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We are an ever-growing group of MEDIA FIENDS producing fun, analytical and critical discussions, talking about and reviewing almost ALL the various entertainment mediums from Books, Movies, Anime, TV Shows, Graphic Novels AND SO MUCH MORE - with literally 100's OF REVIEWS over our 5+ years you are BOUND to find something to meet your tastes ;)This Podcast feed is an off-shoute from our YouTube Channel where you can find the VIDEO versions of these discussions - http://planettyro.comTHANKS FO ...
We are an ongoing group of media lovers that have been producing videos for review and discussion about the various entertainment mediums such as: Movies, Books, Anime, Comics, TV Shows and really anything else we find interesting! - We've been doing this since 2010 and love doing it!You can also find our main source for all our content on our YouTube channel Planet Tyro, which you can jump straight on over to by hitting this link - http://planettyro.comThanks for checking us out - we love c ...
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Not Just Another Story
In today's news and comment, Correspondent Gary Nunn says that when it comes to the Presidential election, "it's not over 'til it's over" ---and it won't really be over until next month.
Not Just Another Story
In today's news and comment, Correspondent Gary Nunn says that when it comes to the Presidential election, "it's not over 'til it's over" ---and it won't really be over until next month.
Inspire Nation | Daily Inspiration - Motivation - Meditation | Law of Attraction | Health | Career | Spirituality | Self-Help
If you’ve ever felt scared, struggled, or been at wits end with your life circumstances and how to make through the challenges, then do we have the ahhhhh bringing show for you. Today I’ll talk with Mary O’Malley, author, counselor, and a leader if the field of awakening according to Neal Donald Walsh, Sharon Salzberg Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach ...…
Legends ready toanswer questions at ‘Croft Talks LIVE There are some people that just seem to be a foundationalpart of our community and three of them have agreed to join ‘Croft Talks LIVEhost Barb Shaw on Jan. 26 at the Village Playhouse to talk about how they becamelegends in North Hastings. The January line-up features local Funeral Director ...…
NoHatDigital Podcast: Online Business I SEO I Entrepreneurship I Online Marketing
Podcast post on : Like our host Greg Nunan says at the beginning of this episode, "Boy oh boy what a week for SEO". Our post last Friday about de-indexed PBN sites was followed by many articles on other blogs in the SEO sphere (here, here or there for example), showing that Google's hit on PBNs wasn ...…
psy ft snoop dogg - hangover (mp3)young braised - life is good (mp3)partynextdoor - lemonade (mp3)the narcycist ft. meryem saci - color blind (mp3)Treenie - gangsta rap (mp3)Ty$ - Fly Street Gang - when we wake up (mp3)iamsu - no secret (mp3)woop - life (mp3)chris webby ft. Fat Trel - chilly (mp3)service of execution - best coast (mp3)Don Kody ...…
Podcast – Secretly Timid
Welcome to episode 154! On this week’s episode, Jon says some racist stuff, Brian says some sexist stuff, and Nan says the “P” word. This week’s hot topics include : A drunk Russian kills a man by shoving his foot up his anus Can a female basketball star audition for the Mavericks? Georgian teens organize first integrated prom Great Britain ‘co ...…
Jokes You Can Use:After dying in a car crash, three friends find themselves at an orientation to enter heaven. Each one was asked, “When you are in your casket, what would you like to hear your friends and family saying about you?” Sean says, “I would like to hear them say I was a great doctor and a great family man.” Karl says, “I would like t ...…
Nan says that the worst disease on this planet is poverty and it can be corrected with the right mindset. Join Nan in changing your mind about "Spiritual and Material Riches."By
An Honest Skeptic's View of the Great American Conspiracies: Lincoln to 9/11 - Interview with Dr Stephen Juan Interview by John Bursill It is a great pleasure to welcome bestselling author, media personality and lecturer Dr Stephen Juan to Visibility 9-11 to talk about "honest" skepticism of the great American conspiracies. This is a very inter ...…
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