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The Ogilvy Podcast focuses on the topics driving cultural shifts and business changes. Hosts Chris Celletti and Carter Pearson explore everything from the future of work in an automated society to the role of patterns in helping humans make meaningful connections. Subscribe on: iTunes:
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As technology improves, more and more job functions can be fully completed remotely, having a big impact on both workers and businesses alike. Is this ultimately a good thing, bad thing, or something in between? We talked to Ben Waber, CEO of Humanyze about the present and future of remote work.
Today, we're joined by Michael DiSalvo, VP of Health and Wellness at Ogilvy, to talk about jargon—why it exists, where it comes from, and how we can break the habit of using code language to say what we really mean.
In partnership with Intelligence Squared, we bring you a conversation about facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy featuring two incredible women. Nobel Peace Price winner Malala Yousafzai and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg shared the IQ2 stage earlier this year with moderator Adam Grant for an inspiring talk—here's the conversati ...…
This week, health and wellness experts from across the globe have gathered in London at the first ever Ogilvy on Wellness conference. In this episode, Thomas Crampton is joined by Mathieu Jusserand, Executive Director of Digital Engagement at MSD, for a wide-ranging conversation on the latest issues facing the heath and wellness industry.…
We are surrounded by patterns. They're everywhere in our environment, arts, and business. How do patterns affect our day-to-day lives? And how do patterns and originality intersect? We explore with Patrick Metzger, Dr. Jennifer Scott, Dr. Mark Mattson, and Derek Thompson.
Let's face it. Most branded content sucks, at least so far. But many media companies see it as a crucial part of their future business model. Branded content isn't going anywhere. How do you tell a good story that people want to engage with that also conveying the message a brand requires? Sebastian Tomich, VP of Advertising and Innovation for ...…
We sat down with Michael DiSalvo, VP of Healthcare at Ogilvy New York to talk about his journey as a past Young Lions winner, what insights young people bring to the industry and more.
It's the first Cannes edition of The Ogilvy Podcast! Jeremy Katz sits down with two special guests, Jim Stengel and Jason Heller. Then, we get into the neuroscience behind creativity, and why a drink might be the best way to break through writer's block.
Hosts Chris Celletti and Carter Pearson investigate the present and future of virtual reality with the help of a number of experts in the field. Is the future of VR exciting, scary, or a little bit of both?
At a recent Intelligence Squared event, historian Yuval Noah Harari talks about the impact artificial intelligence will have on the future of health, shopping, and productivity, and why philosophers will find it easy to get jobs in the future.
Chris Celletti reports from The Economist's Pride & Prejudice conference in New York, talking with a number of the day's panelists including Imam Daaiyee Abdullah, IBM Chief Diversity Officer Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, Executive Director Andres Wydler, and Toronto International Film Festival Artistic Director Cameron Bailey.…
In the inaugural episode, hosts Chris Celletti and Carter Pearson interview author Ryan Avent about his new book, The Wealth of Humans, and discuss the implications of mass automation on human society, how we work, live and spend our time. Subscribe on iTunes, Soundcloud and anywhere else you get your podcasts.…
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