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IGN editors discuss all things Nintendo. Now you're playing with power!
Nintendo Power Podcast is the official podcast of Nintendo of America, with discussions and commentary from Nintendo staff and special guests.
Nintendo Voice
Your voice for everything Nintendo.
Radio Free Nintendo is Nintendo World Report's official weekly podcast. Every week, NWR's staff discuss everything Nintendo from the latest releases to classic games.
Club Nintendo
Tim Chaten and others discuss all aspects of Nintendo gaming
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Nintendo Sushi
Hey Koopa Troopas! Every week we bring you Nintendo news, reviews and rants. Submit a question to the show by emailing and we’ll either answer it or make fun of you! Website: Twitter: @nintendosushi Facebook: nintendosushi Email:
This Nintendo Life
A Nintendo based Video Games podcast with your hosts Nbz and Bally! We bring you three 30 minute segments every 2 weeks, talking about everything from what we've been playing, to the lastest Nintendo Direct news, listener mail, feature topics and more! Hope you enjoy!
A Bi-Weekly Podcast For All Things Nintendo! Hosted by two life-long Nintendo fans, the Random Nintendo Podcast provides a fan-level view on the biggest news, latest games, and hottest rumors. New episodes of the podcast will be available every other Sunday, but be sure to stay tuned to our website ( for bonus content that may appear in between each episode.
Nintendo Pulse is our weekly show all about Nintendo. Hear all of the latest news on the Nintendo Switch and 3DS! Born from the combination of the WiiSpot and DS:Life podcast, you can join your hosts Lloyd Hannesson and Stephen Munn as they tell you all about the games you’ll want to be playing, retro games, Nintendo Power and portables!
Nintendo Feed Podcast
Join Nintendo Feed as we discuss the latest Wii U and 3DS News, the latest Nintendo games we've been playing along with the chance to win some awesome prizes...
Nintendo Dads
Nintendo gaming and industry commentary from a parenting perspective!
Nintendo, Switch, Wii U, 3DS, Retro Video Games
IGN editors discuss all things Nintendo. Now you're playing with power!
Hello Nintendo
Hello Nintendo! - the official podcast for the Nintendo subreddit. Hear about the most discussed topics for the past week, opinion pieces, interviews and questions from listeners. Hosted by moderators and members of r/Nintendo
Join us for some discussion on Nintendo gaming, from Zelda and Mario to Metroid and Kirby!
The SwitchCast is more than a show where we talk about Nintendo Switch news and game reviews. We are a lively community of Nintendo Switch players who organize competitive events, contests, and interviews with some of the coolest names in the industry. So listen in, chat with us on Discord, find us on Facebook, and become part of the Switch revolution!
I've been watching the development of the Switch since Iwata announced that it was called the NX. I've had every Nintendo console except the Virtual Boy. You can expect three episodes every week about Nintendo and the Switch. You can expect me to talk about Nintendo News I'll be covering Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, and other franchises from Nintendo both played on the Switch and the 3DS, though mostly the Switch. I also stream on Twitch at
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Nintendo Podcast Switch News, Retro Games and more
IGN editors discuss all things Nintendo. Now you're playing with power!
A Nintendo-focused podcast from the community. Every two weeks, expect a critical and in-depth discussion about Nintendo or video game-related topics. The topics can touch any of Nintendo's franchises: Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and more. We also discuss all Nintendo systems; NES, Super NES, Game Boy, N64, GameCube, Wii, DS, 3DS, and the Wii U.
The TK Podcast is a podcast started by KingsHaki and RoronoaTrey. We discuss One Piece but also all anime/manga/nintendo games and sometimes other things. The hosts are KingsHaki, RoronoaTrey and Bluefirecrashdown.Contact us here, or on twitter at Kings_Haki, RoronoaTrey15 or Azure_Ursus
NWR Contributors Perry and Casey come together every other week to do what they do best, Talk Nintendo. Each episode the boys talk about what they've been playing, Nintendo news, Craigslist finds and have a rotating Topic of the Show segment.
Eyes on Nintendo - Reviews, News, Community -
Explore the Super Nintendo catalog at random with the intrepid Super Nintendo Exploration Squad. Every other week, a rotating crew of SelectButtoneers select a game from the SNES library at random. Afterwards, we discuss it using the five standardized metrics for scoring a video game: Gun, Vanity, Mystery, Poetry, and Harmony. We dive in deep on games you've never heard of with some of the brightest minds in video game criticism.There are also a healthy amount of digressions and unrelated ba ...
Lee, Mairead, JJ and Nathan from DS London have a light comical chat about video games including the latest in Nintendo news and all the latest DS London events.They also tend to answer questions from the community and let you know when they're gonna meet up and play games in London.
Club Nintendo TV
Podcast de la revista Club Nintendo. Entérate de las noticias más importantes de Nintendo, además de recomendaciones, análisis, reportes y más.
Radio Free Nintendo is Nintendo World Report's official weekly podcast. Every week, NWR's staff discuss everything Nintendo from the latest releases to classic games.
The Vookcast is Australia's Nintendo Podcast. Join the team for the latest Nintendo news, both local and international. We've got the latest impressions and thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, DS and everything on the eShop. Whether it's Super Mario, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem or Kirby we've got it covered. Expect commentary on all big Nintendo issues as well as general gaming chit chat. You might even laugh once or twice, although we don't promise it.
Nintendo Okie
Bringing you the best of video games every day!!!
Nintendo Podcast Switch News, Retro Games and more
A Nintendo-focused podcast from the community. Every two weeks, expect a critical and in-depth discussion about Nintendo- or video game-related topics. The topics can touch any of Nintendo's franchises: Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Wii Sports, Donkey Kong and more. We also discuss every Nintendo system: NES, Super NES, Game Boy, N64, GameCube, Wii, DS and 3DS.
Nintendo OutCast
News, stories, and real conversations all Nintendo related by the Big N's greatest fans in the world.
Nintendo Life Podcast - Our perspective on all things Wii and Nintendo.
Former Nintendo Power editors talk Nintendo news and topics
Every week the Nintendo Okie crew brings you the latest news from all over the video game industry. You'll hear what we've been playing and what we think of all the biggest topics in the news every week.If you are trying to locate the Nintendo Okie website, please visit
Patrick Ehlers and Mark Mitchell breakdown news, games, and everything else Nintendo in this weekly podcast. Old games, new games, rumors, nothing’s off limits as two life-long Nintendo fans discuss the house that Mario built.
Nintendo Podcast
A Podcast where we discuss what is new in the world of Nintendo. Hosted by the open-minded, Daniel Friedlaender. Email with questions:
The NESBROS is the most positive Nintendo Switch podcast in the world! We discuss all things Nintendo and believe in building a positive gaming community. We believe in having fun, connecting with other gamers and in always having a great time gaming! From Zelda & Mario to the Joy Con controllers, we cover all the news happening in the Nintendo World....oh yea, and we LOVE amiibos!
Take a warp whistle down memory lane with Jacob and Ryan; a couple of guys passionate about Nintendo and the memories the company's games have created.
Nintendo Nation
Nintendo Nation is your weekly dose of all things Nintendo!
The Outerhaven's official Nintendo related Podcast. You like Nintendo, well so do we and you're going to hear about all things Nintendo.
Weekly Nintendo Podcast where hosts Eric Zauch and Natalie Wilson do their gosh darn best to provide you with an hour of entertainment and fun, that sure to leave you feeling like a super star.
Nintendo News Report is a weekly podcast dedicated to the news and going ons in the world of Nintendo. Hosted by a panel of Nintendo experts from Nintendo World Report. Theme song is Bright and Early by Ben Briggs and Ectogemia from KK and Friends.
Welcome to Nintendo Unleashed, BlazeKick's Nintendo podcast! Join the BlazeKick staff as they talk about all things Nintendo!
Every week Colin and Devon will be giving you a look at the newest news about the newest console from Nintendo, the Switch. We'll focus heavily on news, but we'll also be bringing the hot takes on whatever game is striking our fancy, we hope you join us on our Switch journey.
Two middle school band directors talk all things Nintendo. News, game impressions, soundtrack reviews and more! New episodes post every other Thursday!
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Hoy un programa que hacía días que queríamos hacer, si digo, nuevas tecnologías y turismo, que os parece? Y si ahora digo turiemo, Big Data, y Inteligencia Artificial? Pues hoy hablaremos turismo y que nos pueden aportar los datos, tanto en visión empresa y como cliente. Siempre que hemos hablado de turismo aquí en el programa, lo hemos hecho c ...…
Welcome to episode 66 We kick off with an amazing event, Skazz has been playing a game! We’ve mentioned it before, and rouge like FPS starting wizard called Ziggurat. Carrying on with the previously discuss games, TheSuffolkRam has been playing the Sims 3. He talks about designing himself in game, issues with fire, the correct priorities of hou ...…
Mike and Jon discuss and grieve the loss of (SPOILER) in the Walking Dead #167, and while its been a while since we've lost anyone major, the sting is still there. Mike opted to catch the Fear the Walking Dead 2 hour premiere which is full of gore and surprises (Mike drops a spoiler regarding a main character death FYI). Jon gives a quick run d ...…
Topyen ( The Only Podcast You'll Ever Need) is a podcast that at its core is about gaming news but frequently we will talk about other topics. News from between June 2nd 2017 and June 4th 2017. This should also be on itunes.
Topyen ( The Only Podcast You'll Ever Need) is a podcast that at its core is about gaming news but frequently we will talk about other topics. News from between May 25h and May 28th 2017. This should also be on itunes and youtube.
Welcome to the Rand(Nerds); Podcast episode 58 In this Episode we are joined by special guest Middlemister Both TheSuffolkRam and Skazz have been playing the sand fulled game Spec Ops: The Line and discuss bad cover mechanics, bad team AI and stories where you’re not the hero. TheSuffolkRam has been playing a game he’d complete forgot about wit ...…
In this episode of the podcast Reetin and Aroah talk about the Nitendo Game 1-2 Switch, E3, Castlevania, AMD's Ryzen processors, and Greenlight dying. 1-2 Switch has 20 games: E3 Has 15,000 Passes For Normal People: ...…
Tonight, on TMSPM: Dog ate poorly. BOB thinks the world is flat. Barbie has a new look! Nitendo in launch mode! Zika is out to gettcha! App Time! Your Twitter questions and more on this episode of TMSPM.
On this episode of The BOOP show, Let's see how Rebuild 3 works out. Witcher 3 and Heroes still dominate Scott's existence. Fallout 4 and everything we know about it so far. Mojang faithful got a wad of cash. Showtime wants your 11 bucks. Heroes getting better vision. DRM-free sales started yesterday. Witcher 3 has no level cap. Steam now lets ...…
On this episode of The BOOP show, Heroes launches. Witcher witches. Nitendo NX may run Android. Lego has Minecraft fever. Xcom Again. Batman has no loading screens. MS is not buying Konami stuff. Titanfall 2 wont be at E3. Ted Cruz sure likes the video games. Emails and calls and stuff and more!
This week on Dear Gamer, We talk about Shiny Pokemon, Why Mario is known more then Sonic, and Why people like Minecraft N.E.W.S. NOT ESPECIALLY WILD SPOTLIGHTS MORGAN SPOTLIGHT: Not A Hero, Oculus Pauses Mac & Linux Development MICHAEL SPOTLIGHT: Nitendo World Championships for 2015, Evoland 2 DEAR GAMER LETTERS What is your favorite Zelda game ...…
On this episode of The BOOP show, I Rally Rally like Dirt Rally. Warhammer 40k took my queen. AC game announcement coming. GTA is not banning people with mods. Sony nailed it according to Ricciteiello. Nitendo is doing the theme park thing. And they are making money again. WoW lost 3 million players in 3 months. Oculous Rift has a date, and pla ...…
This week on Naught the guys discuss the feminist movement, Indiana’s new law and the latest in movies. An Abundance of Movies: Released: Furious 7 – 87% It Follows – 96% Woman in Gold – 53% Effie Gray – 46% Cut Bank – 36% Top Box: Home – $52.1M Get Hard – $33.8 Insurgent – $21.5M Cinderella – $17.0M Honorable Mentions: Serena – 23% While We’re ...…
This weeks topics: DARTH VADER IS A CRIMINAL, Chris finally kicked his world of tanks habit, Nitendo's new console, Microsofts new OS and web browser, Predator vs Mortal Kombat and you know, other stuff
A new unit! Trip to mars for a price. Nitendo says mobile is happening. Pixels looks terrible. Carbon3D could change things. The deathstar needs a lot of power. Playstation Vue debuts. Movies will be a fancy thing soon. Your emails and more!
In today's episode we talk about the nitendo digital conference during E3. Later on we talk about the Future of nintendo, and pick our top games of the conference.
SNS Sticks & Flicks is here with a fresh new episode for you to check out. Ashley starts with some of the major gaming news stories of the week, including news from the Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct presentation (and Ash’s thoughts on the stylings of the video itself), From Software gets purchased by a manga publisher, Final Fantasy 14 is having ...…
On this episode of The Final Score, no sleep HS iPad mode, Hledric is weird, Nitendo said no to Skylanders, Sony to dump its Square Enix stock, Gold Rush is ON!, ComixZone is our old school pick this week, and more!By Scott Johnson.
Hello Pixel nation and welcome to episode 8 of Let’s Get Pixelated: The Pixel Enemy podcast. In this episode we: Go “around the horn” Will is finishing up his undergraduate studies but makes time to talk Soul Sacrifice. We have newcomer Eathan on the show, and BioShocks 1999 mode is kicking his butt We all barf as we discuss the latest Star Tre ...…
This week the fellas talk about Nintendo’s “Kind Code”, Street Figher IV on Wii, Club Nintendo, and a game called Nostalgia for the DS. Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3 Be sure to leave some comments or shoot an email over to after the show! Don’t forget to follow our Twitter feed for some cool give-aways this week! Music for this we ...…
Can you remember back when you were a kid how you enjoyed doing the things that kids did? You know things like going outside and riding your bicycle, playing with your Nitendo Play Station, playing jump rope, dodge ball, playing little league baseball or even staying over a friend or buddies house for a Friday night pajama party. Perhaps you we ...…
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