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I'm Here To Help The Podcast with Noa Shaw
I'm Here To Help is the mantra and journey of Noa Shaw. After finding his way out of personal hell he created filled with drugs, alcohol and crime. Noa came out the other side with a driven purpose to help others. Noa has been working in the therapeutic field for her 20 years and has been able to help others find peace of mind and serenity wherever they have been. With a ton of love, a dose of wisdom and a great deal of humor, Noa will help you find what he describes at Mental Wealth.
Noa Bongo – Uchumi na Mazingira
Katika mfululizo wa vipindi vyetu utapata fursa ya kujifunza kuhusu masuala ya uchumi na biashara pamoja na mazingira.
Noa Bongo – Siasa na Jamii
Vipindi nyetu vinawapa fursa wasikilizaji wetu kufahamu masuala ya siasa na jamii barani Afrika
Noa Bongo - Afya na Masuala ya Jamii
Vipindi vyetu vinajaribu kuwahamasisha wasikilizaji wetu vinazungumzia masuala ya afya katika jamii
Xt3 Podcast: Euthanasia Yes or No? A Debate with Dr. Philip Nitschke and (Then) Bishop-Elect Anthony Fisher
Euthanasia Yes or No? A Debate with Dr. Philip Nitschke and (then) Bishop Elect Anthony Fisher. The moral question at the heart of this debate is the following: Is killing with the intention of preventing pain or other distress justifiable? This topic brought over 900 listeners in the Great Hall of the University of Sydney on 12 August 2003.
David Fjäll, Kristian Borell, Martin Åslund och Noa Bachner diskuterar europeisk fotboll.
Kick and Rush
SportExpressens Premier League-podcast Kick and Rush hyllar, dissar, sågar och svingar i Premier League-djungeln. Häng med för att få de hetaste snackisarna i världens största fotbollsliga. Med Martin Heinius, Sebastian Mattsson, Pontus Weinemo och Noa Bachner. Följ oss även på twitter: @Kick_andRush och fortsätt surra PL-fotboll!Expressen Podcasts – finns där poddar finns. Ansvarig utgivare: Thomas Mattsson. AB Kvällstidningen Expressen.
Handwavium: a Doctor Who podcast
A Doctor Who podcast by a fan & her Da (no, a fan & his daughter).
Groove - Funky - Minimal - Elecro Housemusic...!!!And Downtempo Chillout Sesions....Zoe Noa
INTERVALS by Jochem Hamerling
INTERVALS is a monthly selection of fresh organic house music carefully selected by DJ Jochem Hamerling
Noa Jakubowski & Daniel Beg.För nyheter och dylikt, följ oss på twitter & instagram under #broderskeppet och namnen:
Switch2smile podcast
official SWITCH2SMILE soundcloudI would like to introduce you an upcoming Electronic music project named Switch2Smile. Switch2smile (I-one dj) is very talented and passion driven DJs and producers from Europe (Slovakia). He started out as a professional dancer as he was also born with a feel for rhythm. When he was 15 he started his first electronic music experiments where he has encountered a magic unlike in any other genre. The clubbing experiences came in 2002 and from this moment on he f ...
Roland's Food Court Podcast
Join Roland Campos with co-hosts Carl Ruiz and Noa Avior as they sit and tour America with the most esteemed chefs in the business and celebrities who love to eat including; Shep Gordon, Kings of Leon, Emeril Lagasse, Eric Ripert, Robert Irvine, Dominique Crenn, Michael Simon, Garth Brooks, Ricky Gervais, Pat Martin, Joel McHale, WWE superstars, Guy Fieri, and more!
Solomon Success » Podcast
The Solomon Success podcast is dedicated to the timeless wisdom of King Solomon and the Book of Proverbs in order to maximize one’s business and life. To our advantage, we can find King Solomon’s financial strategies in addition to many life philosophies documented in biblical scriptures. Focusing on these enduring fundamentals of success allows us to bypass the “get-rich-quick” schemes that cause many to stumble on their journey toward success. Our concern is not only spiritual in nature, b ...
Life Without Taffy
Married goofballs Kate and Josh have a few drinks and vent about the world around them. Grievances, a little game called Yes Or No, a lot of burping and cursing are involved.
ORCAstrated Podcast Network
ORCAstrated Podcast is a new network from BrickToYaFace. The POD consist of:- ORCAstrated Podcast hosted by rapper Noa James and co-owner of BrickToYaFace Media and his life/business partner, Lesa J. Music, interviews and news covering the world of the independent artist. - Womyn's WAV is hosted by Lesa J., Erica, Yessenia, Elenor Lucille & Amavida. Pushing the idea of women empowerment, motivation & connection!Brought to you by &
Xavier Nelson - Personal, Life and Business Success Coach
I am here to help you succeed! Who is Xavier Nelson? I am a Personal, Life & Business Success Coach specializing in helping you succeed at achieving your dreams, reaching your goals and living the life you desire...Graduate of the 'School of Hard Knocks' I have been able to figure out what works and what doesn't. You don't have to attend that school, through my personal coaching and helpful websites like I will help you succeed in achieving your dreams, goals and aspirations ...
Podcasts that may sometime be gaming related and sometimes not but will always be entertaining.YouTube:!/EoSClanT-Shirts: ...
Design Your Life
Are you tired of life slamming the door in your face? Did you get another rejection letter, pink slip, foreclosure notice, or go on yet another bad date? Does it seem like the older you get, the more hopeless life seems? Are you ready to stop taking NO as your final answer? Listen in to Design Your Life, a talk show with Kevin Kitrell Ross, the coach's coach! Go into the locker room for one full hour with the championship coach every week and start designing your winning playbook that will m ...
Cantor Azi Schwartz
Azi Schwartz is the Cantor and Music Director of the Park Avenue Synagogue in New York City - the flagship of Jewish liturgical music in the United States. Cantor Schwartz serves on the faculty of the Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music at HUC-JIR in New York City, on the faculty of H.L. Miller Cantorial School at the Jewish Theological Seminary, and on the faculty of the cantorial school of Abraham Geiger College in Berlin. Born and raised in Israel, Cantor Azi Schwartz has sung with pre ...
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Guidelines For Living Devotional
After 23 years as an FBI counterintelligence agent, LaRae Quy can spot a liar. Specially trained in the art of reading individuals and uncovering hidden truths, Quy suggests that you first build rapport and then surprise them. Listen more than you speak and pay close attention to how a person says “no.” A liar may say “no” and look in a differe ...…
Follow Us: @nappyafro @saulewright @GQ_Blu @carterazoo No Saule this week, he’s standing in line waiting for the Black Friday sales for the new J’s. King Jerm is going for dolo in this one! I covered stepparent behavior, shoplifting in China, rapey behavior, and caught ya’ll up on what I’m watching. It’s The FROCAST on nappyafro! Drop us a line ...…
The Todd and Don Show on News Radio KLBJ 2017
Hour one: Austin City Council is considering a $640 million dollar tax bond to fund affordable housing, park land, flood mitigation projects and more; Vice President Mike Pence visited Austin to drive home the Republican Tax Plan; Polls show Roy Moore trailing by 12 points in the polls and his lawyer called into question the authenticity of an ...…
Bishop Jim’s insightful messages help others find THEIR METRON through M~otivation E~nlightenment T~ranscendence R~enewal O~utreach and N~etworking METRON 11-12-17 – Part II – CLEAR INTENTIONS: Moving Your Life in the Right Direction Through The Power of Yes and No Today’s Notes: I – “But let your statement be, ‘Yes, yes’ or ‘No, no’ [a firm ye ...…
Welcome to the official Valiant Comics RPG!Join the Conversation in the Discord! ► on YouTube ► live Wednesdays at 7pm PT ► us on Twitter: us on Facebook: Merchandise: ...…
Kitchen Work. With Badass Women. Welcome to a very special episode! In this season of gratitude, I'm feeling very grateful for Richmond's Fire, Flour, & Fork festival. Not only did it land me my dream podcast guest, Gabrielle Hamilton (episode up now!), but I was asked to moderate a Women in Food panel with some of the to ...…
Are there really any differences between "Reformed" Arminianism and "Wesleyan" Arminianism? No, as long as you are talking about orthodox Wesleyan-Arminianism. This episode is devoted to illustrating that this supposed difference is really not there. You would be hard pressed to find significant differences between Arminius and Wesley on all si ...…
The Stages of the Development of “The Power of Saying No” – Part 1 When playing a sport like basketball or football for example, it is important to know the boundary lines. If these lines are not clearly defined before the game begins then it becomes very easy for the players to argue among themselves if the ball was truly out of bounds or not. ...…
The Conversation Hour podcast
Martin Hughes on the recent death of his brother, comedian Sean Hughes. John Bell on acting and ageing. And live music from Noa with guitarist Gil Dor - you will love what they do to Bach.
The Golf Improvement Podcast with Tony Wright
Lifetime Learning Principles To Help YOU Practice And Play Your Best Golf! Welcome to Episode 93 of The Golf Improvement Podcast! Dedicated to bringing golfers useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques. Dedicated to Bringing You The Custom Club Fitting Experience Of Your Life – And Lowe ...…
In this episode I discuss people pleasing and saying no, as well as some common feelings associated with this, and some ways to help break that cycle. My first book, “Start Here: A Crash Course [...] The post Episode 90: Thoughts on People Pleasing and Saying No appeared first on Thrive After Abuse.
If the term ‘mini webinar’excites you, it should. Especially if you’re just getting started and need to maximize your offer. This episode gives you a sneak peek at the revolutionary concept of a mini webinar and its power to potentially change the way we market and sell online. Don’t miss this short but sweet solo chat where Joel shares how the ...…
Sojourn Network Podcast
Transcript: All right, if you would pray with me. Father, I'm grateful to be here at this time, I ask that the words that I will say will bring life and not death to us. Pray that your spirit would breath here in your midst, have his way with us. Pray that my words would fall to the ground and blow away and not be remembered anymore, Lord may y ...…
METRON 11-5-17 – Part I – CLEAR INTENTIONS: Moving Your Life in the Right Direction Through The Power of Yes and No Today’s Notes: I – “Yet let your word be ‘Yes, Yes,’ ‘No, No.’ Now what is in excess of these is of the wicked one.” (Mattew 5:37 – CLV) II – “So let your word habitually be ‘Yes,’ [and mean] yes; [or] ‘No,’ [and let] ‘no’ [end th ...…
Anastasia and Warren unpack the latest celebrity sexual harassment accusation and discuss their own workplace experiences. Warren has a crush on a man at his gym and wants listeners’ advice on whether he should make advances. Shane joins us to discuss whether the LGBTQI community and supporters are prepared enough for the chance of a negative r ...…
AWR Ibo - Asụsụ Igbo
Steam sale dates revealed! Overgrowth exits Early Access, Observer heads to Linux, and we’re giving away three copies of Layers of Fear. Then Beat The Game faces the CHAIRQUISITION! Special thanks: Bobby D (Newest Executive producer) Subscribe: Listen: Download: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro St ...…
Aadil, Ben and Lucy get together to discuss all the games. Well all the games that Lucy has been playing anyway as Ben and Aadil haven’t played much. Lucy reels off games from her list but really gets into Splatoon 2, Night in the Woods, Thimbleweed Park and SteamWorld Dig 2. Ben has played a little of Kingdoms and Castles. Aadil went out and p ...…
You’re in a meeting. Maybe it’s a creative brainstorm. And an idea pops into your head. A good one. No, a really good one. Objectively good. But when you say it out loud, the rest of your team gloss over it. This happens a few more times, and suddenly you realize that your opinion doesn’t get the attention it deserves. We sit down with our CEO ...…
How do you make work work when you're not in your regular home? We discuss what counts as a real office, the importance of a routine – and somehow the zombie apocalypse gets a mention (at least it's not Harry Potter!) Subscribe for emails: Get shownotes: Timestamps: 00:16 Follow up 18:55 Current locations ...…
Reports from the Spiritual Frontier
Join us for a conversation with Sean Steele, priest at Saint Isidore's Episcopal Church, a network of "sacramental communities" in Houston, TX. Hear him share about the theophany that began his journey of faith, what it means to create brave space for excluded people's, about the offensive generosity of free laundry, free haircuts, and a food t ...…
Reports from the Spiritual Frontier
Join us for a conversation with Sean Steele, priest at Saint Isidore's Episcopal Church, a network of "sacramental communities" in Houston, TX. Hear him share about the theophany that began his journey of faith, what it means to create brave space for excluded people's, about the offensive generosity of free laundry, free haircuts, and a food t ...…
Clean Green Talk Show | Green Living | Clean Living | Organic | All-Natural Food | Organizing
Meliora Cleaning Products is on a mission to provide families with the information and products they need to have a clean, comfortable home without exposure to toxic and environmentally damaging chemicals. “What do you mean, Proctor & Gamble agrees to reduce the amount of cancer-causing chemicals?" That was founder Kate’s reaction when reading ...…
DJ Lynnwood's Earthquake Mix
DJ Lynnwood's Earthquake Mix (9/30/2017) Set #4 featuring Noa Aoh. #HouseMusic #Electro #Progressive #Bangers ::: This weekend's @earthquakemix can't take the heat w/new fire f/chrislake @brohug @waxmotif @noreenpure & sets f/@djlynnwood @djjessmixaholic @darkintensity & @noaaon HOT! [**Noa Aoh*]
Marijuana Today Daily Headlines Friday, September 29, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther // Nevada’s first month of recreational marijuana sales brings state $3.7 million in tax revenue (Nevada Independent) // Nevada Attorney General asked to rule on pot lounges (Nevada Appeal) // Update: CBD oil hits national stage with – briefly ( ...…
Bear in Mind: The Official Podcast of Cal Athletics
Todd catches up with Head Coach Justin Wilcox, wide receiver Kanawai Noa and field hockey Head Coach Shellie Onstead.
Write Conversations with Sha Nacino Podcast
How was your week? Last Sep 23, 2017, 12 new graduates of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge (BWC) launched their books. You should have seen how happy and proud their families and friends were. As of now, the registration to The 90-Day BWC is currently closed. If you have dreams to write your own book, you may join the wait list/notification li ...…
Welcome to the new 17th episode of the guest show on Kissmusic radio! Today’s guest of the mix is ​​the German DJ Fabian Farell, who joined the club scene in mid-2015 and currently plays at major festivals such as BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME and the Open Beatz Festival. Fabian is also a resident of the legendary Bootshaus nightclub in Cologne ...…
The guys are joined by Jason Young and discuss the A11 Bionic chip, the new LTE features of the Apple Watch, Senator Al Franken's freakout over FaceID, thoughts around inductive charging, and T-Mobile trying to throttle Apple Watch data. All this and more! Links: Chatbot lets you sue Equifax for up to $25,000 without a lawyer - The Verge No, a ...…
Rabbi Ben David, senior rabbi of Congregation Adath Emanu-El, Mount Laurel. NJ, returns to the Jewish Sacred Aging Podcast to discuss Seven Days, Many Voices: Insights into the Biblical Story of Creation, (order the book here) the book of essays he recently edited for the CCAR Press. The book is an anthology of creative responses to and inspire ...…
We bring to you a great episode that tackles No A/C, Horrible Real Estate Agent, Losing Our Heads, Using Time Wisely, Horrible TV Writing, Opposing Forces: PewDiePie
Angela Lee is Founder at 37 Angels, Chief Innovation Officer at Columbia Business School, and a lifelong educator and entrepreneur who was named one of Entrepreneur’s “6 Innovative Women to Watch”. We discuss what it takes to become an angel investor, the process of choosing which startups to invest in (hint: saying no a lot), and the power of ...…
Well, here we are. It’s a beautiful Sunday evening, and I just got home from a lovely trip to Helen, Georgia. I went up to watch the Florida game with my grandad who like me, is a die-hard Vol. We both bleed Orange and White, and we both were excited about the matchup against the Gators. The sole reason I am even writing this piece is to A) ven ...…
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