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GameBurst is a short, sharp, bitesize chunk of audible bliss that delivers the latest gaming news and hard-hitting discussions about the hobby in just 30 minutes.
New Game Plus
Games levados a sério
TPC: The Playstation Show
News and reviews in the world of the Sony Playstation
Northgate Pentecostals
A collection of Audio & Video of Northgate's services. We hope that you will be richly blessed by joining our online Podcasts.
live video game news show... with viewer interaction! e-mails and Skype calls. for details!
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Inspiring Mummy Club Podcast
Paulina Kapciak is the creator of New Generation Parenting, the online community and resource for Conscious Parenting. You can find out more about NGP at And connect with Paulina's Soulful Mama Tribe on Facebook here. Anna Parker-Naples is a Success In Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and founder of award-winnin ...…
TK with James Scott
BRASS, the excellent first novel by Xhenet Aliu, mixes voice, humor, and simmering rage into the tale of a family that keeps ending up in the same rut. She and James talk about what they're going to do when they grow up, not porn-ifying poverty, editing vs. new pages, and then give credit to the proofreaders out there. Plus, the wondrous Chip C ...…
Last One In ... Gainesville
Young Livers - I'm Infected! Converge - I Can Tell You About Pain Direct Hit! - You're Boring Pears - The World Is Ending Allout Helter - Andromeda IV Anti-Flag - Racists Tim Barry - Slow Down Petrol Girls - Touch Me Again Piss Test - Talkin' Shit Fox Face - Clevery Girl Gouge Away - Enough Worriers - Not Your Type Muscle Beach - Tiger Lily Cok ...…
Surrounded By Details Podcast | Photography, Travel, MMA & Life In General
A short recap about my latest travel to Yangon, Myanmar, for the World Lethwei Championship 3 (Legendary Champions). I will be joined by CEO and great human being Gerald Ng.
Welcome to the Not Good Podcast Feed, your new home for: substandard movie reviews, TV reviews, movie discussion, TV recaps & drunken banter. NGP: Movies & TV 27 – FALL MOVIE & TV PREVIEW New & Noteworthy: IT Box Office. Patty Jenkins officially signs on to write and direct Wonder Woman 2. JJ Abrams to write and direct Star Wars Episode IX. Joh ...…
NGP: Movies & TV 23 – BACHELOR IN PARADISE SEASON 4 New & Noteworthy: Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Review & Recap Also talk about episode 4 because holy titty fuck OBI-WAN KENOBI The Meyerwitz Stories Trailer Review Ready Player One image reveals Art3mis First image of Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2 Main Topic: Bachelor in Paradise Se ...…
Buzz talks strategies for how to plan the best flights, explains how a travel agent's booking system works and gives tips for booking online. Plus an interview with Craig Roach, an Australian artist and historian, who lives in Istanbul with his Turkish family. You can find the Podcast on ITunes, Stitcher Radio, Podbean, Google Play ,Player FM , ...…
Josh Bowden believes his latest start-up – profitable after one month of operation – to "become very large very quick."Read more ($):
Lord Andrew Hay says the number of new millionaires coming out of China will accelerate in the next 10 years.Read more ($):
“It makes MediaWorks and NZME feel good but it's meaningless for everyone else," says John Dee of radio result brags.Read more ($):
Added routes all-round and extended laptop ban avoided in this week's Carry On with Nevil Gibson.Read more ($):
A common reaction to #TapeGate is "bloody politicians, none of them can lie straight in bed," says Morgan Godfery.Read more ($):
Special guest, Jeff Stormer, and NGP "wanna take you for a ride" to select and go into battle with the ultimate team of three superheroes in Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes.
One buyer spent $US10.8 billion.Read more ($):
New Game Plus
This is the perfect place for newcomers to jump on and start listening to NGP! Join us as we briefly review our most recent episodes in Retro Recap 3.
Emily Schwartz, Vice President Organizing, NationBuilder talks about the Initiative that is a petition to the Democratic National Committee to allow candidates and committees to access their data regardless of which tools and technology they choose to use. This is a behind the scenes look at how national committees are managing ...…
Gutted [Weekly Stories of Reclaiming Your Instinct]
This week on Episode 005 of Gutted, I interview Ari Kuschnir, the founder and executive producer of m ss ng p eces, the award-winning new wave production and entertainment company inspired by the limitless potential of storytelling and technology. In our interview, we discuss a wild experience he had in Colombia as a teenager that led him to un ...…
The author of the gripping new true crime/memoir, THE FACT OF A BODY, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich tells James that "the book teaches you how to write it." They talk about how those lessons evolved over a decade of work, as well as earning the story, engaging with darkness, measuring the emotional impact of working on a memoir versus finishing ...…
Videogame BANG! Podcast
The Weekend BANG! is back and and its bringing the Marvel universe to the light. Sir Aaron Carter, The Real David Webb, Cory Vincent and David "Gando" NG are all on board to give their two cents. Marvel dropped a few big thing about their upcoming plans, from The Inhuumans to The Runaways, the VGB crew discusses all the info leaked on the upcom ...…
Following IDC Malaysia’s recent publication of ICT Predictions 2017, this series brings you more insights into the predictions with our analysts It’s all about “Data” in this first part of the series. Jun Fwu Chin, Research Director, speaks about his predictions on Datacenters and how they are evolving from storage spaces into an integral part ...…
Has your IBS been aggravated more than ever when you are scrolling through Facebook and see your friends' political posts? Do you suffer from serious FOMO when perusing SnapChat? Does everyone else's life on Instagram look prettier and more meaningful than your real life? My friend, we feel you. This episode is for ALL of us. SHOW NOTES Host: N ...…
SHOW NOTES Host: Noelle Rhodes What does Mrs. P. say?: Mrs. P + Noelle Facts + Stats: Emily Ng Taylor + Karlie: Kristina Keen Confessionals: The Friending Squad Making New Friends (even in Jersey): Kimberly Ann Coyle + Noelle Friending Therapy Session: Jamie Rose + Noelle My God, You Lived in Malaysia: Emily Ng + Kirsten Celebrity Bestie of the ...…
RetroRGB Weekly Roundup
Roundup #42 feat NT Mini updates, NGP romcart sale, RGB talk w/Nick from HDRetrovision & more!By (RetroRGB).
Brossentia joins NGP to talk about one of his favorite worst games of all time, Athena.
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