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The Newy Scruggs Show
The Newy Scruggs Show is a fast paced, topic driven sports talk show. Hosted from Dallas, TX by industry veteran and ratings winner Newy Scruggs who gets the discussion started with the biggest stories in sports, adds key insiders like Michele Tafoya and Chris Landry and includes highlights and postgame interviews from the best games on the schedule. Newy's show is a first class 'give and take', full of outspoken candor, great humor, and keen observations.
What's New is Old
Mark Bernay & Wes get together once a week to eat dinner and chew and slurp into a microphone. Oh, yeah, we also discuss the latest technology and Internet news and often relate the new items to older technology.
INACTIVE - Newy Scruggs Show
have to rename 'Inactive' because they can't figure out how to delete old shows/podcasts
TSoNYC® - The Sound of New York City® Radio
"The Sound of New York City" is a project born from the idea of its founder back in 2006 to encourage the rediscovery of the Disco Sound, including Soul - Funk - House, while at the same time make use of my extensive vinyl collection, much of which was gathered from underground sources, dating back to 1975. In December 2009 the initial project was transformed into a live, 24/7 web radio station: TSoNYC™ The Sound of New York City™. The station's programming is based on the history of New Yor ...
Pessimists Archive Podcast
The best antidote to fear of the new is looking back at fear of the old. That's what we do each episode: We travel back in time, exploring why people freaked out over a new technology. Then we try to understand why that unfounded fear continues to repeat itself today, only in slightly different forms.Pessimists Archive was created by Louis Anslow, and the podcast is hosted by Jason Feifer. Follow us on Twitter at @pessimistsarc.
Learning something new is hard and it's easy to get frustrated – we've all been there. These interviews with the experts will help you get started writing iOS apps.
This Isn't New - History | Trends | Humor | Culture
“This Isn’t New” is an in depth and humorous podcast that looks into humanity's odd ability to repeat itself. Nerd-out with hosts Cliff and Bob as they use a blend of history, current events, and personal insights, to transport the listener on an absurd journey into mankind’s past, present, and possible future.
Spacemusic (Season 9)
Welcome to Spacemusic Season 9 - At the end of the Horizon, something New is waiting - tune in for a brand new season of the best ambient and electronic music. This Season brings you known and unknown releases. Audio format is .m4a NonStop®Mixes and .mp3 LOG files. Visit for shownotes and links to stores and artists' websites. Questions? Send an e-mail to --- ENJOY---
Something New - a musical theatre podcast
Join award-winning musical theatre writer Joel B. New as he interviews the savviest singers he knows! Each guest brings multiple talents to the theatre industry -- from photography to dialect coaching to massage therapy -- and their careers as performers have only been enriched by them. Named one of 2014's Top 20 Podcasts for Theatre Lovers by, "Something New" dissects what it means to be a working, multifaceted artist today and always concludes with a song premiere from on ...
I-95 Sports Podcast
The Brand NEW I-95 Sports Podcast brings you the best of two of the most passionate fanbases in sports, New York and Philadelphia, and brings them to one podcast. Here you can hear Louis Schaefer and Tim Hofmeister banter back and forth over the teams that travel up and down I-95.
Columbus! Something New
'Columbus! Something New' is a podcast with a mission: connecting you to all things local!
The New
The New is a podcast hosted by Lach Ryan and Simon Godfrey. With the simple premise of exploring all things 'New' in the World that week, the show takes absurd detours on chartered flights of rambling imagination with complimentary refreshments.
I Learned Something New
I Learned Something New is a podcast about learning new things.
What's New
What's New is hosted by Dan Cohen, Dean of University Libraries and Vice Provost for Information Collaboration at Northeastern University.
Vladimir Unheard
Hello dear listener, my name is Vladimir Unheard, I like to experiment and try something new. I hope you enjoy, a pleasant listening. Contact:
Pulpit Soundbites Rabbi Felipe Goodman Temple Beth Sholom Las Vegas, NV
Welcome to Rabbi Goodman’s sermon archive. Through this page you will be able to access his sermons and teachings in both video and audio format, as well as subscribe to his podcast and be automatically notified when something new is posted.
Barry E. Fields - All Things New
All Things New is the weekly sermon podcast of Barry E. Fields, pastor of Hawesville Baptist Church, a regional congregation on the Ohio River with two campuses in Kentucky (Hawesville) & Indiana (Crossroads Tell City). For more information, please visit
Crossroads Christian Fellowship Media Archive
Sermon, Bible Study, and Grace School of Ministry training course audio recordings from Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church of Greenville, PA. (If an individual episode is part of an ongoing series, the series name will be identified first in the title followed by a colon and then the episode name.) We are backfilling older episodes as the monthly quota allows. All episodes are assigned and sorted by the date they were originally recorded. Check back through the episode list for new old p ...
Florcast Podcast
Everyday I find out something new I wish somebody would have told me. I mostly wander through life taking my best guess and seeing what happens. This is a show about what I have learned and what you have learned to make life run a little smoother!
Technically On Topic
We're just four friends who wanted to start a podcast and have fun with it. This is what we got. We all are from southern California. Three of us work in tech and the fourth in design and production. We enjoy new technology, gadgets, cars, and being nit picky about many other things. We just collect topics we want to discuss and then record a show when we can. We don't have a schedule or anything like that so subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast app to know when something new is up.
Creativity in Play
Exploring the importance of creativity, play and imagination across society. Hosted by Steven Dahlberg and Mary Alice Long, Ph.D. Produced by the International Centre for Creativity and Imagination, in partnership with the National Creativity Network. ... 'The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.' – Carl Jung
Qui's World Radio Show
Qui’s World Radio Show is the brain child of International recording artist/entertainer, QUI510 (key five ten). A fascinating & hilarious variety show w/ special Musical, Political, Theatrical and Ordinary Joes as guests Qui510, along with her co-host Precious Limits, discuss various topics discussing Life, Entertainment, Love, Sex, Politics, Current Affairs, and Religion. Whatever’s considered a “HOT TOPIC” we are talking about it! Funny, Intriguing, RisQue, Fresh and New is what “Qui’s Wor ...
The Salvaged Show
sal·vage /ˈsalvij/ verb past tense: salvaged; past participle: salvaged 1) rescue (a wrecked or disabled ship or its cargo) from loss at sea. "an emerald and gold cross was salvaged from the wreck" synonyms: rescue, save, recover, retrieve, raise, reclaim Born out of necessity and an itch to podcast, I graciously present The Salvaged Show. A weekly look at those whose lives are affected in one way or another by a need to salvage. Salvaging lives, salvaging cars, salvaging motorcycles, salvag ...
It Might Be #Time2MoveOn
"I stayed WAY too long!" We've all said it at some point along the way! Whether it's a job, a relationship, a partnership or even a friendship, missing the signs that it's time for something new is an all-too-common occurrence. Join the host of this blogcast*, Matt Barnes, as he explores why we miss these signs (even when they're GIANT NEON GLOWING SIGNS!) and how we all can get the perspective we need to know when it might be time to move on! *For every episode posted, there is a correspond ...
Wordshop 101
Trying something new is always a mix of things: exciting, daunting, scary--even sticky. When doing something new, it usually helps to have some friends around. Especially when you write. I'm writing--a novel? a story? Who knows what it will look like in the end, but for now, it feels very different than what I've done before. Wordshop 101 will serve as a space for trying out new things, and for discovering and perpetuating all kinds of knowledge--literary, artistic, even cultural. I look for ...
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NFL Network & NFL on CBS analyst Nate Burleson hopped on with Newy to talk about AaronRodgers, working 2-3 gigs & his impeccable fashion.
Newy Scruggs- Dec 6 -2017 by 103.7 The Buzz
Martin Truex Jr. is a regular guest of the show, and we're pumped he gave us some of his time after winning his first-ever NASCAR championship this weekend. What does it mean for him to win with his original small-time Furniture Row team and what it meant to share the moment with best friend Dale Earnhardt Jr.…
Jonathan Eig spent more than four years and conducted nearly 600 interviews to put together "Ali: A Life" which details numerous stories about the Greatest of All Time you've probably never heard. It's now being turned into a PBS documentary with the assistance of Ken Burns. Jonathan joined Newy to talk about this immense undertaking.…
The highest-scoring game in NCAA history happened this weekend, and it was Western Michigan who prevailed over Buffalo in a game that ended 71-68 in seven OTs. The head coach for the winning Broncos is Tim Lester, who joined Newy to talk about what it's like to be involved in a game like that ... and talk about his time playing in the now-defun ...…
Every Wednesday we talk to LandryFootball's owner/operator Chris Landry, who gives us a scout's take on both the NFL and college football's top stories. This week it was Bobby Petrino dealing with the fallout at Louisville and which NFL teams have been the most disappointing through the season's first three weeks.…
Bradley Chubb is going to be a high draft pick in next year's NFL Draft, but he's more concerned about getting NC State into the ACC Championship Game. Last week's win at FSU was a good first step, but spitting on the field after the win got more press than anything. Newy gave him the chance to apologize for that in addition to talking about th ...…
If Mike Haynes could play 'til he was 45, like Tom Brady claims he'll do, something tells me he wouldn't wanna do it. Mike's doing just fine thanks, especially after surviving a cancer scare. He joined Dave Smith to talk all things Patriots, Raiders and all the latest news in the NFL.
Now that the Thunder has given away four players and a draft pick to get Carmelo Anthony and Paul George for likely just one season, do they have enough firepower and depth to challenge Golden State and Houston in the West? Former NBA champ Antonio Daniels joined Dave Smith to breakdown the Melo trade and what the repercussions are.…
Denny Hamlin has often been the bridesmaid in his career, finishing second in points once and coming close several other times. He joined Newy to talk about his chances of finally bringing home that first championship trophy.
John Quain- Tech reporter and writer on the new I-Phone X
Brad Mielke- ABC News live in New York with a preview of Apple's New I-Phone X
Playlist Not just money by Frank Ocean on Frank Ocean (Frank Ocean) The cycle of nature by Akira Kosmura on Akira Kosmura (Akira Kosmura ) Just a thought by Cross Country on Cross Country (Cross Country ) Door to the cosmos by Sun Ra on Sun Ra (Sun Ra) Shine in Exhile by Beat the Devil on Beat the Devil (Beat the Devil ) Who do you think you ar ...…
A Christian potpourri inspirational program with your host Elmon Krupnik (, featuring prayer, reading of Scripture, sermons, lyrics from hymns and Christian contemporary music from artists Randy and Marli Brown (, Huntley Brown (, Kay Werho ( and Lynn Krup ...…
In this Bonus Episodelet, trimmed for content from Episode 014 - Liberty Definitions, Brett and Rob got sidetracked when talking about negative vs. positive rights. Rob reads from FDR's Second Bill of Rights, a progressive statist dream he launched in 1944, that has had yet another rebirth in the past couple of years. Brett and Rob talk about h ...…
UCLA QB Josh Rosen ruffled some feathers last week talking about how difficult it is for student-athletes in major college sports. But could it lead to more players following his footsteps? Newy talked to Pac-12 Network host Ashley Adamson about Rosen, other top QBs in the conference and why every player should wanna be playing for Stanford.…
We always love talking with TV One's Roland Martin, who recently talked about Colin Kaepernick on his "Roland Martin Unfiltered" podcast. Then Michael Bennett stepped up and sat down in unity with Kaep this weekend, so it was game on.
Aus alt mach neu. Die Praxis der Kontrafaktur stellt Musik in neue Zusammenhänge und spart dem Komponisten Zeit.
Nothing's ever easy in the SEC, and Will Muschamp knows this better than most. He played at Georgia and has coached at four other SEC schools, including his current gig at South Carolina. Will joined Newy to talk about his team's prospects this year, the culture of the SEC and coaching under Nick Saban.…
There are few who've blessed the mic better than Verne Lundquist, the long-time voice of CBS Sports and one-time Voice of the Dallas Cowboys. Verne's always generous with his time and joined Newy live from AAC Media Days in Newport to talk about emceeing that event, his thoughts on one and dones in college hoops, athletes getting paid and his d ...…
There's no other conference in America more underrated than the AAC, and it's not even close. With seven schools going to bowl games last season, they're a league to be reckoned with. Commissioner Mike Alesco joined Newy to talk about why they've been successful, the coaches who've come through there and their ongoing Media Days in Newport.…
The Red Raiders of Texas Tech consistently fight an uphill battle against teams like Texas, Oklahoma, TCU and others in the Big 12, but that doesn't keep head coach Kliff Kingsbury from making it one of the most exciting programs in the nation to watch. He jumped on with Newy to talk about losing Pat Mahomes, his job security and having played ...…
Only five QBs in the nation ran for more yards than Kansas State's Jesse Ertz last season, with Jesse accounting for 21 total TDs for the Wildcats. He joined Newy to talk about the Big 12 getting a title game again, playing a brutal schedule and having a gay teammate.
Fellowship Community Church in Spring Hill, FL
The New is Here is a sermon which Elucidates the "New" relationship we have with Christ. In the beginning, the new stage of relationship can be awkward. Even if we do "know" it, for knowing does not mean undrestanding. Like a bike, the new process of learning is simple... but it must be careful.
Daniel Jones was a revelation at the QB position for Duke last season as a freshman. This season, he'll come into the year expected to lift the Devils into the upper echelon of the ACC. He joined Newy to talk about playing QB at a basketball school and how far this team can go during his tenure.
The Wolfpack of N.C. State doesn't get much pub most seasons, but they're coming off a third straight winning season, an impressive bowl win over the SEC and return two potential All-Americans in Bradley Chubb and Jaylen Samuels. Head coach Dave Doeren talks to Newy about his team's prospects in '18.…
Florida State QB Deondre Francis is one of the nation's best player, and was last year's ACC Rookie of the Year. But he'll be tested early this season, with Week 1 being against preseason #1 Alabama. But Deondre's more excited than fearful. He came on with Newy to talk about the upcoming season, playing the Tide and the resurgence of the ACC.…
When it comes to the NFL Hall of Fame, nobody knows more than the Talk of Fame Network's Clark Judge, who's covered the league for more than 30 years. Clark and Newy talk Aaron Rodgers, Jared Goff, Jay Cutler and whether Terrell Owens or Randy Moss should get voted into the Hall first.
Despite playing just 2 games last season, 6-foot-3, 210-pound sophomore safety Derwin James of Florida State was voted by Sports Illustrated as the nation's top player coming into the 2017 season. Derwin joined Newy to talk about the expectations, playing Alabama in Week 1 and the challenges of what's become a dominant ACC.…
The Rockets are still in talks to bring Carmelo Anthony to Houston, but many people have concerns over whether the trio of Melo, CP3 and James Harden can work. Calvin Watkins has covered the Rockets for years and joined Newy to breakdown the dynamics of such a Big 3.
Minkah Fitzpatrick was a freshman All-American two seasons ago, then a national All-American last year. What can the junior DB out of Jersey City do to top that in his third season with the Tide? Guess it's time to set even more records than he already has. Newy talks to Minkah about why he chose Alabama, who his favorite team was before accept ...…
We wanted to talk some NFL with Chris Landry of, but with Nick Saban taking the stage today at SEC Media Day, it's hard to avoid talking about whether any team in the league can step up and beat them this year.
Dennis Smith Jr. has been crushing it in Summer League action, and his head coach Rick Carlisle has been noticing. Rick told Newy the Mavs haven't had a talent come through their doors this talented since Dirk more than 15 years ago.
Frank Thomas is one of the best combination of power and average hitters the league's ever seen, so you better believe he was impressed by Aaron Judge's performance at the Home Run Derby. The Big Hurt talked to Newy about his days in the Derby and what MLB can do to get more African-American players to that level in the league.…
Arkansas has the unfortunate distinction of playing in college football's toughest division, but head coach Bret Bielema tells Newy they're not far from making a real move in the SEC West, and a little help from alum Jerry Jones always helps.
Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is one of our favorite guests because he's a straight shooter, which is rare for someone in his position. So when we asked how much longer Carson Palmer would be playing for the Cardinals, and who his potential replacement would be, he didn't mince words.
We love when former Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George comes on the show, because he's not just a football guy, he's a renaissance man. Sure, he'll always be proud of his Ohio State Buckeyes and Tennessee Titans, but he's graduated from football and spends most of his time acting these days. He and Dave Smith talk about his latest acting exploi ...…
Thurl Bailey played nine seasons with the Utah Jazz and currently works as their pre and postgame analyst, so if anyone knows the ins and outs of the Gordon Hayward situation, it's the legend who won a national title for the Wolfpack of NC State in 1983. Thurl talked to Dave Smith about the Hayward decision and how much playing for your college ...…
It's no secret that teams losing a Super Bowl tend to have down seasons the following year. Just ask the Carolina Panthers. But could that happen to a team as loaded as the Falcons? Chris Landry of tells Dave Smith it's entirely possible, for many reasons.
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