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Former World Championship Wrestling producer Neal Pruitt - perhaps best known to fans as the unforgettable voice of the New World Order - discusses the previously unheard stories behind the production of a variety of classic WCW Nitro moments, including: Roddy Piper's trip to Alcatraz; The creation of the nWo logo; Hollywood Hogan's initial heel 'promos'... And much more! This podcast focuses on the magic created behind the camera during an iconic period in professional wrestling. In an unpr ...
Anti-NWO Radio
This is the home of the Anti-NWO radio Podcast!
3 wrestling fans review the war between WCW and the NWO PPV by PPV 96-98.Whose side are you on?
The Hagmann Report
The Hagmann Report provides listeners information about current events and historical topics that transcend the political right-left paradigm and delve into the real issues behind the sugar-coated news. This unique, father-son detective duo uses their investigative abilities and resources to aggressively research and report on issues left untouched by the corporate media and those that exist beyond the scope of the non-traditional media. The show addresses many issues once considered mere fo ...
NWO Metal Militia
Follow the NWO Metal Militia as we explore local music from North West Ohio and the surrounding area
The Corbett Report explore the world of politics, history, science and economics from a radically alternative perspective. From geopolitical conspiracies to monetary manipulation, repressed history and social engineering, The Corbett Report goes where other podcasts fear to tread. Feature Interviews presents guests from around the world on headline news and current events from a fiercely independent perspective. Issues covered include 9/11 and false flag terror, the Big Brother police state, the global warming hoax and how central banks control the political process. Guests include politicians, scientists, activists and newsmakers from around the world.
Revelations Radio Network
Thanks for the Memories.
This is a podcast which is for Freemasons and anyone who wants to know more about Freemasonry. Hosted by Robert Johnson, a member of several appendant bodies within Freemasonry. The show features a weekly episode where Masonic papers are read and discussed, famous Freemasons are explored and Masonic news is shared. Freemasonry for today.
Questions For Corbett is a regular podcast series from Send your question in via and have James Corbett answer them live on the air. Questions are encouraged on all Corbett Report topics, from 9/11 truth to central banking, police state issues to geopolitics, history, science, or anything else.
This is a podcast which is for Freemasons and anyone who wants to know more about Freemasonry. Hosted by Robert Johnson, a member of several appendant bodies within Freemasonry. The show features a weekly episode where Masonic papers are read and discussed, famous Freemasons are explored and Masonic news is shared. Freemasonry for today.
We Watch Wrestling is Matt McCarthy, Tom Sibley, and Vince Averill. Three standup comedians who watch wrestling. Vince is an encyclopedia of wrestling knowledge, Tom just started watching at age 30, and Matt thinks wrestling is real.You don't even have to watch wrestling to like We Watch Wrestling, it's a celebration, an education, and an honest account of how it feels to be a professional wrestling fan, for better or worse.New episode drops every Wednesday at 3:16 AM!Email: wewatchwrestling ...
Blacklisted news, the news they don't tell you about and the news behind the news. Bible Prophecy, Bible Codes, and Current Events...did our ancient Biblical Patriarchs warn us of coming UFO and Alien invasions to earth? Martial Law? The New World Order? And why is America, the most dominant nation mentioned on the earth in the last days in the Bible, not being mentioned in the churches today? On this radio show I deal with the New Age Reptilian agenda aka the NWO taking over the earth and h ...
Film, Literature and the New World Order is a monthly podcast series from In this series, James Corbett of The Corbett Report and a rotating series of guests dissect a different book or movie each month, examining its messages, exposing propaganda, understanding connections and finding the real agenda (and sometimes the real solutions) offered to us in the media we consume.
Nowhere to Run
Nowhere To Run is a Christian podcast talking about news, politics and the new world order with a Jesus centered perspective.Chris is a filmmaker and host of several online radio programs on various subjects. He also the director of the internet radio station called The Revelations Radio Network.His videos have been viewed millions of times over the internet, and he continues to produce documentaries and short videos for educational purposes. He also produces a local television program about ...
Join Tony Seigh & Jonathan Bowles as they tell hilarious and fascinating stories from a rich and storied business in American history that dates back to the days of Abraham Lincoln. We aren't another pro wrestling podcast talking about what you saw on TV last week. These are real life stories from the wacky world of professional wrestling and they are often stranger than fiction or anything put on display in the ring. Join us on a journey of laughter and tears, riveting tales, heroes and vil ...
The Mind Renewed is hosted by Dr. Julian Charles (UK) and dedicated to understanding the world in which we live from a Christian worldview perspective. We are acutely conscious of propaganda in the mainstream media, and of the bewildering mass of information in the alternative media. We therefore seek to address matters of concern to people (whether they be 'people of faith' or none) in an unsensational and informed fashion, in the hope that truth will be uncovered and that bridges will be b ...
Tune in to America's fastest growing internet radio network covering current news, UFOs, strange occurrences, conspiracies, cyberspace & the unexplained.Join us on “Late Night in the Midlands” Every Week Night from 9pm-12am EST. Call-Ins are always welcomed by calling 803-317-2264. LNM Radio Network and “Late Night in the Midlands” offers a moderated chatroom for interested parties at on the chat & listen page.
We talk about Mysteries of the Unknown, Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects, Cosmic Duality, Dreams and Dreaming, Earth Energies, Eastern Mysteries, Hauntings, Mysterious Creatures, Mystic Places, Mind Over Matter, Phantom Encounters, Powers of Healing, The Mysterious World, The UFO Phenomenon, Time and Space, Witches and Witchcraft, Visions and Prophecies, Spirit Summonings. All with a Biblical Perspective.This Podcast was created using
I am Clay Douglas, a well traveled Texan with 49 states and 7 countries under his belt. I have written for many magazines and done worldwide radio shows for many years.
Welcome to "Unraveling the Secrets." My name is Dennis Crenshaw. My co-host is Rick "Oz" Osmon. For the past 45 years we have been researching the connecting links between all things having to do with the secrets and pernicious deeds of a group of secret society outlaws who are working together behind the scenes to create a completely controlled world society with them as bosses and you and I as slaves to their system. This continuing scheme is popularly known as the New World Order, or the ... is an independent media website approaching global news, politics and conspiracy from a radical but rational perspective.
In Your Head Wrestling Radio is live every Wednesday 8:05 PM EST hosted by Jack E. Jones, OneInchbiceps and Barbie Richards.We go over all the news and views of the week in wrestling, usually interview a wrestling legend, current star or up and comer and we take calls from all the fans world wide.Our main website with free archives and interactive chat room and message boards can be found at and you can call in weekly at 1-508-644-8503Over the 5 years IYH as intervie ...
Lost Arts Radio
Lost Arts Radio with host Richard Sacks - every Sunday night at 9pm EST / 6pm PST (our show with guests). Our Saturday evening show is The Planetary Healing Club at 9pm EST / 6pm PST. Visit our website: for more info.
Voice Of Liberty
Voice of Liberty is a political talk show dedicated to exposing the NWO and the "banksters" that have hijacked our government. Our mission is to join the information war and defend both our liberties and the Constitution. By exposing the truth behind a criminal government, we can create real change.
IT'S THE GREATEST NIGHT IN THE HISTORY OF UNPROFESSIONAL WRESTLING PODCASTING. An Australian & two Americans review WCW and WWE(F) pay-per-views,. wrestlers' movies & more! Join Frank Harris, Josh Armour and Brandon Dalton, have some laughs & take a walk down memory lane.
Join Ed Opperman with expert guests and authors as they discuss true crime stories in the news, conspiracy theories, issues of social injustice and NWO resistance.
Vortex Network News
We Talk About:Government Cover-upsUFOs & ET ContactSuppressed TechnologiesHealth Modalities
Fire Theft Radio
Fire Theft Radio was created in order to inform the masses that this world is not what it seems. There are many moving parts to this machine and we are just a small cog in it. The information we will be providing on this podcast will let you the listener decide the true nature of your reality in this world. We come at these truths through a biblical world view. Come and join us as we ourselves continue to explore the many weird and fringe topics. And hopefully together we will discover more ...
TruthStream Oasis
Deception is all around you.Vaccinate yourself with Truth.Help Keep TruthStream on Podomatic! Please see the note below on the right! TruthStream Oasis is a haven of rest for all those seeking refuge from the confusion of Babylon. Lies and conspiracies are entangling the world in the web of disillusionment. Vaccinate yourself with the Truth of God's Word. This podcast focuses on God's Word and it's power to protect you against the coming worldwide deception. TruthStream Archived Shows
Freedom Economics Law philosophy Entrepreneur
War On The Mind
This podcast explores the New World Order and looks at mainstream propaganda.
the return of ethnonationalism and Christian law
Exposing the New World Order and Proclaiming God's Word
We talk about Today's News, Conspiracy News & News you wont hear any where else. We also Interview guests from around the world in fields such as Geo-Engineering, Politics, Secret Societies, Black Op's, Vaccines, GMO's, Science, Future Trends, Religion & Spirituality.
Pody Slam!
A wrestling history podcast that dives into the deep, dark, and sometimes funny world of wrestling.
Global Freedom And Corroborated Truth Radio
A podcast where we rebel against the compass and stick to the square... ignorance is bliss. Joking aside, this show is simply to speak with some guests in the "truther" arena that I enjoy, and to have some decent conversations with them about our messed up world we live in. We may laugh, we may cry... but at least we aren't some godless A.I.
The world will be going through some perilous times. Times unlike any other time in human history. The Bible tells us the outcome of the world and its inhabitants. Don't be caught off guard! Seek the Lord while there is still time. (WWW.FLEEBABYLON.ORG)
Days Of Noah Radio
Our shows main mission is to glorify God, spread the good news that Jesus is coming soon, and emphasize how it was foretold by Jesus 2000 years ago.
TradCatKnight is a one of kind website focusing in on the latest church & endtime news. I bring on special guests from around the world to expose the NWO. I cover economics, current events, NWO, CERN, FreeMasonry, Geoengineering, health, survivalism, theology, geopolitics and more!THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST AROUND!Donations:
Only the best Hip Hop and R&B music from the past present and future. Good music from major artists and Independent artists!
AFTER DARK RADIO is an open discussion regarding such topics as strange news, holistic medicine, current events, and all things mysterious. Every Friday night at 10 PM (EST), New York City time.
Zen Garcia is the webmaster for the truth seeking network whose motto is - The seeker of lost paradise may seem a fool to those who have never sought the other worlds. A video producer, and radio show host, he also hosts a show on Revolution Radio Wednesday's 8-10 pm Eastern on studio B. He is the author of 7 books; Look Somewhere Different, When the Evening Dies, A Different Way of Being, Lucifer - Father of Cain, Awaken to the NWO, Sons of God: Who We Are Why We Are Her ...
One Fall
With one kick, Joey Hamilton has sent the world of professional wrestling into chaos. In his first World Title match, on national television, Joey botched a simple maneuver, turning a scripted wrestling match into a nightmarish reality. Now the World Champion is injured and the locker room is in tatters. With the top spot open, veteran wrestlers are jockeying for position, hoping to become the next megastar, and Joey is their target. With a unique look behind the scenes at America's most vio ...
Two siblings from the mean streets of northeast Pennsylvania review old wrestling and entertain you....maybe
SmarkOut Podcast
All shows on Homebody Media are deciated to recording conversations that are worth listening to.
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Tradcatknight Radio, "NWO DEFEATED? Destroying Jim Willie's Arguments" Talk given 4-5-18 (aprx 30 minutes) You try to be nice to these heretics but sometimes you have to lay down the law. I destroy Jim Willies' arguments that "Trump is not another zionist stooge" and also he thinks the new world order is already defeated! What a delusional fool ...…
Late night edition of the NWO Podcast : Rihanna (ANTI Album) Vs. Beyonce (Lemonade Album). Bonus: Will Tekashi 6ix9ine make it to next year?
In this episode of High Spots and Chair Shots Random News of the Week Daniel Bryan returns, Shane Mcmahon and Charlotte Injured, Wrestlemania news, Chris Raven has a rant about wrestling and the internet. Why John Cena sucks, Ultimate Deletion, and More..... Mention of the week: Spike Trivet for going through a mirror, getting glass in his leg ...…
Hello everybody and welcome to another unruly episode of Mundane Nights!! This week Mud and Riddle discuss the Monday Night Wars of 12/15/1997. Topics include: Austin goes to Sullivan's Bridge, DX is causing riots, everybody in Charlotte wants a piece of the nWo, and a lucha match on Nitro blows your boys away.…
Welcome to Season 1 Episode 4 with Peter Jones. This week on the show we discuss: -FPS Demos -Half Life -WCW vs NWO -Grim Fandango -Constructor And Our Feature Game: Secret of Monkey Island Please give the show a rating on iTunes to show your support, and follow us on instagram or facebook for extra info on the show.…
Gamer Leaf sits down with Craig to talk about his new game on Kickstarter True Messiah, a game of cult warfare through Wed, April 11 2018 9:02 AM MST. Craig picks Mystic Vale by AEG as his favorite game. I mention Alan Gerding from Tuesday Knight’s podcast’s opinion on opinion’s. Before True Messiah Craig made Telepath Tactics Continued to be L ...…
TradcatKnight Radio, Bart Sibrel, "Fake Moon Landing, Fake News & Freemasons" Talk given 3-26-18 (aprx 55 minutes) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY & YOU CAN NOW FIND MY PODCASTS ON ITUNES AND GOOGLE PLAY! Special guest Bart Sibrel joins me to discuss: conspiracy theories, lies of the NWO, fake moon landing, discrepancies in their own nar ...…
Gamer LEaf chats with Ben about his new adventure Operation: Deep Freeze - A Top Secret:NWO Adventure on Kickstarter and Galaxy Trucker the app Kickstarter Corner: Just click the links! SORRY! htt ...…
TradCatKnight Radio, "6 Reasons Why Francis Is Not The False Prophet" Talk given 3-24-18 (aprx 1hr 50 mins) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY! Join me in the bonus broadcast wherein I will discuss: live call in shows coming soon, response from Antichrist's Website on the False Prophet, latest poem, having hope in a seemingly hopeless situa ...…
On this edition of Wrestling With the Dawg, Dirty Dawg Darsie is joined by his older brother Dave to discuss Scott Hall vs. Steve Austin from WWF WrestleMania X8! They discuss what caused Dave to enjoy both Austin and Hall's work growing up, the nWo coming into the WWE being something unexpected, Austin being unhappy during this period of his c ...…
Gamer Leaf sits down for a podcast exclusive and chats with Sean of Timeless Caverns about their new game Fuel Priest - The Dieselpunk Tabletop RPG that is on Kickstarter through Sun, April 8 2018 8:53 AM MST. They will be showcasing their game toward the end of the campaign at PAX East. AAA: Keep in Mind by little mont games Kickstarter Corner ...…
This is a MAJOR MILESTONE episode! We have been doing so well over the past 2 months, we felt that we were finally ready to expand a little bit, and we got a 3rd person on the show! This week we welcome my long time friend Rob, and he will be our 3rd mic every couple of weeks. We are in the works for a 4th mic to alternate in, stay tuned for de ...…
In this episode Jon is joined by Michael Nero in the first half & Cherokee Walker in the second. We discuss CERN and what it truly is... WW3, Russia's threat to the US, and Trump plans to meet w/ Kim Jung Un. Bump Stock bans, Martial Law and so much more... PLZ LIKE. SUBSCRIBE. FOLLOW. SHARE. JOIN THE TRUTH MOVEMENT... ...…
In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Joshua Fluman about his experiences in engaging the prophetic realms and experiences in spiritual warfare. There are many ways that we are able to tap into the spirit realm and do so even unintentionally in our own day to day lives. We talk about the the similarities in the prophetic giftings mentioned in ...…
Fellow Irishman Fergus Looney returns to the cast. He updates us on the health of MTG from a game store perspective. We share our thoughts on the MOCs Modern metagame, Legacy, and whether Deathrite Shaman is ban worthy in Legacy. Other topics include WOTC coverage, the rise of Fortnite, and much more! The Cardhoarder Podcast is proudly sponsore ...…
We're rounding off the Chris Jericho arc with the final stop - Wrestlemania 18. With 68,000 strong packed into the Sky Dome in Toronto, Wrestlemania 18 boasted a stacked card and an innovative promo package. Saliva and Drowning Pool provide the soundtracks with multiple live performances and the NWO make their first 'mania appearance. The Rock ...…
In this episode Jon & Michael discuss several issues facing America and Earth. ALL CONTENT USED UNDER FAIR USE ACT. AUDIO: Heluvit, Tom Macdonald #Nibiru #Planet7x #Wormwood #PlanetX #Nemesis #EndOfTheWorld #Doomsday #Apocalypse #Revelations #Tribulations #EndTimes #EndOfDays #WW3 #WWIII #Trump #Russia #NorthKorea #BombCyclone #China #NWO #Illu ...…
It's one of the final stops on the road to Wrestlemania, the go-home RAW before the grand-daddy of 'em all. From the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit we will see the NWO step into a WWF ring for the first time in over eight years. Miguel and eldeniro present this episode, please consider leaving us a rating and ENJOY! iTunes: ...…
PODCAST SATELLITETHE VOICE OF ISRAEL 12 Sh'vat 5778 Prince HandleyPresident / Regent University of Excellence ISRAEL AND THE NIMROD EFFECTBABYLON TO NEW BABYLON~ A MIRACLE PODCAST PRODUCTION ~ הודעה עבור בנימין נתניהוA MESSAGE TO BENYAMIN NETANYAHUYou can listen to this message NOW. Click on the pod circle at top left. (Allow images to display. ...…
Featuring Former WCW President and nWo Founder Eric Bischoff! Raw and SmackDown Live review. Wrestle Kingdom 12/New Year's Dash Chat, Booker T criticizes the wrestling style of The Young Bucks, Enzo Amore urges WWE to settle differences with Neville and bring him back, Enzo Amore/Big Cass heat, Possible reason why WWE want to turn Daniel Bryan ...…
Lorcan (@lorcanmullan) and Simon (@simoncross3) discuss one of the most effective and memorable moments in a wrestler's career - the heel turn.From Hulk Hogan forming the nWo to Steve Austin shaking hands with the devil, a truly effective heel turn can change the way a fan views his love of wrestling, or a particular wrestler.Together they disc ...…
The underpopulated world of pro wrestling-based podcasts receives a new addition in the form of Let Me Tell You Something!Instead of talking about the latest week's wrestling activities, your co-hosts Lorcan (@lorcanmullan) and Simon (@simoncross3) choose a specific topic and discuss its importance, positives, negatives, and overall influence o ...…
Matt and Kevin get together for another exciting episode. They talk about Christmas and the wrestling gifts they received. A lot of love is shown for the family, then they shift gears and talk a bit about Starrcade 97 & the NWO. Lots of talk about Monday Night Raw, NXT, Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor and a few phone calls. Its the last show of ...…
Matt and Kevin get together for another exciting episode. They talk about Christmas and the wrestling gifts they received. A lot of love is shown for the family, then they shift gears and talk a bit about Starrcade 97 & the NWO. Lots of talk about Monday Night Raw, NXT,...
The wrestling podcast that is just #TooSweet to miss.IN THIS SHOW:Clash of Champions preview & predictionsintro: WWE/NJPW Mashup: Bullet Club & nWo Wolfpac - Last Chance Wolfpack (by marquez768) Glorious Domination trap remixPenguin Club Podcast RSS FeedsRSS: http://rss.PenguinClubPod.comGoogle ...…
The buddies at Gorilla Press Radio give the run down on this crazy week in wrestling!This week: Matt Hardy is woke, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, The XFL, NWO, MVP, KO, DB and many other lettersThe buddies: Tex Valdez, Arturo Padilla, Nico Gonzalez, and Gustavo Ventura.Follow us!Twitter: ...…
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