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Sakura no Nihongo (Japanese Lesson)- Let’s study Japanese with Sakura! -
a podcast about the experience of learning Japanese
No Nihon Go
A guy who knows how to speak Japanese tries to teach it to an idiot.
GLJ Podcast
This show is about two guys learning Japanese in Japan. We give tips, talk about our ups & downs, and give our thoughts on our experience learning Japanese. This podcast is best suited for intermediate–advanced learners striving for complete fluency. Send your questions or comments to
Language Mastery
How to Learn Japanese the Fun Way with John Fotheringham
Learn Japanese with Subaru is the podcast that you can learn Japanese from a Japanese person who grew up in Japan(me). I can teach you Japanese grammar, Japanese pronunciation ,and anything else in Japanese! If you like to learn Japanese that is natural to Japanese people, this is the right podcast for you. I will also talk about some interesting things about Japan, and Japanese culture. Great ! I think we are ready !! Let's start learning Japanese !!
One Minute Japanese
Learn Japanese in minutes with the Radio Lingua Network
Yakiniku Pirafu
Today's words are 侵害(shingai) and 寝台 (shindai). This is the first Yakiniku Pirafu Japanese lesson...hope you enjoy it!
Learn Japanese over beats podcast + Life in Japan
Channel Anime
A bunch of degenerate losers talk about anime and play anime related games. There is a microphone. What could go wrong? NSFW: Lots of swearing
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This was inspired by a comment by an amazing comment I got on Instagram. This episode is dedicated to breaking through that gap between intermediate and advanced, or beginner and intermediate. This may be one of the best episodes I have put out in a long time. Please share it when those that are trying to break through that gap and taking their ...…
Jeff has a JLPT report, then he and Scott talk about study progress, motivation, setbacks, and traveling to Kyushu, specifically Kagoshima and Yakushima. Show hosts are Jeff Ruberg and Scott Willsey. Links Don’t Nihongo It Alone website Don’t Nihongo It Alone on Twitter Japanese Language Profi ...…
We are happy that you are joining us for our Japanese 30 day challenge! If you don't know what we are talking about check out our website at manga-sensei.comHelping you start Japanese from 0! we are stoked to ring in the new year with a new goal to learn Japanese. Tune in Every day 365 to learn yourself some Nihongos. ...…
Welcome to HTN! Listen to me suffer to help you feel better! • This week I want to bring you guys into my life as a language learner. My goal is to inspire you with my amazing success (of which there is a debatable amount), but mostly give you some much needed empathy as we tackle together one of the hardest languages known to the English speak ...…
Everything You Need to Know to Speak Japanese Fluently My speaking fluent Japanese…sort of… One of the most common questions I get at Learn Japanese Pod is “How do I learn to speak Japanese fluently?”. The usual problem I hear is that although students study lots of vocabulary and grammar, they can’t seem to put it together to hold even a simpl ...… today’s Learn Japanese Pod podcast, Asuka and Alex are back to teach you how to do a self introduction in Japanese to a group of people. For example, this might be useful for you on your first day of Japanese class at university, college or school. We cover how to say your n ...… week Martin from Live Work Play Japan to tell all about his stints working in Japan and other countries doing translations, teaching, and a lot more. Be sure to check out their new book here. Enjoy! Right click here to download the MP3 [Follow ALTInsider on social media: Twitter | Instagram | ...…
Yo, welcome back to the show! MLS were blessed to be able to get one of our favorite DJ's in the studio with us, ShioriyBradshaw! She's one of the best in Tokyo, and it was great to chop it up with her and learn a bit about the person behind the grooves. In Nihongo! We had the homey Marvell to hold us down with the translations. He brought a co ...…
Joining Bart this month are Nick Riley, Lynda Gousha, Scott Willsey from the Don’t Nihongo it Alone podcast, and Gazmaz from the MyMac podcast.The show starts with some quick followup stories before moving on to look at some Apple-related notable numbers, legal news, and staff changes that made the news in July. The four main stories for the mo ...…
Don’t Nihongo It Alone is a podcast about the experience of learning Japanese. In episode 3, Jeff and Scott talk about Jeff’s recent trip to Japan and some of the photos he took there, as well as the topic of speaking Japanese with actual native Japanese speakers. Show hosts are Jeff Ruberg and Scott Willsey. Links Don’t Nihongo It Alone websit ...…
Podcast EpisodeBy (Alex Brooke).
Podcast EpisodeBy (Alex Brooke).
Don’t Nihongo It Alone is a podcast about the experience of learning Japanese. In episode 2, Jeff is getting ready to visit Japan for a third time, we talk about some aspects of traveling in Japan. Also, we talk about progress on Wanikani, some resources for listening to Japanese, and how contextual learning can both help and hinder your Japane ...…
Don’t Nihongo It Alone is a podcast about the experience of learning Japanese. In episode 1, Jeff Ruberg and Scott Willsey introduce themselves and talk about what got them interested in the Japanese language to begin with. Links Don’t Nihogno It Alone website Don’t Nihongo It Alone Twitter Account (NihongoPod) https://twi ...…
special episode 2017 "first crowing"「Happy New Year!!!」謹賀新年2017 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
PokemonGO in Nihongo, Ana and the Overwatch OG's, the XBox One S and PS4 Neo, all in today's episode of GameByte! J!NX Store 10% Discount Code - QuitStalling_366 [Get it? Quit Stalling Us]
Bacardi 161?! This week, Alex fails to find the Diminutive Famicom; a mini-mini installment of “The Human Body is Bullshit”; monetary misfortunes and the introduction of Tax Talk!; Pictlogica Final Fantasy is dumb; Alex isolates those darned aliens and ganks ganados; more miscellaneous game talk; Ray dives back into the muzukashii world of niho ...…
No.14「A flying crow always catches something. vol.2」犬も歩けば棒に当たる(後編) このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
The lesson begins strong with Naomi finding the Achilles heel of American customer service: government offices. After she sets her sights on destroying the post office’s good name, Josh comes to the rescue and explains why a postal worker’s poor service is somewhat justified. After that the lesson begins. In the lesson itself, Josh shows Naomi ...…
No.13「A flying crow always catches something. vol.1」犬も歩けば棒に当たる(前編) このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
Intro Paragraph: This episode begins with Josh struggling to utter the introduction script he spent weeks trying to memorize. From there, Josh talks about the problem with people who promise that you can learn any language in a short amount of time. A reoccurring theme in this podcast is that learning any new skill takes, time, patience and a t ...…
We're getting ready for summer cons, talking about deep-fried snacks, and of course reviewing this week's issue & answering your questions! Segments: 0:42 - Intros 6:00 - News/Events 9:45 - Get Stumped 15:40 - Issue Review 1:06:28 - Questions 1:18:20 - Nihongo Lesson 1:19:55 - Predictions
This is what プンプン looks like Intro Paragraph: Josh begins the class with a racial stereotype and Naomi tries to show him how he has been indoctrinated with misinformation about Japanese culture, primarily from the Karate Kid part 1 and 2. After that, they discuss Japanese eggs, heat pads, cold tummies and respectable plates. To Josh's surprise, ...…
Ex.2「review of No.7~No.2」おさらい2 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
Episode Intro In this episode Josh introduces a different approach to language learning, script building. Basically, you try to memorize a script of a tiny monlogue you might have to say fairly often. But before the Japanese lesson, Naomi and Josh discuss culture, particularly the kouhai こうはい and senpai せんぱい relationship that has an enormous im ...…
Intro Paragraph: Naomi reveals the embarrassing truth of her flat nose while Josh tries to reassure her that her nose is perfect. After that, Josh discusses popular ways people may psyche themselves out of learning and recommends a few websites for the language learning listeners. When the lesson begins, he discusses Hiragana and why it took hi ...…
Your intrepid hosts guide you through the following: Patlabor, Macross Delta, Netoge, Zootopia, Miitomo, Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo, and more! Burr also shares a new Guilty Pleasure this week. Shimoneta is such a hit on Anime Night we decide to finish the series with you! Cat vs. Fox discusses Gainax's new business venture you'll never guess, ...…
Featured on today's episode: Senran Kagura Estival Versus, Planetes, Heavy Object, Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 (a passionate defense thereof!), and Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo. It's the first day we share our Guilty Pleasures with you, oooh. Lets see what they are! Cat vs. Fox is a competition of Madoka Magica and Gothic Lolita themed products. Com ...…
Rich gets a new mic but surprise, surprise he hasn't studied. Deep down Russ is disappointed in him.
special episode 2016"Monkey wish"「Happy New Year!!」 謹賀新年2016 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
No Nihon Go Podcast 5 A 下手人 With A View by No Nihon Go
No Nihon Go Podcast 4 Shinda Hou Ga Ii by No Nihon Go
No Nihon Go Podcast 3 by No Nihon Go
No Nihon Go Podcast 2 by No Nihon Go
No.12「A leopard can’t change his spots. vol.2」 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
No.11「A leopard can’t change his spots. vol.1」 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
No.10「Don't count your chickens before they're hatched. vol.2」 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
No.9「Don't count your chickens before they're hatched. vol.1」 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
No.8「The early bird catches the worm. vol.2」 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
No.7「The early bird catches the worm. vol.1」 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
special episode "Hatsuyume"「Happy New Year!」謹賀新年2015 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
Ex.1「review of No.1~No.6」 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
No.3「There is no accounting for tastes. vol.2」 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
No.3「There is no accounting for tastes. vol.1 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちらBy (nagisa.f creative).
Well remember when we told you folks we were just going to go down to the corner store for a pack of smokes, and then kind of never came back? Well we're back! Hopefully we can be friends again. EVE Online Hacking In today's episode JavaGeek and I talk about his facination with the MMORPG EVE Online. Charactarized as "Spreadsheets in Space", EV ...…
You’ve anguished and fretted over the LSAT, you’ve spent countless hours revising your personal statement, you’ve checked and re-checked all your optional essays, your bio and everything else that goes into perfecting your law school application. You’re ready to press “send,” but once you do, what happens? What goes on at the other end? What do ...…
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