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Amateur Radio Newsline Podcast
Your Independent source of Amateur Radio news for today's Radio Amateur
Amateur Radio Newsline™
News for the week in Amateur Radio
Daily Newsline
Daily Radio Newsline presented by the United States Department of Agriculture
Popular Science from NFB-Newsline.
Current content form the Popular Science Magazine
PC World from NFB-Newsline.
Current content form the PC World Magazine
Amateur Radio Newsline
Amateur Radio Newsline weekly news update
Science News from NFB-Newsline.
Current content form the Science News Magazine
Archive of "Nevada Newsline"
KUNR Podcast Feed
Archive of "Nevada Newsline"
KUNR Podcast Feed
News on News: NewsLine
Podcast by News on News
Newsline - The Weekly Newsletter from the NSS
Newsline is the weekly newsletter from the National Secular Society of the UK. It rounds up the important news stories of the previous week, offering insight and opinion from the NSS and other sources.
Tasman District Council Lowdown
News items from council media releases and/or Newsline, a topical interview with a staff member or elected representative, plus a range of notices about activities and events in the Tasman District. Every Monday morning at 11:30, repeating Tuesday morning at 6:40 and Wednesday afternoon at 3:40. Sponsored by Tasman District Council.
Lines of Thought: Discoveries that Changed the World
Some of the world’s most valuable books and manuscripts – texts which have altered the very fabric of our understanding – will go on display in Cambridge this week as Cambridge University Library celebrates its 600th birthday with a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition of its greatest treasures. - See more at:
Arkansas Section Bulletin
About the Newscast:The Arkansas Section Bulletin™ is a monthly podcast is produced by the Arkansas Section of the Amateur Radio Relay League to share news and information of the Arkansas Section and surrounding areas. This newscast contains news of interest to radio amateurs worldwide. The bulletins conform to all sections and codes as outlined under the United States FCC Part 97 Amateur Radio Service rules regarding the legal means of amateur radio operators issuing "QST’s" or "Bulletins of ...
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Environment Anti-smoking tactics might help us fight climate change We put warnings on cigarettes.
Uplay is giving Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag away for free this week.
Lowe's is selling a two-port Anker power bank for $17.
HP patches hundreds of laptops to remove hidden keylogger.
By EUREKA | Dec 5, 2017 11:38 AM PT
Best USB-C battery packs: We review the top portable chargers for your phone or tablet.
Qualcomm invades Intel's turf with Snapdragon PCs that push battery life over performance.
AMD quietly made some Radeon RX 560 graphics cards worse.
The Honor 7X is the $199 successor to one of the best budget smartphones.
Space Voyager 1 just fired up some thrusters for the first time in 37 years The only human-made object outside our solar system is still alive and kickin'.
Science How to deal with a boss who denies reality A behavioral scientist's guide to tactful truth telling.
Gift Guides Gift Guides Gifts to save the planet Give 2017 a proper send-off by doing some good.
Entertainment Amazing new sci-fi books to give (and then borrow from) your friends The most exciting science fiction reads of 2017.
Technology Last week in Tech: The text message turns 25 years old The first SMS said, "Merry Christmas.
Health This year's flu season looks like a bad oneand it could be coming early It's officially that time of year.
Daan Stevens via Unsplash Health Hospitals are scrambling to solve their air pollution issue A single mid-size hospital contributes the same emissions as 1,200 cars.
Gadgets The best tech for people who appreciate practical gifts Genuinely useful tech for the pragmatic people in your life.
DIY These Gmail searches will dig up stuff you never knew you missed Find lost messages, unearth attachments, clear your inbox, and more.
Health Does apple cider vinegar actually do anything?
PC World from NFB-Newsline.
Best e-readers.
Ultimate CompTIA IT Certification Training Bundle Just $15 - Deal Alert.
Best smart home system.
Health Babies understand that getting what you want in life means putting in the effort Never underestimate the mind of a 10-month-old.
Gadgets These are the best Cyber Monday deals on the internet To cure your case of the Mondays.
DIY The best gadgets for your friends who aren't super tech-savvy Tech is for everyone.
Environment Light pollution is getting worse We're killing the night, and that's going to kill us.
Cyber Monday PC game deals: 5 truly great sales.
Honeywell Bluetooth Smart Air Purifier HPA250B review: This connected purifier adapts to allergen levels.
Science Why you're never really happy with the things you buy anymore Constant bargain hunting makes us value all the wrong things about shopping.
Cyber Monday Exclusive: Get a Lifetime of VPN Unlimited for Just $29.99.
DIY Set up voice dictation on your computer to save your aching fingers Speak easy.
Environment Stop pretending that all Americans could ever go vegan There are more realistic ways to combat climate change.
Environment This weather pattern could complicate your Thanksgiving travel A Greenland block will bring chilly weather and make storms somewhat likelier.
Gadgets Eufy Genie review: the cheapest way to get Alexa in your home Save some dough when smartening up your home.
Mozilla's Firefox Quantum next-generation browser is ready for you to try out.
By CDW | Nov 14, 2017 1:46 PM PT
By CDW | Nov 14, 2017 1:56 PM PT
By Karen J. Bannan | Nov 14, 2017 1:51 PM PT
By CDW | Nov 14, 2017 1:49 PM PT
By CDW | Nov 14, 2017 1:43 PM PT
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