest technology and Internet news and often relate the new items to older technology.
INACTIVE - Newy Scruggs Show
have to rename 'Inactive' because they can't figure out how to delete old shows/podcasts
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Newy and Producer Gerrit are both hardcore Charlotte Hornets fans, so the two of them got into Thursday's draft, the Dwight Howard trade and whether or not another 7-foot white guy is in the cards.
Josh Jackson is a projected Top 3 pick and Frank Mason is the reigning College Player of the Year. Both will know what team they'll be playing for by the end of the night. Long-time Jayhawks assistant Kurtis Townsend joined Newy to talk about both guys and what each would bring to any team that drafts them.…
Butch Davis resurrected the Hurricanes in Miami and took them to the brink of a national title, then became the last coach to take the Browns to the NFL Playoffs. He's now the coach at Florida International and joined Newy to talk about his latest reclamation project.
Sacramento's the only team in tonight's NBA Draft with two picks in the Top 10, meaning they'll be major players in one way or another. The Sacramento Bee's Jason Jones knows the Kings inside and out and tells Newy who he thinks they'll target and whether management will somehow screw it all up.
Lonzo Ball played at UCLA last season and is destined to be drafted in the Top 3 in tonight's NBA Draft. Legendary UCLA point guard, and current assistant coach, Tyus Edney joined Newy to talk about Lonzo, LaVar, Kareem and several current NBAers who've come through Westwood's doors.
Jeff Tedford is a Fresno State guy through and through, having played there and been an assistant briefly before starting an impressive run at other schools. The man who coached Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch and several other NFL QBs and RBs now returns to Fresno to take over the Bulldogs, and he joined Newy to talk about the gig he's always ho ...…
Luke Fickell has been a player and coach at Ohio State for more than 20 years, but he finally left the nest this offseason to take over at nearby Cincinnati. He joined Newy to talk about the transition, how he'll continue to recruit in-state and how his six kids are handling the move.
You'd think not being around your players during the summer is a good time for NFL coaches and GMs. But Chris Landry of tells us otherwise, saying that's actually when the teams are the most frightened, always wondering what superstar athletes with millions of dollars and plenty of time on their hands often end up doing stupi ...…
Shaka Smart is no stranger to winning big games, and at Texas he hopes to have that opportunity sooner rather than later. A top-five recruiting class will go a long way towards that goal. Shaka joined Newy to talk about the upcoming season and his prize recruit Mo Bamba.
The Cavaliers have gone to three straight NBA Finals and won their first-ever title two years ago ... yet they somehow don't think GM David Griffin did enough, letting him go earlier this week.'s Shaun Powell joined Newy to try to explain the move, as well as talk trades leading up to tomorrow's NBA Draft.…
Cavaliers play-by-play man John Michael is one of our faves on the Newy Scruggs Show, and his appearance was extra timely today after the team failed to re-up GM David Griffin's contract just 3 days before the NBA Draft.
Justin Forsett was a Pro Bowler just a few years ago for the Ravens, but now he's retired and getting involved in the business world, creating a health & welness product called ShowerPill. He also talks to Newy about his days at Cal and his former QB Joe Flacco.
Getting famed NFL agent Leigh Steinberg on the show is always fun, especially when his guys are getting some good pub. Take for instance Paxton Lynch, who now has a legit chance to be the starter in Denver this year, which would be huge. He always represents KC draftee Patrick Mahomes, who has the potential to be the opt QB in this year's rooki ...…
B.J. Armstrong was an All-Star during the Bulls championship years and now works as an agent for current players, including potential Top 3 pick Josh Jackson, who could now end up on a title contender in Boston. Newy asks BJ about Jackson and whether BJ thinks his Bulls teams of the '90s could beat today's Warriors.…
The head coaching job at Baylor has been tainted by the scandal that's overcome the program in recent years, there's no debating that. So why then would an up and coming coach like Matt Rhule volunteer to jump in and take control of it? Newy asked him that in this revealing interview with the first-year coach of the Bears.…
Paul George isn't coming back to the Pacers, we know this now. But will teams wanna trade for a player as a one-year rental? Marc Spears of ESPN's The Undefeated tells Newy the Lakers, for one, can't afford to wait. They need to make a move ASAP and keep other teams from swooping in.
Former Patriot and Texan nose tackle Vince Wilfork is a great interview, this much is clear. He's even better when you're talking about food, which he does in length with Jon Stashower during this segment. The man has a passion for ribs ... and can you blame him?!?
Is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the greatest player of all time? If not, he's definitely in the conversation. "The Captain" joined Jon Stashower to talk about his coach and mentor John Wooden, the difference between the Lakers/Celtics and Warriors/Cavs rivalries and where all the good big men went.
We love getting live updates from the biggest events in the world, so getting Mark Rolfing of the Golf Channel on with us LIVE from Erin Hills during the first round of the US Open was a treat, especially after Rickie Fowler set an all-time 1st Round Open record with a round of 7-under ... and the blimp crashed!…
You remember the story of Rick Ankiel, one of the most promising pitchers in the league before he caught a case of the yips and nearly lost his career. After years in the minors, he resurfaced as a borderline All-Star outfielder and played for 11 years in the bigs. His new book "Phenomenon" tells his story, and it's amazing. But his success as ...…
Always fun to get Peter Jacobson on the show, especially during one of the premier events of the season. This year's U.S. Open just got started, without Phil Mickelson, but that won't keep Jon Stashower and Peter from talking glowingly about the course and the remaining field.
Many know NBA Hall of Famer Jamaal Wilkes for his two national title years at UCLA or his three NBA titles with the Lakers .. but he was actually drafted by the Golden State Warriors and played a huge role for them in their 1975 championship team as a rookie. He joined Dave Smith to talk about his time with GST and his continued love for Oaktown.…
Purvis Short is primarily known for being the guy drafted one pick ahead of Larry Bird. However, he was no slouch himself, becoming a legend for Golden State, once scoring 59 points in a game.
Did Bob Stoops really just leave for family reasons? And can Lincoln Riley live up to his mentor's success? Dave Smith talks with LandryFootball's Chris Landry about all things NCAA & NFL.
Rashad McCants won a national title at North Carolina, was drafted in the Top 10 by the Timberwolves and dated a Kardashian. His next trick? Being the #1 pick in the upcoming Big3 League.
The Warriors are on the verge of a dynasty, and color analyst Jim Barnett has earned his keep, working and playing for the team for 32 years. The former Warriors forward and Oregon Duck legend joined Dave Smith after GST's second title in three years.
We always love having Hall of Fame CB Mike Haynes on the show, and he sure loves talking about his two former teams, the Pats and Raiders. And he told Dave Smith those two teams just so happen to be the two best in the league going into next year ... and he ain't wrong.
It should come as no surprise that Warriors legend Rick Barry likes the chances of this current team to win its second title in three years. He also says that won't be the end of them, since they're set up to win for the next 5-6 years and win several more rings.
You know him as Kane, the former three-time WWE and WWF heavyweight champion of the world. But the folks in Knoxville, Tennessee, know him as Glenn Jacobs, mayoral candidate. Glenn joined Dave Smith to talk about his move from the wrestling ring to the political circus and what he hopes to accomplish.…
John "Spider" Salley won four NBA titles with three teams, including the dynamic Pistons of the '80s and record-breaking Michael Jordan-led Bulls of the '90s. And he, for one, doesn't think these current Warriors could take either of them in seven games.
The Olympics just added 3-on-3 basketball to their list of medal sports beginning in 2020 and someone's not happy about it. Newy says more hoops the better, but Producer Gerrit isn't convinced whatsoever. Check out the heated exchange.
Could the Spurs have beat the Warriors in this year's playoffs if Kawhi Leonard hadn't gotten injured? Former teammate and two-time NBA champ Matt Bonner thinks so. He joined Newy to talk about his Spurs and how there are a lot of similarities between their 2014 team and this year's Warriors, who are both on serious redemption tours.…
In our very first episode of The Ultimate Video Game show,we talk with Cleveland T. Mosher about Castle Battles from Light Arc Studios, the indie RTS game that we are all addicted to.We also have a contest going to win a copy of the game! Battels Trailer: Battles on ...…
Getting Ice Cube on the show led to a light-hearted discussion about who Newy's and Producer Gerrit's favorite rappers were .. and when Gerrit went with Will Smith, Newy couldn't let it go. Let the fireworks begin!
Getting Ice Cube on the show led to a light-hearted discussion about who Newy's and Producer Gerrit's favorite rappers were .. and when Gerrit went with Will Smith, Newy couldn't let it go. Let the fireworks begin!
Ice Cube does it all. He's a performer, writer, producer, actor and entrepreneur, creating the upcoming Big3 basketball league. But more than anything, he's a hardcore sports fan, and he told Newy he looks forward to watching Lonzo Ball play for his hometown Lakers, and he's 100% behind what LaVar's done to get him there.…
A sold out crowd at our venue The Happy Wombat in Newcastle we have guests Rory Lowe, Mitch Garling and the Newcastle Jets bossman Lawrie Mckinna.Hosted by Andrew Milos and Will Mckellar.
Is Jeremy Maclin washed up? Chris Landry of says there was a reason the Chiefs felt confident releasing the speedy WR, and the likely reason is that they know his legs will never be the same after multiple injuries.
The Cavs are winless in the NBA Finals for a reason, says former All-Star Kenyon Martin. It's because Steph Curry and Kevin Durant haven't hit the floor yet. According to Martin, the NBA and the Cavs are way too soft.
We always love talking hoops with Hall of Famer James Worthy, and when he confirmed Newy's belief that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the best player the game's ever seen, we fell in love with him even more. Check out Big Game James' thoughts on Kareem, MJ, Kevin Durant, John Wooden, Pat Riley, LeBron James and Magic Johnson.…
Magic Johnson made the 6'8" point guard relevant, but players like Scottie Pippen, LeBron James, James Harden and others have perfected the craft. Slam Online's Yaron Weitzman looks at how the position came to be and why that may be the only way any team can challenge the Warriors in the next several years.…
Kevin Durant wasn't the first person to chase a ring, and NBA TV's Steve Smith says KD's only move this offseason was to do exactly what he did and choose Golden State. And Steve should know, cause he's got the ring to prove it.
Revival Today Audio Podcast
Natural Birth results in a new natural life or person. Similarly, Spiritual Birth results in a new spiritual life or person. The product of Spiritual or New Birth is a New Creation without any past or history, but with God's Life, Nature, Spirit, Glory, Power and Authority. This inspiring and enlightening teaching aptly examines the instant, in ...…
CC Sabathia is having a resurgent year for the Yankees, and they just happen to be on top of the AL East standings. I know, go figure. But pitching shutouts isn't all CC does. He also does a little bowling, which is where we caught up with him today.
Chris Landry of is our go-to guy when it comes to all things SEC Football, which is where Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin still hopes to be coaching after this season. However, as Chris and Newy discuss, that might not be the foregone conclusion it once seemed to be.
David Price just made his first start of the season and Chris Sale made his return to his old park to face the White Sox. It's been a big week for Boston's rotation, so we hit up the Globe's MLB insider Nick Cafardo to give us the latest lowdown.
The Predators didn't have the cleanest start to a franchise when they moved to Nashville, but recently that fan base has found its niche and the support has flourished throughout the state. Steven Godfrey of SB Nation is based in Nashville and talks to Newy about why this team is a perfect match for the city.…
The Mavs have a decision to make with the #9 pick this season. Do they attempt to replace Dirk Nowitski with a 7-foot stretch four or do they go with one of the many strong point guards this draft has going for it? Tim Cato of SB Nation and talks Draft, Cuban and also helps us preview Warriors/Cavs Part 3.…
Why did Hunter Strickland fell the need to plunk Bryce Harper? Why does MLB allow players to leave the bench in a brawl? Jeff Biggs and Producer Gerrit talk about the unwritten rules of baseball and why they clearly need to be dealt with.
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