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OMC: Family Chapel featuring speaker Pastor Joshua Lim
Listen to Phil and Trav talk about the media they consume omnivorously.
Surfing legend and former World Champion Mark Occhilupo sits down with some of the most prolific surfers in the world to discuss all things surf, music, art and life.
The IMC Radio
"Plane Talk" is the only talk show in the world exclusively dedicated to the General Aviation and community of pilots. (Not true... who writes this gibberish?)The show is produced by Max Gross, aka Howie Marlin- Pilot, Clinical Therapist, x-musician; co-hosted by Jon King Roberts- Pilot, musician, entertainer in his own mind; and... Radek Wyrzykowski- Certificated Flight Instructor whose instruction is focused on aviation safety and pilot proficiency. (Now THAT's true)The program is an open ...
MMC Mobile
Because you deserve mentorship in HD
Bringing you the science fiction and fantasy books that you want to read
join me, a ~local okc food blogger~, La Croix connoisseur, and olive-hater as I invite my friends to sit around my kitchen table and talk about the things we eat. on The Spy FM podcast network.
When three high school students from modern-day Pennsylvania find themselves trapped in a world of wizards, elves, and feudal intrigue, they must learn to survive in their new surroundings, and undertake an epic quest to save the world from the encroaching forces of chaos. WARNING: This Audio Drama contains adult language, graphic descriptions of violence, and explicit discussions of sexuality. This is, of course, in the interest of historical realism. We hope you enjoy our story about wizar ...
From Enchanted Forests to enchanted hearts, Brittany and Amanda talk you through the latest Once Upon a Time episode. New podcast episodes every Tuesday during the OUAT television season! Unofficial Once Upon a Time podcast. Member of the Podcastica network.
Once UpoNth a Time
Josh & Steph discuss ‘Once Upon a Time' as only they can and you're invited to the party! If you are looking for a moderately entertaining podcast about a show that we all love but makes us crazy...then this podcast is for YOU!
The BEST fan podcast for the ABC series Once Upon A Time
Dell EMC The Source: Intelligence You Can Trust. An insider’s perspective on the Dell EMC portfolio of solutions and products as they relate to the challenges faced by our customers and the ever changing technology landscape. Dell EMC The Source is Hosted by @SamMarraccini
Orc Labs
Podcasting about Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop RPG's, games, etc!
A Weekly podcast about AMC's Original Show "Better Talk Saul" with Dylan Schuck, and a rotating panel of co-hosts discussing what they liked, didn't like and everything in between! Some music and drops produced by Jason Shaw at
These are radio programs which the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church produces for broadcast on the LMC Radio Network. They have as their aims spiritual uplift and self-empowerment.On TuesdaysThe Crystal Silence League Hour is hosted by the Reverend Jon Saint Germain, who provides guidance on the practical use of crystals and crystal balls in the development of mental concentration and mind power, silent influence over others, divination and scrying of the future, and telepathic contact ...
A fan podcast devoted to the ABC series, Once Upon A Time!
LMC Radio Network is a community alliance of metaphysical, spiritual, inspirational, and political-justice broadcasters spanning a wide range of topics.
Join Bobby Hawke, Liz Plascencia, and Tony Hooper as they discuss new episodes, news, and theories about the ABC series Once Upon A Time.
Hosted by Joe Burgoyne, Director of Retail Education for The Options Industry Council, OIC's Wide World of Options will feature a dynamic mix of current events, investor resources, strategy insights and interviews with a variety of options professionals from throughout the industry.
JD & Jason discuss 'Fear The Walking Dead', 'The Walking Dead' & 'Preacher' to the NthDegree! AMC is bringing some of our favorite comic books to life and we're going to talk about them as only we a moderately entertaining yet overly self-important manner. Join us, won't you?
Options Talk with OIC
The Options Industry Council was created to educate investors and their financial advisors about the benefits and risks of exchange-traded equity options. This podcast series will feature discussions with industry experts and exchange professionals about the latest topics that are impacting the options industry. Disclaimer: Beginning in February 2015, the Expiration Date for monthly options was moved from Saturday to Friday. Most options that expire in a given month usually expire on the thi ...
Omo Oduduwa Radio
Omo Oduduwa Radio focus is to share information about the practice of Yoruba culture and religion though topics that range from books, to spirituality, history and daily life of Yoruba people past and present from all over the world. Yoruba culture has spread all over the world with more than 30 million practitioners worldwide through different religious offshoots including Candomblé, Lucumí, Shango, Anago, Oyotunji, some aspects of Umbanda, Winti, Obeah, and Vodun.
Welcome to Once Upon a Wine, the podcast that’s fanfic. Performed. Inebriated. Join Erin, Ace, Amiee, and Malerie (plus special guests) as they talk about life in Hollywood, fandoms, and perform fanfic from those fandoms.
A weekly podcast dedicated to AMC's original series "The Walking Dead" and "Fear The Walking Dead" staring Dylan Schuck (who's read The Walking Dead Graphic Novels), Dan Fields (who hasn't) and Robert Duff (who also hasn't). Each week we discuss and analyze events that transpire in each episode and comparing them with how they happened in the graphic novel WITHOUT discussing future TV spoilers. Some music and drops produced by Jason Shaw at
ONCE AGAIN - A weekly podcast featuring Zen author Brad Warner and director Pirooz Kalayeh.
At New Song, we’re about helping real people connect with a real God. As a church we believe that one of the best ways we can express our love for God is by loving and caring for what He loves the most in this world: His people! We strive to help each person who comes to New Song grow in their relationship with the Lord. Our vision is to see people living a life of faith, sharing the love of God, and building hope in a world that can feel hopeless. Our desire is to see people saved, healed, ...
FMC Podcast
Family Missions Company is an apostolate of lay Catholic missionaries. Committed to the Great Commission of Jesus, we proclaim the Gospel and serve the poor worldwide. We work under the blessing of our bishop in the Diocese of Lafayette, and at the invitation of the bishops in all areas we serve. We train and send out families and singles as full-time missionaries who evangelize and provide medical care, food, clothing, and the construction of homes in some of the poorest communities around ...
This feed contains audio of Overlake Christian Church's Sunday messages. (Our Sunday Messages are also available in Video.) For more, subscribe to our "Extras" feed! Overlake is a place where people come as they are, not a place for people who have it all together. Join us Sundays at 9:20, 11 am & 6 pm. LOVE GOD // LOVE PEOPLE // SERVE THE WORLD // OCC.ORG
OMG Gluten Free
Welcome to OMG Gluten Free- the podcast! Your host, Liz Creek is the founder of OMG Gluten free and will be talking to you about everything from getting diagnosed with Celiac Disease to living gluten free, the easy way! This is a journey to beat the wheat.
Once Upon A Time
Enter the imagination of master storytellers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz as they reflect on the worlds and characters they’ve created for ABC’s hit show, “Once Upon A Time,” which returns with an all-new Season 2 premiere at 8/7c Sunday, Sept. 30. To submit a question about the show, go to
Office Murder Club
Office Murder Club (OMC) started with three midwest co-workers who loved all things true crime. It has expanded, changed and developed over the last few years and now features four core members who listen to podcasts and documentaries in order to survive working in a customer support environment. In addition to listening while at work, we also record our own podcasts (generally once/week) and horror reviews. Our conversations often are a bit unnerving or even frighten our co-workers, deeming ...
Adam, Bruce, Matt and Sean critique, comment and crack wise about each episode of AMC's Preacher, combining the signature styles of Hero Movie Podcast and The Film Find into an unholy union to discuss the show we never thought would get made!
Podcasts for RHEMA Bible Church services held at the Oklahoma City, OK campus.
International Swaps and Derivatives Association
All kinds of nonsense
Hosted by Addy Saucedo and Trina Baclig, Beyond Storybrooke take listeners beyond the stories contained in each episode of Once Upon a Time and take them through a fun and in-depth journey. Trina and Addy are veteran podcasters and rabid fans of ABC’s fairytale adventure. Don’t get frozen out in the cold. Addy and Trina will get you hooked on Beyond Storybrooke.
Liberal, muslim and confused; A podcast featuring three 20 year old diaspora discussing politics, current events, and navigating intersecting
OMDC Talks
Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is the central catalyst for the province’s cultural media cluster including book publishing, film and television, interactive digital media, magazine publishing and music industries.OMDC Talks shares ongoing conversations among decision-makers in the cultural media industries.
Give your business networking and marketing the advantage. Listen to the experts share their tips and strategies for success and get better results today!
Something strange is going on in the local mine. Sam and Jamie investigate ... A sci-fi adventure for 9-12 year olds.
Localites OKC
Localites OKC is a weekly podcast in partnership with The Spy FM brought to you by Kayla Coffey & Anna Farha discussing local events and happenings.
Podcast by Hits The Trey: The OKC Thunder Podcast
There are SO many issues in healthcare that impact medical/nursing providers and patients alike, but each of them may not see the connections to themselves. This show will be a forum for nurses to tell stories about their own experiences, whether professional or family-focused and guests will inspire conversation on health and nursing-related topics. Issues will vary from communication in healthcare to current issues, such as nurse/patient ratios, dealing with conflict, how to create coopera ...
j-mc on Narro
j-mc uses Narro to create a podcast of articles transcribed to audio.
Dell Tech sElect is the pod cast brought to you by the Dell EMC Elect community. Dell EMC Elect is a community-driven recognition and thank you for individual's engagement with Dell EMC as a brand over the last calendar year. Members of this community are diverse across technologies and products in the IT Infrastructure and Cloud business. And many of the Dell EMC Elect are members of the VMWare vExpert and Cisco Champions community, amongst others. This pod cast is the Dell EMC Elect commun ...
Kim and Jess of K&J Recaps analyse AMC's original series Humans episode by episode. For more episodes and other shows, visit and follow us on Twitter @kjrecaps Send us questions and feedback to
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In our passage this week, Paul addresses Timothy concerning the structure of church leadership, and indicates that the role of teaching and leadership in the church has been entrusted to men. This is not to say that women cannot teach or be leaders within the church, but is speaking specifically in the context of Eldership. Though this may be a ...…
For Easter Sunday, we'll be seeing how Jesus is the Good Shepherd who provides his people new life by giving up His life. We're so often searching for life in all the wrong places. In Christ, we receive abundant life through his life, death, and resurrection! Hallelujah!
One Minute Content Episode 5: Distributing Content via Social Media In this Episode, I discuss the importance of not just creating content, but of sharing it too! These audios are only 1 MINUTE LONG and intended to serve as a starting point for further discussion. Have a listen and please let me know what you think. Here it is: All the best! Paul…
One Minute Content Episode 4: The Power of Audio Content In this Episode, I discuss how the power of audio content! These audios are only 1 MINUTE LONG and intended to serve as a starting point for further discussion. Have a listen and please let me know what you think. Here it is: All the best! Paul…
One Minute Content Episode 3: Online vs Offline In this Episode, I discuss how it is possible to combine traditional offline businesses with new online marketing strategies. These audios are only 1 MINUTE LONG and intended to serve as a starting point for further discussion. Have a listen and please let me know what you think. Here it is: http: ...…
One Minute Content Episode 2: SEO and Google Adwords In this Episode, I discuss how using a combination of Google Adwords and SEO can be very effective. These audios are only 1 MINUTE LONG and intended to serve as a starting point for further discussion. Have a listen and please let me know what you think. All the best! Paul…
One Minute Content Episode 1: Generating Sales with Written Content In this Episode, I discuss how to use written content to build your profile and sell more. These audios are only 1 MINUTE LONG and intended to serve as a starting point for further discussion. Have a listen and please let me know what you think. All the best! Paul…
This week! We discuss our black friday hauls, the Game Awards and its PUBG nom, Switch being awesome, Rocket League, Battle Chef Brigade, RIME, Skyrim and more. Oh, and Ethan bought Battlefront II so we talk about that for a bit too! Join us, won’t you? Links of interest: CJ found a nice Gamestop Daily Affirmations w/Stuart Smalley It’s Pat mov ...…
On this episode, Travis and Phil sit down to chat about the Black Panther trailer and what they have been recently consuming. It has been a while so they try to hit on as many things as they can!
On this episode, Travis and Phil get excited about one of the most wonderful times of the year, Fall TV! They talk about the new shows they are the most excited about and the returning shows they cannot wait to watch again.
On this episode, Travis and Phil break down the last episode of Game of Thrones until 2019! It will be a while before we get to talk about Thrones again so check it out! We quickly talk about Kesha's new album and a few other things we have watched recently!
On this episode, Travis and Phil dive into the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones Season 7. Some stuff went down, we have some thoughts! Let us know what you think too.
On this Pod Phil and Trav discuss the current season of Game of Thrones with FULL SPOILERS and then they discuss music and why music festivals are THE WORST (38:00). The conversation eventually gets to albums they both love this year and remember Chester Bennington. They close with random things they've been consuming and teases for the future!…
As Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Marketing Cloud, Laura Ipsen is at the center of innovation. She stopped by the Relationship One office, and opened up about how her career path has shaped her role at OMC. Spending her whole career in the high-tech sector, Laura is constantly inspired by change and transformation. It's no ...…
"Do you even use your own products?" Jennifer Renaud, CMO of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, gets this question often. While OMC does utilize their own products, Jennifer discovered they may not be leveraging the power and capabilities as much as some of their customers. That's why during a company re-branding project, she and her team started divi ...…
Mainstream media is obsessed with telling people to avoid the sun and apply copious amounts of sunscreen to prevent skin cancer. But recent studies have shown that sunscreen could be doing much more harm than good. Cancer-causing chemicals found in sunscreens include: Octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC) Titanium dioxide Oxybenzone Derivatives of vitam ...…
We were so happy to have Chris Block, Digital Engagement Leader at Cummins, share at our May Twin Cities OMC user group event. Now you get to hear him share his story in this episode of the Inspired Marketing podcast! With over 12 years of experience at Cummins, Chris has witnessed a reorganization that encouraged others outside of the marketin ...…
#DGH. Dirk Vastrick is our guest this week with an update on the health of SDM, Mike, and Carla. We also discuss the health concerns of Tony Perkins who may be dying. Gary Stein may want to kill some people or just maim them a bit. Robert III is a star this week on The Mike O'Meara Show. Pony is having a hard time with love. Joe Robinson can't ...…
On this Saturday’s episode of, Philip Nothard is joined by Curtis Hutchinson, Editor of They discuss the latest headlines, including the exclusive news that Vertu Motors has confirmed it will continue its programme to grow by acquisition with existing partners as well as attract new car brands to its portfol ...…
On their 50th episode, Travis and Phil talk about the return of Master of None (6:00), and the wonderfulness of Catastrophe (39:55, SPOILERS 51:20).
You may have seen his most recent food review published last week about Duluth's new restaurant OMC Smokehouse. This week we invite News Tribune sports reporter and occasional food critic Jon "Taco" Nowacki on the podcast to see what goes into writing a restaurant review, how he got his nickname, and how he decides what places to critique. He a ...…
On this episode, Travis and Phil share their thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Spoilers 24:10). Then they talk about the incredible new one-man show from Chris Gethard, Career Suicide (43:50).
On this episode Phil and Trav languish the Bears draft, discuss one of their favorite returning shows in Fargo (16:50), one of their favorite new shows in Handmaid's Tale (39:40), and finish up by discussing Spin's 21 Best Pop Punk Choruses (1:04:50).
On this episode, Travis and Phil talk about Bill Nye's return to to TV and the Science March. They then finish by talking about two of the funniest shows on TV, Veep and Silicon Valley.
As you sit in your middle-aged funk and wish you had done something differently so your life wouldn't be so boring, here's a kid who is knee-high to a grasshopper but playing on stage with Jim Breuer in front of 15,000 people. Guitar Gabe, who originally appeared with us on our old show, The OMC Show (still available on iTunes and Stitcher), co ...…
On this episode, Travis reacts to seeing his first Fast and Furious since 2009 while Phil laughs the whole time and fills in the holes (SPOILERS 24:40). After finishing that discussion, they move on to Kung-Fu Kenny and DAMN. (36:40).
On this episode, Travis and Phil get real excited about the Thor Ragnarok trailer, talk about the season finale of Crashing (29:00), then wrap up the conversation by chatting about Jesus Christ Superstar in time for Easter (49:32).
Conversa relaxada com o Mce dum Cabrste httpswwwyoutubecomuserjoaopinetreevlogs
On this episode, Travis and Phil talk about the officiating mess in the National Championship game. Then they move onto their reactions to the Power Rangers movie (14:57), how 2017 is the year of action movies (23:19), then move on to our reactions to S-Town (46:00). Finally, we finish up by talking about the things we have been watching lately ...…
On this episode, Travis and Phil gauge the status of their brackets, talk about the possible piece of hot garbage called Power Rangers (9:33) and cashing in on nostalgia (15:36) , and then give their thoughts on the new Beauty and the Beast (20:28) and future Disney Projects (50:33).
On this episode, Travis and Phil talk about their excitement for March Madness despite watching zero college basketball this year. Then they review Horizon Zero Dawn (16:12), and then in honor of Women's History Month, talk about women's representation in video games and the importance of a woman protagonist (30:45).…
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