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Podcasts with Ricky Da Prince, Plus Pierre & Bennessy. What you see is what you get: 3 men, 3 opinions. Listener discretion IS advised. Vulgar language and adult/explicit content.Send questions to:
Podcasts with Ricky Da Prince, Plus Pierre & Bennessy. What you see is what you get: 3 men, 3 opinions. Listener discretion IS advised. Vulgar language and adult/explicit content.Send questions to:
Nigga Knocking
Politics, Fashion, Comedy, Sports and more
Emotional Nigga
Emotional Nigga (Black Men Have Feelings Too) is a channel to provide the tools of self-love fostering self-awareness while creating dialogue.
The Realist Nigga
The Realist Nigga is a podcast hosted by comedians Josh Wesson and co-host Jeffrey Katzman. In each episode they discuss life, comedy, politics, and culture — sometimes with the addition of a guest, sometimes with the addition of drugs. Enjoy, niggaz!
Do you remember when AIDS grabbed our country by the immune system and said, “I’d dip that in some Barbicide before I ran it through my hair”? Well, you’re going to love Hosie Nation 3.0 w/Lee Crowe on Blog Talk Radio. Join Hosie and Lee each Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. Eastern for truth-laden talk that you won’t like. Remember when Jason Collins became the first “active” professional athlete to come out as gay? While most of America either celebrated (everyone in the media) or declared our famil ...
Interviews • Weird Topics • Funny Shit Every Sunday Night 9:30pm-ish Call in and Talk Shit (909) 475-PIGZ (7449)
We Make Tha Call is Off tha wall chat about a variety of topics over phat hip-hop tracks
DnM's is a podcast in which you will hear two uni students waste their time debating the most irrelevant and interesting topics. They can usually be seen trying to decipher "the best" something by making it into a massive tournament... topics include everything from sport, music, film, tv, gaming, pretty much everything and anything is on the table. Give us a listen... submit your own ideas, and enjoy the show.Much Love.Dan & Mickeyemail us at visit our website at http:/ ...
A podcast, Nigga.
The podcast about Oakland. A sonic cultural ode. From the locals to the transplants, the deep East to the Lower Bottoms, and the kickback to the function. Each month, we'll take a theme and dissect the different nuances of being Black in the Town from historical and current perspectives. Welcome to the land of the woke.
You ain’t got the skills to eat a nigga’s ass like me
Come Out From Among Her ( C.O.F.A.H ) is a Hebrew Ysraelite Ministry who holds to the belief that the ancestors of the transatlantic slave trade who were kidnapped on slave ships and taken to the land of their Enemies are the TRUE Hebrew Israelites proclaimed in the bible. Yahya Bandele was the writer, producer and director of the best selling Documentary "Hebrew or the So-Called Negro as well as the Founder and Chairman of The C.O.F.A.H Network. C.O.F.A.H also holds to the belief that YaHWe ...
1. Fat Trel - or Nah 2. Lil Wayne (feat. Drake) - Grindin'3. Jacquees (Feat. Trinidad Jame$) - Bet I 4. August Alsina (Feat. Rick Ross) - Benediction5. Courtney Noelle (Feat. Juicy J) - Without You6. Frank Ocean Mick Jones and Paul Simonon - Hero7. Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill 8. DJ Khaled (feat. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future & Jeremih) - Hold You Down 9. Greg Machado (Feat. Jadakiss) - Cant Live Without You10. Jay Electronica (Feat. Latonya Givens) - Better in Tune with the Infinite ...
This is the Official sound cloud for "One Of the Good Ones" Podcast. The podcast consists of Akhim and Tre riffing about pop culture, Black issues, Nerd stuff, and other things. We have 2 segments. One Gotta Go where we decide one has to go outta of Four. We also have "this nigga of the week" were we riff on someone that is acting up in the black community. contact us at
HRN Xinxo
Stories About The Typical Nigga Inna The Nawf Division Of Dallas,Tx . Everyday Life In My Beautiful Hometown .Also Music...Special Guest Interviews ...And Much More Entertainment Via Podcast #HRNXinxo #$oloXinxo #NawfDallas #ImOutThatNawfDivision
A film by COMUTADOR JUNKIES:: CLUB CULTURE :: (The Documentary Movie)Travel with DEV on his journey to various cities from Hong Kong, Dubai & other metro cities of India exploring the nightlife, clubbing, fashion, music by your host DJ DEV.Club Culture has been named after his famous Club Culture podcast episodes which is among the top podcast downloads in India.Following this 1st sequence of the CLUB CULTURE Documentary Series we make you meet his friends, supporters & fans whom he encounte ...
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“When the migos created and invented the crazy style of rapping, etc... (Check out the songs)
Song of the Week: GoldLink - Crew ft. Brent Faiyaz, Shy GlizzyThe Cast: LA, Varnell Tha Beatnik And Young Tokyo; Discuss(7:50) What Is P.o.V(14:00) Trump vs. Biden(21:22) McGregor [The New WWE](25:14) Titans Uniform (31:30) The Legend Of Mr. Carrrrr(49:12) Gallatin, Tn.#WhoIsDonald? (11:10) @LongBeachGriffy (33:24) #JusticeForChad (55:10) #Varn ...…
We rate which version of Chuck we liked the best, explain why niggas need to learn self control and whether or not platonic relationships can actually happen.
On episode 3 (also sponsored by "E&J"), we discuss: The pressures of having a gay sonTristan Thompson defeating the Kardashian KlanBonus: Ricky explains to us what "Ghetto Goblins" are
Its almost time for the booty shorts and maxi dresses! The weather inspired Amani Sheree and Ling to discuss all the fun shenanigans ya'll should get into this Spring and Summer season. Of course we discuss Cardi, Drake telling us its okay NOT to be nice to these niggas, and other foolish tings! Enjoy this Trill Tea!…
THIS WEEK:Max-El went to church. Niggas was holy ghostin'.Threesome stories.Floyd needs to diversify his bonds.RIP MORE!!!
Exclusive Podson AKA RNR Real Nigga Radio, got Delly Everyday in the house talking about making history dropping a song everyday in 2018, 100 days down so far! Aint no stoppin soon learn about the motivation behind the music!
In this episode of Hollywood Hype, the crew discusses all things social media and just how important it is to the entertainment industry.Lyandre attempts to learn SnapchatRickey almost becomes friends with Travis ScottChris takes us to church on brandingFeaturing Social Media guru Evelyn Zhang
Happy G-Day to my nigga Smooth! Listen up little whores
NIGGAS GON FEEL ME LolWhats up my name is JT!Your official orator, your designated duke of narration, your royal of random rhetoric.Letting niggas know off top, my topics tend to vary, if you looking for youtube channel where some fat dude is going to post 17 videos a week talking about magic gathering cards and only that or some nappy headed n ...…
Sponsored by SlaughtaHouze Radio, Check out the show every Saturday 8p-10p cst on www.slaughtahouze.comFlam Feeva- MindsetJerz- Don't DoJezze B- The BagHollywood Sav- GangNuhzuri- I'm Not Yo NiggaChase$wavey- Rather Be With YouPlaya C- Friend BaeJey Merriwhether- No Pressure
I debated with people who are actually racist and want an ethnostate. I kid around about being racist. These niggas is serious. This Jaochim dude is absolutely bitch made too. I have a breakdown on my YouTube account.
Late night edition of the NWO Podcast : Rihanna (ANTI Album) Vs. Beyonce (Lemonade Album). Bonus: Will Tekashi 6ix9ine make it to next year?
This episode we was just riding around talking that nigga shit my boy Maly joined the show to give his thoughts on things
Wassgood my niggas it’s tha thug back once again wit that fiyaaaaaa! I been gone for a minute but we live fasho on deck my niggas today’s episode is a piggy back off of the last one which was Tha Bottom Bitch Theory. Picking up where I left off and really diving into what helps the ladies find and maintain healthy connections with my niggas out ...…
Maine Milla-Gangsta Trinity
Thanks for being mad patient y'all. We are back with legendary shaper Scott Anderson (@anderson_surfboards) as we talk about growing up in Santa Monica, shaping his first board and why he still loves what he does. I politic about how surf festivals could be better. Last of all we have some short takes to do with @miked, @danssurfvideos, @surf.r ...…
In this epiosde, the Savage Patch Kids talk about THEBUFFALO BILLS MAKING THE PLAYOFFS FOR THE 1ST TIME IN IN 17 YRS!!!! We also recap 2017, plus what to expect in 2018!!
Studio session with my nigga Angel was just the beginning, now the doubters gonna believe and the haters gonna hate, about to open doors they can only dream of opening because I can't stop now, the visions materialising... 💯🇬🇧
Wassshaaaaaaanen you ashy ass niggas! We back with ANOTHER 100Proof from Tha Fountain of Youth ambassador, ya ace boon coon, L.A. France. I missed a day on the show just because I ran into some niggatry so I felt like giving y’all a lil extra today I’ll make it up to you with some T-Shirt and maybe raffle off a big screen TV to you broke niggas ...…
Welcome back to the podcast!! On tonight's podcast, with my bro Kawan, we debate, should Midwood High School have metal detectors and our reactions to the whole situation that happened Tuesday. And on the second topic, we talk about side chicks and side niggas feeling a type of way! Stay tuned for the rest of the podcast! DONT FORGET TO LIKE SH ...…
In a nutshell: a little bit of death, a couple successful Black women, Blue Ivy spending thousands, and new TV shows. Everyone in Miami: DO BETTER x100. Listen to us rant about why you can and can't be friends with your exes and lastly, niggas still acting up in the office.
Listen as @Royale_o2 and @FreekeyYayo are joined by @Jremyma and @Pvt.Marrs for episode 6 that was recorded on 3/17For the 6th episode @PVT.Marrs and @Royale_o2 discuss their new ventures with the artist exchange event taking place in YOHO studios 540 Nepperhan Ave Yonkers NY on Saturday April 6th RSVP your spot at ...…
We're back from our hiatus only for you niggas to still be wildin' out. From serial bombers, to contracting syphilis on the beach, everyone needs to do better.
It’s tha thug back once again with that heat for the streets and tha meat fo da beat! We back again the feds still ain’t clapped at me so dicks is out for Harambè nigga ya mean???? I know I know, I'm late today I ran into some technical difficulties with the other platforms we live on so I had to hop on that but we talking abo ...…
THIS WEEK:Bow Wow ain't playin' wit these niggas!Bruno Mars is a copycat.Floyd Mayweather's death wish.Racist wrestling gimmicks.Mufuckas need English class.Black whiteboys.AND MORE!!
It's my fucking show and I do what I want!Freeza's back. NLN's hella spicy. Niggas are still woke and hella ratchet.Music from:
This week the girls let loose and talk about everything unedited.
Goku is not the reason you don't get pussy my nigga. The fellas discuss the negative stereotype surrounding Anime and the folks that watch it.Check us out on iTunes:, Comment & Share.Follow us on: @Twitter - - ...…
Graham Clark is an accomplished stand up comedian, who has opened for Dave Chappelle (4 sold out shows right after he came back from his african hiatus), Norm MacDonald, Sarah Silverman, Hannibal Buress, as well as performed at Just For Laughs Montreal several times, and has his own comedy podcast called Stop Podcasting yourself with co-host Da ...…
Episode 44: This episode I finally make it to be with my people in Wakanda, I talk about the Black Panther movie, I talk about my excitement for my baby sis being pregnant, getting tats for your bae, other pop culture topics, NBA updates, March Madness (my brackets are so messed up B!), and I have a ton of music to share (links in the notes of ...…
This is prolly one of my best episodes thus far ! Sitting down w/ this young man and listening to the group within him was a pleasure ! Listen in as Red , my guest , explains the difference between a real nigga and a real man . The difference as well as what the two have in common ! We also touch on parenting , relationships and balance !Red Re ...…
This week we give you another dose ofAsk A Nigga, Ask A Man, Ask A decide!
Introductions: @Coreytheprince @retardo313 @Bates_313 @billnation @the1truestory @imani_ebonee @thoselonglegz @DjMuda. Wilberforce University Homecoming 2017. 1:25 Why do "guys" block, 2:20 Is calling 75 times to much in a hour? 3:30 Should couples be sharing funds? 4:50 s/o to Muda Juice. 8:15 Double standards. Is 10:20 Is it okay to talk to s ...…
@roda_reports is now the OFFICIAL voice of estrogen on the Code! In this episode we discuss Black women posting pics of these Wakanda niggas on their social media feeds, turning the tables after all these years of basic niggas showing Kardashians and IG hoes so much love now Black women have a whole movie full of sex symbols and their niggas go ...…
Sponsored by SlaughtaHouze Radio, Check out the show every Saturday 8p-10p cst on www.slaughtahouze.comThe KidBaysick- We Gon Be GoodNorth Philly Brown- Late NightNuhzuri- I'm Not Yo NiggaJ Ghost- BabylonChase$wavey- Rather Be With YouRoari- PersianHollywood Sav- GangTrinisha Browne- GlowJey Merriwhether- No Pressure…
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