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Southeast Asia Crossroads Podcast - CSEAS @ NIU
Podcast by Dr. Eric Jones
NIU Insider
Candid conversation on topics of interest and concern to the university community.
Tips and tricks for succeeding in FYCOMP
Fortnightly Banter (NIU)
Welcome to Fortnightly Banter, translating to Easy-going, bi-weekly talk. This is the unofficial NIU podcast show, focusing on local Music, Art, Sports, and Campus News!
Pod Thai - Maanii II
Maanii Book II
Pod Thai - Maanii I
Maanii Book I
DC Sports Now
The Daily Chronicle sports department talks about local high school and Northern Illinois University athletics. Visit us at
Talking about Northern Illinois athletics. Visit us at
FacDev Media Training Series
Media samples made available for use in the Northern Illinois University Faculty Development Pod-series
Huskie Wire
All of the best NIU sports coverage
Mind-U is a new podcast that’s dedicated to stimulating the intellect, and inspiring you to learn something new every day. Mind-U is produced by WNIJ, in collaboration with NIU Steamworks.
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A Northern Illinois University anthropology professor has assembled the world’s largest collection of early primate fossils. Dr. Dan Gebo’s collection of more than 500 finger and toe bones represents more than two dozen species. They belong to tiny primates from the mid-Eocene period-- about 45 million years ago. Most of the fossils are between ...…
Can Prairie Ridge repeat as state champions? Will Rochester and IC Catholic Prep do the same? It’s championship weekend at Huskie Stadium in DeKalb for IHSA football. Joe Collins and “Edgy” Tim O’Halloran wrap up the 2017 prep season and discuss the games on NIU’s campus this weekend. Could some contests go down to the last play? A lot of playo ...…
How do self-driving cars drive and park without hitting anything? The answer is augmented optics: tools and imaging systems that can provide extremely precise measurements for use in a host of hot applications. On this edition of Mind-U, we'll hear a Northern Illinois University STEM Café talk. Dr. Federico Sciammarella , from NIU’s College of ...…
Every time we use the internet, we leave a trail of information behind. On this edition of Mind-U, we'll hear a Northern Illinois University STEM Café talk, members of the NIU Marketing Department will discuss where we’re leaving our digital footprints, who’s using our personal data and what they’re doing with it.…
Want to be healthier, contribute to lower pollution and stimulate the local economy? Eating locally grown food can help you do all three! On this edition of Mind-U we'll hear a Northern Illinois University Stem Cafe talk, “Our Daily Spread: Local Farms, Community Gardens and Access to Healthy Food,” Melissa Burlingame, co-manager of NIU’s Commu ...…
Why do our conversations about climate change get so heated? And why do they often feel so unproductive? On this edition of Mind-U, we'll hear a Northern Illinois University STEM Café talk, “The Rhetoric of Climate Change.” NIU Professor Emeritus of English Philip Eubanks will explore why people disagree so strongly about climate change and wha ...…
Well, it has been a busy week. Not much good news emanating from One Memorial Drive. After Nebraska’s shocking loss to Northern Illinois, we were able to put a “former” in front of “Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst.” So…it’s been a busy week. In this episode, Greg is joined by Hoss Reuter as the two discuss the early-season woes of the Big Red. ...…
Heyang,Niu Honglin and Ryan Price - discuss: Sina Weibo withdraws a smoking emoji, to ban smoking, we talk about what to do with used electronic gadgets / Humiliating way to punish employees for bad work performance / 5 Ways to make a great first impression in a professional setting / / Weibo: ...…
This week the boys are joined by friend of the Pod, EJ to talk about USF football is better than Florida, Nebraska, and Arkansas. We recap last week's games [ Tennessee v Florida, Nebraska v NIU, Arkansas v Bye Week, UCLA v Memphis, and more ] and sort of preview this week's games. We talk about how the SEC (especially the West is trash) and in ...…
Go Big Redcast - A Husker Football Podcast
The gang returns to talk about what was in Lincoln on Saturday. They breakdown the offense (4:25), the defense (23:30), and somehow find a pair of scarlet colored glasses to put on (37:05), and close with another round of pod predictions (57:00).
Heyang,Niu Honglin and Ryan Price - discuss: Woman hides her pregnancy in employment / Why do people actually enjoy familiar stories or clichés / Ways to Deal with a Bad Boss / / Weibo:
In the inaugural edition of CSN Chicago’s Preps Talk podcast, “Edgy” Tim O’Halloran joins High School Lites producers Joe Collins and Jared Storck to break down the 2017 football season. Who are the contenders in each class? We also find out: why is “Edgy” Tim O’Halloran so…edgy? We also catch up with NIU WR/PR (and former Aurora Christian High ...…
Heyang, Ryan and Niu Honglin discuss : 36 drugs covered in medical insurance catalog at lower price / Motivational Monday / Seven Reasons Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others~ / / Weibo:
This week we review 1) Hearing loss in children: Su BM, Chan DK. Prevalence of Hearing Loss in US Children and AdolescentsFindings From NHANES 1988-2010. JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Published online July 27, 2017. doi:10.1001/jamaoto.2017.0953 2) CRISP ...…
Ole’ Miss Percussion Professor Ricky Burkhead talks about getting the Ole Miss job (02:20), going to school with Jerry Rice and the world of HBCU Classics (17:30), growing up in Greenwood (MS) and the music of the 1970s (20:30), playing in combos with local band directors (28:40), going to Mississippi Valley State University for undergrad (38:3 ...…
Takeaway Chinese
Niu Honglin, Samand Lincoln discuss : The origin of 八卦 in China / How “八卦”became “Gossip” / Story of The Day: 以讹传讹/
Niu Honglin, Samand Lincoln discuss : How to make a phone call and reserve a seat in Chinese / Howto make an appointment in China / Time management skills / Story of The Day: 画蛇添足 /
Niu Honglin, Samand Lincoln discuss : How to make a phone call in Chinese / How to be polite onthe phone / Story of The Day: 画龙点睛/
Niu Honglin, Samand Lincoln discuss : Chinese expressions for weather / Differences betweenSouth China and North China / How geography affects personalities / Story ofThe Day: 南辕北辙/
What a story: A young, food-obsessed British student at Cambridge University named Fuchsia (God, I love that name) heads to China in the '90s to study, and manages to become the first Westerner to attend the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine. After that, she zigzags between China and London and, in the process, becomes one of today's best Eng ...…
Niu Honglin, Samand Lincoln discuss : How to say “Inside and Out” in Chinese / Talk aboutweather / Chinese culture of “内外有别”/ Otaku culture in China / Story of TheDay: 爱屋及乌/
Niu Honglin, Jessicaand Lincoln discuss : How to praise someone in Chinese / Chinese culture ofmodesty (in responding to others’ praises) / Stories of the most renownedancient Chinese beauties / Story of The Day: 沉鱼落雁 闭月羞花/
Niu Honglin, Samand Lincoln discuss : Ask for advices and giving an advice in Chinese / “界限感(Sense of boundary)”and “干涉(interference)”:Skills in giving advices / Story of The Day: 三顾茅庐/
Niu Honglin, Samand Lincoln discuss: How to make and refuse a request in Chinese / Learn to say“no”: How to refuse a request politely in Chinese? / Story of The Day: 己所不欲,勿施于人/
Niu Honglin, Samand Lincoln discuss : How to Use Chinese to express different directions / HowChinese directions relate to times / Story of The Day: 后来居上 /
Niu Honglin, Samand Lincoln discuss : How to say “On & Off” in Chinese, and how to use themas verbs/ How to use “的”、 “在” and “和” / Interesting “上”and “下”in Chinese / Story of The Day: 上行下效 /
Takeaway Chinese
Niu Honglin, Samand Lincoln discuss : How to ask time in Chinese / Express different time ofthe Day / Story of The Day: 朝三暮四/
Niu Honglin, Samand Lincoln discuss : Say days of the week in Chinese/ The origin of “星期(week)” and the story behind it / Story of The Day: 牛郎织女 /
Niu Honglin, Samand Lincoln discuss : How to say year, month, day in Chinese/ How to ask “Howold are you” in China, and how to respond/ All that matters to ages / Story ofThe Day: 拔苗助长/
Niu Honglin, Samand Lincoln discuss : How to address family members in Chinese/ How Chinesecall the older generation/ The origins of the character “家” and Chinese family values / Story of The Day: 相敬如宾 /
In today's episode we preview Nebraska's September 16th matchup at home against the Northern Illinois Huskies. Justin interviews Jesse Severson of the Daily Chronicle in Dekalb, Illinois. Follow the Daily Chronicle's NIU coverage on Twitter at @huskiewire
Niu Honglin, Sam and Lincoln discuss : Say “Cheap” and “Expansive” in Chinese; Use Chinese to say complex numbers; Tips for Bargain in China; Compulsive buying: What makes people buy? / Story of The Day: 网开一面 Show leniency to people who make mistakes /…
Niu Honglin, Sam and Lincoln discuss : Basic shopping Chinese; Use Chinese to say the number 0 to 10; Meaning of “老板(Boss)”; How to get along with your boss? / Story of The Day: 起死回生Bringing the dying back to life /
Niu Honglin, Sam and Lincoln discuss : Ask people to speak slowly or repeat in Chinese; How to date with Chinese girls and guys; Misunderstandings of dating in China / Story of The Day: 掩耳盗铃Plugging One's Ears While Stealing a Bell /
Niu Honglin, Sam and Lincoln discuss : Ask “How to say/ How do you say...” in Chinese; Differences between “这(this)” “那(that)” and “哪(where)”; Pet phrases ““这”“这个”“那”“那个” and how to use them in oral Chinese / Story of The Day: 熟能生巧 Practice Makes Perfect /…
Niu Honglin, Sam and Lincoln discuss : Say “Bye” and “See you next time” in Chinese; Interesting meanings of “再见(bye)” in Chinese social network and Emojis / Story of The Day: 铁杵成针 Perseverance Spells Success /
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