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N4G Radio
Listen as the staff breaks down all their game playing activities and possibly hamburgers each week.
Talking NY Giants Football and holding nothing back
Central Church is a pioneering and creative community of faith. Located in Las Vegas, aka Sin City, Central is a place for new beginnings and life change for thousands. Central's Podcasts feature Senior Pastor Jud Wilhite and other guest speakers. Visit for more information.
IVG Podcast
We talk about everything going on in gaming in India and worldwide, as well as the latest from the IVG community.
This is the podcast that helps you Grow your Business without all the BS!Listen to Los Hustle Live if you want to hear from some of the worlds TOP entrepreneurs and lifestyle designers on how they are growing multiple businesses in different markets, yet living the life on their dreams and on their terms.Los Hustle Live is FOR YOU if you are:A Coach who wants to build your platform.STUCK in the CORPORATE grind but want to build a sustainable recurring revenue side business so you can exit yo ...
RVG Podcast
A retro gaming podcast covering the last 35 years, join the guy's as they explore retro nostalgia.
NFG Talents Mixes
The NFG Talents Mix Series is born from the combination of the youtube channel NeurofunkGrid which aims to promote the genre’s latest news and a growing community of talented new artists wishing to break through the jungle of electronic music.
The Video Game Island Podcast
✖ Official Mixcloud for Mtsirik ✖Follow Mtsirik:✖ Turn Up The Speakers ✖
Original mixes usually between 60-80 minutes of the best Club, Dance, Trance, MashUps, House, Electro, Hi NRG, & Top 40 Remixes tracks available. All mixes mixed live using Traktor Scratch & Denon CD players. Also check out my other podcast channels: Tropical Latin Sounds and Online Radio Mixshows! Listen, subscribe, sync and enjoy!
Watch as Rachel tries to make it as an actor in New York City. Will she succeed or will she give up and go home?
N4G Radio
The boys of ZTGD spoil your favorite games, you have been warned.
History Nugs
Listen to joke-boy Jack Grimes (@Jackapedia_) and actual-history-major Sarah Brody (@meattunic) break down a fun little piece of weird history every week on History Nugs, a show about when and why crazy things happen. From the tumultuous history of tomatoes to the anus of Louis XIV, nowhere in time is safe from Jack and Sarah's examination and goofs.
Arsenal FC Podcast aimed at Nigerian fans worldwide!!! Team news, previews, fanalyses and more!
NV EDITION MOTOR 4K29 is an editorial video feed for the Nevada motor enthusiasts, with short video segments that cover all aspects of the automotive realm. Stories about cars, trucks, and racing machines, giving a short glimpse at all the machines that transverse the countless roads and tracks.
Motion to Resist! is a bimonthly podcast by the Nat'l Lawyers Guild featuring progressive legal analysis by lawyers, legal workers & students on the frontlines of our modern social justice movements.
Welcome! Check out our just for fun podcast that's just two dudes with humorous and HOT takes on sports, the news, pop culture and delivering #staywoke to you.
Welcome to the Candid Conversations NG podcast, we try to have blunt conversations on various topics across a diverse spectrum. Send your thoughts and comments to us at:
NRG at its Best
Showcasing the addictive NRG beats from oldskool to new, subscribe to this Podcast for the best available in NRG and everything else in between
The best trance tracks in the mix!!!
Each episode, a group of commentators discusses one game under a particular lens.
Podcast by Jacob Damian
Ñiŋ mukawandoo le timigkadiyaamybaniisiraayilankoolu la Balajawutoonigkumbuusooniŋfinkintee la kuwo la hadiisoomignaata woo kuwo to Musilimu ye migfiilaa.
The archives for CCIC North Valley's Sunday and Friday messages or activities
Las Vegas, NV - Forecast
Chrisette Michele's "NPG Taboo" gets the conversation started. She and her pals Lil Mo, and Keema, are no strangers to controversy in the media. They tackle issues head on while keeping up with what's happening in culture. Grab a glass and join the late night talk.
Buff Nugs
Home of the buffest nugs and the nuggest buffs. Mike and Jon talk about one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer every week for only ten minutes.
Music NVL
Welcome to the Music NVL podcast, where you can listen positive and encouraging songs. God is all you need!
NSG Foxtrot
A little bit of my everyday life, with discussions on video games, morality, and life. Enjoy :)
NVSG 702
Reel Video Game Productions with Steven and Lew Talking bout basicly everything
Nagging Thoughts
A critical analysis of marriage counseling and some of the bestselling marriage theology behind it that was unable to expose my husband's secret sex life in 18 years of marriage and over 2 years of Christian counsel.My intent in analyzing and sharing the biblical lessons I learned though the assault on my heart, mind and faith is to prevent other Christian marriages from collapsing under the mounting storm weight of deception as mine eventually did.Please help me cover the costs of self-publ ...
NRG danceProject is an integration of KNOWLEDGE, TALENT and STYLE that takes dance conventions to the next level. Subscribe to receive TV espisodes and recaps.
Wecan Mvg
Podcast by Amrish Desai
NG Media Podcasts
These podcasts contain a collection of Aboriginal ghost /mamu stories from across the Ngaanyatjarra Lands in Western Australia. Some are traditional stories....some are real-life stories... Listen up! But don't get too scared... Also included is a wonderful collection of stories from the Ngaanyatjarra Dreaming series that share what life is like for the people of the Ngaanyatjaara Lands and how traditional culture still plays a big part in everyday life. Stories are recorded in Australian In ...
Nags Head Church
Sunday Mornings and special events.
No filter taking on all topics, with serious and funny issue's that occur on a daily basic...
DJ NRG Podcast
Open Air Podcast
DJNRG™ is an open format DJ Throwbacks | to today's music.
Jim Nog Pod
Jim Noguera, a most interested man in the world, is a fiction writer, podcaster, and higher ed teacher. He seeks to have interesting conversations with interesting people: musicians, poets, educators, entertainers, and so on. He believes that everyone is interesting if you simply take the time to listen. So join him in his quest to learn something new by . . . listening to people!
NWG are really excited to be creating another fantastic showcase of innovative thinking and new technology in Newcastle from Monday 9th to the Friday 13th July 2018
NCAA championship, NFL playoffs, and BBB ball brothers
The Nug Chat
Podcast by The Nug Crew
NG Unplugged
NG Unplugged is an edgy, thought-provoking channel on leadership. We will discuss an array of leadership topics along the Leadership Spectrum. We will discuss leadership tidbits and leadership branding. This is not your typical leadership training channel. Thank you and remember "You have value, you matter, and no one can take that away from you." ~Noah Garcia~
Ng test
This is a test of anchor podcast
NG Podcast
Welcome to the NG Podcast 1 podcast, where amazing things happen.
NRG movie review
Podcast by NRG
Mary Ng.
Welcome to the Mary Ng. podcast, where amazing things happen, and thoughts are always shared.
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Lots of brand new games to discuss this week as the guys forget what they have said on past episodes.
Message for 08.19.18 :: I wish I would have...could have...should have.... Everybody's got regrets, but we can learn to minimize them. In this message, we'll consider the top five regrets of the dying to help us learn some Biblical wisdom for living.
Nagging Thoughts on biblical authority, covenant marriage and why God married the two.Episode thumbnail photo credit: Adrianna Calvo help me cover the hard costs of self-promotion by:Watching for free on Amazon Prime: ...…
A Heroic Summer #11"When It Sounds Foolish to Act in Faith"Hebrews 11:30-31
Giants finally score 30 points even though it's preseason but players executed we finally have a running game.
In The Wolf Among Us players navigate Sheriff Bigby through his adventures. How do we measure the impact and meaning of player choice in the story?
Nagging Thoughts on the purpose of authority and why God put it between equals.Episode thumbnail photo credit: Pixaby help me cover the hard costs of self-promotion & self-publishing:Individual Gifts: Monthly Gifts: https://www.p ...…
This week the boys take their Joy and ignore the outside world to enjoy some quality games.
Message for 08.12.18 :: A bucket list is simply a list of things you hope to do before you kick the bucket. In this message, we'll seek a Biblical perspective on the bucket list and learn to number our days so we don't waste our days.
A Heroic Summer #10"Fear vs. Faith"Hebrews 11:27-29
Observations taken from the preseason week 1 game, as I thought, suspect vanilla offense, defense has holes in it and Davis Webb is a bum ass qb, Lauletta looked good, Saquon's debut and Rutgers Running back Martin looked like an NFC East RB. Baker Mayfield stole the show
Being an entrepreneur for many years, Los gives a funny and educational approach to his new podcast Los Hustle Live. From saying no to pointless seminars to teaching you how to work successfully with friends, Los covers everything you need to know about business.By (Los Silva brings you top entrepreneurs inspired by Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn, John Dumas, Entrepreneur on Fire, Chalene Johnson,Build your TRIBE Michael Port ,James Altucher, 8 minute millionaire , the StartUp podcast, and Build Your Tribe).
Happenings around the NYGs, news stories debates about Eli being a HOFer, Saquon being overhyped? Odell get what he's worth & upcoming wk1 preseason game with the Cleveland Browns(Clowns)
It is that time of year again and there is a full house of guys talking good and terrible games.
Message for 08.05.18 :: Sometimes we cannot see past the losses and disappointments and it feels like life is over. Following the crucifixion, two believers walked on the road to Emmaus saddened by Jesus's death. They thought life was over, but when the risen Jesus appeared and walked with them, it changed everything. Because Jesus is alive, it ...…
A Heroic Summer #9"Courageous Life Choices are Made By Faith"Hebrews 11:23-26
Nagging Thoughts on God's love includes tough love.Episode Thumbnail Photo Credit: Nike159 help me cover the hard costs of self-promotion & self-publishing:Individual Gifts: Monthly Gifts: Gifts: https:/ ...…
This week is a tale of two men who play games and discuss them for two hours, hilarity ensues.
Message for 07.29.18 :: A man once asked Jesus how to get the very best life possible. Jesus tells a story where one person saves another's life, despite racial hatred, simply because he was moved to compassion. The good life does not happen to us, it’s something God does through us. The road to the good life is paved with compassion.…
A Heroic Summer #8"Blessing the Future (coming) Generations"Hebrews 11:20-22
Characters in Dragon's Crown are distinguished by their inherent abilities as well as customizations made by the player. Here, we consider the range and impact of those choices.
On this weekend edition of NYG talk, I am really pissed if Dez Bryant signs with the Cleveland Browns of all teams, when I don't care if it were the Patriots, Steelers, Raiders, Packers, the fact is we had him right in the palm of our hand and we just made no effort in bringing him in. Who should be held accountable for this the coaches, the GM ...…
In this Episode, Lawal and Abiola sitdown with Polyglot and TED speaker Mubarak Showole for a candid conversation touching on Culture, growing up in Malaysia, racism, and a host of other things...Polyglotism as a Superpower - Resources for…
Odell is involved in another sex scandal accused of trying to buy a hooker, & Sam Beal is out for the season, why the hell is Tom Quinn back in the bldg and Jerry Jones orders his players to stand for the national anthem.
Latest news surrounding the NYGs including Barkley's contract did we overpay him, we signed Conner Barwin & I'm soooo happy about that and what about Odell's plus my version of Marvin Gaye's I Want You instrumental
A fun-filled episode where the guys talk about the glory of lawn chairs, movies, and much more.
Check out the last city of Nationals on our 2018 Tour! Thank you to everyone who participated, we can't wait for you guys to see what we have in store for next year! GET SOME NRG.
Message for 07.22.18 :: Have you ever needed a second chance? Jesus not only taught, but showed his disciples what a second chance looks like. As we walk the road with Jesus, we get to walk the road toward a second chance.
A Heroic Summer #7"Trusting God for the Impossible"Hebrews 11:17-19
In Killer 7, puzzles can be trivial, enemies can be jank, and bosses can be shallow. Let's take a close look at where this game fell short.
Discussing the state of the NYGs training camp edition and should the NYGs pursue LeVeon Bell next year I say hell yesss!!!!
For this episode, Lawal and Abiola touch on Cognitive Bias and how it influences reasoning and psychology. Follow the pod on Instagram @candid_conversationsng
This week the guys fight aliens, rats, and roguelike games.
Jose Luis Reyes is an instructor at Bronx CC and a Seventh-day Adventist. Noman Jalal is a software engineer for a well-known tech company and a Muslim. We discuss religion: how the religious determine what's true when something contradicts their religion, differences between science and religion, and religion in the future. You can support the ...…
Nagging Thoughts on how David demonstrated that safety comes before submission.Episode thumbnail photo credit: Free-Photos / 9114 images help me cover the hard costs of self-promotion & self-publishing:Individual Gifts: Monthly Gifts: https://www.patr ...…
Message for 07.15.18 :: Join special guest Carlos Whittaker as we take a look at the Bible to see how God wants to give us a second chance.
A Heroic Summer #6"Faith is a Journey"Hebrews 11:12-16
We review player progression in Dragon's Crown by considering its rewards and variation. Rewards are presented for accomplishing goals, so they represent milestones in progression. And the variation in level design differentiates one stage from the next, acting as proof of progression.
Talking about upcoming games this year that NYG fans may be interested in seeing, including away games in markets where it could make good trips out of as well as just the football game. Plus thoughts on marketing and podcasting. One other thing a flashback song from 2013 from my old Vimeo channel which I thought is hilarious now lol!…
Giants drafted CB Sam Beal out of Western Michigan and why this is a good pick and challenge for Eli Apple's ass, plus I breakdown my thoughts on him as a player and the skill position groups in the NFC East
Check out some highlights and performances of our first city of Nationals!Thank you everyone for bringing the NRG!
This week the guys discuss playing with cardboard, twisted metal, and more.
Message for 07.08.18 :: How do you move up in the world and increase your influence? Jesus tells his disciples that way you become the greatest is to use whatever influence you have to serve others. The road to greatness is paved with servanthood.
Nagging Thoughts on how Zipporah models that biblical submission includes taking initiative to defy a sinful husband to honor God and save life.Episode thumbnail photo credit: FrankWinkler help me cover the hard costs of self-promotion & self-publishing:Individual Gifts: https ...…
A Heroic Summer #5"Focus on the Promises"Hebrews 11:11
Latest episode of Music NVL
The very first episode of Music NVL!
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon features more than ghost-busting. We consider the far corners of its design space and how the Poltergust functions outside of combat.
This E3 hangover is in full effect, but there are a lot of games to keep the boys busy.
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