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Orange is the New Black Podcast
Home to the unofficial podcast about Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. Hosted by Martha, Meg & Rob. Episode recaps, news, analysis and predications are all discussed on this weekly show. Please rate us and subscribe to help more fans find our show. Learn more, contact us, and check out our other podcasts at
The Orange Is The New Black Podcast
The number 1 fan podcast about the hit NETFLIX series Orange Is The New Black
Orange Is The New Black Podcast
Quick episode recaps and commentary of the show Orange Is The New Black. Hosted by DMoney of the UberWanky Show and Xebrielle AKA Hawk best known for her incessant Xena and Gabrielle pins. Listen to all episodes at and follow us on twitter @oitnbpodcast !
Orange Is The New Black Podcast
Covering the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Your host Gary and Nicole will cover each episode breaking down each scene. Listener feedback and comments are strongly encouraged, so send your thoughts to to get your comment featured on the podcast.
Orange Is The New Black
An Unofficial Podcast brought to you by the UberWanky Show
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Episode 110: We ask all about sex outside your ethnic group! UP FRONT: Jenna from Bad Jew Weekly! ANIMAL NEWS: Baboons run wild in Paris zoo. 50 baboons escape enclosure, shut down park. CELEBRITY SHADE: Milli Vanilli turns 30. Riverdale "Karma is a bitch" Chinese meme. Westside story remake. OITNB Taryn Manning. Charmed reboot. Holly Marie Com ...…
Jimmy's old chum, actress Olivia Luccardi (It Follows, OITNB, The Deuce), steps into the L&R studio with many a video from her past that since collected massive proverbial dust. We dust off the contents to learn more about the merits of taking shrooms, the problems with trick candles, and how good of a daughter she is.…
I submit my list of the Greatest TV shows of all-time. Trust me, NOT an easy task! #tv #BreakingBad #GameOfThrones #Seinfeld #WalkingDead #TWD #Friends #Cheers #TheSopranos #Sopranos #STTNG #StarTrek #AllInTheFamily #MadMen #ThisIsUs #BetterCallSaul #MASH #TheWire #ILoveLucy #TwilightZone #Lost #XFiles #OITNB #LawAndOrder #TheOffice #TwinPeaks…
Nothing Shines Like Dirt
Welcome Back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt episode 33. Elise & Lesley sit down with Casting Director/Acting Coach Mel Mack. They discuss acting tips for auditions, her studio "Mel Mack Acting Studio" and her dance off with Madonna.www.melmackactingstudio.comMelonie “Mel” Mack has been involved in the entertainment industry professionally in both ...…
The Faygoluvers Podcast
After almost 2 months The Faygoluvers Podcast is finally back with a brand new episode! We have our homie Lil Polk of Project Born on this episode and we have a discussion about the new albums Born Dead 3 & 4 soon to be released, the original version of Born Dead that was lost back in the day, the formation of Project Born, signing to Psychopat ...…
(August 13, 2017) The unintentional summer hiatus is over. You're welcome! I still fucked up when this episode should have came out, but that's part of the charm at this point. On this episode, I update you on what I've been doing all summer. You know, staying inside the house in the a/c binge/casually watching "OITNB", "Wentworth", "Quantico", ...…
En este episodio de 'El Noticiero' de #SeriesAreTheNewBlack: Bloque 1:-Noticias del mundo de las series: #AmericanCrimeStory, #AmericanHorrorStory, #GreysAnatomy, #LukeCage, #DifficultPeople, #Sense8-Las nominaciones a los premios #Emmys 2017-Los trailers y teasers del San Diego Comic-Con 2017 #SDCC2017 Bloque 2:-Pulgares Arriba & Pulgares Abaj ...…
Do you ever feel like everyone is watching a certain TV show except you? You get on Facebook or Twitter and it seems like the whole world is talking about #TheWalkingDead, #WinterIsHere, or #OITNB. And you feel so alone.
The nominations are out for the 69th annual Emmy Awards. #tv #Emmys #HouseofCards #Veep #BetterCallSaul #StrangerThings #ThisIsUs #Westworld #OITNB #HBO #Netflix #Hulu #NBC #CBS #ABC #SNL #Fargo
A white nationalist, white supremacist, and Nazi walk into a bar.. and together start a riot at Litchfield's classiest female prison. Jk! The blacks and latinx incited it! Tehe. This episode we deliver our two cents on season 5 of Netflix's Orange Is The New Black! Will Maria and Gloria ever reunite with their kids?Will Flaritza break Youtube M ...…
Click Here for the Full Blog Sorry for running a little behind this week; there's been some family stuff going on that takes priority. Well, Orange is the New Black Season 5 Episodes 9 & 10 are crazy intense. Graphic, disturbing, outrageous and downright funny. This week we learned just what kind of savage Piscatella really is. And that there a ...…
Episodio 70 del Podcast No Pasa Nada (11 de julio 2017): “Spider-Man es tan bueno como Spider-Man”. Hablamos de: Donen sus dolars a No Pasa Nada en Vimos Spider-Man: Homecoming Vimos Wonder Woman Juan Carlos vio Demain tout commence Manuel vio How to be a Latin Lover Vimos The Mummy Vimos Baywatch Y vimos OITNB, Glow, Twi ...…
Not About The Weather Podcast
OITNB. Dirk Gently. Baby. As in, B - A - B - Y Baby. These coincidentally rhyming properties are some of the things that we're currently recommending. But in the wake of MTV's recent announcement, we're passionately enraged by the ongoing dismissal of longform content. The issue of the alleged shortening attention span of the average internet u ...…
How do you pronounces "Reese's"? A better question might be WHY is this even up for discussion? #ReesesPieces #ReesesPeanutButterCups #OITNB #candy #tv #Netflix
Did you guys enjoy your holiday weekend? Jack did -- he had Danny Trejo tacos. Aaron, on the other hand, was bedridden with food poisoning. Somehow, both of these options sound appropriate for 2017. AMERICA! NEWS: Season 3 of “Rick and Morty” will premiere Sunday, July 30th at 11:30 pm Ryan Murphy and FX are being sued by 101 year old Olivia de ...…
Vocally Dope
What up Homies,On this week's episode of Vocally Dope, I discuss the new season of OITNB, is the Black Panther Movie racist, Amazon buying Whole Foods, the NBA Finals, and the Philando Castile verdict.Subscribe Today on SoundCloud to receive every episode!Follow Me @CoreyJacksonProSEE COREY JACKSON LIVE:21 Jul: FIST COMBAT Wrestling: Chula Vist ...…
In this episode, your bespectacled hosts discuss the newest batch of shows and season to appear on Netflix. We fret over the never ending list of shows we want to try, bemoan the end of Sense8 (we recorded just a few hours before they announced the wrap-up movie!) and other niche shows on the streaming service, and take time to dote on Orange I ...…
Little Black Dress with Rocsi Diaz and Nina Parker
Rocsi and Nina welcome actress Adrienne C. Moore -- Cindy from ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK -- to the podcast to talk about Season 5 of the smash hit show on Netflix. Adrienne shares her OITNB experiences, what its like to watch her own acting work on-screen, her reality television obsessions, her current relationship status and later, helps Rocsi a ...…
Lots to get into this week with the opening of a summer art exhibition in Hyde Park, a Star Wars actor treading the boards and Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver! Subscribe to the Culturefly on the Wall podcast via iTunes Jo Gudgeon and Simon Columb present the show and discuss a broad range of culture topics. Squeezed into just under 40 minutes, you a ...…
Taryn Manning is a great actress but also a singer/songwriter. We talk about Orange is the New Black and her music. #TarynManning #TiffanyDogget #OrangeistheNewBlack #OITNB #GLTCHLFE #Dance #Artist #Artistry #Acting #Music #Life #Pride #NewYork
Brother Wease Show
Multi talented actress Taryn Manning from Orange Is The New Black on the phone
Talk to us on twitter – @AverageNobodies | Read our blog – | Leave us a voicemail – 401-285-8120 | The post 037 Money in the Bank, American Gods, Saul and OITNB appeared first on The Average Nobodies.
The Toy Department
In Episode 74, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky break down Madden’s sports injury before some deep dives into: The season finale of AMC’s Better Call Saul and the mastery of the show’s third season… The season finale of FX’s Fargo and its choose-your-own-adventure style ending… NEW MUSIC!!! Young Thug’s Beautiful Thugger … Continue reading →…
Actress Jessica Pimentel ("Maria Ruiz" on Netflix' Orange Is the new Black) stopped by PCMag's offices to talk about the phenomenon that is OITNB, her secret techy past, and her heavy metal extracurricular (also, we spend some time hating on Apple). is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news. Subscribe to our videos here: ...…
THIS WEEK ON THE POP PODCAST!!! Tj complains about an awful stay at Super 8. Ohio does redeem itself with a great Dave Matthews Show. Zach talks the U2 concert. Tj reviews It Comes at Night and Wonder Woman. Godzilla 2 news. Happy Death Day trailer fills up our movie news of the week. Netflix OITNB and House of Cards reviews, as well as our exc ...…
"Orange Is The New Black" star Miriam Morales talk about the show, her life in NYC (which Wease says he could do better), her pet charity, and more.
On the Low Podcast
Disclaimer: I have never owned a Blond wig, it’s just not my thing. This week I have a couple of the ESN Podcast guys in with me once again, Wahala and not so Simple Simon. I also added A CUP OF CYN TEA too. Yes, that’s right, she’s back and she may be sticking around - Hint, hint, wink, wink. This week we sat down to discuss the unfortunate fi ...…
The Issues Program with E3 2017- Prison Break – House of Cards and OITNB Reviews Prison Break Season Review and Issues Program Phil Does a random Stream to get him self back up to date after vacation. He talks about the Prison Break Season 5, E3, House of Cards, OITNB and His trip.By issuesPhil.
The Issues Program with E3 2017- Prison Break – House of Cards and OITNB Reviews Prison Break Season Review and Issues Program Phil Does a random Stream to get him self back up to date after vacation. He talks about the Prison Break Season 5, E3, House of Cards, OITNB and His trip.
Warning: Jack is drunker than normal due to two days of working on-site at E3. Aaron's still angry about the lack of waffles at Netflix's "Stranger Things" Waffle Breakfast. But hey, at least they finally realized they can do a pretty decent Beavis and Butthead impersonation ... Question: Do you guys really want an eight-hour long episode from ...…
Radio Labyrinth
R.I.P. to actor & pop culture icon, Adam West. Plus: Tim hulks out, thinks he's not going to see Dead & Company (he did), Fargo on FX, Bloodlines, Wendy Williams, our BurgaBox reviews (YUM) and a whole lot more! Don't forget to go here for some good And get 20 percent off your first order. Burger? BurgaBox! Staff ...…
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