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John Wesley, along with his brother Charles, are credited with founding the Methodist denomination. "The following Sermons contain the substance of what I have been preaching for between eight and nine years last past. Every serious man who peruses these, will therefore see, in the clearest manner, what these doctrines are which I embrace and teach as the essentials of true religion." This second series contains sermons concerning important Christian doctrines and practices. (Summary by TriciaG)
John Wesley, along with his brother Charles, are credited with founding the Methodist denomination. "The following Sermons contain the substance of what I have been preaching for between eight and nine years last past. Every serious man who peruses these, will therefore see, in the clearest manner, what these doctrines are which I embrace and teach as the essentials of true religion." This first series contains sermons concerning the way to heaven. (Summary by TriciaG)
Assorted-Lecuture-Occasions By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Twenty-six stories of pre-World War I British naval life in war and peace. - Summary by david wales
Individual sermons celebrating or lamenting specific events.
In addition to being amusing, recipes written in a poetic form were easy to remember and used as learning tools for the young housekeeper. Many of the poems in this 1912 publication were originally published in Woman's Home Companion, Good Housekeeping Magazine, the Housewife, Table Talk, and the Boston Cooking School Magazine. [Summary by Betsie Bush]
Devotions upon Emergent Occasions is a 1624 prose work by the English theologian and writer John Donne, Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. It is a series of reflections that were written as Donne recovered from a serious illness. The work consists of twenty-three parts ('devotions') describing each stage of the sickness. Each part is further divided into a Meditation, an Expostulation (or objection) , and a Prayer. The work is an excellent example of seventeenth century English spiritua ...
Atheist Nomads
We host a weekly show out of Boise, ID covering the latest in religious leaders behaving badly, church/state entanglement issues, and other topics of interests to atheists. On occasion we also do interviews with leaders in the atheist, skeptic, and humanist community.
Skype of Cthulhu
Call of Cthulhu, and perhaps other systems on occasion, played via Skype.
Weekly chats between sports reporters John E. Gibson and Jim Allen with other guests on occasion.
Cool Playlist
On “Cool Playlist”, host Eliza Skinner and a guest create a playlist for a specific life event, moment, or occasion.
Skype of Cthulhu
Call of Cthulhu, and perhaps other systems on occasion, played via Skype.
It's the official podcast of the hit truTV series "Impractical Jokers." Each week, IJ producers Casey Jost and James McCarthy chat with the show's crew, fans, and, on occasion, Q, Murr, Sal and Joe themselves. New episodes publish every Friday.
Our podcasts cover a range of public policy topics focusing on the main issues facing Australia. We aim to further the debate, sometimes by presenting controversial viewpoints. Our podcasts concentrate on the current Grattan Programs, but also go more broadly on occasion.
Order 66 Podcast
The Order 66 Podcast is dedicated to the Star Wars role playing game by Fantasy Flight Games. We talk mainly Star Wars Role Playing, but also about relevant details from d20 and other role playing systems, as well as miniatures gaming on occasion. Game Master tips and tricks, player tactics, encounter design, role playing guidance and LOTS of meat on the mechanics of the system is the foundation of the show, but we try to have fun with it too. We invite you in and want you to Execute Order 6 ...
Pinball and video games. We're a mixed gaming podcast, but pinball and video games are our bread and butter, and our two permanent segments. Pinball generally receives the most attention of the two. We also, on occasion, cover other types of gaming (namely tabletop games such as RPGs and card games). We aren't known as eclectic for nothing!
You Can Relate
We've all done it, seen it, heard it, or experienced it in some way, shape, or form. I just talk about it.
The Trash Video Podcast is a bi-weekly horror movie podcast set in an old fashioned "mom and pop" Video Store that is located in Sleazoid City. Every episode of TVP is crammed full of fast paced editing, sound effects, silly skits, obscure movie reviews, weird news, VHS collecting, bitching music, rude humor, and an occasion Guest. Its madness, its mayhem, and most of all… its fun. It also smells like old videotapes here.
At Believers, no matter the occasion, you can expect the Word of God to be lifted high and preached unashamedly. Our worship music is led by a praise band and worship choir. You can expect to hear current songs from the radio all the way to timeless songs of our faith. People will be dressed from suits and ties and dresses to jeans, t-shirts, and polos. Our church loves families! From the smallest toddler to the most mature adult, there's something for everyone! Come as you are wel ...
In 1914, at the age of 51, the novelist and poet May Sinclair volunteered to leave the comforts of England to go to the Western Front, joining the Munro Ambulance Corps ministering to wounded Belgian soldiers in Flanders. Her experiences in the Great War, brief and traumatizing as they were, permeated the prose and poetry she wrote after this time. Witness of great human pain and tragedy, Sinclair was in serious danger of her life on multiple occasions. This journal makes no attempt to be an ...
Atheist Nomads
We host a weekly show out of Boise, ID covering the latest in religious leaders behaving badly, church/state entanglement issues, and other topics of interests to atheists. On occasion we also do interviews with leaders in the atheist, skeptic, and humanist community.
TurfNet personalities Frank Rossi, Dave Wilber, Randy Wilson, John Reitman, Jon Kiger and Peter McCormick interview a variety of turfies on a multitude of subjects... or just pontificate upon occasion.
Avocado Daze
Take some time to chill with Hannah as she makes a playlist for every occasion.
We pamper them. We bring them wherever we go. We surprise them with something new on special occasions. They even get holiday presents. They are our pets! From high-end items to high-tech items, products for our companion animals now extend beyond traditional necessities. On Best Bets for Pets we'll check out cool new pet products such as dog beds, dog gifts, cat gifts, dog toys and more! Welcome to "Best Bets for Pets" where we spotlight the latest pet product trends!
Ferns is an Australian female dominant who talks about her D/s life, about play, about relationships, and intimacy. She offers opinions and advice about BDSM based on her many years of experience, including responding to questions from her readers. And on occasion, she also does readings of her erotic femdom stories.
You can listen to HCM's sermons (Madison, Wisconsin). Every Sunday services and other special occasions are recorded and uploaded on our website http:// and on itunes.
Heavy Metal History is a weekly podcast, that is hosted by Dustin and Matt, two guys that live across the world from each other sharing the savage and unique history of the most intense and aggressive music ever invented. HEAVY METAL! The podcast that goes through the chronological history of the Heavy Metal genre on a month by month album by album basis to see how it evolved and changed. On occasion there are guests from metal bands to discuss various influences and histories of their bands ...
Delilah's known to radio listeners nationwide for her ability to match the perfect song with the perfect occasion and phone call on her evening radio program. Now hear Delilah in conversation mode, without the music, sharing her thoughts and full conversations with you in this podcast. She inspires, she laughs, she cries, she interviews musicians, actors and others making a difference in this world. It's all part of a program podcast listeners are calling Conversations with Delilah.
Dork Uncorked
The right bottle, for the right occasion, for the right price
Nexus Special
The Nexus Specials are for awesomely spectacular occasions and breaking news coverage.
Bioethics, politics, aesthetics, pop culture - how does a Christian interpret these things? Host Barry Creamer - and on occasion, a few friends - walk through different topics every day, and you never know where the conversation will go. Grab a mug and join the fun.
The Physics Of Sex
Where Science and Intimacy Collide: From choosing the best bed for sex to selecting the perfect lubricant or sex toy for each occasion, physics is vital for optimizing your love life. Find out how the physics of sex can help make your sexual experiences better.
Nepali Radio
This show if for the expatriate Nepalese community in NZ and around the globe. It conveys a sense of community as well as personal messages and programmes for special occasions (festivals etc). Sharing ideas, especially for newcomers, and preserving Nepali music and Nepali culture.Most importantly, it is a part of community interaction in Hamilton, New Zealand.
Chase and Mike discuss current events with a libertarian, free market, perspective. We'll get into anarchy, peaceful parenting, free markets and on occasion, some conspiracy theories.
Mark Fell and Joe Gilmore wrap up this series on generative and process music with a piece created specifically for the occasion: 'Two Discrete Generative Systems'.
Showcasing the ever expanding sounds of drum'n'bass. Trying to show how there really is drum'n'bass for any occasion. With Guest Mixes by artists from all corners of the genre, providing mixes from t
The Mead House
The Mead House podcast, 3 guys sitting around the table talking mead, and on occasion wander out into the yard and talk home brewing. Fun, entertaining and instructional, The Mead House will provide you with 90 minutes of home brewing entertainment you don't want to miss!
Alhambra Productions is the recording company for Hamza Yusuf Hanson. On occasion, we are also blessed with producing the work of other teachers such as Imam Zaid Shakir, Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah, Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah, and Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi. In addition to our own productions, we carry a full line of quality Islamic multi-media material and an exclusive selection of books. Our reading material is selected by our advisory board members, which include Islamic scholars, teachers, ...
Rundgren Radio is an online talk radio show for Todd Rundgren and music fans. Rundgren Radio has completed over 200 shows, had over 100 different guests, presented 41 Todd Rundgren concerts, and has had over a million downloads. The hosts are currently taking a hiatus but may return on occasion for special edition shows. If you would like to be alerted if they return for any shows, please sign-up for the e-mail database at the JOIN US page.
As president and ambassador of Fuller Theological Seminary, Mark Labberton takes the occasion of his travels to speak with a broad spectrum of leaders on issues at the heart of the seminary’s mission. It is Fuller's practice to allow conversations with our guests to be uncensored as a gesture of engagement in civil dialogue—a value to which Fuller Theological Seminary is deeply committed. We invite you to listen with hospitality, realizing that guests reflect their own views and not necessar ...
Hosted by Michael Preston, The CougCenter Hour, the flagship podcast for, explores everything Washington State athletics and, on occasion, college sports and beyond.
Podcast about Lucha Libre , AAA , CMLL , Wrestling , and more Wrestling . Pop-Culture talk on occasions .
English Speeches delivered by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih, worldwide head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at various occasions.
If ever there was a story written based unabashedly on adventure and trouble, this is it. There are treasure hunts and murderers on the run in this book that will keep you spellbound. Tom and his half-brother, Sid, lived with their aunt, Polly. Tom was a boisterous young fellow who constantly found himself in rather awkward situations that landed him into trouble. These situations were however exceedingly hilarious. On one occasion, Tom dirtied his clothes in a fight and his punishment was t ...
Shields High
SHIELDS HIGH: The Battles That Saved Western Civilization From nationally syndicated radio host Buck Sexton, a new podcast that looks at the epic struggles that- had they gone the other way- could have extinguished the western world as we know it. From the Persians of Xerxes to the Janissaries of the Ottoman Sultan, on many occasions vast and powerful forces nearly conquered the Western world before it ever could be realized. It was only through the valiant last stands of armies led by champ ...
OVOForums Podcast
OVOForums Podcast is a Bi-weekly podcast centered on Drake related content, OVOSound Artists that includes PartyNextDoor, ILoveMakonnen and others. It also touches on other Hip-hop related, fashion, entertainment and popular forum topics of the week.Made by staff and users of, hosts include (Admin) Hyer, (Mod) Renni and on postproduction (User) Dunkin Dee. Forum guest hosts will drop in and alternate on a range of topics on occasion.
"Intelligent Waveforms" is about the flow of sounds, energy and emotions, designed to pick you up and carry you to your happy place filled with music. Tune in live on the 3rd Saturday of each month on Digitally Imported Radio's trance channel, as Meza and on occasion his special guest bring you a dose of those "Intelligent Waveforms" that will re-wire your brain and make you dance!
A weekly show, based out of Los Angeles, showcasing some of the latest in house, Tech House, Techno and on occasion, a sprinkle of classic tracks! Played by your host, That Terry.
Trail Angels
Welcome to the Trail Angels, the show for those with an adventurous spirit and undeniable attitude. No matter what setbacks you’ve had in your life you can still be a world class adventurer and we will be your guide. Join the Trail Angels, Amanda Webb and Vanessa Spiller as they help you unleash the Athlete and Adventurer within and complete the journey of a lifetime each and every week. Featured Co-Host: Robyn Benincasa, World Champion Adventure Racer, award-winning motivational speaker, 3x ...
Christian prayers for children to be said at mealtime, bedtime, special occasions and more. Summary by JP4KJV
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In Ecclesiastes chapter three, Solomon tells us that there is an occasion for everything. No matter what season of life we're in, we're given an opportunity to rely on God in a new way.
Big welcome from the re:flections family as we celebrate our tenth episode!!So glad to have our longtime homie, Carbon Street (@carbonstreetmusic , @carbonstreettechno) on the decks for the occasion!Stay tuned for more music and keep up with our socials:[at] reflectionsfm on insta, twitter and facebook…
Such an indescribable feeling to be speaking to the man who's books you have grown up reading. Had a word with Padmashree, PadmaBhushan receipient the Ruskin Bond on the occasion of World Book Day.
Walt Disney Imagineering's Joe Rohde, spared us a few minutes to reflect on how Disney's Animal Kingdom has lived up to his expectations on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Earth Day, April 22, 2018.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Did you enjoy this video? If so, please Like, Favorite, and/or Share the video with others! We'd love to hear ...…
What is 4/20, and why is it a stoner holiday? A look at how ‘420’ became linked to marijuanaFriday is April 20, or 4/20. That’s the numerical code for marijuana’s high holiday, a homage to pot’s enduring appeal and universal slang for smoking.Festivities are planned worldwide, culminating with a synchronized smoke at 4:20 p.m.How the marijuana- ...…
Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 193 On today’s episode, Elyse and Annie present to you a cornucopia of bizarre French foods. Even if you never plan on trying any of them, you need to know about them because they’ll pop up on menus here and there and we’ve known visitors who had big surprises when their food arrived! Elyse herself has ...…
Universal Pictures released Buck Privates to theaters on January 31, 1941. Arthur Lubin directed the film which starred Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, and Lee Bowman. ‘Buck Privates’ Movie Summary Abbott and Costello play Slicker Smith and Herbie Brown, the two lead/non-lead characters of Buck Privates. Slicker and Herbie are conmen who sell necktie ...…
John said, "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day" in Revelation 1:10; what did he mean by "the Lord's Day"? Was this a special occasion? Is there a way we can trace Scripture and history to answer this question? I believe there is and, more importantly, we'll discover why it matters.
Host Bojidar Marinov Description “A sodomite culture that has come to fruition has come to fruitlessness.” Listen Transcript Axe to the Root Podcast Episode #69 The Church’s Forgotten History of Sodomite Marriage Welcome to Episode 69of Axe to the Root Podcast, part of the War Room Productions, I am Bo Marinov, and for the next 30 minutes we wi ...…
It's episode 50! Will Outlaw joins us for the occasion to rank our top 10 games of all time! It was pretty difficult because, in case you didn't know, video games are pretty cool. We also talk about PS5, a new Bioshock game, Xbox teaming up with Nintendo and much more! 50 episodes ... geez, man.
Start A RevivalPastor John Couch 2 Corinthians 5:12 - 1512 We are not again commending ourselves to you but are giving you an occasion to be proud of us, so that you will have an answer for those who take pride in appearance and not in heart. 13 For if we a]">[a]are beside ourselves, it is for God; if we are of sound mind, it is for you. 14 For ...…
Like Paul did with the Ephesians, Sam encourages us to pray on all occasions with all kind of prayers. Praying the scriptures in season builds tremendous faith and releases power for answered prayer.
Sara LeHoullier has always been a busy-bee. With a BA in English Literature and a Master's in Sustainable Development, she jumped from teaching English as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar to managing donor-funded projects with a large NGO, then dove into consulting with Microsoft before striking out on her own. She currently designs Square ...…
In the world of ska and the history of British alternative rock of the 70s and 80s, Neville Staple is practically royalty. Coming up with the pioneering Two-Tone group The Specials, Neville and his bandmates not only cut an indelible image stylistically, but politically as well by displaying blacks and whites cohabitating in the same band durin ...…
Nechemiah, Week 18: 8:9-13 - Happy Rosh HaShanah! - Apr 10, 2018 - Nechemiah urges the Jews to celebrate Rosh HaShanah a happy occasion - how does that fit with our contemporary approach to Rosh HaShanah? And why does the succah seem to be new to them?
Balloons by themselves are a great addition to any occasion. But group them together in unique ways and you've just changed the game. Brittany Jepsen shares some innovative ways to create cool balloon constructions.
Well then...Sunday night just gone, the 25th March 2018, the fucking SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA reformed after 5 looooong year to close the mainstage at Ultra Miami, and it was something else!It's sent reverberations throughout the entire music industry, and is without hyperbole, THE biggest thing to happen in dance music in years.To celebrate this mo ...…
"It is the time that the voices that make you feel bad about you are leaving, because you are not identifying with them anymore. We can do this! We are love and we can do this together!" ~ Magdala Ramirez The resurrection of the Divine Feminine is happening now in all human beings. Lets comprehend what that means and bring it forward within our ...…
In this podcast: we are so socially determined that there is so much power behind forming an identity. Identity has to do with your perception of yourself in relation to others. I talk about how to form an identity that is unconquerable and able to withstand all that life throws at it.RELATED PODCAST:The “No Hesitation Rule” | Podcast # 198 htt ...…
Joel and Erin celebrate their one year anniversary by eating old wedding cake at 10AM. They have been counting down this momentous occasion since their wedding day, and it does not disappoint. Tune-in to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly of eating year old cake for breakfast. Facebook: Instagram: @Byars.Life…
On this episode, Chuck and Mark talk about a number of issues in the news and politics. They discuss how to best serve other people, in terms of both podcasts and politicians. Also, they consider Trump and his strategy with tariffs.They discuss the recent school walkout and how the left is using children now for its socialist agenda. They also ...…
This world can feel oppressive and confusing. Did we really sign up for this? How can we rise to the occasion of this Earth evolution?
In which Cynthia and Michael discuss books that hold places in the secret parts of their literary hearts. Also, on occasion, farts.
Ep. 293: Do I Have to Be Gluten-Free Forever? In this episode, Stacy and Sarah talk about if a little gluten now and then is so terrible for most people. Plus, they discuss genetic susceptibility to having issues with gluten. Click here to listen in iTunes If you enjoy the show, please review it in iTunes!The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 293: Do I ...…
April 1st is coming soon and we've been working on our best pranks. We talk about the history of this joyous occasion, video games, and how Cody has been a real monster as of late. Grab your favorite fish, slap it on your friend's back, and enjoy!Learn more about us at
This week JFD celebrates 8 years of bringing the finest in cult cinema to your eagerly awaiting ear drums! To capitalize on the occasion, we continue our annual tradition of recounting our top 5 favorite and bottom 5 least favorite movies we've covered on the last year of the show as well as reviewing 3 classic cult bangers! Up first, James Ste ...…
GB2RS NEWS Sunday 1 April 2018 The news headlines: Apply for a place at Youngsters on the AirWorld Amateur Radio Day coming soon RSGB clarifies AGM issues Youngsters on the Air 2018 takes place from the 8th to the 15th of August this year in South Africa, hosted by the South African Radio League. Applications are now invited from anyone aged be ...…
I would like to introduce a new feature to our web forum intended to help many of us as we deal with the strong, conflicting emotions of a traumatic awakening to the truth.It was back in 2010 that I began to awaken to the reality that is the Organization of Jehovah's Witnesses, when they released the silly Overlapping Generations doctrine and s ...…
This week, we are in Episode #3 of the 3 part series where we systematically debunk the odd myth that chiropractors cause strokes. I’m almost done with this chiropractors cause strokes myth, y’all. In this final episode of this series, we will discuss risky interventions, papers having to do with the risk, or lack thereof, of chiropractic adjus ...…
This episode is a rare exception to the rule — unlike my usual long-form interviews, this is a drunk-dialing Q&A with you guys, which I’ve done a few times in the last few years, including for the celebration of the 100th episode of this podcast. In preparation for this episode, I solicited phone numbers from listeners who wanted to receive a c ...…
Welcome to Part Two in my million part series, Why Do I Overeat? Today I am talking about overeating during special occasions, specifically birthday parties. Is it even a big deal? Perhaps. Join me as I discuss what I’ve learned about overeating at special occasions that I host.
Boxer Junior Fa has a good insight into the heavyweight bout between Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker. Over the years he has had plenty to do with each fighter, sparring with them on numerous occasions. Fa is the only person to have beaten Joseph Parker, back when they were both in the amateur leagues. He explained the technique of both boxers ...…
Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) Pt 2. The second occasion that Andreas has been a guest on the podcast, he joins Andrew to talk about the bands May 2018 Australian tour with Death Angel and many other interesting topics of conversation.
We add Act’s David Seymour to our fortnightly political roster! Before the interview we play Matt and David’s last encounter in the run up to last year’s election. On both occasions, all Matt wants to achieve is convincing Act to make reduction of cigarette taxes their number one policy proposal. They do manage to etch out a little time for a d ...…
Neil Rogan ( of Centuria ( is the guy turning investment bond jargon into terminology that advisers can easily understand and use with their clients. Thanks to the XY community for throwing up the investment bond discussion on several occasions; you asked and we listened. This podcast explores ...…
Episode 12 has a special guest...Cupcakes Most Wanted founder, Leah Baker Fowler, is a bright, talented, purpose driven 14-year old foodpreneur who loves baking. Inspired by playful times in the kitchen with her big sister and an encouraging “yes you can” from her grandmother, Leah started Cupcakes Most Wanted under the brilliant tutelage of he ...…
New Iberia Mayor Pro-Tem Dan Doerle joins us on Wednesday's in the off week of New Iberia City Council meetings. On this occasion, we discussed last weeks council meeting that included discussion on the police budget, neighborhood clean-up and a proposal to move the local LDWF office.
This week on Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we pick up where we left of last week for part 2 of Matt’s interview with Britton’s Mum Micki. [00:20] Micki has had a lot of great real estate experiences over the years, but she does recall one occasion that was just awful. While trying to sell their house in Austin, Micki a ...…
Tom is published on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Listen with Judith as I read you his fascinating story of doing it his way. Tom's contribution to my Blogfest is in support of my book Your Biz Your Way, 52 questions from solopreneurs answered by moi. Read more about Tom HERE Get the book HERE
At times I have believed God could do anything, anything except forgive me that is. And even now, I sometimes fall into the erroneous thought that God loves other people more than He loves me, or at least likes them better, and is more likely to intervene in their lives than He is in mine. Just in my circle, I am not the only one who has these ...…
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