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A Gobbet o' Pus
A cool ID case, a stupid joke and a factoid you can use. What more do you need?
The Wade-O Radio Show is an international, terrestrial, Internet radio show, and podcast that provides its listeners with high-quality Christian Hip Hop music, news, and interviews. [To Book DJ Wade-O for your next event, email] In each episode the listener can expect the latest news with audio segments from Laide Mak, mixes by DJ Wade-O, a New Song of the Week, a countdown of the ten hottest songs out right now, conversations about controversial topics within the Chur ...
Kyle and Jackie O are one of the world's biggest radio shows, and are joined every day by the world's biggest stars on KIIS 106.5
With a 10 year passionate terrestrial radio following, The Big O and Dukes Show has a mind-blowing 4 million downloads to date. This current incarnation is its purest form to date. From pop-culture to politics, each approaches subject matter from very different perspectives. So pull up a seat, plug in your headphones and step into the studio with Chad Dukes, Oscar Santana and Drab T-Shirt. By the end of each show, you\'ll have laughed yourself right out of your chair, but have gained a windo ...
O Behave
A monthly behavioural science podcast from Ogilvy Change
10 O?Clock Live
Listen to some of the best bits from the series, hosted by David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker and Lauren Laverne. Each week the team cover the world?s most pressing news items, joined by guests from the worlds of comedy, politics, science and culture. Watch it live on Channel 4 every Thursday night at 10pm.
English O´Clock
Escuchando el programa te darás cuenta de los errores que cometen los alumnos, podrás trabajar tu pronunciación, ampliar tu vocabulario y ganar agilidad con el idioma. El programa English o'clock está orientado al aprendizaje de los conceptos claves del idioma, el repaso de elementos básicos y estructuras imprescindibles para dominar el inglés de una vez por todas. C Participa en directo en los programas a través de Twitter @vaughan_radio @grupovaughan.
Big O Show
Weekdays 10 am - 2 pm
Radio O-Ringen
-en podcast om orientering med Per Forsberg
A Gobbet o' Pus
A cool ID case, a stupid joke and a factoid you can use. What more do you need?
O Segredo
Podcast do site O Segredo
O Rap Em Debate
No objetivo de fomentar discussões á respeito da cultura Hip Hop, e trazer informação, conhecimento e outros instrumentos de militância social, foi pensado um programa para discutir todas essas questões. O Rap Em Debate - É o nome escolhido para o podcast que será iniciado dentro de alguns dias nesse blog.
Amanda Schulman och Hannah Widell bjuder in till snack om mat, skönhet, hälsa och relationer i Aftonbladets nya storsatsning. Följ dem i podcasten.
The Podcast of the Large Morning Show in the Afternoon
Every Epitaph ever.
A podcast for industrial-organizational psychologists, researchers, practitioners, and students. We cover anything and everything related to the research and practice of I-O psych, including books and article reviews, notes on teaching and learning I-O psych, and the latest professional news and trends.
Jornalista, escritor e pai deslumbrado
An impoverished but loving young couple sacrifices their most precious possessions to buy Christmas gifts for each other. A tramp who is desperate to be sent to prison so he can escape the winter cold. Two depressed laborers get their palms read by a Coney Island mountebank. A yellow dog who relates the story of a fat lady and her hen pecked husband. These and other unforgettable characters form part of absolutely delightful and unforgettable short story collection, The Four Million by O Hen ...
Lets be part of the mission to unite Ummah through education at every level
Olá, meus caros transeuntes da internet! Sejam bem-vindos ao primeiro Taberna dos Escritores, O Podcast, o lugar em que vocês encontrarão as mais doidas discussões sobre literatura, escritores e outros variados assuntos dos sete mares da internet (se essa bagunça der certo, é claro).
The Power of FOX News on Radio! Hourly Newscast
Healthcare in the United States is constantly changing, and often confusing and frustrating. Join a healthcare actuary and an average guy as they cover the current status of healthcare and its impact on the end user… you.
Mimis Androulakis' podcasts
The I-O Podcast
The I-O Podcast provides authentic conversation regarding current trends, controversies, and topics of interest within or related to the realm of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The topics discussed in this channel provide insight and entertainment for academicians, practitioners, managers, students, or any individuals who are interested in expanding their knowledge of organizational dynamics, functioning, and behavior.
Conversas sobre o Futuro do Jornalismo
Fetu o Samoa
Manu Talamaivao and Pulea Ifopo cover Pacific Island news from Samoa including discussions on health, education, politics and current affairs. Included is Island music and give aways. Every Monday evening at 5:00, repeating Wednesday morning at 4:00.
Um podcast realizado por Donhas-Rancor e Pedro-Aparências.
Por que nao ha verdade absoluta, nem razoes incontestáveis, pelo crescimento contínuo e uma vida consciente, seja muito bem-vindo ao PensaCast!
A podcast looking at the history of horror movies, year by year, from 1931 to the present day.
Saturday with Cormac Ó hEadhra questions agendas, dissects the week gone by, and debates the likely issues of the week to come.
o cubo . net
rádio 3.0
Baltimore Independent Film & Podcasts
We watch the first 10 minutes of movies we know nothing about, then predict what happens next.
Sadaqah-o-Khairaat By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Streaming a selective playlist of Lounge, Chill Out, Smooth Hip Hop, Nu-Jazz, Bossa Nova, Trip Hop, Deep Electronica, D'nB, Dub, Ambient Waves and Downtempo Grooves. Tune in @
The O-ZONE is your one-stop shop for all things sports. The podcast showcases the unique voice of Omar and Terry Miller, sports enthusiasts both on and off the field. With a little help from their friends, The O-ZONE will take on a variety of issues that TV and radio pundits shy away from. By giving raw, uncensored opinions from the average Joe, Hollywood celebrities, and athletes the podcast will have a fresh take on all the latest news. The O-ZONE is an entertaining, fun-filled, and contro ...
A weekly Pacific magazine programme features New Zealand and regional Pacific news, issues, information and music. This programme is also simulcast domestically on Radio New Zealand National.
O-Kei!! Podcast
O-Kei!! Podcast is dedicated to bringing our listeners j-fashion news and discuss important issues in the j-fashion community. We welcome all people from lolita to visual kei and everything in between!O-Kei!! Podcast is a Chicago based podcast, hosted by Hayden Lee and Kamilah Jones.If you are interested in contributing to the show (i.e. news, art, music, being a special guest), send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
Collins and Big O is a brand new podcast presented by and @DemBoyz_News. It is hosted by a diehard Cowboys fans, Adam Collins (@AdamCollinsCN)and Big O Mitchell (@BigOMitchell). We will talk about the good, bad, and ugly of the Dallas Cowboys!
Critics w/o Credentials is a that is a podcast dedicated to anything and everything involving Television and Movies.
At Ninth and O, we like to say that it’s not about a religion — it’s about a relationship. It is our desire to see every person come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and we stand ready to help you in that journey as you seek to come to understand what it means to be a follower of Christ. Visit our website at
We know of a little podcast where Orson Welles picks shows every day. Broadcasts Orson crafted on this day in history.
O Fiddle Dee Dee
The podcast for the Gone With the Wind obsessed where Alica, Corrin and Dani discuss Gone With the Wind and everything realted to it.
List-O-Mania is a new podcast that takes any subject and makes a list of the top five things relating to it. Every episode has a fierce debate over inconsequential things, plus burps and penis jokes.Music by Tito Kolb and Robert Mercier Produced by Arctic Sounds
A collection of short stories. - Summary by Richard Kilmer
The X O Files
XO Files opened. Stop. Please Advise. Stop. This isn't your (mythology-loving) father's X Files podcast. That's right. We're not here for the aliens, we're all about the love, people. Join us, Phoebe Fisher, long time fan, and Elise Persico, brand new fan, as we dust off every episode of The X Files to take a good hard look at how in love Mulder and Scully really are... Spoiler alert, they're really in love. Already.
Assim Vai o Mundo
Um olhar pela atualidade nacional e internacional.
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Latest Hourly FOX News Radio NewscastBy (FOX News Radio).
Una clase divertida con alumnos en la que trabajamos elementos básicos del inglés avanzando poco a poco.
O FGcast está de volta pra falar do assassino de plástico mais amado da história do cinema, depois de 6 anos voltamos a falar da série o Brinquedo Assassino com A Maldição de Chucky (Curse of Chucky, de 2013)
If you're a fan of mispronounced last names, you're going to love this episode. More importantly, we'll talk about the IO Psych brand with Michael Vodianoi. Show Links: Michael on LinkedIn Michael's Article: Industrial-Organizational Psychology – Getting a Foothold in Canadian Business The Hemingway Editor…
Jack De Belin from the NSW Blues calls in, ahead of round 2 State of Origin. Plus Cassidy, contestant, and Owen McDermott, voice over guy, from Love Island chat all things about the show. And of coarse the best bits of the week with the Diary
More great books at
Frank O. Pinion – Thursday, June 21, 2018 – Hour 3
Frank O. Pinion – Thursday, June 21, 2018 – Hour 2
Frank O. Pinion – Thursday, June 21, 2018 – Hour 1
Brad Fittler chats to the guys ahead of State of Origin this weekend. Plus Kyle raises awareness on people getting fat shamed then asks you to call up if you are fat. We also do another round of Background Check
In the final hour of the show: - Losing young assets for a season of Kawhi is worth it. - Cavaliers should let Lebron walk rather than take on cap for him. - Best Heat draft picks under Pat Riley. ​
In the third hour of the show: - Cam Underwood joins the show. - Deshaun Watson compared to Ryan Tannehill. - Adam Beasley joins the show.
Miami Dolphins beat writer for the Miami Herald joins the show to explain why this is Adam Gase's favorite roster to date and why Jarvis Landry is a liar.
Managing editor of The State of the U joins the show to talk more about Lonnie Walker and his draft stalk in tonight’s NBA Draft and explains why Malik Rosier will be the starting QB for the Canes this Fall.
In the second hour of the show: - World Cup isn’t about stars, it’s about the team. - Jerry Brewer joins the show. - Appetizer draft tease.
Columnist for the Washington Post joins the show to discuss the evolution of the NBA big men and the 2018 NBA draft.
In the first hour of the show: - Video review at the World Cup. - Kevin Egan joins the show. - Big men in the NBA are evolving. ​
Una clase divertida con alumnos en la que trabajamos elementos básicos del inglés avanzando poco a poco.
Host of The Xtra on beIN Sports joins the show to discuss the latest from the World Cup. ​
Hot Diggity Dog, our extremely ill-advised side show where we watch dog movies, is back! This time, we're discussing a dog movie featuring the best video game ever made, a bargain-basement afterlife, and the oldest 35-year-old.
Join Roaming Mike and Roaming Jordan live from the greatest marketing conference that isn't about marketing. They interview the great and the good of behavioural science as they convene in Folkestone for one day of thinking different. Featuring Rory Sutherland, Micheal Pawlyn, Nicholas Christakis, Caroline Webb, Ruth Morgan, John Kay and more.…
Frank O. Pinion – Wednesday, June 20, 2018 – Hour 3
The Big 3 debate a show change that no one will care about. Oscar takes sexual gratification to a new level, and we jump into the Yambag!
Frank O. Pinion – Wednesday, June 20, 2018 – Hour 2
Frank O. Pinion – Wednesday, June 20, 2018 – Hour 1
In the final hour of the show: - Will Manso joins the show. - Trust Issues!
WPLG Sports Director joined the show to talk about the Marlins and the Miami Heat.
Which franchise is up next in South Florida? Kurt Helin joins the show. Kawhi to Miami doesn’t make sense.
Lead NBA writer for joins the show to discuss the latest around the NBA.
Luke Bryan. Omar Kelly joins the show. Mike Hoffman’s fiance.
Giants vs Marlins. World Cup play. XXXtentacion.
Una clase divertida con alumnos en la que trabajamos elementos básicos del inglés avanzando poco a poco.
Frank O. Pinion – Tuesday, June 19, 2018 – Hour 3
Sam Dastyari drops in to give us Gutter Politics and reveals the scams going on in the political world. Plus Angus Crichton from the NSW Blues phones in for a chat. Kyle & Jackie O do Giveback and Give $10000 to a man in need.
Frank O. Pinion – Tuesday, June 19, 2018 – Hour 2
Frank O. Pinion – Tuesday, June 19, 2018 – Hour 1
This week on the podcast, Cory takes a trip home to Maryland, we talk about the death of XXXtentacion, Trump is separating children from parents at the border, we break down the North Korea summit. Finally, we talk about the latest news about Chris Hardwick. Dow ...…
Adventures of a Pus Whisperer.By (Mark Crislip).
In the final hour of the show: - Steve Kyler joins the show. - Gaby Union. - Big O to Atlanta.
NBA and basketball writer for Basketball Insiders joins the show to talk about Lebron's future.
Former NFL LB joined the show to talk about Odell Beckham and the NFL.
Big O says he can see the NBA surpassing the NFL in popularity. Brady Poppinga joins the show. Dwyane Wade’s future with the Heat. ​
Miami Herald sports writer joins the show to discuss the World Cup and an MLS Miami update. ​
- Big O walked 13 miles yesterday. - Michelle Kaufman joined the show. - Stephen A. Smith says Lebron is going to LA.
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