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All Damn Night
Join hosts Brandon Richardson and Sean Demers as they explore the wildest, craziest, and most important stories in music history. From Mozart to Hank Williams, James Brown to Guns n Roses, Frank Sinatra to Bon Scott; We provide a unique and insightfull vantage point on the stories behind the legends of music and history. So grab a cup of coffee, have another drink, sit back and enjoy the ride: All Damn Night
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Welcome back to the studio, Mr Chasen Wayne!By All Damn Night.
This is so killer. Listen to how great these covers are!By All Damn Night.
This song is so awesome! But do you know what the lyrics are about? Join usBy All Damn Night.
The latest news in Music HistoryBy All Damn Night.
We are rolling out a new channel! The “All Damn Night News Network”. It’s a Kinda Weekly news update for the world of music.By All Damn Night.
Thank you listeners for all your support! Let us know what you want to hear.By All Damn Night.
We listened to it so you didn’t have to.By All Damn Night.
This week, we continue our series on the birth of Blues/Country/Rock and learn about the man that started it all in the Country Music scene. Mr Jimmie Rodgers.By All Damn Night.
Watch and listen along with us as we discuss part of the greatest live concerts ever recorded. Jimmy Page rocks my socks!By All Damn Night.
Join us for an extra special Concert Companion as we begin the second segment of our new series “Birth Of Country”.By All Damn Night.
Join us again for the shocking conclusion to “The Birth Of The Blues”.By All Damn Night.
We watch a cover of an original bluesman tune straight from the Dockery Plantation.By All Damn Night.
This is a sample of our newest show on the network. SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW CHANNEL. “PODCAST AT THE OK CORRAL”By All Damn Night.
Through this series, we will discuss the factors that led up to the evolution of Rock And Roll!!! Party on WayneBy Al Damn Night.
This is a tough episode. There is a lot of controversy behind the “artist” and whether or not this is even “music”. Either way, it is very entertaining. Our friend and your’s, Chasen Wayne Mitchell, joins us in the studio tonight to shed some light on the Hip Hop culture.By All Damn Night.
Did we really go to the moon?! Choose a side…Team Brandon or Team Sean and Jason. Oh yeah, and there was music in space.By All Damn Night.
And now for the stunning conclusion to the story!By All Damn Night.
Check out the amazing musicianship from these guys! Tonight we are watching The E Street Band take a song request from the crowd in the the middle of their show. watch how easy it is for them to figure it all out. Amazing!By All Damn Night.
This week we learn about one of the most corrupt band managers in the industry and see just how far “fakin’ it till you make it” will take you.By All Damn Night.
Here’s a little something extra for you to chew on!By All Damn Night.
Join us yet again for an amazing tale! This week we embark on a mini-series following one of our favorite musicians, Mr Keith Richards.By All Damn Night.
Hello friends! Here’s a little something to hold you over until our next series. youtube channel is coming soon!By All Damn Night.
Hello friends new and old! This week we have something short and sweet known to the world as a “Nightcap”. This story will get you in the mood for our up and coming Halloween series. All Hail The Great Butskie!By All Damn Night.
This week we discuss the scenarios involving the tragic deaths of famous punk scenesters, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. Join us on a journey of discovery and of course… Conspiracy!By All Damn Night.
Hello again and welcome back to another amazing tale brought to you by All Damn Night! This week we talk about the Native American tribes of the planes in North America. Enjoy…this is one of our favorite subjects.By All Damn Night.
This week we take a trip back in time in our magic phone booth to visit one of the best musicians of all time! Beethoven. Excellent.By All Damn Night.
Oh wow, ladies and gentlemen! This weeks episode is something special. Transcend the ages with us as we explore what is by all accounts the oldest song in the world.By All Damn Night.
We are back! This week we bring you the tale of one of our favorite musicians here at the “All Damn Night” Studio. And joining us again due to popular demand, Geoff Iose is our guest.By All Damn Night.
We are bringing you a new platform for your “All Damn Night” fix! It is called CONCERT COMPANION. listen in or follow along with the youtube video. OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS COMING SOON. STAY TUNED!By All Damn Night.
Welcome back to another episode of “Conspiracy Corner”! A very special guest joins us this week. Please welcome, stand up comedian and pro wrestler, Geoff Iose! DISCLAIMER: THESE CONSPIRACY CORNER EPISODES ARE NOT PRESENTED AS FACT!By All Damn Night.
Join us yet again for an amazing tale. this time we head out to the middle of the desert. “This is bat country”!By All Damn Night.
Love him or hate him. That’s all i can say about John Cage. Listen in.By All Damn Night.
Join us for the inaugural episode of our “Conspiracy Corner Series”! Here we discus all sorts of ridiculous theories. DISCLAIMER: NOT PRESENTED AS FACT!By All Damn Night.
To honor the late Barry Sadler and all the Armed Forces members who gave the ultimate price for our freedom, this is our Memorial Day episode.By All Damn Night.
Listen in this week for another one of our “Nightcap” episodes. Short and sweet but enough to hold you over to the next full show. This week we learn the basics of Alamo Lore and discuss one of our favorite honorary Texans…Mr Phil CollinsBy All Damn Night.
Tune in for the final segment of our series outlining the history of the “DJ”. Let us know your thoughts!By All Damn Night.
This week we have a new question for you...Why do people go and watch a DJ? Part two of this series brings us one step closer to understanding the art behind it all.By All Damn Night.
We have got a question for you this week...Is a "DJ" a musician? Think about that while tuning in to this weeks show where we examine the history of Hip Hop, DJ'ing, and the evolution of the modern styles associated with the art form. Its a Two Part-er!!By All Damn Night.
OK, ladies and gentlemen. We have got a whopper of a fish to fry this week. Join us as we dive deep into a story of illicit drugs, counter culture movements, and the creation of a new genre of music all together! This is the story of Ken Kesey and how he is responsible for creating the style of "Psychedelic Rock".…
This week marks the beginning of a new series!By All Damn Night.
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