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Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth
Sermons brought to you by Northwood Christian Church in Springfield, Oregon.
Listen, Learn, and Grow with biblical truth presented by the Northwoods Vineyard Church
Recordings of messages from services at Northwoods Community Church in Peoria, Illinois.
Weekly messages from the Tuesday night young adult service of Northwood Church.
Northwoods Assembly
We want to make a powerful difference in your life. Our primary focus is to bring you into a real relationship with Jesus Christ. We don't focus on your past, but on your future with Christ.
Northwood Church
Northwood’s purpose is to reach people with the life-giving message of Jesus that they might become fully devoted followers of God. Our heart is to see individuals and families cared for and matured in their relationship with Jesus.
Northwoods Church
We believe the Church is to be a place where people are loved, cared for, and experience life to the fullest. We desire to see people get closer to JESUS: for believers to have their relationship with Him get deeper than ever, and for those who are search
Sunday messages from Northwood Church in Maple Grove, Minnesota.
Video news and learning resources from Northwood Primary School.
Northwoods Baptist Church
Listen, Learn, and Grow with biblical truth presented by the Northwoods Vineyard Church
Weekly messages from our Sunday morning service.
Connecting with God, each other and our community.
Messages from Pastor Neal Brown and other guest speakers during Northwood Community Church's Sunday morning gatherings.
Northwood Baptist ChurchGreer, South CarolinaMichael Joe Harvell, PastorHelping People Find the Right Direction in Life...
Latest messages from Northwood Church in Spring TX.
Cabin Country
Give us the time and we’ll take you out of the traffic and away from the levee. Let’s find the place where the loons call out among the moonlit waves and where the wind sighs among the Norway pines. Let’s get to Cabin Country.
Grace Foursquare Youth Podcast Site from Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Encounters in Nature
An open-air dialogue in the North Woods of Minnesota
Cultos da Assembléia de Deus De Linden 600 North Wood Ave, Linden NJ 07036
Northwoods news as reported by WXPR. Taken from our daily weekday 6:00pm newscast.
Local features from the Northwoods of Wisconsin. As reported by WXPR 91.7. Catch the entire archive in addition to daily news stories at
Football Fridays
Welcome to the Football Fridays podcast, a student run program highlighting some of the current stats and facts about Northwood University and the NFL
A stranger from the North Woods has just arrived in the Green Forest causing a great stir among the woodland creatures who live there. They quickly discover that this odd fellow with the barbed spikes in his fur is the loyal and brave Prickly Porky the Porcupine. Not long after Prickly Porky arrives, a bit of early morning fun leads to a forest mystery that draws friends and foes alike into the investigation of an unknown headless, tailless, whirling creature seen only at sunrise on the hill ...
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Fire danger increasing in Northwoods as drought begins to creep in, Plans are beginning for construction on Vilas county "B", Getting a summer job often leads to a better future for young people, Area students claim top prizes in the WPS Solar Olympics program.By (Ken Krall ).
In part one of our series on death care in the Northwoods, we talked to a local funeral director about green funerals and how his job has changed over the years. Today, we’ll hear about those who are choosing to have their funerals at home. WXPR’s Mackenzie Martin reports. Windsong and Steve Moe have both been involved in massages and breathwor ...…
Campus Pastor Casey Stokes on 05-13-18.For more information about Northwood Church visit the following you'd like to give to this ministry visit You can also use our text to give feature by texting the amount you would like to give to (22 ...…
The death care industry has undergone a lot of changes in recent years and it’s more than just that formal burials are down and cremations are up. In the first of a two part series about death care in the Northwoods, we’ll hear about green funerals and how the job of a local funeral director has changed. WXPR’s Mackenzie Martin reports. So it t ...…
We visit Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and hear from Ethan Rogers of Northwoods Bait & Tackle on opening weekend.PLUS we get the scoop on two very hot lakes...Blackduck & Red from Carl Adams of Timberline Sports. BUT WAIT, there's more! Our first "Ask The Aquatic Biologist" feature of the year featuring the Pride of Bemidji State...Dr. Andrew Hafs. W ...…
Week two of the series, Generous Church, Pastor Brandon preaches about Generous Giving. Giving money is always a sensitive topic, but it doesn't have to be. "In [God's] church, it's not about how much you give. It's about how you give."
The thirty-third week of our Sunday series titled — Why I Believe.
Acts 15 is one of the most important chapters in all the Bible. It tells thestory of “The Jerusalem Council” and the monumental discussion and decision by theapostles and early believers about what someone needed to do to be saved. One groupsaid, “Unless you are circumcised as required by the law of Moses, you cannot besaved.” The other group ( ...…
Tourism in the Northwoods continues to climb, Two years after the last major election, are voting machines secure for the next?, Educating the public on safe air travel requirements, a man is in jail after a stabbing in Taylor county.By (Ken Krall ).
Every Friday, we'll turn back the clock on Morning Edition with local historian Gary Entz to find out what life in the Northwoods used to be like. This is part of a new initiative by WXPR to tell the history and culture of northern Wisconsin. On July 2, 1954, the citizens of Rhinelander were able to enjoy what was billed as “the last word in th ...…
Marty Hornacek, Owner of Northwoods Wholesale Outlet explains to Paul W. Smith how the store is able to offer customers great deals on a variety of products.
Lead Pastor Jordan Ducote on 05-06-18.For more information about Northwood Church visit the following you'd like to give to this ministry visit You can also use our text to give feature by texting the amount you would like to give to (228 ...…
Pastor Brandon started a new series this week entitled, Generous Church. Specifically this week, Pastor Brandon preaches about Generous Living. We will never be in lack, we will never be in need because God is a generous giver.
The thirty-second week of our Sunday series titled — Why I Believe.
Paul and Barnabas followed the same ministry strategy in all the townsthey visited on their first missionary journey. They went to the Jewish synagogue andpreached about Jesus, “encouraged and strengthened” new believers to continuefollowing Jesus, appointed leaders in the new churches and trusted God to take care ofthe believers and churches. ...…
Governor Walker stops in Rhinelander and Antigo to give money to school Fab Labs, wildfires are breaking out in the Northwoods as the snow leaves, bond is lowered for a Rhinelander woman alleged to have tried to hire a hitman, and a Tomahawk man is running for the state Assembly.By (Ken Krall ).
Campus Pastor Mike Minnis on 04-29-18.For more information about Northwood Church visit the following you'd like to give to this ministry visit You can also use our text to give feature by texting the amount you would like to give to (228 ...…
Unemployment numbers hold steady in the Northwoods, a rare plant survey in Wisconsin, how climate change could impact the midwest, and as snow disappears, fire danger increases.By (ken.krall).
Back for more in 2018. Kicking off the new season of softball and Dairies (season seven!), Buco and Kleg are stumping for Dan Martino. We politicize the podcast with pro-choice, anti-gun, socialist free weed pieces (not really...mostly!). We recap a collapse, the return of the Shiss, Krone being Krone, Gross being gross, Daniels being stormy, e ...…
For centuries theologians and Bible readers have debated about whetherGod chooses us or we choose God. Some Bible passages indicate that we choose God(John 3:16) while others indicate that God chooses us. Acts 13:48 seems to indicate thatGod chooses us. It says, “… and all who were chosen for eternal life became believers.”The question, “Does G ...…
Pastor Neal Brown Introduction: Jesus spoke the truth about life in Him & real commitment.. Proposition: In Luke 14:25-35 we discover some traits of a disciple of Christ. >>click here to listen or right-click to download<
Pastor Brandon kicks off a new series, As For Me and My House. Today's sermon is, Set the Tone. It is vital that you want to have a great family dynamic, you have to lead. You have to set the tone.
I headed down to Poplar, MN to Meet Craig "Buster" Bartels of Busters Boots in his 25x25 workshop packed to the brim with tools, machinery and leathers. With 25 years under his belt, he's a master boot builder and a humble gem of the Northwoods, what a character and a wonderful guy. Listen in as he talks about how he came to be where he is now, ...…
In a continuation of this series, The World Needs Jesus, leading up to Easter, Pastor Brandon preaches on the topic My World Needs Jesus.
In this BONUS episode of Food Safety Matters, we will focus on next-generation sequencing and the advantages of using 16S Metagenomics to identify spoilage organisms in your facility thereby reducing the possibility of spoiled products reaching your consumers. You will learn about a 16S Metagenomics service and how to join the 16S Challenge tha ...…
HELLO HELLO HI!Genuinely didn't know whether to tag this comedy or sports..This week Leo and Ralph go live to Luke's Tuesday night Gold Cup Game, Northwood vs East Cowes Vics, and literally nothing goes to plan. From the minute go the plan begins to unravel and we end up watching most of a game of football from the cold side of a road, but we k ...…
Tom invites us in to OUT HAUS ALES to share some of his magnificent brew!!!442 1st New Hampshire Turnpike #2, Northwood, NH 03261 (603) 548-2151 check out the kilt...
The twenty-seventh week of our Sunday series titled — Why I Believe.
Special speaker Doyle Bell, former pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church
Patrick Ballantyne stopped by to pull apart two of his fave songs. The open and emotive “Cowboy” by Randy Newman, and “Somewhere” from West Side Story by Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein. Stuff we talked about: Patrick Ballantyne’s website Randy Newman “Cowboy” Lyrics Somewhere Lyrics Northwood Records West Side Story Randy Newman Leonard ...…
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