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Viking Age Podcast
Sharing the History of The Viking Age, one podcast at a time. We are covering the History of Scandinavia during the Viking Age. We're exploring Raiding, Trading and Settlement of Scandinavians abroad as well as the culture and society of the Norse homelands. Join us to learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know about the people, for better or worse, history knows as the Vikings.
Steve Agee: Uhhh
There's no theme or gimmick, and the stakes are low, which is pretty much the only way host Steve Agee can deal with anything.
A POWERFUL discussion on topics that effect the Original People of the Planet Earth in general, and the Black/brown men and women of America in specific.
A fresh look at modern sexuality that explains why good sex is so hard to come by, and teaches the ins and outs in plain English with an aim to entertain as well as educate.
The New Age Insiders Wrestling Network consists of the NAI Flagship Program, the New Age Insiders Wrestling Show, with Jason Moltov, Liam Stryker and Bill Neville, LIVE every Wednesday at 8 PM EST on In addition, Rant With Ant, featuring Anthony DeStefano, G-Rod Rodriguez, and Phil Cataldo; The Wrestling Podcast About Nothing with Referee Mike Crockett and Pro Wrestler Brian Milonas, and more!
gE MP3
Welcome to a Warhammer Age of Sigmar And 40k podcast based in the Great White North. We cover everything about AOS and 40k from a Canadian perspective.
Writer and Academic
On the Stories Podcast, we perform a new story for your children every week. The stories range from retellings of fairy tales like Snow White to classic stories like Peter Rabbit and even completely original works. Everything is G rated and safe for all ages. The perfect kids podcast for imaginative families. Whether you’re driving with your children or just want to limit your kids’ screen time, Stories Podcast delivers entertainment that kids and parents alike will love.
Early Middle Ages
Early Middle Ages
This is a daily radio broadcast and webcast provided by Irvin Baxter, Endtime Ministries, and End of the Age.
A Warhammer Age of Sigmar podcast brought to you twice a month by wargamer/hobbyist David Witek
Protecting Assets | Preserving Quality of Life
The Age of Napoleon is a history podcast about the life and career of Napoleon Bonaparte as well as the general context of Europe between the early eighteenth and early nineteenth century. It is about big trends and the grand sweep of history, as well as the smaller, individual stories that bring them to life.
60 minutes of New Age Piano, all commercial free, with no talking DJ between songs. All songs Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 licensed from the record label that isn't evil:
For American journalist and humorist Edgar Wilson Nye who wrote under the pen name Bill Nye in the late 19th century, facts are not to be presented in their newborn, bare state. They should be properly draped and embellished before they can be presented before the public. Hence, in the Comic History of the United States published in 1894, he gives his readers the facts. But in a bid to make the historical figures more human he describes them as “people who ate and possibly drank, people who ...
Age of the Zombies
A plague has ravaged the Earth and changed the world as we know it. Millions upon millions have been transformed into flesh-eating zombies that roam the Earth with an unquenchable thirst for the living.Those fortunate enough not to have been infected are in a fight for their lives. Spread out across the globe, small groups struggle each day to see the next. One such group of survivors are trying to reach out to anyone who's still alive. They live in, the Age of the Zombies.
Bulfinch’s Mythology, first published in 1855, is one of the most popular collections of mythology of all time. It consists of three volumes: The Age of Fable, The Age of Chivalry, and Legends of Charlemagne. This is a recording of the tenth edition of the first volume, The Age of Fable. It contains many Greek and Roman myths, including simplified versions of The Iliad and The Odyssey, as well as a selection of Norse and “eastern” myths. Thomas Bulfinch’s goal was to make the ancient myths a ...
The Age of Sigmar Podcast | All About Warhammer
These lectures on the biology of aging are presented to you by Dr. Gerald Cizadlo of the College of St. Scholastica. The information provided will be of interest to students and those planning careers in science and medicine as well as current practitioners in the field. Please note: The content and opinions expressed here belong to the author and are not necessarily endorsed by The College of St. Scholastica. For the course outline or to view a digital blackboard of images associated with t ...
Superman in the Bronze Age is a weekly podcast hosted by Charlie Niemeyer, covering Superman's adventures from 1970 to 1986.
A happy, hippie place where Magick with a "K" meets The Law Of Attraction.
New Age Boxing
Andi White, Martin Theobald & Terry Chapendama take a weekly look at the events that have taken place in the world of boxing. Previews, reviews, politics and facts as well as questions answered from the audience and our regular feature, Argue the Inarguable, everything a boxing fan could want.Contact us at:@newageboxinguk @newagepodfather & @the7wolves
We bring you all the stories behind the game - reviewing, previewing and analysing footy in a way only The Age knows how. Join host Michael Gleeson and regular guests Caroline Wilson, Jake Niall, Bob Murphy, Jimmy Bartel and Daisy Pearce, as well as Sam McClure and Daniel Cherny each week. Send us your feedback to or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
The Real Middle Ages podcast is a podcast all about the European medieval period. Join me as I explore different characters and themes throughout the middle ages that demonstrate the human experience.
This is The Age Grouper Triathlon and Multisport Podcast. Join Jeff and Eric, two regular 30-34 year old triathletes from the heart of the Midwest, in the kind of conversation that only age-groupers can appreciate. We explore the everyday issues that we face as swimmers, cyclists, and runners. If you're part of any age-group, you've found the right podcast!
The International Association for Near-Death Studies presents NDE RADIO, a weekly exploration of near-death experiences and similar encounters with the other side, hosted by Lee Witting.
A history of science in Britain from the Restoration to the present day. Weaving science back into everyday life, Lisa Jardine shows how the concerns of the scientist are the concerns of us all
If you thought history was dull, dry and boring, you haven't read Bill Nye's books! He brings wit, humor, satire, irony and sheer nonsensical fun into the subject, making it both entertaining and memorable. The Comic History of England was published posthumously in 1896 after the writer's tragic and untimely death half-way through the project. Hence it remains incomplete and covers the history of the island nation only up to the Tudor period. However, beginning with Julius Caesar, the Roman ...
Bill Nye was a famous American humor columnist in the middle 1800's. He said "We can never be a nation of snobs so long as we are willing to poke fun at ourselves." And he did exactly that in hundreds of newspaper columns that were later collected into books. This is a selection of just 35 of the most humorous, wry and downright funny cogitations of his, written of course in the somewhat convoluted style common in the 19th century which just adds to their flavor in my opinion. The selection ...
A Warhammer Age of Sigmar podcast brought to you twice a month by wargamer/hobbyist David Witek
The blog for the Age Of Sigbrah podcast. Brought to you by Gary Hennessey & Andy Talbot
Exploring History, Archaeology, Science, and Culture.
A doctor's podcast for older adults and family caregivers, hosted by practicing geriatrics specialist Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH. Learn what really works, when it comes to improving health and wellbeing while aging. Dr. K and her guests discuss common health problems that affect people over age 60, the best ways to prevent and manage those problems, and they also often address common concerns and dilemmas that come up with aging parents. Show notes and related articles are at BetterHealthWhileA ...
Stories, investigations and guest discussions around the issues of disinformation and computational propaganda.
Voices From The Ages is a podcast that explores the great moments of history through the eyes of those who lived through them.
Golden Age
Venture into a fantasy setting known as 'the Continent' and experience it through the eyes of three very different individuals. Edge, the Freelancer forced into accepting a mission against his will, surrounded by those he cannot trust. Mia, the errant Knight with a troubled past and Dante, a shape shifting assassin. Though unaware, each of them holds in them the potential to bring about a new Golden Age. Golden Age is a full-cast audio production spanning multiple seasons and featuring an or ...
The Age of Darkness Podcast is a show about all things Horus Heresy. From rules discussions to novel reviews and everything in between, this is 30k radio.
Travel back in time to 145 million years ago and discover what life was like when dinosaurs roamed the Earth ... Dive underwater and meet the strange species living at the bottom of the sea and get up close with the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex!
The Live Long and Master Aging (LLAMA) podcast is a weekly series of extended, one-to-one interviews, about human longevity. Hosted by Peter Bowes, leading scientists share their latest research into living a long and healthy life. We delve into the clinical trials and challenge new ideas. We also feature some remarkable people who have already mastered the art of aging. Hear about their insights into growing old, without feeling old, and the secrets of their longevity.
Age of Minority
A Podcast FOR Youth ABOUT the Gospel
How does sustainability fit into our personal aspirations? How can we empower others to follow a similar path? New Age Nomad is dedicated to telling the personal backstories of the individuals who turned their back on the status quo and have made travel, the great outdoors, and extreme sports their life. The path isn’t always sunshine and rainbows but we can, and will, work together in an effort to make the world a better place. One small step, one freeing trip, at a time. The podcast for th ...
Caring For Aging Parents - Strategies for dealing with the emotional, physical, and financial challenges of aging parents. Attention Baby Boomers! If you are caring for your Mom or Dad and could use a little help, this Podcast could be like finding gold! Each week we’ll bring you valuable content that may help you in your journey of taking care of Mom and/or Dad. From the “Big Picture” questions of “Where Do I get Started?” down to some nitty gritty details on professionals and services that ...
Healthy Aging
Our health starts to decline as we enter our 6th, 5th, 4th, even 3rd decade. Aging can be a slow decline or a rapid decline. Many age related illnesses can be prevented and even reversed like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, arthritis, cognitive decline and many others. Our program looks at each system in the body: cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, gastrointestinal, renal, endocrine including thyroid, adrenal, sex hormones and growth hormone and optimizing each ...
A Sex Ed, Sex Advice & BDSM Podcast That Will Rock Your World
The Stone Age Gamer is a podcast where we discuss all facets of retro gaming, whether it be the bustling arcades of the 70's and 80's, crazy commercials and promos, or just how much we like a specific game! Check back with us bi-weekly for a new episode!
Slate's tech columnist Farhad Manjoo and Dear Prudence advice columnist Emily Yoffe debate how the age-old rules of civility apply to a social dilemma caused by new technology. Please send your questions or comments to
Healthy Aging
This series contains podcasts on topics related to seniors and getting older.
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With special guest Ben Chipman. In addition to NGE, we delve into the unintentionally humorous aspects of Shin Godzilla, and whether Kare Kano is of heavy taste.
So. 04.03.18, 13:30 Endergebnis: 2:1 1:0 Hoffmann (8.) 2:0 Usami (74.) 2:1 Bouhaddouz (90.+1) -- Ich spreche ja eher ungern über Niederlagen. Wenn ich aber mit Sue und Henning zwei sehr sympathische Gäste da habe, lässt es sich doch etwas einfacher schnacken. Mit den beiden Fortunen sprach ich über den durchaus realistischen bevorstehenden Auft ...…
G~ivi!ngE@ffe#cti$veF%eed^ba&ck* 2.0x by User 46317831
What's with gross sex pests in South East Asia? Does the region make you that way or are gross people just attracted to warm places? We've got a South East Asian expert in to try and get to the bottom of it. Not sure if we do, but we do find out the most environmental place to urinate. Song: Tha Bar Wa Yat Yin Thwe Nge - Sai Htee Sai…
On this week s show, we re looking at the role fishing plays in the lives of some of the greatest chefs in the South. We begin with Susan Schadt, author of Reel Masters. Susan went fishing and caught portraits of eight renowned chefs who treasure the sport. Next, we send you a postcard from Susan s book launch event, where chefs and guests gath ...…
#WhiskeyWednesday brings out the best of Belvedere and Tidget and this episode was happily brought to you by Badges Bluff, Smooth American Whiskey!*Bit late on editing and upload this week cos life, so take note that most of this episode is very unedited and may contain slightly more bad language that Tidget usually cuts out for our sexy listen ...…
Der französische Magier Georges Méliès ist eine der einflußreichsten Figuren in der Geschichte des Kinos: Er erfand zahlreiche Special Effects, gilt als Vater der Leinwandphantastik und war einer der ersten, die die bewegten Bilder zum Erzählen von Geschichten verwendeten. Zwischen 1896 und 1913 drehte er über 500 Filme. Wir reden nicht nur übe ...…
Tonight on Episode 47 we bring you up to date on all the latest happenings in the world of Overwatch. Blizzard looks to rework Bastion, Kungarna gets picked up heading into the NGE Winter Premiere Finals, Lunatic Hai benches 2 players for the remainder of APEX Season 2, and we talk about the bugs that are plaguing Year of the Rooster. All of th ...…
Cheers, loves! Episode 56 of The Cavalry is here! Joining us this week are Kevin Ellis aka Multizord, Stephen Parrish aka Tankzord, and Matt Zornes aka Slambo. We begin this episode with a chat about the Year of the........Rooster? Male chicken. We can agree on male chicken. Then it's srs bsns with some patch notes upcoming perhaps? https://us. ...…
@ALWAYSPROP3R member and Austin based producer Lungfulls has been gaining recognition for his jazz inspired, textured tracks. On this mix he keeps us glued to the speaker with offerings from Soulection's Dpat, Taylor Mcferrin and more. His latest offering "Palo Santo" is available here ...…
Tonight on Episode 46 Totemlydrunk and DravenDresden bring you up to date on all of the latest news and updates in Overwatch. Blizzard looks to add the report feature to consoles, an awesome animated movie surfaces from the community, NGE Winter Finals head South, more Funko Pops are on the way, and a surprise ending to the January Alienware Mo ...…
We are back with episode 3, Return of the DPS and we have the drinks and the math to prove it!Tidget and Belvedere catch up talking OW and RL. Once again we have heaps to talk about. So we pour another drink and get straight into it.We get the news covered with some PTR changes. Then Belv forms up a dive comp and talks about the Pro Competitive ...…
Tonight on Episode 45 Totemlydrunk and DravenDresden bring you up to date on all of the latest news and updates in Overwatch. Blizzard looks to end nuking, OGN Apex Season 2 is underway bringing format changes, more hero changes hit the PTR, and Papa Jeff Kaplan breaks down the purposes of the PTR in the latest developer update. All of this and ...…
eSports is back and there was much rejoicing! Tonight on Episode 44 Totemlydrunk and DravenDresden bring you up to date on all of the latest news and updates in Overwatch. Blizzard looks to fix an ongoing Mei bug, fans are up in arms over some Gency voice lines, Tracer leads the way, the Reunited organization disbands leaving Totemly sad, and m ...…
00:21 | 2016 | In Strict Confidence - Ask Your Soul 04:30 | 2016 | Amnistia - Dawn 08:03 | 2016 | Evo-lution - Cross All Lines 13:18 | 2016 | In Black Lights - Forsaken 17:06 | 2016 | Lebanon Hanover - Babes Of The 80s (Tobias Bernstrup Remix) 21:18 | 2016 | Aiboforcen (feat. Mari Kattman) - Tears (Radio Edit) 24:47 | 2016 | In Good Faith - Exp ...…
Ein Bachelorstudium an der WiSo-Fakultät der Universität zu Köln bietet eine hervorragende Grundlage für die weitere berufliche und persönliche Entwicklung. (Unser Portfolio umfaßt sieben verschiedene Bachelorstudiengänge, die interdisziplinär miteinander verknüpft sind:BetriebswirtschaftslehreVolkswirtschaftslehreVolkswirtschaftslehre sozialwi ...…
Forum Fachdidaktik Biologie 2016"Die Abstammung des Menschen"Vortrag:-Ursprünge, Umbrüche, Umwege: 6 Millionen Jahre Mensch-Prof. Dr. Friedemann SchrenkPaläobiologie Goethe-Universität, FrankfurtPaläoanthropologie SenckenbergForschungsinstitut und Naturmuseum Frankfurt
We are exhausted and unprepared after half a week with no power, but it's the thought that counts right? Or is it maybe better late than never? Join us as we update you on what we've been burning all our data on to watch- as well as news, NGE turns 21, and Evelyn confesses a great sin against her favorite series (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure).Songs ...…
Note: This episode is all about Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you don't know about NGE or haven't watched it, please do yourself a favor and watch the anime. BlossomingSun and Nannercat Ron run without a guest this episode. The main topic is everything neon genesis evangelion: theory-crafting, summarizing, pondering about it's intracicies. Other ...…
In this episode of the Comanus Rising podcast we talk about the week in gold and gold stocks, we talk about the slam down in the gold stocks on Wednesday and the FED yapping this week, we highlight the Wesdome WDO Kiena discovery and a few companies (one in particular) that may receive attention as a result, then we talk about news from the jun ...…
Luke and Ashley are back for the first part of a two parter. Luke has some opinions on Misato, Ashley talks about one of her fav Angels, Luke’s theories get disproved and we get straight up biblical. Also we talk about Fez and turn NGE into a gritty crime drama? Commentary is from 6:50 to 30:15
Welcome to episode 7 of Cry-borg 009, and the first part of our second 2-parter arc! Today we discuss "Defeat the Invisible Opponent", which continues our trend of non-indicative episode titles. We're also joined by our friend Teddy, who takes us into the BAD OPINION ZONE in regards to cyborg rankings. We discuss the sudden stop in progressivel ...…
The E-Web Marketing vision is to bring happiness, success and fun (HSF) to everybody they encounter. Since 1998, they have helped hun- dreds of Australian businesses maximise their profits by building their online presence and sales with the help of evolving digital solutions. From strategy development to measuring results, the E-Web Marketing t ...…
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